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    I've recently got a lot of questions why my FPS counter in the game is so high. I've discovered a few decent optimisations that you can make with your hardware and software to help Crowfall (mostly Unity) run faster. Here is a list of tricks that can help you get the better performance in Crowfall. Each trick has a spoiler with a detailed explanation why it works (for technical nerds). 1. Load into your BIOS and turn off Simultaneous multi-threading (AMD) / Hyper-Threading (Intel) for your CPU. 2. Load into your BIOS and check your memory speed (you can also use CPU-Z/HWiFNO software to check it in OS). It should be running at its maximum specification speed. In case it has lower value than maximum, activate XMP profile. 3. Load into BIOS and disable CPU Virtualisation. 4. Change Unity boot.config in the text editor to the next one: gfx-enable-native-gfx-jobs=1 wait-for-native-debugger=0 scripting-runtime-version=latest vr-enabled=0 hdr-display-enabled=1 gfx-enable-gfx-jobs=1 gfx-disable-mt-rendering=1 gc-max-time-slice=1 The config was provided by @Schnee and worked magic for many players, increasing their fps during sieges by a lot. The file can be found in Crowfall client folder by path "Download\CrowfallClient_Data\boot.config". Restart the game after you change it. 5. Update chipset driver to the latest version. 6. Download Razer Cortex and Scan system for optimisations, it will disable all useless Windows background processes when you are gaming. If you have low RAM (less than 16GB), it will also help you to free memory for Crowfall. 7. Unity runs on 6 physical cores. If you have 8 or more physical cores CPU, download Process Lasso and assign CrowfallClient.exe to the 6 fastest cores of your CPU. For AMD CPU you can check it in Ryzen Master (golden/silver cores), for Intel you will have to test if yourself. 8. To improve load times, move Crowfall client folder to the fastest hard drive (SSD), add Crowfall client folder/process to your antivirus exceptions, and if your FPS is usually more than your monitor refresh rate disable V-Sync in the game settings. Bonus. Enjoy
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    5.125 LIVE Feedback for 8/7/20 v2

    Looking forward to checking out the beta build, but wanted to share some initial thoughts in the 15 minutes I just played. I find it odd that the dialogue boxes with npcs are at the bottom of the screen, but the face of the character I'm talking to is towards the top of the screen. I would say either iterate on camera placement more or find some sort of happy medium. It would make more sense to me, if the dialogue was closer to their face--at least that's how it seems to go in most games with a similar presentation. NPC textures seem a little low res for how close the camera zooms in during those conversations. The stomping sound fx from the giant (maybe it was half giant?) race is a bit annoying. I think it could be made a bit more subtle--especially with how often I'll be hearing it. Animations in general feel and look very stiff, which made combat feel a bit unresponsive at times. Impacts for basic attacks felt really weak in general. I'd expect a bit more visual and auditory feedback swinging around a great axe, but I think additional animation polish would help push this further as well. Looking forward to all the upcoming visual polish as well. The environments don't quite feel alive yet. The look and feel pretty boring right now. Again, I know it's probably early for visual feedback but just throwing that out there as an initial impression.
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    Crowfall The Calling Update Alpha Build 5.125.0 If you have a client crash, please contact support@crowfall.com. To report any issues or bugs, please go here: 5.125 LIVE Bug Reports To report feedback, please go here: 5.125 LIVE Feedback For an up-to-date list of known issues please go here: Known Issues General Improved the spawn rate of mobs to better support the number of players in a zone. Campaign The Gods Reach refinery chest that grants required building materials from Master Fiamma now has a 24 hour cooldown. While on the Caravan Pig Gods Reach quest, players can now interact with the Maeve Statue Pedestal to summon a pack pig that they can tame to complete the quest goal. Powers Nature's Avatar, Pack Avatar and Storm Avatar no longer apply a long duration debuff to their recipients. These abilities are now all standard strength buffs and are governed by a normal cooldown. The cooldown of Gaea's Wail, Aurora Emitter and Lightning Strike has been reduced to 15 seconds.
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    5.125 LIVE Feedback for 8/7/20 v2

