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    I dont know about everyone else but for me, im not really looking for a survival game where you need to eat food to stay alive. In other games that are close to the survival sandbox/MMO/rpg style they have the foods give buffs, regen your health, and regen your stamina.I dont think food should impact gameplay other than some buffs to health regen and stamina etc. Aslong as it doesnt make me need to actively be searching for food, when im worrying about other stuff like pvp and gathering or crafting etc then i dont think it will be a huge problem for me. I dont want to play a survival game, i want to play a MMO/RPG/Sandbox hybrid
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    Having a hunger system in place means another system they can adjust to make unique Campaign rulesets later on. For example, there could be a Campaign where hunger rates are hugely increased in Winter to make a more "survival" type world.
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    +1 For me it's not really a good news it's just one more thing they simplify to get the gamer easier. all this "little" change seems came from elsewhere....
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    Questions about disciplines

    Fashion statement is a negative to stealth to offset the bonus from equipping more necklaces. The thematic expression is that you're more flashy, and thus less stealthy. Originally this disc granted +2 neck slots, and unofficially it was known as "the Mr. T discipline" for the legend that inspired its creation. A man who was much more interested in calling attention to himself and pitying fools. It was nerfed to +1 because +2 neck slots was too powerful. In short, yes it makes sense. you take a penalty to stealth for a bonus to other stats. This makes it a difficult choice to take for stealth based builds, but keep in mind the stealth stat is only ever calculated as an opposition to perception abilities. Having less stealth doesn't matter unless someone is using a stealth detection ability, in which case a combination of their perception stat and your stealth stat determine the range at which you can be successfully seen with such abilities. I haven't tried it but you can easily test if pound of flesh slots in the stealth tray. It is important to note, however, that the way passives work your damage and other effects are calculated based upon your current state and not the state of your character when an effect was applied. For instance, if you equip a damage bonus in your stealth tray that damage bonus will only effect the initial damage dealt from stealth but not any additional damage, like a DoT dealth as a result as every tick of that DoT is based upon your current state, which in this case would be unstealthed. You can observe this effect by testing brigand traps most easily. Equip damage bonuses in your melee tray and none in your ranged tray, hit a target with a trap, and watch the damage ticks drop if you swap to ranged while the dot is still running. This is also why taking a damage minor and only using it for the stealth tray is usually a bad idea, as you are sacrificing a minor slot to effect the damage bonus of a very small number of the overall sources of damage you would need to kill a target.
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    Questions about disciplines

    I have some questions about disciplines: . fashion statement: the 25 is a malus or a bonus to stealth is not clear because the 25 seems to have a minus in front but makes no sense if is a minus Pound of flesh: thebonus to damage is passive and that's ok, but can you put the passive in the stealth tray?
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    Questions about disciplines

    Not sure if I am answering your question right, but you may just need to unequip or "drag off" the discipline first. Then it should leave an empty slot to drag the new one in..
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    Spend less time chowing down and more time throwing down FULL STORY
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    Fell through the world in the area of 3901 3111 in Rae. There seems to be a wide area there that you can just fall into.
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    Questions about disciplines

    Thank you for the reply
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    Crafting Station: Wood Refinery does not work - no refines are listed in the crafting menu.
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    Bon Tippers

    It reduces the experimentation difficulty by 15 for the next craft. So if the difficulty is 80 it will reduce it to 65. It's the same as Experimentation Difficulty Reduction you find on things like crafting rings. Yes it also lasts for one stage, so if your final item takes 10 experimentation steps you need to drink 10 Bon Tippers total, one for each step.
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    RAE on NA seems to have no mobs or animals att all?
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    5.92.1 LIVE Bug Reports for 6/13/2019

