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    Fighting at some Fort

    KDS Roaming looking for a fight, after an hour we encountered Order at some fort. #CrowfallGame #WarStories #KDS
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    ACE's August QA communication failure

    okay...you rearranged it due to sickness. *fine*. that happens. https://community.crowfall.com/topic/25988-ace-qa-for-august-cancelled/ however you then failed to: - post a forum or news article for when it was rearranged [aug 29th] - post the stream video on your youtube channel in addition the twitch VOD (https://www.twitch.tv/videos/474006839) has now expired beyond the 14 days of archiving. even missed out in the newsletter that went out on the 14th sept obviously too. so literally inaccessible to anyone at this point it time, if they even knew it happened.
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    Personally I would say a big no to building it out in the "training required" direction. There is more than enough for the dedicated crafter types to do already, with more still to come in the form of stone masonry etc when EK buildings are worth putting in the effort to build. Ya'll just had to cut swaths out of the early crafting loop to get new players to "minimally viable", so I would hate to see things added that make it harder to achieve that in the form of essentially required food buffs. If they are not interesting, important or essential enough to be expected or required, then they are not going to interesting or important enough to put valuable passive training time into except as a dump value a few years into training. I also think food and the skill-less to gather collectibles are a great way to introduce players to the crafting system, without gating yet another thing behind passive training. But that's just my opinion
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    ACE's August QA communication failure

    [owlmode: on] Are all of you forgetting the past? When did they stop talking (compared to the situation before) last time? It was when they dedided they want to save up for some big news. Was about the same time last year by the way. Yeah, i agree, didnt really work out last time. At least not in the eyes of the old crows. Did it work out regarding the overall numbers? I can't tell. All I can say is that the current situation reminds me a lot of this specific situation last year. So ... I can only repeat myself: The (we) old crows need to adapt. Either we believe in the people behind the company or we don't. Either we are able to contribute to changes or not. It is definitely not enough to just say we are not happy. It never is. It's a good start. But it's not the end. We (too) need to adapt over time, we need to participate, we need to contribute in a way that benefits a better final result for all. If we are not able to do so, nothing we say is worth anything at all. I already see a lot of well known names in this thread. If you (we) old crows are annoyed up to this level, it means something. But first of all it means that we need to think about the Why more specifically. We know that it is not enough to complain. We did to better in the past. We can and should do better in the future. If we can't who can? The good thing is that every complaint is based on loving the game ... with the restriction that there is a conflict between what we see now and what we want to see. So the solution can be to reflect this, to understand the difference and to communicate it in a way that really results into a positive change. So that's what we should do. [owlmode: off] Oh yeah, i so hate this current communication style. It feels like they don't give a poorly made socks about their old backers anymore at all! It was so much differnt (and better) in the old days. Good ole' days. I hate the new days! Maybe it turns out I'm a nights person in the end, without knowing it before ... ~sigh~
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    Honestly it feels like the community team took the summer off, and the marketing team is clueless. The schlock that appears on crowfall's social media is terrible, and given how few likes it gets on twitter and fb, everyone else agrees with that statement. Sorry, ACE, you're really dropping the ball. The game has become more fun recently, but you still have no player engagement for a few reasons: There's still a huge amount of busywork to do before players can meaningfully engage in PvP. Players who are thinking about returning see the training gap between them and the established players and decide to wait for a skill wipe. There's not enough people playing for the game to reach a critical mass. It's not fun if you can't find anyone to fight (or if the only people you can find to fight are running around in groups of 10-15 when you're running around solo or in a group of 2-3). Having people spread out between GR, The Infected, and two CWs isn't helping. There's nothing enjoyable for solo players or small groups to do Word of mouth to new and returning players is "game's still not ready, don't bother" because those of us still testing see the above problems and are hesitant to call people in to suffer along with us. Your near-total lack of communication and engagement over the summer hasn't helped at all.
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    Well I suppose the power creep is true, and I must confess that is the draw to it. If cooking isn't important enough to be considered a need, or at minimum pushing towards that definition even if just barely behind it, then I'm personally not going to do it on mass anymore. I'll do it for myself and not bother doing it for a guild or group or for the economy. If the demand doesn't exist in a reasonable capacity, then it's already in a waste of time category. Thanks for entertaining the idea at least. I think I'll take a step back, and see where the game goes over the next few updates. I have my hopes for Plant Reaping giving me an approach to being involved in the game as a solo player, as outside of Runemaking, there isn't many solo compatible tracks, and with the economy being nonexistent due to the heavy focus on factions and guilds [and their tendency to hoard resources and info] there really just isn't anything to do. It is fun being a Chef, and keeping up a good stall jam packed full of food and drink, but it will over-saturate the market if there's no dedicated market, and all value in food will diminish. So it won't be a sustainable approach for myself. We'll see where it all goes, Cheers, and again thanks for entertaining the idea.
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    Spectre Legion -SL- [NA] [Order]

