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    Vanguard quitting Crowfall .. For now

    We have decided to quit Crowfall for now. We will most likely first be back when beta hits in hopes of it can cure our frustrations. But lately it's been feeling like a chore to log in and play the game - and when a game starts to feel like a chore, it's time to do something else. First off, for those who don't know me and our guild, I am Yumx, leader of Vanguard, I've been playing Crowfall almost non-stop since Jan. 2017, so 3,5 years by now. Our guild Vanguard is one of the top EU guilds, we won the first 2 dregs on test, both the NA one and the EU one. We also recently won the first EU live dregs campaign. You might also know us from our videos from the past, Go Broke or Go Home and The European Clowncar. We've been playing Crowfall for with passion for years, providing the community with several guides, such as The Promo Class Breakdown, Minor Discipline Guide, and of course our Tier List. Enough about us - Why do we quit Crowfall? To put it into a sentence; It is the built up frustrations with many different aspects of the game. But to put some words on it, and to spark some discussions with the community, maybe the developers can use this to further develop the game in the future. *DISCLAIMER - Yes we know the game is in alpha, but it's far into development and you can get a pretty good idea of what the final game will look like* Game Loop The game loop is not where we wanted it to be. Currently it's 1 hour of action per day, and 23 hours of grinding - in a PvP focused game, for people that focus on PvP, that really kills the motivation when you spend most of your time doing PvE. Caravans We hoped with the implementation of caravans that it would drive more regular PvP, but in reality it does not do a great job at that. Mainly people just run those caravans in off hours to build up their buildings. This hopefully does change with a bigger population of course. Our hopes of Caravans were timed/announced events, fixed destination of the caravans, where you had to control/protect the caravans to the end, to get the huge amount of resources a caravan can give. Take us through the beautiful landscape and environments you've made, let enemies that don't make it to the caravans first set up ambushes, let's have some amazing PvP - this would be a type of circle standing I could like, because the circle would be moving :D Victory Cards The victory cards most often promotes PvE farming or sitting in your base and hope the enemy doesn't come to try and take it, so even in the siege windows, most often you will find guilds sitting in their strongholds, because that is most beneficial towards winning the campaign. This is obviously something they said they can change and do balance passes on - so this is just feedback on what we've tried so far. But currently with how expensive buildings are, with how short campaigns are and the time it takes to gather those resources - victory cards that promote having "most rank 3 buildings" is just pure slavery. If you were to have Victory Cards that focuses that hard on PvE, such as Hellcat paws, or sacrificial shards to a certain god, make the points gained from those cards way lower than actual hard cards like most kills in sieges, most stuff capped etc. War Tribes The war tribes was a fun addition to the game initially, having those random drops is always a good time waster for MMOs, but in it's current state with Chiefs, Kings etc. in the early game, where crafting almost doesn't matter, being forced to farm those on cooldown to be competitive is not very fun. This is because the drops from these bosses is just too good not to go for, it's also the main way to get crafting additives. We really lack alternative ways to get crafting additives, hopefully through PvP (destroy an enemy crafting building - get crafting additives?) Loot boxes in war tribe camps It's a cool idea to have boxes with strong weapons and armor in. But they are too easily accessible currently. Let us fight over them, make it an event in the campaign (15:00 Urgu camp boxes will open) Animals Why do we have to farm special versions of animals to acquire necro additives and crafting tools? Why are there not a PvP way to get these, a trained necromancer chopping up an enemy vessel etc. Again more alternative ways to acquire additives would be appreciated. Outposts With how little they actually matter to the scoreboard, and how long they take to capture, it feels like they need a rehaul. Yes, it makes sense that it's an activity for smaller scale, but you almost gain nothing from taking the time to kill the guards, then proceed to stand in the circle for X amount of time, just to gain very few points. Maybe they can have a bigger purpose outside of when the victory cards about outposts are there? Like if you own the outpost in the parcel you gain resource advantages on that parcel? Forts Fort fights have always been some of my favourite fights, the only problem with them, is how they are captured in the end. If one force has more people than the other, they just need to stand in the circle to turn it to their side, there's not much strategy or tactical decisions outside of when your enemy make mistakes. Could be awesome to see some multi objectives like in the new keeps, because right now Forts are just as valuable as Keeps, if that's where you decide to make your homebase, it's just much easier to lose. Keeps The current iteration of keeps are in a pretty cool spot, the only thing we're lacking is players being able to decide their own layout, where to place the wards, buildings, walls etc. Not necessarily free building, but just give players several different layouts to choose from, so we have some decisions to make depending on the surrounding area. Siege Windows As mentioned, the downside of sieges being scheduled to 1 hour per day is that, then people think that's when to PvP. So they almost only log in to PvP, at that time of the day. This is very much a mental thing, that people see "okay X is open from X to X, that's when I need to prepare my self for PvP". That's why we suggest timed events more regularly, like Caravans, so people have a visual indicator of PvP is about to happen. Campaign layout Often when you want to go attack forts or keeps, having a respawn point nearby is pretty nice to have, especially if you expect you take some losses, then you don't want people to have to run 5-10 minutes to get back to the fights. But most often respawn outposts are very far off forts, so an idea could be that you give players a way to transform regular outposts to respawn points for X amount of time? Maybe a stonemason craft or something like that. It would also help with huge advantages defenders already have in this game. Crafting My officer and I were the ones crafting for our entire guild (20+ people), and the current crafting iteration could use some optimizing for sure. The biggest problem is how inconvenient it is to craft items that require items from other professions, and it's not so much that you have to be on different accounts/characters, it's more that we lack a nice way to keep an overview. An idea could be: Guild crafting requests, so when you step to a crafting table, a request tab pops up, shows what kind of items guild members have requested, and then you just click on it, and it shows you what item you need to craft at this crafting table, for that item. So let's say a guild member requests a 1 handed axe, with Crit damage and attack power. Then on my woodworker account, I go to the woodworking table, click on requests, on the 1 handed axe that is requested, and it says "Craft a Wooden Plank: Birch/Birch/Birch". Then when you craft it, it says "Part complete by WoodWorkerCharacter" in the request tab, so you can see your progression towards the item, and who crafted the parts. A part from this, going back to asking for alternative ways of getting things, have crafting be able to compete with War Tribe loot early game too, that way people can choose to either go farm war tribes, or the crafting route - we need more choices. PvP This is obviously the most important one for us. The reason I kept playing Crowfall for 3,5 years, is because the PvP was addicting. The thrill of beating your enemies with great coordination, and well timed anti healing, tracking enemy ulties etc. was just an overall great experience. This has sadly turned for the worse in the current patch, with the implementation of Frostweaver and huge amounts of AoE damage. Currently fights go like this: - Everyone has frost guards, because the frost armor is so strong that you can't play without it. - Everyone has Stormcallers, Frost guards and Archmages, because the AoE damage is so strong, you would be gimping yourself if you didn't use it. - With the amount of damage these classes put out in AoE, you don't really need anything else, because you also get a buttload of CC from the frostguards Volatile Ice mechanics. - So the rest you just fill up with healers. - So you see an enemy group, tell everyone to get their AoE ready, then fire it all at once while running into the enemy, and they get AoE'd down, while everyone is clapping in excitement and playing their face and feet. The PvP has been dumbed down to a level that is not fun anymore, for us at least. Crowd Control and Retaliate That every class has access to multiple CC powers on low cooldown, makes the overall CC experience in a fight very spammy. But to counter this, everyone has retaliate ready all the time, and become CC immune most of the fight. This leads to that everyone that PvPs almost always have 1 finger on their retaliate button, because you just have to react to the Retaliate Pop up to keep playing like nothing happend. It feels trivial to the fights, it's just annoying but doesn't have that much of an impact. What would help the overall combat experience in our opinion, is to limit the amount of CCs, make them longer cooldown, but make them have a bigger impact - so retaliate on a cooldown - that way it also means that you need to use stuff like juggernaut and escape artist to outplay/counter stuff - and you can set up burst windows. We want to go back to tracking enemy cooldowns, so we know when we can go for the kill with set ups. Class mechanics With the implementation of the Frostweaver ACE showcased that they are able to actually make unique and interesting powers, so an overhaul for the other classes towards this direction is very much needed. Most of the current classes/builds are not mechanically challenging, even a 6 year old can play champion in PvP. There's no real depth in the skill variety, combos etc., the promotion classes adds very little to the playstyle. An example here could be that you put almost all CC into the actual CC promotions. Disciplines With the limited amount of viable majors and minors, everyone is running the same builds. You're playing Icecaller? Earthkeeper? Crusader? Use Field Surgeon and Naiad. Minors? Sturdy, overwhelming odds, matching X. There are no other choices that can beat that. We desperately need more viable choices so we can specialize our builds more towards our preferred playstyles - but it's impossible currently with how the fights play out. Balancing This is one of the next steps they announced they will be working on. And it's definitely needed. Here are some suggestions to changes: - Reduce Volatile Ice Damage. - Reduce Volatile Ice Proc chance. - Reduce Aura Emitter Damage. - Increase Barrage damage to whatever you reduce the other AoEs to. (Single target dmg should always be higher than AoE, which is not the case currently) - Reduce Frost Armor (from Frost Guard) to take 5 seconds to break, instead of 10. - Move Crowd Control to CC promotions for the different classes. - Make hybrids more viable. (Arbiter/Archdruid some more base support power forexample) - Give melees more CC immunity than Ranged Classes. In big fights, melees have to run through hell to get to targets, where ranged can just pew pew from range, meaning all the CC affects melee way more than ranged. To make up for this, give them more CC immunity so they also have a chance to do anything. We need melee to be viable again, and this is one of the main reasons they are not playable in big fights. - Early game the offensive stats from war tribe gear is way higher than what you can gain for healers, meaning damage is way higher than healing. Could use some fine-tuning, see Crafting feedback. - Generally we think with longer cooldowns on powers, ultimates, retaliate etc., the fights won't be as spammy, but more about setting up combos together, which is what we would prefer. Classes There are so many promotion classes that are unplayable in the current iteration of combat - because they don't feel specialized enough in what they are advertised as. Champion (Only Pit Fighter is played): Alpha Warrior lots of damage? Well with how the Pit Fighter capstone works, Pit Fighter actually have enough damage but way more survivability. Barbarian lots of crowd control? Well all the other champions have almost the same amount of CC, just more dmg or survivability. Cleric (Only Crusader is played): Arbiter lots of crowd control? Well with how retaliate works, and since you can have 2 roots on Crusader from naiad + native root, the Crusader have enough crowd control and way more healing. Radical ranged dps? Compare it to ANY other ranged dps and it will fall short in output over time. Knight (Secutor and Swordsman are played): Sentinel lots of crowd control? The other knights have exactly the same amount of CC, and the Secutor even has better CC through spammable dodge pip removal. Templar (Paladin and Fury are played): Vindicator melee dps? The main damage from a vindicator is execute, their divine light is not worth it, because only 5 targets and slow tick rate. Compare it's output to forexample Titan (if the melees even can have uptime) then it falls short. Ranger (lol): Archer is somewhat viable, because of their single target sniping from long range, but the damage output versus the other ranged dps (confessor, stormcaller, archmage), it's so slow. Their barrage is also very low dmg compared to other AoE. Warden tanky ranger? Well if people just ignore the warden, what can it actually do? Brigand stealth traps? Traps being that huge and clearly visible makes it very bad for combat where you fight enemies that have eyes in their head. Their slow stealth movement also makes it hard to use Brigand for group fights, where they would shine if they quickly could get into the backline and surprise with traps. Assassin (even more lol): Sadly the only thing assassin is useful for is PvE, and that's the blackguard. Assassin needs a serious overhaul, make it have some kind of impact through lockdown (see retaliate changes) or AoE antiheal or something useful. Frostweaver (Everything is played): You make a well designed class, and suddenly every promotion is used and feels unique. Confessor (Inquisitor and Fanatic is played): Why change the names btw? Fanatic (CC promotion) is not used for their CC abilities though, because all confessors have the same CC. They are mainly just used for their passive elemental break debuff. Sanctifier is sadly still a joke, has no impact on fights, condemnation being locked in animation, their low range on CC, sanctifiers are ignoreable in fights. Myrmidon (Titan is played once every full moon): Titan went from one of the best DPS' if played well, to unplayable with the implementation of ranged AoE and huge amount of CC. Battlerager is ignoreable, it can soak dmg, but has no CC that makes an impact nor any utility or damage. Conqueror was also a great pick before to have 1 of in your lineup - now it's useless, frostweaver does it better. Duelist (Slayer is played): Slayer is played because it has lots of control combined with good ranged damage, you actually feel like a DPS promotion playing this. Vanguard Scout is a promotion people forget exist. Dirge is used for harvesting characters, because it's easier to craft mail/plate harvesting gear. Druid (Earthkeeper and Stormcaller is used): Archdruid used to be THE AoE damage. You would work together to set up the big one shots - it has now been overtaken by the quick AoE dmg Frostweavers and Stormcallers has, why take 20 seconds to set up a one shot, when you can spam AoE dmg every second on a Frostweaver with almost no ramp-up time? Hitboxes Hitboxes really have to get fine tuned, if anyone has ever tried to play a ranged character, trying to hit enemies on objects, fort/keep walls etc. most often even though your reticle is straight on the enemy character, you will not hit your enemy. Very frustrating. Leveling I understand that leveling was implemented to slowly introduce players to the class and their powers/mechanics. But if that's the reason, why do you then still have to level advanced vessels? Did you think we forgot how to play our class after we upgraded our vessel? We should just have short class introductions when you create a basic vessel, and that should be it. Leveling feels misplaced in a PvP game like this, which brings me to the next part, New Player Experience. New Player Experience Now I know the current New Player Experience is not done. But here's what a new player needs to know (I have explained, trained and taught A LOT of new players over the last 3 years): - They need to understand that fights are mainly played in groups. - They need to learn how to use siege equipment. - They need to learn how objectives work. - They need to learn how to craft advanced stuff. Learning this means they get to learn how crafting items are dependent on multi professions/crafters and requires time. Which hopefully teaches them to appreciate when they get well crafted stuff. "I would like an epic Runic Sword" "Yeah but do you understand the effort it takes to make a sword like that happen?" - They need to learn the basics of their class (later all classes, but that shouldn't be in the intro) - They need to learn how harvesting works, where resources come from, what Plentiful harvest is etc. - What victory cards are etc. If they learn all this stuff in the introduction, they will be well suited to out into a campaign and actually contribute for a guild. It's a huge amount of work, but this is what guilds are forced to teach new players when they take them into their guild. __________________ Now this sounds like a lot of negative stuff, but it's just how we have experienced the game the last 3 years. Here's some positive stuff though: - Dregs, Guild vs Guild worked out great, the forced friendly fire between allied guilds adds a fun factor to fights. - Thralls at night is a cool mechanic, and forces people out into the world (will work great with a big population) - The game have been great enough to play it non-stop for 3+ years, you have done a lot of stuff right. - All the different stats in the game makes it an awesome experience for min/max'ers, that you can really dive into your stats and exactly hit your caps in late game etc. is great. (Only problem is what is actually viable vs obtainable) - Harvesting was chill and useful (till Caravans) - The feeling of being dependant on eachother in a guild is still there, you can't fight without your crafters, you can't craft without your harvesters, you can't harvest without your crafters. (I know wartribe = non crafted gear, caravans = non harvested resources, but still :D ) We hope the devs can use some of this feedback. Hopefully a bigger population will fix a lot of these frustrations, only time will tell. Now, this was a long post, and if you've reached the end, thank you for reading, this post was made to spark discussions about the game, so fire away, but keep it constructive!
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    Yeah, I know. It's frustrating. It's frustrating for us, too. Here's the deal: we have a build, and it hung at the 99.99% bar. There is one issue that has proven to be incredibly elusive, and it's causing a massive lag on the server. Overall, the game feels pretty good. We're still working through power-related bugs -- all the underlying system changes we made this milestone have caused a crop of them, but frankly that's expected and we're working them through at a good clip -- but I'd be OK with putting those in front of you. Overall, I think combat is in a much better shape than 5.100, even with these new issues. But the server performance issue is a killer. Any kind of reasonable player load (and I have reason to suspect we'll hit that) causes this problem to emerge, and it makes the game unplayable. Which would be even more frustrating. As to "when", the truth is, we don't know. We have top men working on it. ("Top. Men.") We continue to be in a day-for-day hold pattern until we get this issue resolved. Thanks for your patience. Hopefully it'll be soon. Todd
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    DERGS-2020 Health Alert Due to a recent massive increase of Infected players all around the world, the university of clinical owl research (CoR) recognises the urgent need to issue a health alert, to inform the public about the recently detected DERGS-2020 virus. Summary Latest scientific reports seem to indicate that DERGS, more casually known as Crow Sickness (medical term: Waitophobic Turnandturnandturnaround Fatality, WTF), is basically caused by Crows spinning their head around in and about the dregs and according guild vs. guild phantasies over and over again, until severe damage is issued to their neural systems. The virus, leading to DERGS, can survive on the surface of any computer peripheral for months and may spontanously cause shock symptoms, if the patient is already weakend by severe news deprivation. While DERGS is very contagious, it is non-lethal. It also has been reported that some Crows in highly infected areas have not been affected at all. Observations of Crows in the wild suggest that about 5% of the population is immune or develop resistance before the virus takes it's toll. A cure is in development and will be distributed soon™. Travel Information Increased risks due to travelling are not indicated. Especially visiting campaign worlds seem to strengthen the immune system and even alleviate most of the symptoms, if already infected. The public is called up to remain calm and travel worlds in the usual chaotically balanced order. Symptoms The symptoms of DERGS come in a wide variety, partially contrary to each other, vastly complicating a final diagnosis. Intensely affected Crows are often found to suffer from anxiety in a degree that partially impaires their motor functions, the ability to express themselves in comprehensible sentences and can cause obsessive behaviour, like chronic meme production or cumpulsive repetition of the word DREGS orally and in writing; on rare occasions all-out insanity. In minor cases, the patients feel an itching sensation or temporary jerk seizures. DERGS can also cause lethargy, up to depression and self-isolation, raising the estimated number of undetected cases significantly. Medical Treatment and Prospective If you feel any symptoms, please do NOT approach your local developer or distributer without further medical advice. First Aid is provided by local support groups all over the world (International/English, Russian, French, Hispanic, Italian, Portuguese) or in the CoR Headquarters. The Insitute of Advanced Cure Economics (ACE) is currently developing the andidote CW-5.110 and is beginning to test it on caged laboratory rats, isolated in a small office in Austin Texas. While these news offer hope, Crows in Not-Texas need to remain cautious about counterfeit medicines, like other games, fake news and overambitious crowestimations. Once the clinical tests have been finalized, within the next few weeks, the antidot will be distributed to the population in batches. We are confident that the current outbreak will be fully under control within the next 3-6 months. We would like to thank the doctors, scientific assistants and patients @Dern @Staff @dreaden @coolster50 @Sharkbait for their shared experiences and the concerned Citizen @Praemus who brought our attention to the necessity of providing an educational brochure about this topic yesterday. Have fun, good luck Dr. Kraahk Edit: Partially adjusted to comply with some obviously existing and fully understandable sensitivites about a horrific real world situation, which this posting is in no way meant to make fun about. My thoughts are with all who got affected by real diseases, be it as patient or family member. To all the others, keep save, take care, don't panic and ask for help if necessary. This is a purely fictional work, meant to approach some rising behaviours from stressed-out playtesters, who can't wait to get 5.110 (including me), that start to feel like a sickness, and to offer one little way to release some of the regarding tension. Thanks for your understanding. Kraahk
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    In my opinion, it doesn't make any sense to recommend for new players to familiarize themselves with obsolete gameplay mechanics (e.g. the survival tray system) or old game graphics at this very moment. "Smoother and more predictable gameplay experience" just isn't a valid argument with a development gap between Live and Test environment this big. It's not like the Test server has major downtimes from constant patching that would lead to an inferior gameplay experience. In fact, New players ask why the (live client) servers are empty and get directed to the Test environment client on a daily basis. I really think you should temporarily direct new players to the TEST environment until you transition the 5.110 build to the Live client. That would almost certainly produce less confusion than that announcement. Also, I am curious how attaining or passing level 10 will give you any insight into the basic gameplay mechanics. You will find yourself with roughly two abilities on your hotbar and have killed about seven mobs. But hopefully people haven't noticed the survival tray before they transition to the test environment :)
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    Today is not the day. :(