    - Crafting table at war tribe camps do not work (can't open a crafting menu with them) - never mind apparently there are just random tables that arent actually crafting tables On a side note, An epic (purple) Satyr Artifact Bind gives me 1610 xp at level 28. A stack of 10 epic (purple) Satyr artifact items gives me 1348 xp. If the combine fails you get 350 xp from the rare (blue) bind. The upside of the successful combine is 262 xp but the downside of a flawed assembly is 998xp. Seems like this needs to be adjusted to at least provide the same amount of upside for a success. Why even bother with the combine otherwise? - The adventure zone Rae seems to have no mob spawns
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    why have a hungersystem in the first place if you tune it down so much now that we dont rly need to pay attention to it?
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    I've been lurking for a while ever since quite a few versions ago and the realization that Crowfall would probably never be "the game". As each current crowd-funded MMORPG continues to stray further from their original promises/visions/goals, I don't imagine the MMORPG scene will be looking all that great in 5 years (the lion's share of upcoming MMORPGs that aren't instead curated smaller hybrids like looter shooters/mobas/royales are crowd-funded). When they first added the leveling camp hogwash, I complained, and loudly, because I'm not interested in playing a PvP game for joy of instead getting incredibly uninspired PvE just to earn the "right" to PvP. Before that, I complained about how annoying it was to have to depend on crafters or crafting to pretty much do anything (though I understand it was a symptom of the testing environment, I noted this should never exist as a possibility, old craft or die games be damned), and was ridiculed for that (a dev even poked at me). They're ironically addressing that very issue now with randamo loot, which is a good sign, I guess, but I'm not sure about how they're going about it... Anyway, what will it take to bring me back? We can start with a game that's actually fun to play... I want to PvP. I don't want to play ghetto Minecraft for 10 hours and then go suck a crafter's schlong for gear just to lose it after one hour of fun. The more steps between me logging in and PvPing, the less likely I am to play. Right now it's pretty bad. The grind may not be the worst I've encountered (I've played EQ and FFXI for years), but it's just as terrible in terms of quality. It's not fun. You have to "take it in rear" to be able to do what you want eventually, which is toxic MMORPG design we should be trying to fix and not encourage. I get the problem of nuances and complexity, i.e. economy, meaningful crafting, ect, and know it's not going to be easy to fix, but eh it's simple enough for me. If I have to grind extensively/constantly or spend a lot of time before I actually get to PvP, then I just won't play the game and neither will tons of PvP fans probably. PvErs won't have much reason to fill in the gap because frankly the game's PvE is god awful in every way and pales against pretty much any other game. So my friends and I are in the same boat as the OP's friends. We have a ton of terrific games coming out this year and next, and some new COOP games to try and a few upcoming PvP forays, so I've little reason to waste my time on a game that claims to be a PvP game but is dressing itself more and more like a PvE game with side PvP content, even if that PvP content, when it works and is actually present, is much better than most. I've pretty much given up on MMORPGs though so my hopefulness here is pretty wistful, and doubt that either Crowfall or Camelot are going to be the ones to offer us a good alternative to symmetrical sports-like PvP games (team/hero shooters, MOBAs). Might just need battle royales to merge with a better take on Mordhau or something, I don't know.
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    I do play the game. Hours a day. I find food drops in the wild to be so plentiful that I always have something to eat. Hell, I currently have food sitting in my inventory just taking up space. So ya, I stand by my statement. It was an unnecessary change.
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    Brief Discussion on Mobbing

    Zerging logical thought that “numbers” always prevail in a battle has been disproved through out human history. Many times in Europe the actual deciding factor wasn’t who could field the largest number of peasant conscripts, but who could field the largest number of well armed and well trained knights. the Zerg mentality starts not as a will to win, but a psychological need to win as the specific type of person that chooses the Zerg because it wins and not because they are tired of being a victim to game mechanics ties their self worth to “winning” the game.
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    A first look at how we will facilitate the item reward cycle FULL STORY
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    LogIn and Active Players Rewards

    ^ 100% agree. The reward for playing a game should be the enjoyment of having fun while playing the game and/or the satisfaction of whatever personal goals were achieved during your play time. Daily login rewards are a tool of designers incorporating addiction principals into their game to pump numbers for their advertising sales and shoving micro-transactions at you that allow you to bypass content, while they make that content intentionally unfun.
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    LogIn and Active Players Rewards

    No thank you. Save the login reward garbage for games that need to trick you in to logging in every day to shove microtransactions in your face. You already get a reward for doing activities ingame. Its called loot. If that isn't enough, then that's the problem we need to fix. If the game is not compelling enough as a holistic design to get people to log in, the correct response is to make it compelling enough. Pasting over a game that isn't enough fun to get people to log in with a wide brush full of bribes and chores doesn't make the game better, nor does it make the user experience better. People should be able to take breaks from MMOs without feeling like they're gimping themselves. Login rewards are not fun. They're not a game play system. They do not make any game that uses them better. They're just an annoying chore with the sole purpose of psychologically manipulating the player's fear of missing out as a substitute for having something interesting enough to do they'd log in anyway.
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    You really don’t play the game. Can burn thru the chicken ticker in an hour no sweat. It’s a great change. Always annoying mid battle to need to eat. 👍🏼👍🏼
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    I think they pursued it for the thematic reasons so it would be strange to take it away completely. They want to have a perception of scarcity, cold, and hunger near the end of their campaign - this could help add to that aesthetic.
  23. 1 point
    I honestly thought those chicken legs were just a placeholder for an improved hunger mechanic. My small voice in this wants to say to remove the chicken legs and instead just have a few status indicators for hunger (e.g. starved, satisfied, full, and well fed). This would remove those gimmicky chicken leg icons and still add value to avoiding the "starved" condition and staying "well-fed".
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    Sounds good - I think food should be something you can't totally ignore in CF, but shouldn't be as harsh as pure survival game mechanics. I'd rather be thinking about getting the yummy buffs on cooked food 🥪 than worrying about the negative impact too much.
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    It was an un-needed change. A couple apples a day was all I needed to keep my health up before and I never once actively looked for food. What ever I happened to stumble across was all I needed to keep my hunger at bay which shows how non relevant or game defeating the old system was and how unnecessary the change was in a game with sssooooo much relevant stuff that needs addressing. My two cents. I am not fully buying into the argument that ya'll don't listen to the players but I will say, un-necessary changes like this really add to their argument. Just an fyi
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    It's a good change. It probably didn't warrant an article, but it's a good change. A small step on a long path towards a tedium-free PvP paradise.
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    [=CC=] Corvus Citadel