    Just a little clan propaganda to bolster our numbers
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    Spectre Legion -SL- [NA] [Order]

    Do you have the grit to play on whichever faction has the least amount of players. Are you a hardnded soul looking for a skill based PvP guild. Do you have an unyielding passion for going against the grain. Are you tried of being a number in the enfeebled zerg of ignorance. Do you have the bravado, nah the gumption to craft for the smallest faction in the game. Do you find yourself fighting your inner masochist. Well my friend look no further. Spectre Legion is recruiting. Requirements : Discord Play the class you want to play Contact: MrErad or Audin for more info
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    I haven't run a test yet to confirm, will post again later when I have. But I have not felt as though I'm getting 50% more hits out of my stamina bar, in fact It doesn't feel as though I'm getting any gain. Maybe I'm misunderstanding how efficiency should work?
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    (In bold) There is your problem. No profession, or single character is supposed to be self sufficient by design. That is not a reasonable goal. Looking at the dependencies and thinking "Oh I need to do this and this and this" and cutting out dependency on other players is the wrong way to look at any profession. Requiring food for crafting was not my biggest concern. My biggest concern was that such requirements would be further gated behind passive training. Of all the things that a person can "craft", alchemy and food seem to be two that a day one player can get into without waiting for passive training to make them viable. In my opinion, CF really does need a couple of those so new players trying to get into the guild crafting game can produce "something" of value for their members while they progress in passive training. Not everything crafting related has to be overly complex and gated behind passive training.
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    The problem is that people wants to play a MOBA and buy an MMORPG.
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    ACE's August QA communication failure