    Hey folks, Unfortunately, as the title says, today is not the day that 5.110 goes to Test. We hoped it would be. We wanted it to be. We pushed really hard to make it the day. This was a crazy week. On Tuesday, Gordon and I decided to institute a mandatory work-from-home policy for the entire team. That meant a quick scramble to get everyone equipped with machines and webcams and microphones and, in some cases, even desks at home. We started sending people home in waves. By Friday, the entire team was up and running in sixty different locations, with access to slack and email and source code and bug tracking and server monitoring and everything else. This morning we were even able to do company stand-ups like normal, only via webcam. so, really, not like normal at all. In spite of that, we made a valiant run to get you a build, because we know you guys are chomping at the bit to test 5.110 (and believe me, we are, too!) But after our end-of-the-day playtest, we took a hard look at the remaining critical issues and decided it just wasn't ready. So: we're not quite there, but we are so, so close. Thanks again for your patience, but -- as always -- quality is paramount. We appreciate your understanding. Todd & Gordon & the (widely scattered) team at ACE
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    Vanguards 5.100 Class Tier Lists!

    So we thought it might be a fun idea to make a tier list for the 4 main roles you come across when playing in a group. This is both to give new players an idea of the viable promotions, and to share our view on how the different classes stand. *DISCLAIMER - remember this is very subjective and based on our opinions and experiences from numerous fights throughout this patch. How do we determine their ranks? You can see our spreadsheet here: SPREADSHEET LINK Each role has some different variables, and then to prevent the options from becoming too big - we chose to focus on what wins you campaigns currently, meaning how the different classes perform in their designated role, when fighting over objectives. This means forts and keeps(sieges). This also means that niche roles or spec groups are not included in the determination of their ranks. But to try and give a fair rating, since some classes shine when defending and are worse when attacking and vice versa, we put both those variables in. Siege Offensive: Rating on how well that class performs on an offensive siege. Variables: Enemy guards, Enemy Ballista fire, Defenders, Size of the area (both long and short range). Siege Defensive: Rating on how well that class performs on a defensive siege. Variables: Enemy Siege weapons, Attackers, Bottlenecks, Size of the area (both long and short range). Fort Offensive: Rating on how well that class performs on an offensive fort fight. Variables: Enemy guards, Defenders, Size of the area (mainly close range). Fort Defensive: Rating on how well that class performs on a defensive fort fight. Variables: Attackers, Size of the area (mainly close range). Alright, let's get to it! (remember click to zoooooooooooom) FRONTLINE Main goal is to soak damage and lockdown enemies. Variables: Prevent enemies from getting to your group, creating space and pressure, how easy they are killed. *click to zoom MELEE DPS Main goal is to kill enemies as a melee dps. Variables: Damage output, ability to stay on target, how easy they get killed. *click to zoom RANGED DPS Main goal is to kill enemies from range. Variables: Damage output, ability to stay on target, how easy they get killed. *click to zoom SUPPORT Main goal is to heal and buff your team. Variables: Healing output, buffs, ability to land heals reliably, how easy they get killed. *click to zoom Hope you enjoy our Tier List, and let us know if you agree or not 😄 ________________________________________________ Do you want to join Vanguard? Apply here!: https://forms.gle/FF4WBSoWjzTMMu5r5 Want to talk to us? Join our Discord!: https://discord.gg/YT8fE64 Do you want to see our recruitment thread?: https://community.crowfall.com/topic/25251-v-vanguard-eu/
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    We finally got to experience passive training in a way that reflects a launch scenario, unfortunately as predicted it does not feel good. First, let’s get a basic premise out of the way: there is nothing inherently wrong with passive training systems. It’s a different sort of trade-off than an action grind system or a simpler character and level-based one. Some people don’t like them, that’s fine, I personally don’t like action grind systems at all and prefer a passive one. Alas some stuff is subjective, but for the foreseeable future Crowfall will have a passive training system and I'm working under that premise. The problem we face is that as far as passive training systems it feels slow and thus unrewarding, and is fairly inflexible with a lack of real choice, which makes the few possible bad choices feel particularly punishing. So what are the issues and how do we fix them with minimum coding impact/effort? Issue 1: Passive training feels very slow and unrewarding. tldr: The general audience will struggle with or refuse to embrace a system that tells them to wait weeks, much less months, before they can start having fun or at least be effective in their areas of interest. Training progress and noticeable returns are very slow at the current TEST speed, while it was better on LIVE it was arguably still not quite right. This is particularly noticeable for Crafting and Exploration, but at later stages of the player base’s passive training timeline also becomes particularly noticeable for Combat when comparing veterans to new players. When a player first starts there are only two things they can really do: limited useful gathering and engaging in combat. The longer the game is live and passive training is progressing, the worse these gaps become and feel, but the biggest offender is Crafting (as was recently pointed out in another thread). The time to effectiveness in any of these areas seems to at least be measured in a minimum of months, but it’s not even worth bothering to Craft until you can surpass dropped gear - despite spending weeks of passive training and acquiring many stats for that purpose. This is a deathblow for anyone who wants to primarily be a crafter, and those people most certainly exist. Given the amount of actual time we spent outfitting new people back when the population was booming, such players most definitely serve a purpose and keeping them in the game is valuable. The same is true of Exploration, though the impact is less severe as gathering has a better ramp-up of usefulness, however, the best stats are deeply hidden in the Specialization trees. The issues with Crafting and Exploration feed into the power gap issues with Combat training, resulting in new players feeling under-powered - especially if they don’t have access to veterans to supply them with well-crafted gear. Feeling under-powered for a long period of time pushes them away from the game, despite the fact that having more people is almost always better regardless of power level, and fuels the desire for catch up mechanics or an alternate training system. Issue 2: Lack of Choice tldr: Players rarely get to make choices that differentiate their account from any other account, and the few choices they make result in less flexible character choices. The passive training system is limited to only 2 major choices (and for most, it’s only really 1 choice) per account for every couple of months at best, and almost no smaller choices within those 2 choices. All of the real choices, small as they may be, lie in Exploration. While Crafting and Combat only have the option to make the right choice and several wrong choices. When an account is created they must choose 2 out of 3 areas, though ultimately if a player is ever going to engage in combat somewhat regularly they only have to make a choice between Exploration and Crafting. A purely Combat focused player will need to make no choices, they will pick Combat and Exploration. Each of these areas have few choices, and the further you progress, the fewer choices you get. For example, in the Combat Basics the choice comes down to which six nodes you may skip. At least three of them will be a choice between taking damage oriented nodes or healing oriented nodes while almost every other node will be shared by all builds going through combat. As you advance to the next Combat tree (Armor or Weapons) your choices quickly disappear, or are again limited, to choosing between Support or Attack nodes. Once you reach the specialization trees your choices lock you into specific builds to gain their benefits, reducing your game-play options. Changing these choices require significant time investments, which can be a huge opportunity cost if you happen to make “bad” choices by choosing poor meta options (or a future patch imbalances specific builds). Crafting is even worse, the only choice is which crafting you want to pursue. Then you pursue it to100% completion or fairly close. There are a few places you might think you could shortcut, for example you don’t need more than 10 Alchemy Experimentation points for Philosopher’s Stones, but unfortunately you will still need to maximize Assembly and Experimentation which will results in you taking the vast majority of the Alchemy training nodes anyways. Exploration has the best scenario, the middle tier Gathering trees have good general use for their areas, but some of the best stats for gathering such as crit harvest chance, crit harvest amount, and beneficial harvest requires taking the majority of the specialization trees to acquire. Resulting in any gatherer going that deep almost universally taking all the nodes, with only slight priority adjustments for more useful or desired resources. How can this be fixed? tldr: Use EVE’s progressive pip model to reduce training gaps and break up tree structures to create choices. The most plausible solution is to take a page from EVE’s passive training system and adapt it to Crowfall. The first major component is that each Node’s pips should have a progressive cost. At the basic level it shouldn’t take more than a few mins to reach 1 pip, an hour or two for 2 pips, and less than a day for 3 pips. Succeeding nodes should unlock at 3 pips, not 4 pips. This will become important as the 4th and 5th pip for a node should be distinctly more expensive than the preceding 3 pips, using our basic example taking say 1 day for the 4th pip and then 2-3 days for the 5th pip. This creates a more rewarding scenario where players have reason to engage with their passive training regularly and receive their perks. It also makes it “quicker” for players to reach a base effectiveness that lets them compete with veterans. While a Veteran may have picked up those 4th and 5th pips as they dedicate more and more time to that specific training, the new player is reaching ⅗ of those stats fairly quickly, reducing the gap. This also allows the ability to stretch the overall training times out longer, without restricting the feeling of getting a reward. For example, you could make maxing a specific craft take 6 months, but you could reach 40% effectiveness in a few weeks, 60% in a month, and 80% in 3 months. But that last 20%, which is primarily picking up the 5th pip in all the nodes, stretches out to 6 months while the gain for doing so is much smaller compared to the player that might have stopped at 80%, only resulting in 1% or so to each stat affected for spending the extra time to maximize. The second component is to break up the trees into more linear options. Some tree structure can still work, but related nodes need to be more linear with multiple lines to pick from to create actual choices. Damage options should be related, but not pre-reqs, for support options and vice versa. While general options should be completely separate lines. This creates many more choices and differences between player accounts as the specific spread of nodes and pips used to reach a deeper tree could drastically vary between two accounts building to the same role. This also gives players more control over which stats to prioritize and should something change in the future due to patches, pivoting has a much lower time cost thanks to the progressive pip changes above. This may require breaking nodes into more incremental options, but as long as the overall times are not drastically elongated the net effect is still fairly positive. The one weakness to this change is that there aren’t that many nodes to train overall. The current trees don’t currently have enough breadth of choices, or many interesting choices, and arguably too much depth. However, if they plan to add more sub systems and thus more training options to the game over time, the breadth problem could be solved and the outline above would make pivoting to new additions less dramatically time consuming to get a reasonable effectiveness level.
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    A little something

    We know everyone is waiting with baited breath for the War of the Gods to be released on TEST. In lieu of that, we wanted to share a couple of things with you for theorycrafting and discussion. As you explore the Crowfall worlds, you’ll spot these intriguing podiums here and there. When you spot one, the “F to Interact” option appears. Interacting with them will give you a buff of some kind. This particular one is next to the Tree of Life in the Sun Temple. When you interact with it, your food meter (aka “chicken ticker”) will be completely filled. This is a wonderful quality of life benefit! Someone recently asked me how saddles slot into the new power bar, so I wanted to give you a peek at the slick revisions were made. On the right end, you’ll see the Mount icon (hit O to summon) and the Recall icon (Alt+P will take you back to the temple). Thank you, thank you, thank you for your patience!
