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    Crowfall Combat Log Parser by Atreus

    In the spirit of community building we share with you today one more of the KDS tools: The KDS Combat Log parser - An in depth tool to analyse the Crowfall combat developed by Sgt. @Atreus N.B. It is still under development. How to use Make a personal copy and abuse it to your heart's content. Copyright If you will decide to work on and this and improve it please consider mentioning who started the work. If you find any bugs please use this thread to report them. We hope you will find this useful! /salute
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    Trial of Kronos - Sunday Sieges

    Sunday was siege night. A bunch of different Balance guilds grouped up to fight the 3 main Order guilds on the EU server. With more or less even numbers (27 balance on discord, 28 order registered from my combat logs) some fun fights were had. Thanks to everyone involved, it's awesome to see we can get some action even though many people are taking breaks from the game. ______________________________We are still recruiting, looking for 2x flex players!Check us out: Our recruitment thread
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    Crowfall Combat Log Parser by Atreus

    As I've already told you once @Atreus it's a piece of art! Thanks!
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    Previously not offered out of guild, now the entire player base has access to the highest possible quality of bodies there can be. It's possible that others have max geared/trained necros as well, but ours is the maximum you can possibly create/equip. Best Value: I would recommend rolling a Blue Full Reroll vessel. Reason: easier to level, easier to obtain and slot major and minor discs, the gap between white/green and blue is much larger than the gap between blue and purple. Our offer is as follows: (Purple Full Reroll Requires Chaos Embers as part of the combine, instead of Ethereal Dust) (Green Vessels by request if you provide all the materials, we do not farm or store green materials) We can possibly negotiate replacing Chaos Embers with Halite, Cinnabar (or Ambrosia) or Legendary Iron or Rubies (substitutes change based off guild needs). Philosophers Stone Chart: Additives Chart: If you have any questions, please reach out to me with a tag in this thread, by PM here on the boards, or on discord at Ble#5916
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    Vessels for Sale, made by HoA main necro

    Shout out to these folks. I was able to get two blue vessels from them for a reasonable price and I am quite pleased with how they perform. For those of you who may or may not have an easy way into a quality vessel, I would definitely recommend hitting up @Ble. Its worth it
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    Crowfall Combat Log Parser by Atreus

    Excellent work. Thanks for sharing with the community!
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    Crowfall Combat Log Parser by Atreus

    Thanks for your Feedback @Raindog! I really appreciate it. I will have a look into this and contact you again
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    Crowfall Combat Log Parser by Atreus

    Lovely work @Atreus thanks for sharing KDS, I had started working on something similar but far inferior, and I cheated and used Power Query to filter the data instead of all those lovely precise LEN arguments! This is Beautiful ! ­čĹ▓ Couple of bits of tiny feedback : I really, really love this and the clarity and style it presents the data is really good. The below points are minor and only offered as suggestions and in no way criticism. Hope they are at the very least interesting to you and please do contact me if you want anything I'm saying clarifying or translating; neither my German or English is great, and I'm from England ! /geekon 1. Labeling: For clarity, perhaps add the table titles missing on the Damage Dealt Tab. E.g. On the Healing Dealt Tab we see " SUM von Heal", " AVERAGE von Heal" etc. 2. Pivot Summary Value: We see below, from the Attackers/Defenders Tab, in the Healing received summary pivot table that the Healing SUM's are split by Class and Discipline abilities. This is very useful, but it would also be nice to see the raw total for each healer, perhaps by summarizing just on !Output! column S "Healer" alone ? vcandu (Cleric) 3.001 vcandu (Dryad) 1.685 vcandu (Friar) 790 2a. Formula missing: On the same Tab, the "Amount of Players healing received from:" table is missing the Count formula: =ArrayFormula(SUM(COUNTIF($J$23:$J$1000;"*"&"("&J9&")"&"*"))) Perhaps it was omitted because of the issue above with the Discipline healing abilities? Either way, it does work so long as the healers are using at least one of their Class Heals, which is hopefully a safe assumption ?! 3. Lookup Data: We see the below for example as a consequence of 2 Classes having the same name for abilities ("Rapid Fire" in this case, same issue applies to "Ambush"). Ultimately, this is game design, so I thought I would point it out to see if you thought it was worth feeding back to the Devs? Would it be possible for the Pivot table to summarize on !Output! column N "Attacker" alone ? Although it is really useful to see the attacking class in this table. Blindreaper (Duelist or Ranger) Blindreaper (Ranger) 4. Style, Sort by: I just thought the Pivot Tables in general are better default sorted by Grand Total descending than Alphabetical. e.g. : SUM von Heal Critical Healing-Skill No Yes Gesamtsumme Rescue 3.219 5.213 8.432 Holy Symbol 2.404 1.833 4.237 Divine Light 2.193 160 2.353 Circle Of Life 2.044 2.044 Blast Of Leaves 692 993 1.685 /geekoff Thanks again Raindog
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    Game support controllers?
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    With the amount of white resource people just throw away its not overly difficult.
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    Hallo vom neuen CM

