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    [-V-] Vanguard | [EU]

    Vanguard played on the Balance faction in the Perstilyn Campaign! And the victory went to the Balance faction. Vanguard came back with a vengeance this campaign, after having acquired some new recruits to fill holes in our roster - our first goal this campaign was to get as many fights as possible, to create better synergy with our new players. We definitely achieved way better synergy - with these insanely motivated players, anything is possible (here's a fight from the campaign, where we showcase great coordination) : As the campaign went on we noticed that our enemies were demoralized, spending most of their time bunkering in their main keep. This gave plenty of opportunity to get practice, by attacking almost every siege night - and chaos stood their ground, providing lots of fun fights for us. It also gave us the possibility to screw around, have fun and try different things (such as destroying their entire keep with trebuchets): We then chose to go for the win, already having a point lead, we defended our 2 keeps from multiple failed assaults. The final big battle we had in the EU campaign was recorded by our very own @XeXeeD - and it was the final nail in the coffin for Chaos: Thank you to our enemies for giving us fights this campaign - especially the russians and BlackCanarios crew who by far were carrying the Chaos faction, by ruthlessly capturing every objective they could - Top chaos guilds: (Top chaos players): Thank you to our allies @Mogres Nordic Marauders and @Pestyphus@Darksilver@Kegelj Farewell - if you are looking for a german guild, you should check out these 2 guilds! Top Balance guilds: Top Balance players: Well played everyone! We are hoping chaos comes back with a taste for blood soon. Vanguard will spend the rest of 5.100 testing, practicing and preparing for the launch and wipe in the next big patch in 2020. We have currently 2 spots open for new members - whether you are an experienced player already in a guild or a new player does not matter to us. What matters, is how you show us that you have the motivation and mindset to improve and become a great player within the guild. Apply today - tell us why we should take you in, and what you can bring to the guild! ___________________________ In the off hours from the european campaign, we also visited the NA campaign, where we also played for the Balance faction. Participating in a few sieges, we aided Winterblades @Angelmar @damebix and HoA @soulein in achieving victory for Balance - check them out if you are looking for an NA guild with skilled and motivated players! Thanks for all the fun!
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    Long fight against the forces of chaos outside their keep. ________________________________________________ Do you want to join Vanguard? Apply here!: https://forms.gle/FF4WBSoWjzTMMu5r5 Want to talk to us? Join our Discord!: https://discord.gg/YT8fE64 Do you want to see our recruitment thread?: https://community.crowfall.com/topic/25251-v-vanguard-eu/
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    #Warstory - The Longest Siege

    The forces of House Avari and The Winterblades defend Umbressa Keep from the combined forces of Order and Chaos in an hour long siege. The Balance will prevail!
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    This has been brought up to the devs many times, many good suggestions has been made. The main problem right now is how overtuned they are, most of the time the siege engines do the fights for you in sieges, because the damage a ballista can put out is a great noob stomper. No cap on how many it can hit, and the damage is quite high. But the damage can be dealt with, when you have enough healers and good enough gear, then you can basically just tank that damage. The biggest problem right now, is that the healing shot from the ballistas can heal the Tree of Life, which is not intended. What they should do in my opinion, is spread out all those powers on the different tiers of ballistas, so the defenders would have to choose which ballista to place. It would also make it more interesting for the attackers, to figure out where the healing ballistas are placed, where the fire aoe ones are etc. Instead of right now, all it takes is 1 ballista to hit the Tree of Life room, and the attackers won't be able to kill the Tree of Life. The sieges are scaled for way bigger numbers - that's why it's so easy to defend currently. Realistically, if the defenders know what they are doing, as attackers you would need to: - Have 1-2 groups defending your plague tree (especially in winter when there's only 1 plaguetree which has 1/3 of the health of the Tree of Life, so you need a good amount of people, incase the defenders choose to just zerg down that tree) - Cover and control all the 5 ballista spots that can reach into the Tree of Life (this would require atleast 2 people (probably more) at each spot that can stay alive (so atleast a healer and a dps) versus the defenders, because if just 1 ballista healing shot goes through, that buys the defenders upwards of 30 seconds.) - Have a group at the respawn statue, to delay respawners because of the 90s respawn time inside the keep for the defenders. - And a force inside the Tree of Life room, to kill the Tree of Life. And apart from all of this, you can't lose people inside, cause if an attacker dies, and can't be resurrected, they have atleast a 3-5 minute run, from flying to nearby respawn point as crow, and running back to the siege. This requires a lot of people, and in the current population numbers that is just not possible. Now if we were 100 vs 100 each siege, then the ballistas wouldn't be that much of a problem, because as I mentioned, the dmg is outhealable, and they can be controlled because you would have enough people at all the key points.
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    [EU] - Caldera - [CAL] - Playing with Fire