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    Today is not the day. :(

    i hope you are ready for winter
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    Alpha, beta and beyond

    Hey folks, Quick note -- we're not making a huge deal out of this, but with this latest patch we are officially ticking the version from pre-alpha to alpha. The game has been in development (and in 24x7 testing) for a few years, now, and frankly we probably should have called it 'alpha' some time ago. We'll do an announcement this morning, but we are electing not to do an official press release, because we feel like the distinction between 'pre-alpha' and 'alpha' doesn't mean much to the audience at large... Internal designations vary so much between teams and projects that frankly, it doesn't mean much until you start to invite in the public en masse. That's beta and that's when it gets real. Beta is what we are all focused on right now. We have some solid momentum going now on fps improvements (huge strides in the most recent build, as you can all attest!) and we're rapidly narrowing in on final elements that we need for launch. As always, I want to thank all of you for your patience and your support, with a special call-out to those of you who have spent hours (some of you thousands of hours) helping us test this game and providing us with your critical feedback. It is more appreciated than you will ever know. Regards, and onward to beta! Todd & Gordon
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    The End of Nightcapping--Congrats ACE

    Six months from Blazzen's article and the guild leader round table at the end of January and we finally have a real fix for nightcapping. @jtoddcoleman We've been through one full campaign and into a second with the new siege scheduling mechanics and can now confirm night capping is dead and burnout is greatly decreased. The reduced keep siege schedule is also giving folks a very welcome break from grind of night after night keep sieges for months on end. We are also seeing "player funneling" during the fort windows--where fort fights didn't exist before because of night capping, forts are now getting contested. For the off-hours folks there is at least one fort always open, where they can try to get a fight started if there are people around. Essentially, ACE has finally taken another stab at solving the PvP Coordination problem: Known location at a known time to compete for a limited or scarce reward or resource. The new schedule finally gives the known time and location. ACE's successes with the new schedule: Night Capping is dead (capping off hours and whoever stays up latest wins) Back capping is dead (capping objectives behind each other groups, while avoiding any fights) Reduced burnout from daily siege Reduced circle standing time/reduction in outpost count Outpost time to capture much reduced Respawn Outposts are sometimes contested. Some suggested further improvements: Fort capture circles and outpost circles are apparently the same thing. So forts, even when contested, can be flipped in about 30s. This often decides the fights. Fort circles need to be their own thing with their own timer that is much slower so the defenders get more of the benefit of guards. Bottom line: ACE doesn't often get credit for their improvements. This focused improvement round on siege/fort mechanics was a very big and long needed success. Congrats ACE.
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    Death Alliance Finally Arrives... and Expands? SPRING: The third campaign for the new dregs worlds opened with a land rush. Winterblades seized three keeps, but was thwarted at a fourth by Dissentient (DIS) and was caught in a bad engagement at a critical fort in Lucadonius. Undeterred, Winterblades rallied to secure other means of acquiring vast quantities of building materials by locking down the Woutan zone and its valuable refinery. However, Dissentient was not idle in Spring and opened negotiations with the old Chaos forces and in particular making overtures to Death Alliance (LOD/UDL/SIN/MHW/TB) SUMMER: In the summer, siege operations were executed and Dissentient's keep was assaulted by 22 Winterblades. Dissentient's 26 stalwart defenders were bolstered by their well organized efforts to acquire a full complement of powerful keep guards. Although "Uncle Jobel's Keep" was breached and some of their buildings destroyed, at a critical moment Dissentient unveiled their trap--a new alliance. A force of Death Alliance (LOD/UDL) arrived providing a distraction and allowing Dissentient an opportunity to sally out of the keep and pincer the smaller Winterblade siege force. Meanwhile, at Winterblades' capital a Kitra Fyve Keep, a lone defender delayed and held the walls with ballista against KGV's siege force long enough for the returning Winterblades assault team to arrive and crush the KGV siege equipment and assault team with no loss of any structures. Winterblades rallied from the coordinated trap and launched a punitive raid at LoD's fort to destroy their assets, but the cooperation between Dissentient and Death Alliance was not some passing fluke of timing. A second coordinated strike by the newly expanded Death Alliance outside LoD's fort overwhelmed the Winterblades siege force for a second time. With the moments ticking down in the Gods' defined single siege hour, a new strategy was required. To secure the Divine Favor of the Gods more forts were needed for Winterblades to gain victory points in the campaign. It was time to test the agility of the Death Alliance leadership. Was the the newly joined Death Alliance mass able to maneuver as well as strike? To test this the Winterblade siege force was split in half. One half was sent to distract Death Alliance's massed force by starting to siege assets at Dissentent's economic heartland in the fort at Kylet Drakenoire. Meanwhile the other half of the Winterblades siege force blitzed through and captured seven additional forts including overcoming the defending forces of KGV and Wolf Haven. The evening was an ultimate success for both the newly expanded Death Alliance and Winterblades--the nascent alliance held their strongholds, but did not prevent Winterblades from securing the lead in victory points. FALL: In Fall the gods decreed that only offerings of tears and blood would win victory points--those that burned the greatest number of buildings (and thus manhours of effort) would gain victory. A lightning campaign was planned by Winterblades Leadership. The officers were briefed and forces assigned for a threefold plan: A diversionary attack with siege equipment at Dissentent home keep, which successfully kept Dissentent's significant forces force tied down defending their home; An offensive strike team pre-positioned in the far south, which razed Caldera's fully developed fort to the ground, and; A defensive force at Winterblades home keep defending our numerous structures from any attempt at destruction. Following the success of the initial plans, the disparate Winterblades forces were united and directed at LoD's home fort a second time--it was time to test if Dissentient's coordination with Death Alliance was the passing association of an evening or the newest chapter in Death Alliance's expansion. In expectation of being driven off by the massed Death Alliance blob, a large store of siege equipment had been prepared and reserved for the initial strike at LoD's fort. A large wave of siege equipment was placed and LOD/UDL's Arcane Armory, Bell Tower, and Hero Statue (respawn) fell rapidly. But as expected, the massed forces of Death Alliance ultimately arrived to save the fort. The Death Alliance pushed the Winterblade siege force off of its siege engines and to the east of the fort where a force of KGV closed off the escape route. Surrounded on three sides by more than double the numbers the siege force fell to the combined Death Alliance forces. While unfortunate, the return of the more numerous Death Alliance forces, and the success of their massed forces was anticipated. It was again time to test the agility of Death Alliance's leadership and ability to maneuver. A swift rally and resupply, brought the Winterblades siege force to Dissentient's main economic hub at Kylet Drakenoire in Lucadonius. Scouts were placed to provide warning of the movements of the LOD/UDL/DIS massed forces. A wave of siege equipment was dropped allowing for the further destruction of three buildings from Dissentent's main caravansary fort. As soon as the Death Alliance horde began streaming into the Lucadonius zone, Winterblades slipped away into the night. After rapid discussion, an executive decision was made by Damebix--a return to LoD's home fort in Woutan. This would be a race against the Death Alliance's ability to retrace their steps. The Winterblades siege force raced back to LoD's home fort dropping siege and further destroying LoD's barracks while the Death Alliance forces lagged in reacting to the new threat. A trickle of Death Alliance defenders arrived, but they failed to unify their numbers and were dispatched as the small clusters arrived. Unfortunately the single hour of the siege contest came to a close before further structures could be razed in LoD's home fort. The Gods' demand for tears and blood was well satisfied following the razing of assets in Caldera, LoD/UDL, and Dissentient homelands, easily securing Winterblades the greatest Divine Favor with their offerings and expanding Winterblades' lead in victory points. Much ink in general chat and discord was spilled discussing the difficulties defenders faced in protecting their assets. WINTER: After the long campaigning season and prior successes, the only path to victory for the remainder of the server was through Winterblade's home keep at Kitra Fyve in Thoreandan. Fortunately, Death Alliance did not disappoint. An outnumbered force of Winterblades manned the walls against massed forces of Death Alliance. The siege work grew hot. Although many of the LoD/DIS siege engines were placed within ballista range, a few were more expertly placed and beyond the reach of the defensive ballista. Between the siege weapons outside ballista range and the overall mass of incoming siege fire, it was clear ballista alone would not hold the line. The siege engines outside of ballista range needed to be brought down or Death Alliance would destroy the Winterblades respawn statue and breach the walls, where their larger numbers could be brought to against the defenders. The Winterblades force thus sallied from the keep on three occasions into the massed Death Alliance force securing the destruction of critical siege engine before falling back to the keep. Despite being significantly outnumbered, the Death Alliance ran out of catapults and trebuchets before the wall was breached or any Winterblade structure was destroyed--though the Hero's Monument (Respawn Statute) was below 25% health. Protecting assets with a smaller defensive force is not easy and requires sallying from the safety of the walls, but it can be done. The call was made to repay in kind the Winterblades' debts to the Death Alliance for their pincer trap in Summer at Dissentient's "Uncle Jobel's Keep". Although Winterblades and HoA had agreed to compete against each other in Dregs, it was time to call in a favor from the Auld Alliance of Balance. A force of Avari struck the rear of Dissentient creating the distraction necessary for the Winterblades force to once again sally out and drive deep into the center of the Death Alliance lines causing a general collapse and rout of the Death Alliance forces. With even the oppressive blue light of Winter fading from the dying world, Winterblades used the final moments of the final divinely sanctioned siege hour to launch an offensive at the home of their old foes from the days of the Chaos Hordelings. UxA's built up fort at Fela Darktide in Mael ibn Bracht was razed to the ground, despite two relief attempts from UxA and Corvus Citadel. To salt the earth, the fort was neutralized and left unclaimed as a final offering to the Divine Favor of the Gods. With the Hunger sweeping in, the dying world was doomed and it was time to prepare for the next dregs campaign, but not before claiming victory by both Right of Conquest and the Divine Favor of the Gods. The Aftermath: Will a new tide rise? Will Dissentent join LoD/UDL/SIN/MWH/TB in the grand DEATH Alliance? Is DEATH arriving (or still merely coming)? Is Dissentient's alliance with Death a marriage of convenience or is Dissentent the latest initiate into the Death Cult? Only time will tell. What is known, is a guild with less than 60 days in Crowfall (although greatly assisted by the former Clam mercenaries) has shown a greater capacity for cooperation, diplomacy, organization, and coordinated action than has been seen outside of the forces of Balance since the beginning of the Trials of the Gods.
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    @jtoddcoleman@thomasblair@Tyrant Please please please highly consider activating some of the Fort's siege's at EU friendly times for this campaign. I can understand if you don't want to activate Keeps but currently no EU/Russian player can reliably participate in any type of siege for NA hosted campaigns.
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    new version on Test