    Hey ihr, wie ihr bestimmt schon in der aktuellsten Ank├╝ndigung gelesen habt, trennen sich hier leider die Wege von ACE und TG. Einige von euch haben mir auch in diesem Thread schon ein paar liebe Worte hinterlassen. (Danke daf├╝r!) Trotzdem m├Âchte ich mich hier auch nochmal pers├Ânlich bei euch verabschieden, und euch f├╝r die tolle gemeinsame Zeit danken. Auch, wenn die letzten dreieinhalb Monate wie im Flug vergangen sind, war es f├╝r mich eine tolle Erfahrung, mit euch zu arbeiten und mit eurer tatkr├Ąftigen Unterst├╝tzung kleine Projekte wie den w├Âchentlichen Newsletter auf die Beine zu stellen. Obwohl die Zeit nicht gereicht hat, um gr├Â├čere Schritte zu gehen, hat die deutsche Community mit den Teilnahmen am Geschichtenwettbewerb, beim Community-Video, den Bewerbungen f├╝rs ├ťbersetzungsteam und der regen Beteiligung in diversen Threads zu Spielinhalten gezeigt, wie viel Potenzial in ihr steckt. Behaltet diesen Spirit bei! Seid laut. Seid hilfsbereit. Seid respektvoll. Beteiligt euch ÔÇô und macht dieses Forum zu einem Ort, an dem ihr als Gemeinschaft Spa├č habt, und f├╝r dieses Spiel und all seine Spieler eintretet. Ich w├╝nsche euch und Crowfall alles erdenklich Gute und werde bestimmt auch in Zukunft hin und wieder mal vorbeischauen. Vielleicht sieht man sich! ­čśŐ
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    Questions about disciplines

    That's by design. You have to destroy the old one to replace it. In the future, you won't be able to replace major disciplines and they will require the spending of talent points to get abilities from them, but you will still be able to replace exploration and minor discs.
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    i agree, the PvP and PvE aspects (excluding crafting) is way below avarage compared to the current gamingmarket. I mean organic world-PvP is never happening to me and i don't want to roam around the world for hours looking around for fights to get rofl-stomped by a group of 5+ players. About the boring openworld-design, i don't need to talk because it speaks for itself and the AI and moveset of NPC-monsters are just very bad and never challenging. If i want good PvP without waiting time i play Mordhau, if i want good PvE i play Monster Hunter World.
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    Tying Disciplines and War Tribes

    That would be a fun system - I like pve events like that, where you have a specific goal and that leads to a certain reward (rather than high RNG).
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    I've been lurking for a while ever since quite a few versions ago and the realization that Crowfall would probably never be "the game". As each current crowd-funded MMORPG continues to stray further from their original promises/visions/goals, I don't imagine the MMORPG scene will be looking all that great in 5 years (the lion's share of upcoming MMORPGs that aren't instead curated smaller hybrids like looter shooters/mobas/royales are crowd-funded). When they first added the leveling camp hogwash, I complained, and loudly, because I'm not interested in playing a PvP game for joy of instead getting incredibly uninspired PvE just to earn the "right" to PvP. Before that, I complained about how annoying it was to have to depend on crafters or crafting to pretty much do anything (though I understand it was a symptom of the testing environment, I noted this should never exist as a possibility, old craft or die games be damned), and was ridiculed for that (a dev even poked at me). They're ironically addressing that very issue now with randamo loot, which is a good sign, I guess, but I'm not sure about how they're going about it... Anyway, what will it take to bring me back? We can start with a game that's actually fun to play... I want to PvP. I don't want to play ghetto Minecraft for 10 hours and then go suck a crafter's schlong for gear just to lose it after one hour of fun. The more steps between me logging in and PvPing, the less likely I am to play. Right now it's pretty bad. The grind may not be the worst I've encountered (I've played EQ and FFXI for years), but it's just as terrible in terms of quality. It's not fun. You have to "take it in rear" to be able to do what you want eventually, which is toxic MMORPG design we should be trying to fix and not encourage. I get the problem of nuances and complexity, i.e. economy, meaningful crafting, ect, and know it's not going to be easy to fix, but eh it's simple enough for me. If I have to grind extensively/constantly or spend a lot of time before I actually get to PvP, then I just won't play the game and neither will tons of PvP fans probably. PvErs won't have much reason to fill in the gap because frankly the game's PvE is god awful in every way and pales against pretty much any other game. So my friends and I are in the same boat as the OP's friends. We have a ton of terrific games coming out this year and next, and some new COOP games to try and a few upcoming PvP forays, so I've little reason to waste my time on a game that claims to be a PvP game but is dressing itself more and more like a PvE game with side PvP content, even if that PvP content, when it works and is actually present, is much better than most. I've pretty much given up on MMORPGs though so my hopefulness here is pretty wistful, and doubt that either Crowfall or Camelot are going to be the ones to offer us a good alternative to symmetrical sports-like PvP games (team/hero shooters, MOBAs). Might just need battle royales to merge with a better take on Mordhau or something, I don't know.
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    The closest analogue for dregs is shadowbane. Generally, in shadowbane one or more players would build the equivalent of a 'trade city" that contained shacks and such to slot vendors. Everyone knew where this city was, everybody used it, people ganked each other there, generally the merchants were anonymous. This was the practice on pretty much every server, and usually people knew which player's alt (and it was generally a single player) owned the city. Often that player would just be an alt account of someone in an enemy guild, but the "gentleman's agreement" usually made the trade city exempt from formal declarations of war, and its owner generally hosted it as a neutral space without any specific banning behaviors or anything like that for enemies, with no guards and taxes only enough to keep the place running. This behavior was born out of a need for an anonymous free market which otherwise did not exist in the game, and the general glee of ganking people between the bank and the vendors to take their stuff. Since the trade town was good for everyone, everyone treated it as neutral territory, and everyone enforced that. In my experience the only time such cities WERE attacked was by massive Chinese zergs trying to gain a foothold because nobody would sell them a city, or just to make a point as trade citieswere generally placed in strategically important locations like at a nexus of several runegates. Attacking your server's trade town was a great way to get an entire server banded together against you and all your stuff burned to the ground even faster than just showing up with half of china and saying your goal is to destroy the server.
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    Its very cheap to make ek stuff currently relative to the price of things. A few hundred white mats for 50$ is very cheap.
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    Last I heard, the plan was to focus on M/KB for now, then add controller support later as an option. I know a couple of testers were able to get steam controller to work.
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