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    Whats a point of winning?

    Wall of text hits harder than a Xarrayne bomb.
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    Hi, In god's reach, I was only able to find 1 crafting table in the NPC's camp that works to craft the NPC artifact. Most of the table are bugged right now. But I share the info if you ever want to craft the items for sacrifice. In the Elisia rank 5 : Maps Table Exemple of items
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    War Story of the Week: Bzra

    In the history of memorable, rallying speeches, one may call to mind such classics as William Wallace's in "Braveheart" or the St. Crispin's Day bit from "Henry V", and who can forget Patton's speech to the troops? This speech by Bzra can't come close to either of those. 😃 I'm not even sure it lives up to the title "The Greatest Speech in Crowfall History." But it is amusing and it's our War Story of the Week.
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    CrusaderWs in-depth Champion Guide

    In this post, I want to give you an in-depth guide for the CHAMPION, including all promotion classes. I've been playing the champion for a couple of months now and I feel quite familiar with it. I did a lot of research so I wanted to share those information with you in this guide. I'm going to cover...: the passive training, the playable races, the talents and abilities, what equipment I would recommend, the attributes that you should focus on and what there is consider, the stats that all the combination of the former lead to, and, last but not least the disciplines that you can equip and that are a good choice in my opinion. If you want to read the full guide: https://crowfall.crusaderw.com/crowfall-in-depth-champion-guide/
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    Attn: Newer / Behind in Training Players

    I see a lot of newer people in game asking about farming or how to get this or that. Usually trying to make trades for Vessels, Ambrosia or Chaos Embers to use as a currency. Chaos embers are the top resource for end game are about the only resource advanced players will want, that under trained, under geared players can actually farm. I find it mind numbing to farm for Chaos Embers though and to do it effectively still requires advanced training and gear. If you are looking to get into the market, or just a way to help your guild I am going to suggest that you harvest Blood and Bone. Blood and Bone are the most sought after end game material after Chaos Embers and requires almost no training to get into. The great thing about Blood and Bone is that white quality is just as valuable as legendary. The blood and bone from R2s is the same as from R10s. This means you don't need any advanced gear or training to farm it. You can even do it with basic harvesting knife. There are 3 training nodes in Exploration Basics and 2 nodes in Reaping for Blood and Bone harvest chance. These nodes can be trained relatively quickly. The only other ways to increase your chance for Blood and Bone would be to: Use the Connoisseur Harvesting Disc and keep the buff active while skinning. Use and advanced knife rune tool made with copper and silver. Chaos Embers are still better, but this would be the next best alternative if you are trying to decide how to train.
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    Map Idea to Promote PvP

    Apparently ACE disagrees as their vision has EKs being a hot spot for trade/crafting/socializing on a larger scale then just Guilds/Alliances. Crowfall was at least originally sold with the idea of a global economy with goods flowing between campaigns and EKs, and they threw in EVE/SWG as examples of what they would like to do. They've said people could never leave the EKs and be full time traders and play the economy. Obviously what they've said originally and over time has changed along with what they've been able to produce, but the idea that this is a 100% GvG, join a guild or uninstall doesn't seem correct. Clearly recent changes have made things more solo or small team friendly and it seems very intentional (they've said as much). Loot drops, GR, capping, PVE changes, etc. I agree that outfitting enemies in a game where there is actual win/lose conditions seems counter productive when a fairly decent sized and organized guild shouldn't need to trade, but I can only go by what ACE has said their plan is for their game. Which is ultimately what matters. Maybe they'll neglect the EK and larger economy concepts, but at this point they don't really go into detail about them like many other things so who knows. What they do and continue to do seems more reliable then what we believe they are supposed to do. Agree. Not sure why GR is the way it is, but believe some of you forget this is still "pre-alpha." We don't have the Dregs, different campaigns running at once with different rulesets, EKs that resemble what they want to do, Thralls, refineries, an actual population, etc. Some of you are playing this full on like it is a game when it is not. Rather funny that some are whining that people "hide" in GR or are able to gear up there so they can attempt to be competitive even though they ultimately lose most of the time. As hardcore as some want or claim to be and want this game to be, I don't see it going too far if accessibility is low. Unless the hope is one campaign running at a time with ~100 population post launch... They need more risk/reward built in as currently its slim to none. However, pre-alpha should be focused on testing/fixing features and actually getting all of them online. Tweaking GR resources or whatever isn't a high priority IMO. Same as balancing classes and other such things which likely make the game less enjoyable then what color rocks are popping out of a node. All of this is a result of ACE focusing on the same old stat/gear treadmill found in any MMO. PVP is an afterthought or by product of PVE. Unfortunate that the community has such low expectations.
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    Map Idea to Promote PvP

    Gods reach should be R5 imo tops. R10s should only be located in the forests and Ravines R9s Should be located in tiles surrounded the Ravines/Forest R8s should be located Around keeps and forts (Forts should each have an abundant resource, So you get forts with Wood around another with stone around another with Ore around and another with animals around. This is to add differences to forts and give some more reason to capture than others (I would even split them further into forts gte one resource type around them so one may be all iron in the vacinity another might be all Birch and so on) R7s should be the main resources all other tiles with maybe the occasional R9/8 tile spot outside those spots.
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    Map Idea to Promote PvP

    These player-owned and player-managed kingdoms are the only permanent (non-time limited) Worlds. They are complete, functional Worlds - but lack resource factories (such as quarries, mines and mills) and produce only common reagents. Players rule these Home Worlds as Monarchs and can grant land and titles to other players in exchange for oaths of fealty. Levy taxes, enforce trade restrictions, and set the PvP rules within your domain. The proving grounds for Order, Balance, and Chaos. Players join one of three divine Factions and battle for control of the World. The goal for Order and Chaos is to capture as much territory as possible before the World is destroyed. The goal for Balance is to ensure there in no clear victor between Order and Chaos. These Worlds are more deadly and the stakes are higher. The alliances of the Gods hold no sway here. The followers of the twelve Gods vie individually for the Throne. The Shadow Worlds lie closer to the Hunger, where even the Gods dare not tread. On these Worlds it's Guild vs Guild competition for the abundance of resources and rich cache of souls. On the razor-thin edge of the Hunger lies the Dregs... Worlds utterly drained of warmth, about to shatter into dust. Alliances between Guilds are weak and brittle. These every-man-for-himself Worlds are deadly and unforgiving - yet they yield the greatest reward for those who can survive.
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