    Hey folks, We put a new version up on Test last night -- this has a number of performance improvements, and a few known issues that we should probably highlight. the Good - First, we found a few improvements in the rendering pipeline. This should give a frame rate boost on all machines. - Grass cards have been improved to look better (no razor edges along the bottom) AND to perform better. You can see the difference by turning your settings back to "Basic" ... but frankly, the overall performance improvement to this system means that you might as well run in Medium or higher. - We added a new culling system to help performance as well. "Culling" is a way of removing items and effects from the scene to improve framerate -- and, in theory, you shouldn't notice anything but increased performance if we are removing the right things. (again, that's in theory). - We fixed the framerate stutter that happened when you looked at harvesting interactables, - Finally, we managed to get unity garbage collection under control! This one has been a long time coming, and what it means, in layman terms, is that you should see far less hitching as you run around the game. Pay attention to the "SPK" (spike) counter in the upper left; you'll probably see it hit 4 or 5 when you first log in, as the world loads around you, and then it should settle down and stay at or near 0. That's the hope, anyway, so let us know if that is what you are seeing. the Bad - In practice, the culling algorithm is making decisions for you about what you do/don't want to see, and algorithms are notoriously prone to error. We've exposed settings for this in the preferences screen, so please try out different settings to cull things more / less aggressively and let us know if you can find the sweet spot. - Eventually, we need the culled objects to fade in and out of view rather than just popping. Once fading is in, the culling of objects will be less noticeable. (We have more advanced culling in the works, as well, but even this first iteration should pay dividends!) - Some items that were created in previous builds look like they have bad mouse-over information. Mouse-over popup info for new items is working fine, and the old items are (I think?) just as functional as before, but the info being shown for them is incorrect. The easy fix for this issue would be to wipe items, but that kind of sucks for testing, so let's see if we can hold off on doing that unless it becomes absolutely necessary. & the Ugly - There is a bug (potentially related to culling, but maybe not?) where you collide with something on the server that you don't see on the client, and after a moment it causes your character to pop/sync/teleport. This is especially bad around outposts and hero statues/respawn locations, two locations where I'm sure you're really delighted to be unexpectedly yanked through space. - Frostweaver targeting seems borked. - There is a particular power that seems to be causing a server exception. Bad, bad, bad. - Some state seems to be causing powers to stop working in a zone? This bug seems wiley, but thankfully rare. - There was an edge case that caused wall upgrades to be lost on a server reboot. We believe this issue is now resolved, but please be on the look-out and let us know if it happens again. In all of the above cases, we're looking at the Ugly bugs first, and we'll move on to the Bad once those are done. As always, we working to get the issues resolved as quickly as possible. "Why did you prop it, with known issues?" That's a great question, thanks for asking. Two answers to that: first, we don't always know all the issues -- or, we sometimes know an issue is there (as we did with teleport) but it turns out to be much worse in practice than we expected it to be. and second, sometimes we don't know about the issues until the build is tested in front of real players. Crowfall is a pretty beefy game at this point, with a lot of interlocking systems, and even with internal testing + our overseas testing firm that does a full set of tests every night while we are sleeping, we still don't catch every issue every time. There isn't enough time in a 24 hour cycle to touch every single [ power, recipe, loot roll, monster, victory card, building, interactable, etc. ] in the game. It's probably worth reminding everyone that this is the Test server, and there are always bugs on the Test server. The more tolerant we are of pushing builds out to Test with known bugs, the more builds we can push! and the opposite is true, also: if we want to ensure more quality, it means we prop less often. In this case, we've gone several weeks since our last update, and that means hundreds of fixes waiting in the wings... and in the meantime, no way for players to harvest rare resources. It seemed like a good idea to get it out and let you guys test it over the long weekend, even at the risk of the overall experience not being 100% playable. If you find these kind of issues too frustrating -- and believe me, I can certainly understand if you do -- then I would caution you to wait until the game migrates to Live -- where the issues will tend to be bad rather than ugly. For those of you who are willing to help us test, know that we appreciate it greatly, as the faster we can find the fixes the faster we can get them resolved and get this thing out to Live. Hope that helps shed a little light on the method to our madness, and see you in Test, if you brave it... and if not, I hope you have a great memorial day weekend! Todd
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    Interactive roads staff diary

    Since we were denied the fabled interactive roads dev diary once again i have decided to take matters into my own hands, yesterday i managed to get into ACE headquarters after they fell for my suave pizza deliveryman disguise and get these secret pictures Below here is the current roads And now here are the new interactive roads As you can see very interactive, thank you for coming to my DERGS- talk
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    Vanguard Minor Discipline Guide!

    We in the Vanguard want everyone to improve, and have easily accessible information about the game. With the death of Expansive Mind, Demon's Pact, Fashion Statement and Hand of Glory - we often get asked "Which minors should I go with?". So to help the new players, and refresh the memory of experienced players, we have created a short guide, with the currently available minor disciplines in the game. *Note that we have left out minors such as those who improve songs, and thorns - as we would not recommend them to anyone currently. Enjoy. Remember to click to zoom! _______________________________We are recruiting! Looking for 2x flex players and 1 support player! Check us out here: GUILD THREAD
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    Crusader Cleric Meta in 5.125