    Let us push "Y" to accept on every question that pops up. It makes the game feel so fluid. Want to vendor that? Y! Accept trade? Y! Advance quest? Y! Sometimes I feel like clicking, but sometimes I just want to SMASH through your handshake popups with Y!
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    This would be greatly appreciated. Take for example the fact you guys are already looking at the talents and disciplines system to make it more diverse, if JTodd hadnt seem a question in the Q&A we wouldnt have known. Can anyone even tell what they are working now at? I know last update was all about performance. Other than that all I can muster as an answer is they are making the game 'beta ready', which isnt really saying much in the end... You could make it a Q&A thing if a proper roadmap isnt feasible. A 5 minutes segment just saying what each department in the team is working at. I would love that actually. What is art working at? Animation? What crazy thing has JTodd thrown at the programmers' table. Some images (maybe some short clips if y'all feeling fancy) and you are done. A 'this is what we are doing this month' kind of thing.
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    EU Servers for Closed Beta?

    @Dvalin mostlikely yes, the change just came last patch on the request on of the eu playerbase. We can basicly request when ever we want the eu campaigns back it just got lonely on the servers
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    Call the Banners! ArtCraft Creative Director, J. Todd Coleman announced today that the Crowfall Beta will officially open August 11! On that date, the first round of Beta invites will be sent out, giving players who registered early at crowfall.com a chance to playtest the game and provide feedback. To get the rest of the exciting details visit: https://Crowfall.com/EN-us/news/articles/beta-is-coming We would not be hitting this milestone without the dedication from our loyal playtesters. So, a huge thank you to our community of testers from all of us at ArtCraft! Thanks for your support!
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    We should keep account names unqiue and disable login by account name/password. Use email instead. Those who are concerned with security, enable 2FA.
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    Acolytes are Recruiting!

    Goals We get stuff done and have a fun time along the way! Acolytes is looking to participate in GvG, Campaigns and Dregs. Looking to create a solid core in Beta, work together, learn how to fight together and be ready to hit Live launch strong! About Us The Acolytes were founded in 2005 with the basic principle of creating a strong, social gaming community. Since then we’ve offered many outlets for our members to enjoy their time together as a community. We could be grouping together doing a dungeon, pvp’ing, raiding or playing a drinking game in Discord. We offer a chance to join a Guild that won’t troll it’s members or self destruct over night. We are going on our 15th year as a community. Discord Contacts: Dheth#4605 FatGoatHieru#0693 Apply to the Guild: https://crowfall.com/en-US/guilds/search?name=Acolytes#Acolytes What Can You Expect from Us? A documented community past is nice and all, but we want to maintain the mentality of what have we done lately for our community members. We want to build a strong, thriving, long term Acolytes PVP guild in Crowfall. No one wants to join a guild that is dead 4 months into the game. We feel our history shows that we maintain long track records in the MMO’s we join. Just a few items we can provide you as a member: An environment to progress and successfully complete guild and personal goals Active Discord to chat about Crowfall Scheduled guild PVP and Activity Nights An environment where we get things done and have a fun time doing it Experienced and friendly players to help all levels of gamers What Do We Expect From You? We are looking for people who want to work together and enjoy the worlds that Crowfall has to offer. Many great memories will be made. We expect the following from you: Level-headedness Team players who value their peers and guild Active community participation Sense of self-worth and pride without arrogance 18 years of age or older Harassment of other players/members is not tolerated We expect behavior befitting adults. Drama will be quickly dealt with and should not disrupt guild activities. Liking pie is optional Socials Discord: https://discord.gg/WxjVUfg Twitter: https://twitter.com/acocommunity Facebook: https://facebook.com/AcolytesGaming YouTube: https://youtube.com/AcolytesCommunity Acolyte Merchandise: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/acolytesgaming
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    Skill Shot vs Tab Targeting

    It's arguable to even say crowfall has skilled targeting. I actually think the action part of Crowfall is more of a gimmick than anything. If anything the targeting needs to be more stricter with more emphasis on aiming.
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    5.125 LIVE Feedback for 8/7/20 v2