    Lore Version “It was an easy choice. To chase the secrets of the universe, to see worlds beyond the one of my birth. To walk with gods. To live, learn, and fight for countless lives. Or, I could face oblivion. Who could say no? Eternity, a small price to pay.” - Conn Agon Caelus, Founder Corvus Citadel is a bastion of knowledge, a grand library among the Eternal Kingdoms. It stands as a monument to our patron, Yaga, goddess of all things known and unknown. Our goal, nay our purpose, is to ease the passing of worlds by preserving their memory within these hallowed walls. All manner of myths, histories, and secrets may be found here. But heed our warning: knowledge is power and the right words in the wrong ear can shatter worlds or kill a god. The Corax Council, our leaders, convene in the Hall of Ravens, atop the Citadel. Guiding the Crowguard in war and sending their Seekers to worlds on the cusp of doom. Where the Seeker's white ravens soar, the council is watching, and the Crowguard’s legions are not far behind. Though our core tenets favor Yaga, and many of us are her crows, upon the mountain you will find temples to the other gods of Chaos. Malekai, venerated almost as much as Yaga, maintains a hidden temple rumored to contain untold secrets. Seek it out at your own risk, entry will not come cheap. Cults of Zaleena the temptress, Kane the Ostracized, Hero the First, and even Kronos, Lord of Time, also reside among us. At the base of the mountain, visitors will be greeted by the Jackdaw Market. Offering for trade what resources and trinkets could be saved from dying worlds. If it can be made it can be found among our craftsman's stalls, just ask the nearest thrall if you need assistance. If you seek knowledge, artifacts, or to join us in our great purpose, the way to the Citadel is open. Practical Version Who are we? We’re a group of mature (mainly in age but also a little bit in personality) players ranging from hardcore to casual that enjoy tailoring our theme and interests to the game’s lore. While we’re not dedicated in-character role-players, we do like to keep a consistent theme. We’ll be theming around and supporting the Chaos faction when appropriate. We're primarily based in North America and will be playing on the NA servers, but we are open to any interested in playing on said servers. Who should join us? We’re open to those interested in any aspect of the game with any level of commitment. Whether you traditionally consider yourself hardcore, casual, or something in between; if you want to help we can find a place for you. We like to have fun and don’t mind more casual players, but when it’s go time we like to be serious too. If you’re going to participate in our higher level strategy and organized campaign efforts we expect you to be able to follow orders when the time comes. We only have two general rules: 1. Respect your fellow players (aka Don’t be a prick) 2. Respect the chain of command when it it’s time to be serious How are we organized? Currently we’re maintaining a single guild, Corvus Citadel, but planning for the possibility to maintain multiple core guilds depending on any guild mechanics or limitations revealed later in the game's development. The Citadel's ranks are based on purpose: the Corax Council is our highest level leadership - they guide the citadel's overarching agenda. Seekers are the Council's direct agents among the dying worlds, commanding troops, managing logistics, and engaging in diplomacy with other guilds. The Crowguard is our core body that not only makes up our fighting strength but also handles the majority of our gathering and manufacturing. Most of our members will be found among the guard. Depending on growth we may subdivide the Crowguard into Legions, each under a Seeker to form quasi-independent commands, time will tell. We will be accepting sub-guilds interested in pledging to the Citadel. Sub guilds will have the option of being placed into our command structure or keeping their own command as auxiliaries. While we’ll expect auxiliaries to accept some guidance and cooperate with the the rest of the Citadel’s forces, less organizational demands will be expected of them. Where can you find us in game? We'll be maintaining our Eternal Kingdom, Corvus Citadel (based around a Mountain Citadel plot), as a community hub open to all. Whether you come to trade, find information, or just to hang out, the door will always be open. Many of us are very crafting minded and we hope to build a thriving marketplace right at the entrance to the Citadel, making quick visits as convenient as possible for shoppers. As the above lore section implies, we will have a strong focus on the gods of Chaos, you’ll find a set of Cathedrals dedicated to them throughout the mountain. Depending on how those mechanics work out we may expand to include more of the pantheon into our theme and day to day play. Finally... If any of this sounds interesting and you'd like to join our guild or pledge as a sub-guild you can hop in our discord and drop Duffy a private message indicating your intent or drop us an email at corvus.citadel@gmail.com, I will of course also answer any questions posted in this thread. Portions of our discord are open to the general public so if you just want to hang out and say hello (or eventually maybe do some trading), feel free to stop on by. If you have already talked to one of our officers about joining and have not yet received an invite, you can request an invite via our Guild Profile. Wait there’s more! We're not only seeking information in-game but providing it out of game as well. Some of our members are working on publicly accessible tools for Crowfall players. Currently you can check out the Rookery for crafting recipes and a peek at a slew of tools we're working on.
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