    Hey friends. I've been testing a ton of cleric over the past few months and I think this is a good opportunity to post some builds and concepts as we begin to approach beta. The game is close to completion and balance will be coming soon, but the changes in this most recent patch alter some fundamental aspects of buffs and how Cleric is played - so I think this is worth my time. Here are the main changes affecting clerics and healing: Every player, regardless of race and class, has 10 power slots now. The last song or aura channeled cannot be interrupted. Block now costs far less stamina. 20m dodge races now only have 1 dodge charge, and every other race's dodges have been normalized to 10m/11s CD or 20m/22s CD. Healing targeting feels a lot tighter. I can't prove this point, but other healers agree things feel better. If you've got any questions about this, any feedback, or want to chat feel free to comment below or DM me on discord. Guide Changelog: Edited 08/01/2020 - Updated Guineacean Dodge - Added new talent chart, dropping 30 SP for Anticrit and Resists. Posted 07/31/2020 ----------------------- TL;DR Don't want to read this massive rant of a guide? Here's the bare minimum you need to know as a returning cleric or someone new to the class: All of the cleric races are pretty good. Go with Guinea, Centaur, or Stoneborn ideally. Spec into all of your healing stats, grab some defensive stuff, and don't forget the auras. SP > Healing Bonus > CHC = CHA > HP > Stam Run Field Surgeon + 1 Disc. I recommend Pixie, but Bard, Friar, Naiad, and Dryad all have a place. Spam Tend Wounds, cast Holy Symbol and get the buff before you press your other buttons unless it is an emergency. Use your HP as a resource. You heal yourself almost as well as others. It's not as boring as it once was because plate is sick. Ok with all of that said let’s do this thing. ----------------------- TABLE OF CONTENTS Talent Build Stat Priority Gear Races Disciplines Playstyle Final thoughts ----------------------- 1. Talent Build I'm going to start with what is the least controversial part - the build. Here is my current setup, and I would take this exact layout on every single cleric regardless of disc setup. This setup is cookie cutter and works in all situations. Here are some quick points of discussion for the experienced clerics out there: I take Healing Hand, which buffs Hand of the Gods to also heal your team in the area as we have 10 power bar slots now, and the ability has been fixed to be more responsive. This talent is flexible, and could be exchanged for more survivability if you really wanted to. I take the auras and the block skill. We have bar space for the auras now 100% of the time, and block is very strong if it fits your playstyle (even only some of the time!). If you hate blocking, skip this talent and grab some anti-crit or something at the bottom of the tree. This tree gives you everything you need: it hits all the healing talents and picks up a lot of defensive value. ----------------------- 2. Stat Priority Cleric is very simple for stat priorities. Support Power Healing Bonus Critical Healing Chance Critical Healing Amount HP Stamina SP Support power (SP) is the main driver of your throughput. This can be said for most classes, but cleric in particular needs SP to function well. Cleric struggles to find Healing Bonus outside of lucky wartribe drops or wearing mail in comparison to Earthkeeper or Icecaller, so you need to have a lot of raw SP to back up your good coefficient healing. Healing Bonus I'll talk about healing bonus in more detail in the gear section, but basically increasing this stat will give all of your healing a lot of value. You can find healing bonus on Mail or Leather armor, and by pumping your intelligence. Crit Healing Chance (CHC) vs Crit Healing amount (CHA). These stats are a bit weird for Cleric. Once you get Support Power to a relatively high value (1700~/2000 roughly) these stats start ramping your healing output significantly. Basically their order is dependent on your gear and passive training levels, and you want to balance how much you weight it around this talent: Because of this talent, you'll want to take a look at your stat sheet before crafting healing gear and decide what is more valuable to cap. A general rule is that it is more valuable to crit heal more often than it is to crit heal for a little more, but when you are at roughly 45% crit healing chance and nearing cap, you will likely see more value come from pumping crit healing amount. As a general rule with stat allocation, spirit comes first and INT second. Any points in INT double dip on CHA as well as Healing Bonus, so on our gear I typically value CHC most of the time. HP and Stamina HP and Stam help you live, get more of it but not at the cost of healing. ----------------------- 3. Gear Most of your gear choices are not interesting in Crowfall currently, so this section is mostly for the Mail vs Plate debate. Here's the TL;DR: Get healing stats on your chest piece. Get anti-meta resists on your secondary pieces (likely Slashing Res, Fire Res, or Lightning Res in this meta) Get healing stats on your rings and necklaces. SPR > INT at early - mid passive training until you start nearing SP cap. Mail vs Plate. What's the difference? This choice is all about playstyle, and partially about race selection. The difference is simply 5% healing bonus from mail, or more mits from plate. At wartribe gear levels, you should likely choose mail as the Armor difference as of 5.125 is not significant (only a few percentage points of mits), but as we transition into crafted gear plate will pull away in Armor value. You can still use plate to good effect if you plan on being up front in early gear levels as well, but it's not as good. To make the choice simple, if you are newer to Cleric or like to play upfront pick plate - it will give you the most Armor. If you are more passive in your playstyle and don't soak much damage (a mistake, in my opinion) you should 100% choose mail. Ultimately this is a philosophy question and a group assignment question. If you are healing a frontline group of melee and are likely to get targeted you are going to want to be wearing plate, but if you are assigned to a ranged group and will not be taking the brunt of damage wearing mail is a good idea. Try both playstyles out and see what fits you best. ----------------------- 4. Races There are a lot of good race choices for crusader cleric right now. Here's the breakdown. Centaur Pros: Strength of the Legion Aura - passive 75 AP/SP for the group. Horseshoe slot. High racial CON - more HP. 20m Dodge. Bunny hopping. Cons: No healing base stat increases. Large body. This makes you more likely to be targeted. Really strong crusader race, brings a lot of team buffs and is tanky. Strong frontline cleric choice. Elken Pros: Racial 10% CHA passive. Elken Charge mobility. Gestalt for anti-stealth. Cons: Bad healing stat spread outside of +CHA. Doesn't lean into a particular play style or really provide value to the crusader cleric. You should only pick Elken if you are trying to upset me. Guinecean Pros: Excellent throughput base stats (+DEX and +INT) Burrow Bonus ring slot. Small body. 20m Dodge Cons: Lower HP and Stam Is noisy as custard. Excellent crusader race. This is a good choice if you prefer to play less on the frontline or be more difficult to hit. Half Giant Pros: Makin' Me Mad passive - increased healing bonus when hit. Blood of the Giant power - on demand barriers. High racial CON - more HP. Cons: Large body. No healing base stat increases. This is likely a good crusader cleric race for a frontlining cleric, but it falls short in comparison to the Stoneborn. There is probably a place for this race in some playstyles, but sub-optimal for now. Human Pros: Pain Tolerance passive - increased mits. Extra minor disc slot. Cons: Outside of the minor disc, no significant racial bonuses. Humans used to be the boring but stable crusader cleric choice, but now that everybody gets 10 power bar slots and capes are not in the game they are pretty bad. There are not many minors I would choose this race for, so pass for me. Stoneborn Pros: Excellent healer base stats. Blood of the Mountain passive: +15% PHM I Get Knocked Down passive: +Healing Bonus after knockdown. Cons: No significant boosts to your team. Stoneborn is a great race for front line healing, and a slightly more selfish playstyle. They have a lot of buffs for themselves but not much for the team. Choose this race if you want to be up front and tanking damage. Conclusion on Races Basically every cleric race is playable for crusader. I would put Centaur, Guinea, and Stoneborn as top tier picks but the others are playable at the very least. Pick Centaur if you want to buff the group, Guinea if you want to have high healing throughput, and Stoneborn if you want to tank and play aggressively. ----------------------- 5. Disciplines Crusader Cleric has a lot of options currently for disciplines which will help determine your playstyle. I've linked to each disc if you'd like to dig into it yourself. Let’s talk about the staple disc of this patch first. Field Surgeon (FS) FS is a required disc in the current 5.125 meta, and will likely remain that way. The key benefits of FS are Rescue, Purgative, and Noble Purpose. Rescue is a huge heal that prevents your target from dying. Purgative cleanses DoTs and heals, which is important with how popular aurora emitter is and bleeds in this patch. Noble Purpose gives you infinite mana essentially so long as you are healing. This disc gives too much to pass up. If DoTs fall out of the meta you may not NEED to run this disc, but it is far too useful now in all situations to pass on. Secondary Discs There are a lot of secondary options for crusader cleric discs. I will list them out below in order of most flexible/direct benefit to more niche. Running any of these discs will work and help your team. --- Pixie Pixie is a very stable and impactful healing disc. With 10 bar slots pixie provides you with a ton of active powers that are high value that work in every single fight. Pixie Dust is a great combo enabler, allowing you to save players and groups of people with huge increased on healing. Wee One is one of the best damage debuffs in the game and with the FG nerfs, -Damage Bonus will be valuable again. Soothing Winds is one of the best chain heals in the game and if used properly will be one of your top heals if not the top heal, and Pix Fix is a nice passive that synergizes with Soothing Winds and Holy Symbol. Strongly recommend this disc as the cookie cutter quality healing disc. --- Bard If you've been away from the game for even a week you might be looking at this recommendation like I'm nuts. On the surface, you're probably right, but I think Bard has suddenly become an S tier disc and clerics are a great carrier for it Before reading more about this disc, do NOT choose this disc if you are not interested in juggling spells and spamming your buttons. You need to press buttons CONSTANTLY with a twisting bard. If you run this disc, you AT LEAST need Sustaining Note and Song Twisting as minor discs, and song food is recommended. The base song duration is now 12 seconds, so as long as you have the minor or the food it won’t be terrible, but you really want both. If you are still interested, let me catch you up. Otherwise skip. Channeled songs/auras can no longer be interrupted and have had their cast speed increased, which puts Bard in a very interesting spot. Bard comes with a movement speed buff, a PDM buff, and an AP/SP buff that can all be maintained and spread across your group - providing a lot of damage, healing, and mitigation to the entire team. I've done significant testing on these buffs, and the delta between the mitigation and buffs you are providing with this disc and the healing you would get from another disc is not that large. You will AOE/Group heal worse, but the entire team will benefit. Breaking out the TI-83 is fine, but to put this simply, the more damage sources that are on a target the better PDM performs. Bard provides: 20% move speed 10% PDM 100 AP/SP aura. This is especially valuable on a centaur cleric who provides Strength of the Legion, and can also run Vengeful Aura providing a whopping +250 AP to your team, and a respectable 175 SP to your healers. The PDM is nothing to sniff at either, as the mitigation is always up and helps make your whole group more tanky. Another way to think of this is that these buffs are stronger, unconditional versions of very commonly run minor discs. These songs provide a better overwhelming odds, a better Matching/Uniform disc for your entire group, and the move speed is nice. Maintenance on a blocking cleric is also a lot better. It takes roughly 3 seconds to refresh your buffs - and you can set them up ahead of a fight quickly too using shield clipping. Here's a demo showing you buff speed. Since you can always channel your song without interruption the way you play this disc is to twist out your three buffs, drop the OOC Regen song and replace it with an ability you want to use, then rebuff your songs as needed. Make sure to always end on the song you want to prioritize staying up on the off chance you cannot rebuff properly again in the fight - that way you always provide that buff. Even the untwisted songs are still valuable, but to get the most you want to keep all three songs up and running. This disc can be used while solo healing fairly well, but is better in a 2 healer group. --- Friar Friar is pretty good. Chain heal is strong for group maintenance and has been changed to allow moving while casting.Fortuitous blessing is also a nice buff. Pick this disc if you want straightforward AoE maintenance. --- Naiad Naiad is a strong utility disc for Clerics and other healers, providing you with two more AOE heals and a bonus root. This disc is great if you are dealing with a more stationary group or combat environment. I've never personally run this disc but it seems to have good output now that the bugs are fixed. --- Dryad Dryad is in a similar boat as Naiad, a very stable and good disc. Blast of leaves is the Gradishar special and provides excellent group throughput if you can stand still and spam the leafblower, and the group heal is good too. I don't particularly value this disc as I find it very hard to stand still and get the full benefit from it. Cleric is a reactionary and mobile healer to me - but that is a playstyle choice. This disc is definitely quality. --- All other disc choices are a meme and should be otherwise avoided. Feel free to argue with me about your sick underdog cleric build below. --- Conclusions on Discs Crusader disc selection is pretty varied overall with a lot of choice. I strongly recommend sticking with Pixie as a cookie cutter choice as it fits how clerics ultimately play, but the other choices are great. Personally I will likely be playing FS + Bard and still out heal you all. ----------------------- 6. Playstyle Cleric is a class that is excellent for a beginner, but has a lot of opportunity for optimization in both straight healing and absorbing damage on the field. If you just spam all of your healing on cooldown you will keep your group alive fairly well, but if you use your brain a little and execute some basic concepts you will be a top healer, and in later gear levels I don't think Cleric can be touched. Basically what people miss about Cleric is that it is actually a combo class, without the pips. The TL;DR of this entire section is: Cast holy symbol, step into it, spam your other spells, body block as much as you can, win. Prioritize your group first. If you run Block, you can animation cancel long animation heals like Illuminate by tapping your Block button. The spell effect will still fire while you continue to do other stuff. Alright now let’s nerd out. Cleric Spells Clerics only have a few simple spells, but they work really well together. Tend wounds: Spammable single target HoT with good throughput. Maintenance heal. Holy Symbol: Spammable AoE chain heal with good throughput. Maintenance heal, combo piece, group healing. Illuminate: Large group heal + HoT + resource regen. Save and combo heal. Rescue: Massive single target heal + 10s death prevention. A target can only cheat death from Rescue once every 2m30s, but can still receive the healing. Miracle (Ultimate): Massive group heal + self barrier + resource regen. Your largest save and a combo heal. Your discs will also provide more healing. I will only directly talk about Rescue, but the principles remain the same. Let’s talk about the core spell that brings the clerics kit together. Holy Symbol Usage This spell is what separates the mortals from gods. With the Blessed Symbol talent when we step into our own Holy Symbol we receive the Blessed Symbol buff that increases our Critical Healing Chance and Critical Healing Amount. This not only increases throughput but makes it more predictable. You will always want to cast heals with this buff up, but unless someone is going to die you should never cast a larger heal without having Blessed Symbol on yourself. This spell creates a ton of combos that you need to be rotating through while healing and being mindful of. Comboing your spells At all times on a crusader you should be looking to chain your spells together as efficiently as possible. You should only be spamming Tend Wounds at all times, and otherwise looking to create combos. Here's a basic flow: Is someone in YOUR GROUP in trouble? Cast holy symbol on you and your target. If you can’t do both, just you. Cast Illuminate now that you have the sick crit buff. Are they still in trouble? Cast Rescue if it is a single player that you can target. Cast Miracle if multiple players are in trouble, or you can't target the endangered player. The combos are basically the same when healing outside of your group. Just remember that Illuminate and Miracle only heal inside of your group. Group Coordination Try to coordinate miracle or other healing cooldowns with your partner healer in your group prior to combat. Who should ult first to save someone? Who is purging first? Who are you pocketing in your group, if at all? Working with your healing partner will make both of you more efficient and will keep your team alive a lot longer. Positioning This is where your combos and your personal skill can really shine. Since cleric was buffed to be able to equip plate you can do a lot of really excellent things with your positioning to otherwise mitigate damage. If you are playing a mail wearing cleric you can still apply these principles, but you should be far more conservative with your positioning overall. Clerics benefit from the fact that almost all of their healing applies to them as effectively as it applies to their target. With that in mind, to be optimal in your cleric play you should be taking close to the same damage as you are dishing out in healing. This does not mean you should be making yourself an opportune focus target as you are very susceptible to sustained damage, but you should be trying to take a little heat off your friends. Some practical applications of this concept are doing things like body blocking for your team. The easiest way to do that is to literally stand on top of the focus target of the enemy, making them miss hits on the focus target and instead hit you. The other way to do this is to put yourself in front of the enemy main damage dealer and just be annoying and block them. Any damage you mitigate this way and ultimately heal on yourself is damage you are preventing, while also annoying the enemy and making their job harder. The combination of putting your body on the line while also healing your team is what the crusader was built for, so go get it. Experiment with your positioning and try to fight as much as you can so you can learn your limits and how to best play around the guild. ----------------------- 7. Final Thoughts Cleric is sick.
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    5.110 TEST Feedback for 5/22/20

    Too many players are destroying their (good) inventory items once they see that they can't win a fight. That behavior should not be allowed. It removes the fun of lootable PVP My suggestion : -> Do not allow players to destroy their inventory items when they are in combat mode. OR -> Once they are dead, place back in their inventory items they destroyed in the last X seconds.
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    Dev Diary: The Winged Knight

    ACE, your marketing strategy appears self-contradictory to us. On one hand, you say you're marketing this to the non-tester masses. You release garbage news tidbits and withhold anything useful about the coming 5.110 build on the theory that you'll get more attention with an information overload when the patch hits. On the other hand, you persist with cultivating your pet streamers and you continue to push "war stories" when there's no war going on because 99.95% of your paid tester base isn't playing. You could release racial skills one race every few days if you wanted a little tease to build hype. "Aracroix knight" is a waste of your time and ours. Your absolute best marketing was when you were releasing "patch notes from the future" - your player base was engaged, and the mmo game sites whose attention you covet were writing articles about the coming changes. You have so much you could write dev diaries about: Caravan mechanics Refineries New racial attributes Discipline Changes Thralls Crafting Changes Harvesting Changes Guild interaction (subguilds, alliances) Stronghold buildings How strongholds will work in dregs (who can build where, will some sites be restricted to fort level or will all ruins be buildable to full castle / cities) How sieges will work in dregs (cost of sieging, schedules of sieging, how to initiate a siege) God-specific outposts Power changes to each class and promotion (that could get you 20 dev diaries alone) New passive skill trees and progression rates Frostweaver (again you could get 4 articles out of that, one for the base class, one for each promotion) The list goes on and on. You will get a better response from the gaming sites by releasing a long string of meaningful information drops leading up to 5.110. The gaming sites want views - they'll publish every release. They'd prefer 1000 eyes on each of 50 releases than 2500 eyes on a single news dump article. And the unwashed masses who aren't backing Crowfall are perhaps not as stupid as you think they are - they'll appreciate more actual content in their news, too.
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    Warstory: The European Clown Car!