    You should not be able to loot chest in forts if they are neutral
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    we are in closed beta as the of11th. Closed beta will last a long time (my estimate is 6-12months) as they need to invite all 400k backers that signed up on their website to the closed beta and let them test the game out and give feedback. They will be doing small waves of backers probably around 1000 or so new people every few days until they hit all 400k and of course fixing things as they go. They haven't said there was going to be an OPEN beta. There probably will be another skill wipe somewhere in the closed beta period. The closed beta is pretty much all the data they will need I imagine. After the closed beta is done there will SOFT LAUNCH where there will not be anymore wipes. where the game is out but little marketing (my estimates maybe 1-3 months). Then they will have official LAUNCH (probably end of 2021) once things are more polished and they do a big marketing push. Then EXPANSIONS.
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    I actually really like that account names are character names. It means people have to be accountable for their actions and can't hide behind aliases. It allows you to build a reputation...for better or worse. Having 1 name will have people thinking twice about being a complete jerk to someone.
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    5.125 LIVE Bug Reports for 8/7/20 v2

    It seems like the weak spot is spawning a lot off the target when hitting ore nodes. Maybe it's just Guinecean, but they seem to where you can't actually take advantage of the weak spot-it grays out because you off the resource itself. I will try and test it on different characters. Also, is Sumptuous Pot Pie supposed to give .25 Experimentation Pips or the full 1 that's in the description? It seems to be a lot of work for .25, IMO.
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    5.125 LIVE Feedback for 8/7/20 v2

    When you swap the map to grid mode, you can no longer read location names. It would be nice if they were brought forward. I would prefer to always keep my map in grid mode, not sure if you could make the game remember that I clicked the grid mode button last time I opened the map.
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    5.125 LIVE Feedback for 8/7/20 v2

    So I take it the Test server is down for good? Shame, I really dont wanna play... Was totally happy just testing stuff... Like, was gonna see if the, huh, Briar (?) disc was also applying the type conversion too early and compile what powers in that style need to be changed. I really dont feel like wasting time farming just to be able to swap discs... I could finally test combat but that too will require I 'waste' time lvling. And getting gear... And I was just about to try some different builds... Leaving it up costs money tho, right? I was pretty sure I was the only one there too. It is all good. I'd just reccomend adding the proper info on the test server to tell it is down for good (in the patcher screen too). 'Down for maintenance' implies it will be back soon. A text telling people to go play on LIVE would also be nice...
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    EU Servers for Closed Beta?

    Hey @DravoiX That totally makes sense, but now with Closed beta i know a bunch of people who wanna play/Buy this game, and then i think EU servers will be a great way for them to experience the game. But i ofc get the point if EU server only has 10 ppl, and US got 200 Thanks!
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    In Crowfall there is a difference between the test access level and the games stage of development. Game development stage is currently alpha and with the original posting above has now been announced to move over to beta with in the next few days. Since about a year or so the lowest test access level to be able to download and use the TEST or LIVE client is beta-3. The new invites will include the test-access-levels beta-4 and lower. Beta-3 is the lowest level of any purchasable bundle that include the later game - so everybody who bought the game is already able to test it (also means this doesn't include the 5$ "Supporter-Bundle" from kickstarter, since it didn't include the game). Test-access levels lower than beta-3 have been granted to anybody who registered an account on the website. Those "free-beta" testers will now be invited in batches, depending on their beta level (which refers to their date of registration). Test access levels can be looked up in your account profile -> backer rewards. Looks like this: The "best" test access level is the one eligible. (Pre-Alpha 1-2, Alpha 1-3, Beta 1-10+). The new invites should be sent out via email ... to those who opted in to receive Crowfall news. The according setting can be found in your Account profile. Looks like this: If you should have access, due to your test-access level, you should be able to download the LIVE and/or TEST client on the download page. If you are sure you are entitled, but still can't download it, you may contact support@crowfall.com to help you. Make sure to include your account name, backer level and describe the issue short but thoroughly - it will make it faster and more easy for both sides. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
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    Acolytes are Recruiting!

    Nice post are you guys EU or NA based ?
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    - Knight Defender stuck and un hit able at Gaea Outpost in Yeralon/Essen Wildwood/3186, -4, 1790 - Ladders in Dregs campaign appearing below platform not connected to platform. - Valkyn Outpost in dregs Yeralon/Cassilda/2814, 19 1425 Valkyn statue missing. - Occasionally while mounted running into combat will not allow you to dismount. Until forced to dismount by enemy.
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    Am I able to PLAY Right Now?