    @Kraahk i like your post, but no comm was a problem last years and it's still a problem. Really i dont understand why they do not talk more with community, there is so much thing to talk about. And another problem is that when they talk at least for something it's each time (or almost) very late or too late. For example, the decapathon, nice idea but they announced it just 2 or 3 days before ... many players i know which wait for 6.0 told me "oh nice, great idea when did it start... in 2 days poorly made socks i dont have time to come back ..." So they dont come back for this event... Timing is so important for this kind of thing and honestly since last year, the content and the timing are bad . finally and especially, i think frustration come from the fact we dont feel heard, i can see so much time ppl saying "we want pvp, we want small map to find and fight quickly" , we had bloodbath before why they do not put a map like that for a week-end or something like that i dont think it's expensive or technically hard (maybe i'm wrong) but it will be so motivated for us . silence leads to fear fear leads to anger .... you know the end !
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    This is a problem resulting from ACE changing core design and adding RNG gear drops better then low/mid level crafting at a late stage to address issues with folks unable to gear up decently in order to be viable in pvp. Vicious circle of ACE changing core design then reacting to negative results with more changes this past year or so now. Wild ride, but the ending is disappointing.
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    Oh wow, didn't expect this to suddenly get as much traffic as it's been. Also I wasn't aware Cooking was expected to not be a true profession. I was made aware a long time ago that as it is in-game now, it's not seen as a profession, as is mostly treated as 'fluff' with the minimal goal of staving off the hunger bar. I do see a few points being made as to why it shouldn't become one, but I feel compelled to play a little bit of devil's advocate if no one minds? My initial Cooking concerns stem from the fact that Cooking as a, sub-routine? requires resources from all forms of harvesting. Mining is needed for Ore for the Cooking Pots, Cooking Foil and Hunger Shards. Hunger Shards being the big one as it requires a large investment in training. Quarrying being the least impacting, as you can simply buy the stones to make empty Flasks. Logging being the biggest contributor, needed for wood to craft roasting sticks for kebabs, Apples for many recipes, Wax for Cheese, and Pine Nuts for various recipes. Skinning for Meat, Bone for bone broth, and Blood [if I recall for Bloodworm Stew] and soon ™ Plant Reaping for Herbs like Mandrake, Garlic and Ginseng, along with both types of Mushrooms. Seeing as I already, in order to be self sufficient as a Chef, have to completely break normal training expectations to acquire the materials for recipes, by not going down a focused path until completed; it feels awkward to see all that work is not rewarded by having a specialization in cooking those materials into valuable food items. That being said, Cooking has always been treated as a non-profession in every MMO I can recall, so I don't have hopes for it to be made a strongly supported main profession. But Crowfall does feel different enough with such an in depth crafting system, that I had hoped seeing the various NYI tracks hinting at further implementations was a sign that Cooking was to be a primary profession. Providing Harvesting Buffs, Crafting Buffs, Combat buffs and even some Novelty items like Cake, Cookies and Mead. The other thing I found quite confusing which made me believe Cooking was not yet fully implemented, was the seemingly random item grades of food. Some food will be uncommon, while another with the same buffs, will be rare. To top it off, others seem even more random, not doing anything significant, but being marked as Legendary, like the Roast Pig. It's not a particularly powerful food buff or hunger restoration item, but I guess it's Legendary? So, being done playing the half-hearted opposition, I can see where other points are coming from. Seems like there are concerns that food buffs could become too powerful and develop a 'meta' of which food buffs you need to craft high end crafts like Vessels, or a particular food that is seen as a must have or BiS for Harvesting. Even the utmost concern is no doubt there being foods that impact the outcome of sieges. Things like a resistance buff that works against Trebs could be seen as too much of a 'must have'. But no really, buff stacking can get out of control, and buffs should have an upper ceiling absolutely. However it does seem the present community is whole-heartedly committed to cooking not being a supported, primary profession; and as a new player, I don't have any delusions of changing anyone's minds. If cooking is to be a fluff profession, are for a lack of better phrasing 'baby's first profession' experience, then so be it. As for the rest of the answers about tracks, I appreciate the information where it was given, and will stay tuned to see how the tracks develop. Cheers, Baron.
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    Ultimates and skills like Blood of the Giant that are related to your HP, are now working with your current HP and not with your max HP. This is makeing em useless when you are low hp. Is it intended or is it a bug?I don't remember how they were working in the past. Thx
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    Reading over this thread, though If certainly missed some I'd like to approach a point made by @APE in a slightly different fashion. You are experiencing not simply a problem but problems, which are the effects, not the causes. So what Ace needs as far as information is causes, because they cannot control effects directly, only causes. Take your example where you are dieing super fast and someone else is living for quite a long time. Saying this is simply gear, stats, and passive training is a unidimensional analysis. I find it doubtful you were playing mirrored setups just different qualities, I'm talking same race/class/promo/disc. Some of the setups you can get in the game will give you enough invulnerable/barrier/heal up time that you in 10 seconds may have only had in effect that 3 second window to do damage. Then you have classes like rangers that are just broken currently and they scale very improperly with their gear. My point being that breaking down all the minutia in an experience you have offers the best chance for ACE to identify what small pieces they need to tweak for the top end of the system to function. Generalized top down solutions to problems are hard work, a gamble; most of the time if you didn't formulate your problems correctly, which is not a simple thing, you won't even solve your problem this way. You can also be sure you created a myriad of new ones. I don't believe we are at the point of testing where balancing all these things should take priority. It makes it significantly less rewarding to play the game right now, adding in frostweaver wont make my experience better than a good round of balance changes. However if you get the game balanced now, then start adding many more core or even periphery elements you are forced to double back and rebalance again. In an MMO balance is forever a challenge, a limit if you will, that is never achieved but approached. In regards to passive training, I agree it is problematic in that it incentivizes a player to leave for a week or month and come back when they can "do more". It has the virtue though of equally rewarding people who no life the game to those who more casually play. I can't be alone in playing an MMO and stressing every moment I'm not on working on my progression I am falling behind. When we get proper balance and catch up mechanics, I do think the system will function beautifully .
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    All out WAR

    The story of the 3 way fight through the eyes of our beloved Sgt. Aurellius. /enjoy
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    opinion et feedback