    Interview with Metauriel When did you become a Caldera recruit? Late 2015 Why did you choose to join Caldera? I was looking for an organised and active Guild during the first Alpha phase after kick-starter. One day, I found two candidates I was seriously thinking about applying to. That night in the hungerdome, me and my group where attacked by Caldera while looting some zombies, two of my allies dying before I could close my loot window. The next morning, I applied... What activities do you take part in as a member/recruit of Caldera? I am the main organiser of all things PvP, doing a lot of theory-crafting discussions, planning, and helping fellow guild members improve in combat. On the side I also play the game sometimes, mostly during sieges, for training, or when someone needs help. If someone asked you about joining Caldera, what would you say to encourage them to apply? To me, Caldera is both an organisation and a family. As an organisation we are competitive yet respectful towards others, and always strive to improve and succeed together. As a family we share our time, fun, knowledge, and in-game goods with each other, and of course go through the occasional internal conflict. Any advice for new recruits during their trial to become members? Be active, ask as many questions as you can, and learn as much as you can. Caldera is about being part of a living community, and improve together. What are your main passive(s)? Combat What is your best memory while being in Caldera? There are many awesome memories over the last four years, but one of them is an evening where we organised a guild harvesting session during the "big-world" test phase. While our harvesters were harvesting in the most valuable and dangerous area of the map, I was in charge of two combat groups and multiple scouts to fend off the various other groups active on the map. I am proud to say that during about three hours of light skirmishes and occasional group fights, no enemy ever got close enough to actually get eyes on our harvesters. Why do you like Crowfall? What interests me about Crowfall is the enclosed, temporary campaigns, where hundreds or thousands of players and player-run organisations fight for victory, and the organisational challenge that emerges from player driven economies and conflicts. Any advice you would give to testers looking at Crowfall? When you try the game, be aware of its state. By now it does a good job pretending to be a game, but it is still very much a prototype. Figure out if you are willing to actually play it at this stage, or if you are just looking to see where its going, or to help with development. And if you do want to play it, FIND a GUILD.
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    Poll: Passive skill tree wipe

    While I voted “no” in this poll...I fully support a complete skill/vessel/equipment wipe and I do not believe a wipe now and another wipe in Jan/Feb would be too much of a hardship. Given the fact that we will not be seeing any updates to the LIVE server over the next 4 months, a complete wipe now would give the LIVE server the best chance for prolonged playability IMHO while we wait for 5.110.
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    What the f*** man all those l33t guild marketing and communcation skills. Is this how guilds have become now ? I am impressed ! Are you going to try to sell me something once I have joined ? I don't even know if I am going to be allowed to post in there that very message. It will just go poof when I click on Submit Reply. Anyway, nice job with this presentation !
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    Guild banks are essential for release. They need to be finished well before launch. It’s a GvG/RvR game.
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    5.100 LIVE Feedback for 9/4/2019

    Confessor and Druid LMB. Not only does it lock on target so they dont have to aim to use it.. it also means you can't LoS to break it
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    Impossible de se connecter

    J'ai répondu à votre email d'assistance. Mais si vous utilisez un mot de passe avec des caractères spéciaux, cela vous empêchera peut-être de vous connecter. Essayez-le avec un mot de passe plus simple pour voir si c'est le problème. C'est un bug connu que nous travaillons à corriger. (Désolé pour mon français. J'utilise Google Translate.)
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    Trade between players...