    Go to crowfall.com and click Play Now.
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    Hey, so when I started this awesome game, I read about Body Blocking and wanted to make a ranged tank to play defensively in the backline. While that is not easily done, because everyone just moves around so much , I still want to play a ranged tank, who draws fire from the main targets by just getting in the way and pressuring DDs into submission from afar. So I started a myrmidon in the old build and realized, you cannot put most abilities into the ranged tray. Its just not an option. I tried to have frenzy in the meele tray and switching, but I lost 1-2 seconds of frenzy time to switching, because it was not smooth. I laid that build to rest. Now in the new build I made a Champion Centaur to make a big horsie with a bow. Once I equipped Arcane Archer, I realized again, I cannot equip my self buffs for more damage and resiliance on my ranged tray. Now why is that? It makes absolutely no sense to me at all. I understand that meele attacks need a meele weapon, but by disabeling so many abilities, which could be used in a bow build means you really take the option away completely. This goes for all self buffs, group buffs, for hurlbat and the net from the myrmidon and so on! These are all abilites which could be used effectively in a ranged build on a normally pure meele char and by that open up many new build opportunities. In Shadowbane this was one of the best features. That you could take any class and give them a weapon rune and make them into something new. Now to go even further, what sense is there to having trays, if you always switch into combat mode, once you hit a resource node? Why do we need two different combat trays? Why not just make it one and grey out all abilities, which are not useable with the current equipped weapon. Than you can switch weapons to use the other, if you like to do that. Although I see no reason for that. Please remove these restrictions, so I can finally make a ranged tank build and have a big minotaur or a big horse with a big bow.
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    5.125 LIVE Feedback for 8/7/20 v2

    @jtoddcoleman It would be extremely helpful to add some kind of development road map to the site. Right now the Unofficial Community Discord is doing a lot of the heavy lifting in regards to informing people as to the state of the current client and what else may be coming when, and I don't think that's a scalable solution if the game becomes as popular as we'd like during Beta.
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    5.125 LIVE Bug Reports for 8/7/20 v2

    Rapidly clicking on a node causes all points to disappear
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    We are not going to close beta registration when Beta opens but it is possible we will close Beta at some point. We will strive to give notice ahead of that point. Thanks!
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    Most people???

    Is live up right now? Just backed the game been watching it for years and pulled the trigger tonight.
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    Skill Shot vs Tab Targeting

    I get the sentiment of wanting it. It does change how we play a game. The more we have to "aim" or increase our mechanical skills effect gameplay heavily. Even impacting our personal fun. Crowfall was made with a certain design philosophy where skilled targeting matters to the overall experience. To turn away from that now so close to launch isn't something I see happening. Maybe some skills or disciplines could be added later.
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    Skill Shot vs Tab Targeting

    It's not actually skill shot targeting but it's more of a soft targeting - this allows for the phrase 'Use your body' to be highly relevant in PvP for body blocking for friendlies. Tab targeting would remove that mechanic and Crowfall combat would be totally different.
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    Improve your Crowfall performance today.

    @ComradeAma Many thanks for putting this together! Great job! /salute
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    [EITC] East India Trading Company

    Best of luck on this path @Marklarr! Great mindset! /salute
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    Skill Shot vs Tab Targeting

    I wonder why BDO failed then.
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    Congratulations on Beta ACE! It's great to see this! /salute
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    "The Calling" is just the name of the latest milestone patch (5.125). And as Jah said, anyone who had purchased the game can play now and forever. The only people who have to wait for invites are those who created a Crowfall account but did not purchase the game.
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    game crashes if i try to change quality settings off basic should put text in the bandages quests saying use K to add bandages to skill bar as most of us are use to using I to open inventory but that doesn't allow you to put things on your skill bar
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    https://crowfall.com/en-US/news/articles/beta-is-coming Use that....
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    5.125 LIVE Bug Reports for 8/6/20

    Next time you see this please get us a screen shot or coordinates/zone info please.
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    La bêta de Crowfall arrive le 11 août