    Saturday night Vanguard visited the 2 NA sieges, here's our entire adventure captured on video! We also had to pass the time between the 2 sieges, meaning we had to somehow spend 4 hrs together - this included shovels and a music bot on discord! ________________________________________________ Do you want to join Vanguard? Apply here!: https://forms.gle/FF4WBSoWjzTMMu5r5 Want to talk to us? Join our Discord!: https://discord.gg/YT8fE64 Do you want to see our recruitment thread?: https://community.crowfall.com/topic/25251-v-vanguard-eu/
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    Hey folks, We are putting a new version up on our TEST environment this morning! This version has 3000+ bug fixes and miscellaneous polish updates since we posted the last version on 5/28 (I know, crazy, right?!) and we would love your help in putting it through the wringer. As I mentioned in the last ACE Developer Q&A Livestream, now that we have LIVE running again, we will return to our original approach for managing the TEST and LIVE environments: the purpose of our TEST environment is functionality testing; i.e. verifying new features and content, bug fixes and performance improvements in preparation to move a build to LIVE. The purpose of the LIVE environment is to get a feeling for playability. To that end, once we launch this version on the TEST server, we’re going to set up a few things that make it easier on you (our brave and stalwart testers) to push against the edges of the build and help us find the cracks, including: - Turning up the speed of passive training to 10x, to run you get through the skill trees faster, - Adding in free resource and materials vendors in the Temples and Strongholds to let you build all the buildings, - …and because we have a sacrifice system to quickly turn items into XP, these same vendors should give you a quick path to level up new characters so you can test out combat. On that last point in particular, we would love some help with combat testing, as significant fixes or improvements were made to Retaliate, Frostweaver targeting, Trap deployment mechanics, collision, overall client performance (and a ton of other stuff that I’m forgetting but you can read about in the patch notes). Given that it’s the TEST server, we’ll bring it up and take it down as necessary, and generally without warning. We don’t know yet whether or not we’ll keep it running over the weekend; that depends on how the initial testing goes… if we think it’s helpful, we’ll do it. If not, then we won’t waste your time. First round of testing will be God’s Reach and Infected; we have a few lingering issues with Dregs and New Player Experience, but we should be able to start testing those early next week. The goal is to get this version out to LIVE as quickly as possible, so we can get you guys playing a Dregs campaign and finding the “highest nails” that we need to address next. As always, thanks for your assistance! Todd p.s. if you want to take a look at the TEST version, it requires a separate installer, which you can download here: https://crowfall.com/en-US/account/download-client
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    Hey folks, We wanted to drop a quick update for you on the status of the TEST and LIVE environments over the next few weeks. As of last week, the War of the Gods update is now running on our LIVE environment. This is a great milestone for Crowfall, and we want to thank you all for helping us to get here. Now that 5.110 is on LIVE, we’ll be shutting down the TEST environment to clear the way for our next update. LIVE will be up indefinitely in the meantime. We don’t want to run a Dregs test on LIVE until we have fixed a handful of issues, most notably fixing the scoring bugs, lowering the spawn rates of caravan animals, adjusting the siege schedule and tweaking the details of the campaign Victory cards. We also have the first of the three chapters of the new player experience almost ready, so that should be coming to TEST in the next version as well. Estimated time of arrival for the next version on TEST is one to two weeks. Now that LIVE is available, we’re also going to shift back to old habits on how we treat the TEST environment. This is a place to test the boundaries of features and functionality, not to worry about people being competitive. To that end, we’ll be turning on vendors with free resources and building materials. Further, we will alternately boost skill training and/or wipe the database as necessary to facilitate testing. We appreciate those of you who are willing to brave the TEST environment, and we don’t want you to have to spend a bunch of time and energy helping us check that things are working as intended. As a quick reminder, we have another ACE Q&A tomorrow at 11:00 am CDT | 6 pm CEST. This one will be a bit different as we’re going to wade into deep waters and answer some of your more pressing and unanswered questions. Join us if you can, but remember that if you aren’t able to join us for the live stream, you can always watch the video at your convenience on our YouTube channel at YouTube.com/Crowfall. Thanks, and we appreciate your continued support as always! Todd & Gordon & the Crowfall team
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    Dev Diary: Thralls in the night

    The Ancients were placeholders til we built the Thrall NPC's. Thralls are specifically for Majors, minors/exploration still come from where they currently do in 5.100. Thralls do "inhabit" the upper end stations in .110. White Disciplines will continue to be available from vendors in .110 as they are intended for people to try out builds and experiment. Yes you can no longer upgrade White quality vendor disciplines via the combine mechanic. Thralls all drop Blue quality and you combine multiples of 3 disciplines / 3 essences for upgrade stages. Pretty sure I saw The Blacksmith thrall running around! Harvesting soul gems will continue to come from harvesting. The +15% is a bug that exists in .100 that has already been fixed for .110. You threw this out there as kind of a snide remark and I want to drill down into it for a second; "Or no benefit just forced PVE to collect appropriate souls?" Understand that almost all of the content activities we put in game are there to pull and push players into areas where they can encounter other players. For example the purpose in having items on vendors that cost lots of gold is to make players gather gold. The most lucrative places to gather gold are from level 30 NPC's or selling crafted goods to players. In order to get to level 30 NPC's or decent resources, players need to head out into a world that has limited amount of NPC's and resources. Players sitting in a level 30 adventure area either drove off other players or are going to get jumped by other players at some point. Having players always wanting and on the lookout for Thralls (because it takes multiple soul gems to upgrade past rare quality, all Thralls should always have value to everyone) is going to create a window of time (night) where people are out in the world looking for Thralls. This gets people out of the bases, and creates opportunity for PvP. You are going to see that with most of the .110 content now that we have the tools and the zones to support it!
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    Poll: Passive skill tree wipe

    A passive skill wipe that left the existing vessels and loot in place would not help. While the passive skills would be equalized, nobody would be able to make vessels and gear to match those held by existing vets, so you are left with the same (or worse) level of demotivation for new players. If you want to take the step of wiping because it is an easy bone to throw the LIVE service while you are heads-down on the next build, I would suggest: 1) Full wipe of passive skills, vessels, banks. 2) Carrot of a long Trial campaign to compete over as part of the start-over process. I would suggest 2 months. A fresh start with a long Trial campaign could be a good way to hold over the players while we wait for the next build.
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    Earlier today a couple of friends got suspended for something they said in guild chat. Out of respect for forum etiqeutte i will not quote what was said, but it was something that ACE consider as "slurs" under their TOS which we thought only applied to "public" speaking places such as the general or party chats. We had no idea that the guild chat (which is exclusive to our friends and community) was monitored aswell and that deteriorates not only for the sense of community and potential guild bonding but for the overall ingame free speech in private chatrooms which a guild chat could be reffered as. We are not asking for the words that was said to be normalized, which is why we only posted them as banter with eachother in our guild chat but we find it silly that you can be suspended for saying something to a friend in a non-aggressively manner within PMs or private rooms. A mod has already been contacted regarding this issue and he confirmed that the privatized chats are regulated aswell. The question is how they determine something as being a "slur" when it's clearly been said in a private chat, without anyone reporting and between friends.
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    5.110 TEST Feedback for 6/15/20

    Character Creation: Show Race Discipline when hovering over each. Class: More info from creation screen. Be it hover over or optional 2nd window with details. Stats do what for the class to help with race choice. Ex: Dex = Crit%, AP View entire Talent Tree. Powers & Passive available with ability to look at each. Promo description with additional armor/weapons unlocked. Vendors: Buying/Selling: Shift+RMB to quick buy/sell instead of having to Confirm each action. Or allow Enter to Confirm and ESC to Cancel. Player Vendors: Option to assign vendor type (armor, weapons, plate armor) that can be seen when aiming reticle at them or close enough to F interact. Might not be perfect solution but at least give some clue what a vendor has. Move F interact to above character head or somewhere not blocked by windows. Bank: Add more Sort By options and Categories Add Categories: Consumables: Sort by Food, Bandages, Potions Harvesting Items: Sort by Tools, Wood, Stone, Leather, Body Parts... (Rarity for each) Crafting Components: Sort by Leatherworking, Necromancy, Blacksmith... For Bow String, Weapon Grip, Empty Flask, Ambrosia... More Sort Options for Current Categories: Armor: Type, Slot, Class, Rarity Weapons: Type, Class, Rarity Inventory Separate into own window from gear and character stats and or when looting/crafting. Increase space. Add scrolling to keep viewed space and screen use the same. Gained with Exploration Discipline, Exploration Passive Training, and or by Default Optional setting for Shift+RMB to quick delete without confirm. Splitting Stacks: Increase window with larger numbers possible. Sorting: Drop down or tabs to only view Gear, Harvested Goods, Consumables, Crafting Components, etc. Passive Training Add "Time Remaining" to Rank Up along with the current points. Remove VIP Active logo if it no longer influences training. Some still get confused by this. Talents Add text "Requires X Training Points" to Rank Up to make it slightly clearer. Add text "No Cost" to Rank Up for Exploration and Initial Promo Nodes as well. Support Nodes: Shouldn't be required to progress when promos might not make any use of them. Similar to Passive Training has Support on its own branch. Ex: Swap Inviolable with Mission of Mercy for Cleric. In and Out of Combat Health Regen: Remove or Improve. PHM, Improved Bandaging or anything be more useful. Stats Cut out non applicable stats for classes. Duelist has 0 Fury and 0% Bow Charge Speed but clutters up the already extensive stat list. Show current out of max without hovering over, with hovering still giving the explanation. Player Interaction: Friendly collision: Increases strategic play and use of environment, less stacking in a ball, less clown car Main UI All windows and UI elements should have option to resize, change transparency, move, hide. Larger max chat window size. Move power bar to bottom of screen when reaching level 30. Optional customizing for individual UI elements: Hide power bar keybinds. Chicken ticker separate element to adjust Hide player name, level, faction/guild crest Item Window: Option to remove sacrifice wasted space at 30 and flavor text for condensed item viewing. Current Pre 30 -------------------------> Move Sell Value Current wasted sacrifice space at 30 -----------------> New at 30 space removed while retaining Sell Value Combat UI: Targeting Reticle: Option to resize and change color. Optional types of damage/heal/status text styles. Size, placement, flow style, duration. Group: Option condensed version without group member faction/guild crest, buffs and even debuffs. Add group member resource bar (mana/energy/fury). Buffs/Debuffs: Separate element for Debuffs, Short and Longterm Buffs to move, resize, hide independently. Remove permanent buffs like "Uniform Leather Buff" if they are always active. Remove "In Combat" status as there is the Red Swords indicator. Both of which could be replaced by making a full red highlight around player info. Crafting UI Decrease steps necessary to make items: Put in resources, move naming option here & item skins Assemble Abort or Next - Remove Name & Make Item - Remove Destroy or Take - Remove Experimenting: Option to turn off casino rolling time sink unless the server actually needs that much time to calculate??? Have to stare at it not once, not twice, but potentially three times. Gambling fans keep it on. Option to check box for small & large rolls to auto roll all three steps as long as player has enough dust/embers. Hidden Crafting: Crafting system is great but so much is hidden away. Leave it all hidden and hope players figure it out and don't get annoyed or can make it more accessible and drive players to seek out requirements. Keep players in-game playing and interacting instead of alt+tab searching google as eventually all this info gets disseminated regardless of hiding it or not. Show hidden additive/component slots grayed out without proper items equipped. Indicate what item is needed when hovering over. Show all recipes on left sidebar with different colored text indicating if they are Basic or unlocked with Disciplines, Passive Training, Items, etc. Indicate what is required to unlock them. Alchemy Discipline, 50% Blacksmith Passive Training, Rare NPC Dropped Item You'll Pay A Lot For... Recipe Components: If a recipe requires something made from the same craft/table, double clicking the slot could take player directly to that component's recipe window. Hover over slot and get basic or specific info on what is required: Ex: Bows have Bow Riser Slot and when highlighted gives details that it requires Bow Sight --> Blacksmithing --> Metal Bars --> 27 Non-Basic Ore Keep it simpler and have it show Advanced Blacksmith Component or Store Bought or Drops from a particular tribe/mob or "Found in the World." Where did this go? Would be great as an in-game crafting blueprint guide or could actually function if one had the necessary items but only able to do one craft type at a time. Materials Cheat Sheet: Same as recipes, this info is already available (Thanks WB) but wouldn't hurt to have in-game unless only excel masters are supposed to have easy access to such things. Maybe not a highly detailed breakdown of every combo but some indication of what is possible.
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    Vanguard visiting the NA campaign