    I’d like to see us return to the use of EKs for setting up markets. While the vendors in the temples are certainly convenient, I enjoyed seeing the various EKs other players constructed and those EKs which had multiple vendors and useful markets became well known. Why not do guild markets in EKs? I don’t understand why the switch was made.
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    Some question for beginner

    I watched all of the "getting started" videos and read a bunch of the FAQs. I was just wondering what you people that have already started playing recommend doing to get started that may not be mentioned/emphasized in the official content. Also what have your favorite classes and experiences been?
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    Wie seid ihr zu Crowfall gekommen?

    Als alter Shadowbane-Spieler nahm ich die Nachricht auf, dass eine ‚Fortsetzung‘ in Vorbereitung war : Crowfall. Ich war sofort sehr begeistert von dem Konzept, das auf dem Papier beschrieben wurde: Sterbende Welten,Minen, Mühlen und Steinbrüche Erobern, um Ressourcen zu sichern, Burgen errichten und Nachbarn belagern. Ein tolles Konzept! Später wurde mir klar, dass Crowfall den Thronkrieg weiterführen wird als Shadowbane. Es wird eine Revolution im Gaming sein und ich werde ein Teil davon sein, außerdem habe ich eine großartige Community gefunden!
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    Passive Training "Fix"

    Passive Training and Grinding Systems are at the core, equivalent. They are both time taxes on the player where they will seek optimizing gains over other productive activity patterns they would pursue once said skill/training level has been achieved. The perk of passive vs grinding is you don’t have to do activity X (like grind out 300 daggers to vendor trash) thus gaining that time to pursue more useful objectives in game. Also there’s no shortcuts, everyone has to spend Y passive time to achieve Z skill level no matter what, all are equal. The key to a good passive system is having activities you can do while you wait for your training. CF is hit and miss in this area. Additionally limiting power stacking effects from that time spent training is also important. While it’s not as big as some people think the Combat tree’s stacking power and depth is still noticeable and a problem area for CF’s passive system. Given the general weakness and focus on depth for he combat trees I’d be in favor or a revamp or removal of passive training. Nothing about it is that interesting when it comes to building your account.
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    Poll: Full Wipe

    Except we have done that many times already before you got here. If they do a full wipe, prepare to see a lot of vets stop playing, and then when newbies come along with questions, they'll get nothing but crickets. You think the servers are empty now? It's really easy to suggest a wipe when you have nothing to lose.
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    Poll: Passive skill tree wipe

    I voted "no", and I am in agreement with what most of what the others who voted the same have said. I think a passive wipe would hurt more than help at this point. I think the skill system and or skill tree needs to be reworked at some point, but I understand that it is not a priority at the moment. Full wipe will happen soon anyway, so there's no good reason I can think of to mess with people's progression right now. Also, I would like to hear from some "yes" voters too.
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    Poll: Passive skill tree wipe

    There would be no crafting/harvesting grind after a full wipe. Everyone would just wear war tribe gear as it would be the best thing available until training got further along. This is the sort of stuff that needs testing and why I think it would be a good idea to do a full wipe. We haven't had a full wipe or fresh start to test the early game since war tribe loot was introduced. This was a huge change to the NPE yet we haven't fully tested it. There's also been little testing on the inverted experimentation difficulty vs. resource quality curve. At a glance it's pretty obvious to many crafters that early game crafting is going to suffer mightly vs. war tribe gear. I'm a firm believer that experimentation difficulty does not need to increase and should remain constant despite resource quality. The boost you get from using better resources is enough in itself to differentiate quality. Skill training of the crafter will dictate the amount of risk they can reasonably take when experimenting. We don't need this experimentation difficulty vs. quality curve at all.
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    Meaningful Development

    I can agree with a lot of the points/counterpoints made in this thread and I don't want to come off as angry at any of the people who have responded. The truth of the matter is that I personally feel dissapointed by the current development. I don't want to keep trying to bludgeon my point as I can agree that realistically it doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. The developers will continue on their merry way despite any of my thoughts or opinions (and please don't take that as me thinking that my thoughts mean more than anyone else's). It comes down me, some random dude on the internet bought into a kickstarter and wishes this game was in a nearer to complete state(original huh). I do hope that they can deliver on this project as it would be fun to play and I can agree that at this point I should just move on as my personal grievances offer nothing constructive. For me, I just have learned that I will stay away from kickstarters/E.A. games unless I know exactly what I'm getting.
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    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone, I'm just play this game again.Somethings has changed, I feel like a newbie. Anyways, nice to meet you guys here. sorry for my bad english
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    Meaningful Development

    Yes. Thanks for your feedback. This depends on when you you bought what in which country. Contact support@crowfall.com and they can give you your individual answer.
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    [ByZ] Byzantine Empire is searching!