    Petite news qui vaut le coût d'être traduite 😉 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- J. Todd Coleman, directeur créatif d'ArtCraft, a annoncé aujourd'hui que la bêta de Crowfall ouvrira officiellement le 11 août ! À cette date, la première série d'invitations à la bêta sera envoyée, donnant aux joueurs qui se sont inscrits tôt sur crowfall.com une chance de tester le jeu et de donner leur avis. "C'est une étape importante pour Crowfall et pour ArtCraft", a expliqué M. Coleman. "Nous avons commencé ce projet avec une vision audacieuse et unique. Nous voulions nous éloigner de la conception du theme-park qui est devenue omniprésente dans les jeux en ligne, et créer un univers où les joueurs sont aux commandes. Une collection infinie de mondes uniques où les choix des joueurs ont un impact. Vos actions détermineront l'histoire de cet univers. Vos décisions dicteront son avenir". Les joueurs qui souhaitent avoir un aperçu de Crowfall peuvent s'inscrire dès maintenant pour réserver une place dans la bêta. Le processus de la bêta sera divisé en groupes, avec des vagues d'invitations envoyées en séquence en fonction de la date d'inscription. Les cohortes commenceront par milliers avant de passer à la vitesse supérieure à mesure que le test bêta prendra de l'ampleur et de la portée. Pour rappel, tous les backers ont un accès immédiat au jeu et sont invités à le télécharger. Les joueurs qui sont intéressés par le jeu au moment du lancement (mais pas par la bêta) peuvent obtenir des mises à jour sur l'avancement de la bêta via les réseaux sociaux, en s'inscrivant à notre newsletter, ou via l'un de nos Questions & Réponses mensuels des développeurs sur Twitch. Cette semaine, Crowfall a publié sa dernière mise à jour de jeu, The Calling, qui ajoute de nouvelles couches de stratégie à un jeu déjà connu pour le Guilde vs Guilde. Avec des optimisations significatives de la fréquence d'images et une foule d'activités à réaliser (comme la construction de châteaux, les caravanes de marchands, le siège de la ville et le sacrifice divin pour gagner la faveur des dieux), Crowfall développe la version Alpha qui a été lancée avec succès en mai de cette année. En outre, cette mise à jour étend également l'expérience du nouveau joueur, en donnant aux nouveaux joueurs l'occasion d'apprendre les nombreux systèmes divers et interdépendants qui lient l'économie, le territoire et les systèmes sociaux de Crowfall, dirigés par les joueurs. Cette version marque également le lancement de la première campagne transcontinentale, qui permet aux joueurs d'Amérique du Nord et d'Europe de jouer ensemble pour former de solides alliances et d'âpres rivalités dans leur lutte pour la domination du monde. Avec une pénurie de forteresses et un besoin constant de ravitaillement, les guildes devront utiliser tous les trucs et astuces pour prendre pied sur la carte... et avec des joueurs qui se connectent partout dans le monde, vous pouvez vous attendre à trouver de l'action à toute heure du jour ou de la nuit ! CROWS OF A FEATHER ! PROMOTION DU RECRUTEMENT DE LA GUILDE - EN DIRECT LE 11 AOÛT ! Dans la perspective de la sortie prochaine de Beta, les dieux offrent de riches récompenses. Les guildes peuvent bénéficier de récompenses Double Couronne et d'une double réduction pour les nouveaux corbeaux (de 20%) sur l'achat de n'importe quel Backer Pack. Profitez de ces cadeaux des Dieux pour plumer votre nid à l'ouverture de la Bêta et au-delà (les récompenses Crows of a Feather sont disponibles jusqu'au 23 août) ! Pour rejoindre la bataille maintenant, visitez la Boutique Crowfall. Article d'origine
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    Should I play now?

    Its not ready. As much as I want this to gain momentum its not there. Feel free to look over the reviews posted in general. Perhaps wait a few more patches and check back. It feels like an "alpha" still.
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    Guild Bank Hold-up?

    This game NEEDS guild banks.
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    The Endless Host emerges

    Good luck with your endeavor. It is certainly not an easy path ahead but it can sure be fun
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    5.125 LIVE Bug Reports for 8/7/20

    Not entirely: Also, the damage done by Go For Broke is properly interrupted now when the Duelist is knocked down, but the gun firing animation continues.
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