    voilà je viens de faire un post sur des suggestions et mon ressenti actuel ici : si jamais vous êtes anglophobes ou si ma traduction anglaise est à chier (c possible), voilà une version fr. N'hésitez pas à commenter dessus en fr ou en ! Voilà quelques jours que the infected a été mis en place sur crowfall et je voulais partagar avec vous mon ressenti après ce lancement. Il est sur que je vais enfoncer quelques portes ouvertes et rappeler des choses deja dites, mais des piqures de rappel ca fait toujours du bien ! Je sais que le jeu est en développement et que les choses vont évoluer mais je donne là un avis de joueur car crowfall ressemble de plus en plus à un vrai jeu et bcp de nouveaux joueurs arrivent en abandonnant trop vite desfois. Pour moi la première chose à faire pour que le jeu est du sens c'est d'équilibré l'accès aux ressources. Actuellement trop de ressources à haut niveau sont accessibles. En effet le god's reach ne devrait pas avoir des ranks aussi haut, autant pour les war tribes que pour les ressources de collectes. Un joueur qui débute crowfall doit commencer par le god's reach pour apprendre les mécaniques du jeu mais tres vite il devrait être confronté à l'infected en effet avoir une zone sans pvp avec autant d'avantages que le god's reach actuel c'est totalement à l'opposé de l'idée de base du jeu.(ou du moins ce que j'en avais compris) On pourrait imaginer que le god's reach offre des ressources jusqu'au rang 4 par exemple permettant d'accéder au lvl 15 et ensuite on irait naturellement dans l'infected pour continuer à progresser, mais en ayant enfin l'aspect pvp. L'infected lui pourrait aller jusqu'au rang 7 par exemple et les rangs supérieurs seraient réservés aux campagnes. Redonner du sens au choix risque/récompense est je pense une chose importante pour l'avenir. Ensuite, après plusieurs années de test et plusieurs reset on remarque la même chose à chaque fois que les passifs n'ont pas été reset depuis longtemps, les nouveaux joueurs ont l'impression d'être face à un mur infranchissable (ce qui n'est pas tout à fait vrai ni tout à fait faux). La progression passive devrait être bcp plus horizontal qu'elle ne l'est maintenant. Les derniers paliers de récoltes sont un bon exemple de ce qui devrait à mon avis être fait pour les passifs, un arbre en forme d'étoile comme ca un nouveaux joueurs peut "rapidement" être bon dans UN domaine mais mettra du temps à être bon dans TOUS . Cela permettrait je pense au nouveaux joueurs de se sentir rapidement utile (au sein d'une guilde ou non ) et donc d'avoir du fun et l'envie de jouer et de persévérer dans le jeu . Je pense donc qu'une restructuration de la "forme" de progression serait importante et vraiment bénéfique pour CF. En faisant ce genre de progression, on peut imaginer un nouveau joueur qui choisis de faire des outils en commencant par être expert en hache puis en pioche etc... Cela permettrait aussi aux dev de "rajouter" des branches facilement lorsque le jeu aura plusieurs années d'exploitation. Pour l'économie, je pense qu'il faudrait retirer les vendeurs du temple pour ne les laisser que dans la freecity afin de donner de la vie à cette zone qui pourrait permettre du rp pour ceux qui aime et de dynamiser le commerce de plus de joueurs. Même si j'avoue que le top aurait été un accès au EK directement depuis le GR afin de redonner un sens au ek mais c peut-être difficile techniquement. De plus les emplacements de vendeurs pourraient être des récompenses de campagne redonnant du sens à la guerre entre les factions et aux alliances à l'intérieur d'une faction.Une grosse guilde pourrait vendre/donner un emplacement à une plus petite guilde contre leur aide. Pour les nouveaux joueurs également un problème récurent se fait sentir, une sensation d'être perdu quand on commence le jeu. Je pense qu'une "quête tuto" serait bienvenue afin de guider les joueurs dans leurs premiers pas et leur apprendre les differents aspect du jeu. Un exemple qui m'a marqué c'est un joueur qui a découvert qu'on pouvait sacrifier après 3 jours de jeu ! La zone de départ du god's reach serait parfaite pour cela. On pourrait même débuter le jeu en corbeaux pour comprendre un peu mieux le lore du jeu (je rêves un peu là ). Je pense que cela devrait être la seule quête du jeu pour comprendre qui est notre personnage et comment on joue. Je sais qu'il y a les "info-bulle" mais celles-ci sont trop petites et disparaissent trop vite du coup bcp de gens les zappent ou les oublient. Enfin je finirais là dessus pour pas trop m'éparpiller, au niveau des combats, les possibilités d'avoir un impact lors de sous nombre sont trop faible, en effet le manque d'aoe (ou de leur efficacité) ne permet pas à un petit groupe d'inquiéter ou de tuer un groupe plus grand à moins que celui ci ne fasse de grosses erreurs.Même si @Belantis a publié un excellent post des différentes stratégies que vous pouvez utiliser, lorsque vous voyez de gros combats sur les vidéos ou que vous regardez en streaming, vous voyez des gens se tourner autour et certains combats en deviennent ennuyeux. (c'est juste un avis et je peux comprendre que les gens ne se sentent pas comme moi sur ce point).
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    feedbacks and opinions