    You going to team up with ROME, or stay split? Watch out for those Huns.
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    Documentation, please

    I realize that the focus is still on game development and that this might not make the priority list just yet, but I think some out-of-game-accessible documentation would be A+. This would help the new folks, or those like myself who haven't played in the last year, understand and plan vessel progression (not to mention simple game mechanics) without wasting an inordinate amount of time during the testing phase. There is quite a bit of knowledge required to be effective, which is ultimately a very good thing in my book because the complexity provides a lot of options for customization and makes room for those who take time to learn the details to shine, but I find I'm spending most of my time trying to absorb the various options/mechanics by creating each vessel as various classes and then digging through the details available in-game to see what's what. For the details that you can't easily discern the effects of, such as "Control Intensity", I have little choice but to either 1) endlessly crawl through the forum in hope of finding some info that might be still be relevant, or 2) to lean on veteran players to help plug the info gaps, and they are no doubt sick of answering the same questions over and over and over and over... I envision info-graphic "cards" for each subject. Examples: Class cards would detail Class Talent nodes complete with the details of what is granted (including applicable skill tray and indicators to note passive, offensive and defensive/self targeting skills), any inherent stat boosts if they exist (thinking stats of Stoneborn Myrmidons vs. Stoneborn Clerics, for example), relevant armor/weapons, etc. Same for discipline runes, including details on where then can and can't be equipped if applicable. Race cards could detail racial stat boosts and skills, available classes, average (if dynamic, else the static) base core stats for common vessels, etc. Stat cards could detail the various complex stats that would affected when leveling up core stats (int, dex, etc.), and some descriptions of what complex stats do wouldn't hurt either (some are not at all intuitive by name and require a lot of digging on the forum to decode). These are just a few examples, but any detailed documentation would be extremely helpful; they sure don't need to be pretty at this juncture either Food for thought -Starrship
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    Welcome to the forums. I think these are all good suggestions. I suppose that some of them are already on the list of the developers - we are just not there yet. But since we are getting nearer to the development stage in which optimization and quality of life will be the main topic (early next year), I'd say it's the right time to start making this kind of suggestions seriously. So, well done. 👍 And if you find more, share them, too. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
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    Passive Training "Fix"

    In my suggestion thread regarding the new guild experience, I pointed out two key problems. One was Crafting, partially exacerbated by harvesting, needing to be maxed out to make anything useful. If players could actually transition into stop-gap gear with only minimal to moderate skill investment rather than needing maxed crafting and blue+ materials to make anything worth the time and material cost, this would go a long way towards improving an overall sense of progression. But, the passive tree itself is a massive detriment as it currently stands. One idea I proposed is similar, by including an active method to skill point gain players will feel more incentive to play. The idea, of course, would be to even it out such that all activities feel equally rewarding. Ultimately, no system we can come up with to fit the game's vision is likely to be free of means of exploit, but that can be tweaked and adjusted with data. We need player retention right now and a big reason why new players don't stick around is because they're not given an incentive to play. Like it or not, people want a grind, even if they claim they do not, when it comes to RPGs and MMOs. Unless they decided to just make this game Fantasy Planetfall, we're going to have a grind. For people who just want to become known as great harvesters or crafters, they need a reason and incentive to play as their skills go up, and right now they don't. Players that engage in victory condition activities, war tribes, PvP, harvesting, and crafting, all the various activities of the game, they should be able to generate additional skill points to their currently active trees. I think ideally the way to do this would be to eventually cap out per day and the most active contribution methods get to that cap faster, which would be risky PvP activities. It could even bring in diminishing returns. Maybe every capture point is worth, for sake of example, 5 extra passive training points. But, if you end up only capping all day, it eventually diminishes significantly to as low as 1 point. Engaging in other activities, or engaging in a balance of activities, will keep the diminishing returns at bay. Those who might try to skirt it with "safe" options like war tribes would then be at risk of PVP because they would become more active in PVP as players fight for mobs or come to fight the "safe" grinders, and harvesting would be another "safe" option to create emergent PVP gameplay. Crafting would probably have the most immediate reward, but feature the strongest diminishing returns and be based on rarity of things created (balancing around particular crafts, too, as some would tend to make far more things more often like Runecraft or Alehcmy). But, with a system like this players would be able to engage in the whole game and feel rewarded for it. The most significant problem with a purely passive training system is that it isn't engaging and players need to feel like their engagement results in progression. Fix that, and we'll have a much stronger and more rewarding experience for new players.
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    [-V-] Vanguard | [EU]