    Vanguard visited the NA campaign in Trial of Yaga, we attended a few sieges with a few people - but the picture says it all. Thank you for the fun - please don't take this too serious 😂 We love all the NA guilds, they all have an awesome fighting spirit!
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    Dregs War Story: A New Tide Rises?

    As of last night W is officially part of Death Alliance. They fought with us during the siege. Proof is all over.
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    Since I was not allowed to leave the house I decided that I was going to play around in Google Sheets and sort out the new talent trees in 5.110. One thing turned into another and about 100+ hours later ....... https://winterblades.net/crowfall-calculator Should be a useful tool for theroycrafting, character building, account planning. There is a whole lot of data here and I expect that a good amount of bugs, incorrect value, formulas, etc need to be found. If you find something wrong or just have an idea or opinion please let me know. Have fun. @Pann @jtoddcoleman
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    A reminder about TEST and testing

    As we get closer to bringing backers in for their first taste of The Dregs, we wanted to remind you that the primary objective right now is to test the performance and technical aspects of the current build. We know that there are issues with balance that many of you care about: how many import tokens you'll have, which powers are buggy, which classes and disciplines are OP or "too weak". You can help us further by limiting your feedback to the objective, with as much helpful detail as possible. As they say, "just the facts, Ma'am. Just the facts." We want to hear your thoughts about balance so that we can address them, but we don't want to hold up the test until "your class is just right". If you find yourself worried that you or your team will be at a disadvantage when playing, remind yourself that this first phase is a playTEST, not a PLAYtest. To be clear: "Fairness" isn't our priority right now. This phase is about testing and bug fixing - not winning. As always, folks who are willing to brave the Test Server (bless you!) to help us put a new system through the wringer should be prepared for a bumpy ride. There will be bugs. There will be server resets to diagnose and fix problems. There may be character and skill wipes. There will be client updates, probably multiple times a day. That's to be expected when you log into a Test server. Thanks again for your incredible support!
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    ACE Q&A for March

    March 5, at 11 5, at 11 5,11 5.11 CONFIRMED
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    Well its been roughly another year and decided to post another review on the games shortcomings and direction. This is of course my opinion and I want to thank the Dev's for ALLOWING feedback vs just erasing posts they disagree with. I'm gonna keep this one short and to the point. As usual, this game is a BUSINESS and its primary goal is to make INCOME. As I stated on my previous reviews in the past year(s), without money, you have NO game. Where to start. This game is still a mess. I'll say it again and again. This game should have NEVER left its Shadowbane roots. And before all the naysayers jump in with the typical "ITS NOT SHADOWBANE". Feel free to type in kickstarter crowfall. Take a look at the ORIGINAL vision of this game and layout. Hell, even the STARTING rune selection WAS SHADOWBANE. We have classes that are bland, boring, and to be quite honest some of the skills are just copy/paste from other game(s) mmo's. (even some of the skill NAMES!) 1. Why do ALL the classes feel mundane. No flashy "wow!" skills, no real sense of growth...just "+ att power this, +con this, reduction on this..I feel no "joy" at reaching 30 because honestly..its the same "feeling" I had at lvl 10. There's nothing in the tree's that make me really THINK about where to go with my build. 2. Disciplines runes....BORING. Bland, lifeless. They are SOOOO minor...and the "few" that actually are good are just OP to the point where people HAVE to have it on their toon. There is NOTHING wrong with having some "class breaking" mechanics/runes in a game. Shadowbane did great at this!!! I remember my buddy going full Barbarian and if he ran into a flying class...he RAN..He couldn't do an thing! (but man did he tear it up melee/sieges) 3. Most of the class choices are flat...Why is a champion unable to use a 2h sword??? Why not give that to a "barbarian" tree to "specialize" and make him unique..Why is the templar no matter what tree he goes down..still feels like a PALADIN!!! Wheres the burning dots! Where the FIRE effects...why is he a PALADIN!!! Fixes: 1. Lets us BREAK our characters!!! That was 90% of the fun in Shadowbane was FAST leveling allowing us to make hybrid builds, pure builds, groups of us all speccing into just WEIRD crap and pulling off nutty stuff....This game feels like a bland World of Warcraft with NO lore...:( REMOVE STAT CAPS!!! Why do you feel the need to prevent us from doing what WE want too??? 2. Continue the NO MORE FOCUS on crafting...We have ENOUGH! Get the UI straightened out, get the game "smooth" and go back to crafting 2 years or so...I have ZERO friends now interested in this game and they all played Shadowbane...They are done, they wont even touch this. 3. Give the trees some serious flexibility...put in a "CD" Game-changer ULT at the end of EACH tree line that really REALLY makes that choice ground-breaking...I just feel like i'm running around playing a bland bland action combat mmo......for instance..try some new stuff thinking way outside the box...If thats too much work right now...then please just make GOOD STRONG INTERESTING DISCIPLINES!!! All the crazy stuff that used to go on in Shadowbane...this is just a "shell" of what once was...I still have my big strategy guide of Shadowbane just listing sooo many runes..builds..stats..lore...it was ahead of its time...its just such a shame the publisher forced their hand into pushing it out too soon...(sb.exe error anyone???) J. Todd Coleman will always be in my top 3 of designers...the work he did with his team and the memories he gave me are for life. I'm just saddened that this "project" is so far off what once was. I know this will "never" be Shadowbane...but the groundwork" IS there...it just needs to be really opened up. I've gone ahead and listed some things below...ideas..thoughts, changes. I hope with all my heart this game comes to fruition. For us its a game, for the developers its their "career". I want this game to flourish...but simply logging into a game with these #'s...its saddening. I see old shadowbane guilds running around...But when you have a "alpha/beta" game about to be opening up..and the reviews are nothing great throughout youtube and gaming sites..its really bothers me. I believe in the team...I just hope its not too late. Wrain 1. Revamp Disciplines...if the classes are going to be just "base-line"..MAKE the disciplines create the "players choice" class. 2. You are allowing the lil "rat" to wear plate and knight it up..but a human cannot be a champion??? no 2h swords on a champion?? huh??? cmon...this is just weird. Race/class changes moved around a bit. 3. Have DEDICATED timers with discipline drops like you did in SB. Announce in world chat and have us go "fight" and camp for them again..THATS PVP with reason!!! 4. Marketplace, marketplace, marketplace....You really gotta open this up for people and make it EZ for shopping/selling. Alot of players dont pvp..they are into economy/crafting. 5. Better END-game ults/passives/class defining abilities... For instance..Champion: Barbarian tree...allow him to use a 2h sword...Racials? Allow FLYING for a limited time for our flyer(s) now/future. Have other classes have to disclpine for grounding/rangers for grounding..FORCE BUILDS AND ROCK/PAPER/SCISSORS. This balancing for 1v1 is what causes NO-GROUPING AND NO TEAMWORK! ;( That's my rant...I'll do another in the next 3-6 months. I'll continue trying to get players to take a look at this games direction and end game goals.. I wish nothing but the best for Crowfall...but Its needs some MAJOR changes and I "still" believe in this project/art. (I don't have a single class yet that feels "unique" or good to me yet...they just feel like "so-so"s from all the other mmo's i've played since 1990. P.S...And the compass...MOVE IT!!! You have a GREAT seasonal UI in the bottom right corner...move the compass OVER it in a curved/arc fashion..will fit beautifully!!!
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    Dissentient is beginning a weekly, community-wide Public Night Fights event. We welcome all players from across Crowfall to join as we seek to have weekly, even-numbered fights with mixed rosters. The goal of this event is to provide an arena-style scrim system where players can exchange strategy, tactics, builds, and other combat knowledge while being able to request constructive feedback from the broader community. We hope the combined use of scrims + Discord video streaming can provide players with the ability to assist one another in improving their individual play and increasing their knowledge of the game as a whole. We will be hosting this event each week in the Dissentient discord for voice comms and a 40-slot Eternal Kingdom named “ConstantineX." Due to the current limitations of EKs, the format for these scrims will be 5 v 5 (unless we run in Infected and we can organize larger groups) and people will be free to organize groups as they see fit. The first Public Night Fight event will take place on Wednesday, July 8, 2020 beginning at 8:00p EDT and will end when people are tired of fighting. If you have questions please reach out to me in this thread, on discord at Ruq#6343 or via DM on the forums. I look forward to seeing everyone each week as we get some fights, mess around, and learn from each other. TLDR: Show up. Hop in Discord Grab a drink. Mess around with new builds. Shoot the breeze with people in comms. Challenge that group of smack-talkers to a duel. Show you're the best slayer in the game. Have fun. Learn something new.
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    74 (mostly) QoL suggestions