    A few days ago the infected was set up on crowfall and I wanted to share with you my feelings since this launch and on the game currently. It's sure that I will push open doors and repeat things already said, but sting of wakeup call is always good! I know that the game is in development and that things will evolve but I give my player's opinion because crowfall looks more and more like a real game and lots of new players arrive and give up too quickly sometimes. In my opinion the first thing to do for the game got meaning, is to balance access to resources. Currently too many high-level resources are reachable. Indeed the god's reach should not have ranks as high, for the war tribes and for harvesting resources. A player who starts crowfall must start with the god's reach to learn the mechanics of the game but very soon he should be confronted with the infected. Indeed have a zone without pvp with as much benefits that the current god's reach is totally the opposite of the basic idea of the game (or at least what I understood). We could imagine that the god's reach offers resources up to rank 4 for example to access the lvl 15 and then, we would naturally go into the infected to continue the progression, but finally having the pvp aspect. Infected it could go to the 7th rank for example and the higher ranks would be reserved for campaigns. Restore meaning to the risk / reward choice is for me an important thing for the future. Then, after several years of testing and several reset we notice the same thing every time the passive skills have not been reset since a long time, new players have the impression of being faced with an impassable wall (which is not entirely true or totally false). The passive progression should be much more horizontal than it's now. The latest levels of harvest are a good example of what should be made for passive skils, a star-shaped tree. Like that a new players can "quickly" be good in ONE branch of the tree but will time to be good in ALL. This would allow new players to feel quickly useful (within a guild or not) and thus to have fun and the desire to play. So I think a restructuring of the "form" of progression would be important and really beneficial to CF. By doing this kind of progression, we can imagine a new player choose runemaker job and be an axe specialist then pick specialist etc... This would also allow the dev to "add" branches easily when the game will have several years operating. For the economy, I think we should remove the vendors from the temple and leave them only in freecity to give life to this area that could allow rp for those who likes and boost the trade of more players. Even if I admit that the top would have been an access to EK directly since the GR in order to give meaning to the ek but it may be difficult technically. Moreover vendor's location can become reward from campaign like that war will have sense and alliance between guild in a faction can be a negotiation for bigger guild which give 1 or 2 location to smaller guild for their help. For new players also a recurring problem is felt, a feeling of being lost when you start the game. I think a "tutorial quest" would be welcome to guide the players in their first steps and teach them the different aspects of the game. An example that marked me is a player who discovered that you could sacrifice after 3 days of play! The starting area of the god's reach would be perfect for that. We could even start the game in crows to understand a little better the lore of the game (I dream a little there). I think it should be the only quest in this game to understand who you are (ig) and how to play. You can tell me we already have the little bubble info but they are so fast that new player forget and dont take time to read it . Finally I will finish there because it is already long all that poorly made socks, in terms of fighting, the possibilities of having an impact when you're outnumbered are too low, indeed the lack of aoe (or their effectiveness) doesn't allow a small group to worry or kill a larger group unless it makes big errors. Even if @Belantis made a great post of the different strategies u can use, when u see big fights on the videos or stream u see ppl turning around and some fights become boring cause of that. (it's just an opinion and i can understand ppl dont feel like me on this point) thank you if u have read everything!
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    Congratulations. Two bad ideas in one post.
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    5.100 LIVE Bug Reports for 9/4/2019

    The Trial of Gaea gold badge has in its tooltip +500% harvesting efficiency, i do get 50% as it is the cap yet i am not sure either of those two numbers is intended.
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    Hello! Someone gave me a heads up about this thread and I thought it would be a good idea to pop in here and say a few things. The absolute first of which is that, even though Crowfall is currently a live product, it is in no way, shape, or form, completed. I've mentioned this before a few times, but one of the unique attributes of working on a live game is the ability to iterate after a few play cycles. I'm going to use our skill trees as an actual example of this iteration cycle to hopefully paint a bigger picture of how the iteration process on a live product can work. Up until a few cycles ago our talent trees didn't exist and everything was tied to a skill tree, and those trees were really in-depth. After some observation, play testing, and brainstorming, the vessel talent trees were drafted up and added as a way to add a bit more customization without passive training. We have a lot of talks internally about our current systems and how they are affected by learning curves and guild dynamics. We have a laundry list of items we'd like to adjust over time, and adjustments to the crafting system and the general economy are just some of the key items we're always discussing. While I can't say "yay" or "nay" to any suggestions mentioned here, or in other threads, what I can say is that constructive feedback is always welcome and appreciated. Threads like these are always great because it gets a dialog going between community members, and sometimes, developers.
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    Paladin (healing) Templar

    That first pip not doing its thing was a bug, while looking for the answer to this question, saw the problem and fixed it.
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