    Fun Fort fight against Chaos EU
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    1500 Powers?

    Really hope Camelot or Ashes end of being decent as their character building looks so much more interesting. Crowfall has some decent ideas, but Disciplines, Talents, and Promos aren't close to what the other two games have planned. Which is surprising if SB had as much as you and others have said. Unfortunate that they kind of one and done the whole class design (after re-doing it multiple times) which to me is one of the most important aspects of a game. I don't care if a map looks 5% different every time or if crafting takes 10 or 1000 steps to make a axe handle which seems to have been a big focus.
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    Meaningful Development

    It was in an old MarkeeDragon video, off in the background. I'll edit in a link when I manage to find it. Edit: It's probably not the mount feature video you were thinking of, but it's modeled, textured, and moving. Doggett's making his ears move over Todd's right shoulder.
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    How does this work, I have a friend that really wants to play this game..
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    #Warstory - The Longest Siege

    so far one of the top 3 sieges of 2019
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    Two Iron Motherlodes spawned inside of each other, see screenshot for location
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    [NA] - Hax - Looking For More

    sent request, new player interested in crowfall pvp
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    Assassin macht schon Spass, aber von den Stealther Klassen finde ich den Duelist besser. warum? Sein Spielstil gefällt mir, vor allem kann der Plate tragen im Vergleich zum Assassin. Der Assa haut schon mehr Damage raus als der Duelist in der gleichen Zeit(Stand: pre-Alpha 5.100), aber das macht er wett mit seiner Barriere und dem Multibuff 'inconceivable', ich finde letzteres einer der wichtigsten Skills für den Duelist. Assa super schneller dpsler schön und gut aber der Duelist ist meine Nummer eins. Jemand sonst der gerne Assa spielt?
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    Poll: Passive skill tree wipe

    No skill wipe, wait until a full wipe with the start of Dregs.
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    launch is early 2020....
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    Poll: Passive skill tree wipe

    Yep, I can't vote in the poll as stated. I'm not against a wipe, but I am definitely against a skills-only wipe.
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    the mentioned interview: [TenTonHammer] "Crowfall Interview: War of the Gods Marks A Major Milestone"
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    5.100 LIVE Bug Reports for 9/4/2019

    I believe that there is a cooldown on kill credit for each unique player to keep the impact of alt farming and fight clubs to a minimum. Otoh, those players that just kept dying are still racking up the deaths, so they are hurting their K/D ratio. If they care.
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    Hello ! I'm regisitered yesterday and i'm realy exited to play Crowfall. Can i play rigth away after buying the Patron Backer Pack ?
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    The thing is, when fighting templars, you basically have to know you're not going to hit hard. They have some natural counters to the confessor. The confessors strength is also not to just throw fireballs into a melee ball. I went through a couple of your videos and while your play in terms of staying alive is not bad, you spend a lot of time throwing fireballs at targets that are less than optimal. It is naturally going to happen at times as there isn't always an ideal situation. The second video, it looks like you are fighting a black guard and they have a ton of anti crit so you're not getting any crits but you get a pretty solid absolve at the end. The thing to always remember is that all a ranger really does is deal single target damage from a long distance. They have a couple of good utility/CC abilities but the confessor reigns supreme in this area. Their physics took a pretty hard nerf but it is still notable and valuable. You just have to plan/position better to take advantage of it. Others have put it well in the thread pointing out that Archers in melee have a really bad time. They also have a really bad time if a confessor gets on them. They are going to either die or be forced so far out of the fight that they are effectively removed for a decent chunk of time. Edit - If you want to talk more Confessor at some point, shoot me a PM or you can find me on Discord. I tend to try to avoid long discussions on the boards just because a lot of it can end up where you're talking past each other.
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    I believe I seen this one because of Zybak already, but September has been quiet of all news.
  43. 1 point