    Here is quick list of some QoL items I would like to see. I tried to keep these mostly QoL based but some of these probably bleed into bugs and mechanics. 1 Maces are heavier for no reason 2 allow discs to be swapped in EKs 3 Res timers in EKs / GR / Infected 4 Entering combat when not on any aggro table 5 trade window not enough space, should be the same size as inventory. 6 selling to vendors, make it work like sac 7 unable to purchase stacks of items 8 flawed assembly - make it less demoralizing 9 cant charge ult on dummy. makes testing harder 10 healing dummy is full hp 11 unable to auto log out. should be able to and just keep character in game for 20 seconds 12 cant access vault skills shop purchases settings from main screen 13 cant name vessels 14 cant reorder vessels 15 unlocking and deleting a vessel has the same look 16 all UI windows open on looting 17 cant customize UI 18 map is not oriented north 19 cant see rarity of an item unless you can equip it 20 XP does not roll over into the next level when turning in a quest or sacing items 21 Sac items diminish in XP 22 shields do not show up when filtering for armor or weapons in the vault 23 cant split stacks at the bottom of your inventory 24 unable to mass create non serialized items 25 cannot re-price items on player vendors 26 weak spots on animals can not be hit from some angles 27 Not enough chat window options/customization 28 I don't see the purpose that chicken tickers serve. Remove hunger and just let food gives buffs. 29 unable to cancel some channeled abilities with movement/jump IE: bandage 30 plants/flowers are harder to interact with than in previous patches 31 some items can not be sacrificed or sold. They have to be manually destroyed 32 Unable to see how much soul power you have if your Ult is less than 1000. For example, if you have a 500 SP Ult you can only know if you have Less than or more than 500 soul power. Please add a numeric display. 33 Pre charging Ults because you can and it provides a benefit is tedious. Make Soul Power decay out of combat. 34 When harvesting in a group, Often some of the doobers will not be viable or lootable by everyone in the group. 35 When experimenting, I would like to know what each pip rolled (failure, success, amazing, etc). Maybe color code the pips 36 Allow experimenting with out needing to use all of your pips. Sometimes it is better to use only 10 than it is to use 12. Or, let us choose which line to small re-roll. 37 Not enough variance between damage types and armor. All damage and armor are functionally the same. 38 The penalty of heavy weapons is too great for the benefit it provides 39 Shield Breaker/Elken Charge - The ability to stop a player from blocking/parrying should prevent blocking/parrying for some duration. 40 We need a proper black mantle / heal block. Ideally assassin only. High risk/ High reward 41 Mob Density in Gods Reach / Infected is too low, even for 50 players 42 The difference in armor between leather / mail / plate seems wrong. There is only about a 4% difference in damage mitigation between each set. (might just be an early game issue) 43 All weapons do the same damage. A dagger hits as hard as a 2H mace. 44 All LMB attacks are the same DPS. They are all normalized to ~100+100% weapon damage based on their animation speed. This just seems wrong. If not wrong, then boring. 45 Quivers should be made standard and remove arrows 46 High Elf passive Mental Fortitude should stack with Weapon Finesse and not be over written by it 47 Displaying conquest at the top of the screen is not very useful since it no longer determines who is winning. Should be displaying divine favor 48 N E S W on the compass should have a black outline. They can get lost against some backgrounds 49 Would love to have different symbols or colors on the compass that coordinate with party frames so i can tell which symbol is which group member 50 Skulls should auto pop off on release or you need to provide more time to chop someones ones head 51 Some classes are able to equip a shield (through disciplines) but are unable to block 52 LMB animations are off. When you try to stop on the 3rd attack you actually do 4. Same with harvesting. I think this is due to the hit being registered at the start of an animation and not the end. 53 Should be able to tray swap/cycle with 1 keybind 54 Extend the day and night cycle by a few minutes each 55 Thralls should not de-spwawn while in combat if day breaks 56 Something is off with group harvesting when determining whos harvesting stats are being applied 57 Aiming needs to be tighter 58 Elken charge should end and activate as soon as you come into contact with an enemy 59 Bank and Vault space could be larger 60 Something is wrong when you are mounted and get CCed but not dismounted. You can not retaliate because you are mounted, and you can not dismount because you are CCed 61 Need an auto dismount option 62 Channeling F to release spirit, res, or go through a rune gate is tedious. Please make it a single press 63 Tray swapping should be snappier 64 If I can not cast an ability while in combat, I should not have to slot it on my bar (resurrection) it should have its own key bind like Mount 65 Damage is only calculated by your main hand damage when dual wielding. Seems odd. 66 Tool-tip language is inconsistent 67 Unable to see siege damage done 68 When splitting an item, you have to click in the input field to enter a value 69 Sacrifice brazier interface closes after leveling up. Please leave it open 70 Champion always has the dominance ticker displayed but can only gain dominance if they are the Alpha spec 71 Champion Hurlbat throws in the direction you are facing, not at your reticle 72 some non serialized items that do not stack, should. Like belt items 73 compass pips do not scale in size based on distance anymore 74 Unable to re-bind all shortcuts, like settings
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    I too destroy all the buildings in a keep before I attempt to claim it. They didn't want the keep, as is evidenced by the fact that they don't have one of the unclaimed ones. I don't understand why you guys are claiming this as a victory when clearly you got stomped and most buildings inside got destroyed, which is exactly what the attackers wanted to do. The KGV/TRA propaganda team really need to up their narrative game. Cool video though, not as bad as the POV of that archer who was running Sharpshooter and Arcane archer (lol).
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    Hey folks, So I'm trying to distill this thread down to some basic points that I can turn into action plans to address. From a high level, it sounds like the two biggest concerns for the ex-SB folks are: 1. Character customization is extremely linear, especially compared to SB, and 2. The SB=style siege handshake mechanic would be much preferred over predetermined time windows. Is this an accurate summary? Thanks, Todd
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    Anyone else think that maybe they should either increase the drop rate of green minors, or at least make white minors upgradable? Now with this campaign almost over we will see a lot of people with plenty of souls but not enough minors lol...
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    Hi, hello, friendly neighborhood CS manager here. 👋 First, it's our policy not to discuss disciplinary actions or warnings with anyone except the individual in question, so I won't comment on the specifics of any suspensions/bans/warnings/such and so on. I can talk about the Rules of Conduct and Terms and Conditions in general, though! We take the use of slurs very seriously. We don't like them and we won't tolerate them. There are plenty of nice, snappy curses that are wholly permitted in-game. Pick a different word. We investigate infractions against the RoC and T&C after a report. I don't sit around and read chat all day hoping to snap someone up for a violation. That said, your guild chats, group chats, private messages, etc in game are all using our chat service. They're all bound by our RoC and T&C, no matter how private you feel they are. A real-world threat sent through DM is treated the same as one posted in public chat. Your best bet, if you're using Crowfall's chat, is to simply not break the rules. They're very lax in game. If you're not sure if a word you're about to use is a slur, pick a different one. The world is full of them, and a lot of them are pretty great.
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    Update on 5.110 Test

    Hey folks, Another quick check in on 5.110 "War of the Gods" development; we've been running Siege tests internally and we're knocking down bugs at a pretty rapid pace; as of this moment there are about a dozen issues remaining that we'd like to resolve before we put a Dregs campaign in front of you. In the meantime, we appreciate all the help you guys have given us on finding and reproducing bugs with powers, crafting, interface and everything else. We have a testing team that works around the clock (literally) to find and document issues but they can't provide the kind of coverage that comes from having a few thousands players in the game and playing. In preparation for Dregs testing, please make sure you have your Guild properly set up on crowfall.com, as the Test environment pulls guild data from the live website. We don't plan on doing a wipe, so whatever progress you've made so far will be there when the first test Campaign starts. Initially we're going to run some 4-day campaigns (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter @ 1 day each) and you should expect some false starts and stops because, you know, Test Server. I want to remind everyone that this is testing, not an actual Campaign -- so if we need to pause it or stop it or reset it to deal with issues, we will. Lastly, in terms of embargo, we'll probably be fairly open given that the Campaign durations are so tight. but I'm open to whatever you guys would like to see to facilitate testing. Thanks, and look forward to getting this in front of you! Todd
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    The War of the Gods (Updated 6 pm CDT)

    UPDATE - Thursday, 3-26-20, 6 pm CDT - Please be aware the War of the Gods Update on TEST will be unavailable the rest of the night. Tomorrow, we will notify our community as soon as we have an update on when it will be available. Thank you! The big day is here! Crowfall backers are cordially invited to log into TEST and get their first look at the eagerly-anticipated War of the Gods update! Please remember, this update is on TEST because it needs to be TESTED so check the release notes to ensure you are aware of what to expect and...have fun playing! PHASE 1 We’re taking a phased approach to releasing the update on TEST in order to collect feedback on specific updated features. In this first phase of testing War of the Gods, we will focus on updated combat and gameplay, leveling progression in the God’s Reach world, and Frostweaver gameplay and mechanics. God’s Reach offers new Crows a safe haven where they can explore the world at their own pace before advancing to the Campaign Worlds where you face higher risks (and rewards!) In God’s Reach, playtesters in both EU and NA will come together as one faction, on one server, to explore the new gameplay. After we get through the initial phase of testing on God’s Reach, we will move into the next phase of testing, introducing the Dregs (guild vs. guild) world on TEST. The ultimate goal is to test all of the new features for polish, balance and performance. Then, we’ll be ready to take The War of the Gods to our LIVE testing environment. FAQ Which test groups will have access to TEST? TEST will be available to everyone who’s purchased a backer pack, so please jump in and join us! To become a backer, it’s not too late to purchase a backer pack to get in and play now and forever, no waiting. All backer packs, include immediate access to play the game plus a digital download of the game at launch. Where do I download the game? The download can be found here. (You must be logged into your crowfall.com account.) Note that the TEST version of the download is different than the LIVE version, so be sure you’re downloading and installing the correct one. Who do I contact if I have trouble downloading, installing or running the game? Send an email to support@crowfall.com for assistance. Please include a DXdiag report (the steps are listed here, it is very helpful in resolving your issue if we can see that data, so thanks in advance!) so we can help troubleshoot the issue more quickly. Where should I send feedback and bug reports? Please use the designated Testing forums to share your feedback and submit bug reports; and thanks for posting them - your feedback helps us to hit our quality bar. What if I find an exploit? Suspected exploits should not be posted on the Testing forums. Please send them to support@crowfall.com with as much information as you can about what you were doing when you noticed it and the steps to reproduce it (if possible). P.S. It's noon somewhere, right? See you in-game!!!!
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    Dev Diary: The Power Bar

    From a mechanics level our server has always had the concept of "in combat" and "out of combat", it was just being controlled by the player manually (like a stick shift) via the survival tray and any of the "combat" trays (melee/ranged/death/life). This is why we have always had ooc regen and ic regen. 1) Being on any NPC's hate list will keep you in combat. When it dies or leashes you are removed thus dropping ooc. If you are on a players hate list and damage them within 10 seconds you are in combat. Using any combat power (tray / left clicks) will briefly put you into combat for the animation length plus a few seconds. If you are on no hate lists, you drop out. 2) 1 hit. (hitting an out of combat player just forces them into combat (no more dizzy/dizzy down) 3) Hitting a mounted enemy has an increasing chance to dismount them on each hit. 4) Managing their ultimate as an escape mechanic will be something the stealth classes need to think about. 6) Deathblow requires out of combat to initiate the power. (As of now, the combat check happens at button press and not completion, so getting hit wouldn't stop it) 7) All the class widgets go into the class widget slot on the powerbar, be it pips for Assassins or Myrmidon hearts. 😎 Default is still 8 power tray slots, there is always the human option for 9 though! 9) Tools only appear when you start the swing on the resource node and for a few seconds after that. All to tools are considered "equipped" so follow whatever loot/import rules that exist for said campaign. 10) Pretty similar to how it is now, loadout power, activate. If you enter combat, the power deactivates.
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    I say this with the caveat that y'all have overwhelmingly been a phenomenal group to provide support for and I'm insanely excited for when beta rolls around.
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    Sometimes things has to be scaled up for people to notice. In this video we showcase the effect of stacking 1 class on our players, and firing away AoE powers at the same time. This took about 3 weeks to prepare, to craft vessels, gear, jewelry and testing. For people who don't understand, AoE powers goes through buildings, that goes for both healing and dps powers. Thank you to @DrakanoWOW for letting me use his stream clips, check him out he's an awesome dude: DRAKANO STREAM LINK ________________________________________________ Do you want to join Vanguard? Apply here!: https://forms.gle/FF4WBSoWjzTMMu5r5 Want to talk to us? Join our Discord!: https://discord.gg/YT8fE64 Do you want to see our recruitment thread?: https://community.crowfall.com/topic/25251-v-vanguard-eu/
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    My personal expierience in the first LIVE Dregs-Campaign (EU)... What I liked... there was always something todo even 4 am I was not safe, yes most unlikely to get ganked while doing a Pigrun, but it happened (7 Players online ^^) after getting stomped alot having a good fight really boosted moral, emotional rollercoaster is nice if there are not only downs not ideal decisions in city building costed a lot of more work/time, lesson learned, choices matter building connections with other Guilds setting and achieving goals together theorycrafting about divine favor and executing plans with results having a lot fun and laughing besides some salty tastes What I did not like... having a too strong, well trained and executing enemy / not a gameissue still too low playerbase on EU / not a gameissue fotm frostweaver doing so much dmg and screwing performance not retaliateable status bug in some situations strange portings in the keep too clear information in EVENTS-Channel, I think spawnannouncements & guards under attack should be enough information too much too good geardrops out of chests no uncommon minordiscdrops no detailed information about how divine favor points are generated Overall it was a great expierience and I have to thank ACE once again for bringing up an EU-Campaign. Looking forward to the next one, hopefully soon! Special thanks to Caldera for having us as Guests for this Campaign, Vanguard and Nordic Marauders for beeing strong and sometimes fearcausing enemies that are not unbeatable, 4g_Guys for the cooperation that worked pretty good, all my Guildmates for the good time, @jtoddcoleman for giving us an EU-Campaign, the ACE-Team for the relentless work! Now lets get prepared for the last fights tonight...
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    We took someone's advice and jiggled the cord and look what happened! 😵 Seriously though, the LIVE issue is being worked on until we get it fixed again. We'll communicate as we know more.
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    Warstories: Wolfhavens Siege

    The brave forces of Chaos-EU gave us an epic war of attrition over Wolfhaven Fort on 09. of march. Sorry for the long video. War doesn´t take breaks.
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    Interactive roads staff diary

    I am happy to inform you that an unexpected additional funding made sure that caravan animations WILL be in, as shown in and proved by the following, updated animation. (to start animation, please move your head from the right to the left)
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    War Story of the Week: Bzra

    In the history of memorable, rallying speeches, one may call to mind such classics as William Wallace's in "Braveheart" or the St. Crispin's Day bit from "Henry V", and who can forget Patton's speech to the troops? This speech by Bzra can't come close to either of those. 😃 I'm not even sure it lives up to the title "The Greatest Speech in Crowfall History." But it is amusing and it's our War Story of the Week.
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