    Soft Launch date?

    I take breaks to play other games, then come back to CF testing to check out new patches. Many will show up to try out the Dregs when it hits LIVE I'm sure, it's the next major update planned (no date announced for it yet).
  44. 1 point

    5.100 LIVE Feedback for 9/4/2019

    Heart and Lung drop rates for Necromancy still feels low. It would be sweet if they could be added to guards loot table or the dial be turned up from current sources. Thanks!
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    ACE's August QA communication failure

    I can't imagine what sort of "lot of marketing" they will do. They would still be promoting a pre-alpha (maybe alpha) with unknown development still to come and many issues that will keep players away just as they are now. Maybe it was you but I read someone else mention that ACE is saving up for the next update. I don't get who they are saving it up for? The people that care are asking for them to communicate and those checking in once a while and maybe not ignoring email updates aren't likely to care if it is a big update or not. Faction based PVP or any feature working in another game has no value here. DAoC faction play which basically started RvR doesn't work the same for example. I can't foresee any reward making the current experience worth it for me (ignoring future development). To get a higher population the experience needs to be something that more people want. Even within this small community I see many say they are waiting for the Dregs to even log in. ACE's version of faction gameplay is a watered down version of Shadowbane with neither bringing anything new/better that others haven't already done and likely more successfully. Not sure I've ever been part of an EA/Alpha/Beta or launched product that suffered from too large a community.
  46. 1 point

    ACE's August QA communication failure

    The really sad part is there has been multiple threads pointing this out, the community is shrinking, the servers are relatively empty and I haven't seen actual dev interaction on even one of them. Which means they either aren't even reading the forums anymore or just don't care. I would like to believe they are so busy building the Dregs that they don't have time for updates or the forums.. Because the dregs is the game the community wanted and the faction war has pretty much failed. It would be awesome if it were true....
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    [Deutsch] -NM- Nordic Marauders

    Wir suchen im Moment wieder nach Spielern. Was wir suchen steht in der Gilden Vorstellung oben.
  48. 1 point

    [Deutsch] -NM- Nordic Marauders

    Viel Glück
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    For all you number-crunchers playing @crowfallgame , I recently calculated the Attribute totals for all the races - minus anything you get from the Vessel/Class you use - useful for those trying to figure out the best choice for a particular Harvesting or Crafting role: This when combined with the information below should help making the Racial choice a bit easier for Crafters and Harvesters: (Credit to Tark for the above image. I know, it hurt me too. )
  50. 1 point

    Class breakdowns - my gripes

    I seem to remember them saying that a lot of classes had abilities that were meant to end up on discs. Hope that is still true. I'd like to see each class get a very very simple base kit. Some basic abilities to be playable out of the box and maybe just 1 or 2 class defining abilities that make you want to play that class. Work the rest of the base kit abilities into Major and Weapon Discs. Base class kit - LMB attack and 2 abilities, passives Race - 1-2 abilities, Major Discs - 1-3 abilities and or passives, work all the extra abilities that were stripped from class into new majors. Weapon Disc - 1-3 abilities and or passives. Take fessor for example. Start them with LMB, Absolution, and firewave. Break down the other abilities into new Major Discs. Something like, Disc 1 - gives stats, a new passive and the firewave/tornado spell. Disc 2 - gives stats, a new passive and the stun and mana regen spell. Now you have choices. Do you go for utility Disc, or CC disc, or DPS disc, or defensive disc, or support disc?
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