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    Warstory: Thank you, yes, you!

    An elf sits on a chair and thinks to himself "Thank you Staff for running your mouth and uXa for manipulating the capture points system, without you guys we might not have motivated our members to come back and turn this campaign around in a single night".
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    Life and Death of a Vanguard - By Hithar

    "A short montage made to celebrate latest Crowfall campaigns and all its participants." - Hithar Enjoy @Hithars amazing work with an awesome montage of clips and an insight into our guild Vanguard, from the past few campaigns. __________________________ Vanguard Guild Thread
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    Supporting the Community : The Crafting Combinations are changing with every other path (or so) and while to make sure you have the latest information we have compiled most of it for you (@shoutout to @Sonicbang for the great work and of course Winterblades for the initial spreadsheet its based off) Updated Version of the Crafting Combination Trade and commerce is something which has been somewhat confined to Eternal Kingdoms where some of the more presistent ones, like " @sarthor's Lawn", have paved the way for others as an inspiration. While Caldera at the present time doesn't have a public Eternal Kingdom for trade, we are in the process of making a public trading post : The Grand Bazaar. Using Discord to setup trades/orders/bargains and auctions. This is the place where one mans trash becomes another mans gold. On behalf of the hard workers in Caldera! Caldera Guild Link
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    Top 10 1) Finish Frostweaver (I know this was recently mentioned) Nothing will get more people will come back and give Crowfall another try than releasing Frostweaver. 2) Assign Discipline to specific droppers and announce a list of them and a map 3) Give XP for any and all captures and have the xp be residual for holding land.Increase Capturable XP and loot bonus as the seasons progress 4) Make all outposts become spawn points- also give out gold loot when you cap it in a lootable chest.(loot and pillage) 5) Give huge bonuses for capping entire zones and holding them 6) Put GUILD crests next to Faction crests on all capturables and give guild points for capping and holding. 7) Make cash valuable again by allowing sacrifice for xp and any level. 8 ) Make the leaderboard only recognize pvp kills and deaths. 9) Create Fence NPC's that buy from players and sell same items to players for gear and runestones 10) Pay Campaign winners with VIP Character slots/ PLUS XP badges/EK Statues or their choice of discipline runestones./ Crowns/ titles
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    Greetings all, On EU we had the most fun and active campaign to date and the best sieges so far. We've all won some and lost some but the points game goes to Balance so a Congratulations is in Order! (no pun intended ) A shout out to V for bringing life back to Balance. And what a life - up to the point of winning. A shout out to everyone else involved and I won't name them because I'll probably forget a few. KDS thanks you all and is ready for more crows to fly! /salute
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    Bc the people with better organizational skills, higher levels of motivation, fully vetted supply chains and the better concept of the meta need an in game advrage to snowball into more victories. This is the very definition of Uncle Bob. As somebody who’s part of the winning faction of every to date trial the only reward for winning should be cosmetic rewards.
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    Trial of Cybele Extension

    This. Community rabble rousers made a significant impression when these forums went completely apepoorly made socks over 4 whole days of Godz Reach. ACE's take away lesson was to never have a single day break in campaigns.... The real take away is the forums are full of bad advice and complaints from people that don't play the game.
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    Warstory: Thank you, yes, you!

    So I sincerely believe that Hax did a good job with rallying Chaos this CW. Hax and uXa really tried to bring things around. Applecross is a freaking beast at the circle standing game as are several others. Outposts are something I still detest, especially how you can manipulate the score with them. Every CW there has been 1 Faction that has completely captured the entire map. That is problematic. The maps are not built for the population of the game which is somewhat frustrating to me. I feel as if I can not get a proper read on some issues with the game due to this. The map is designed for multiple zones of 100-150 and we usually don't get to 100 total players. I missed out on the majority of this CW but did hear there were fights going down on the regular. It was not until one week past that I started to actually play this campaign and there were indeed regular fights to be had. Establishing my spot via fighting and standing, alone or with friends, I was back and involved. It was Fall and Chaos were using Order accounts to take back outposts to get rid of the capture bonus. This was smart though arguably dirty. That is why I came back And I was not alone. I didn't come back for the fights, I didn't come back for an active population, I didn't come back to test the bugs (old fixed* ones included) Everyone had some good fights, small and mid scale. Everyone won some and everyone lost some as it always is. It was good to see old names back in game, it was good to see fresh and newer players in game as well. I had fun, even with all the issues CF has I have fun. And I hope others did as well! Good fights, always. I look forward to more.
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    Changes with News updates

    Hey, Crows! I'll keep this short for now and we can discuss it in more depth if anyone has questions or comments. Our tradition has been to do at least two news updates per week with the occasional Founders' Update on Wednesdays. We're going to switch things up a bit now and do one news story per week and occasional blog-like posts on the forum. The difference between them being that news items are geared more towards "big beats," juicy information with wide appeal to the masses while the blog posts will be information that's mostly of interest to the engaged player/tester community. We're still working out the fine details, but I wanted to go ahead and get this posted so people who were waiting for today's news update will know why it didn't happen. Ask me your questions, Bridgekeeper. I am not afraid, ~ Pann ~
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    Whiskey Sipping random Ideas

    And here is what I would like you to do.. .I want you to go look in the mirror.. You like what you see? if so good... now take a closer look at your nose.. Its on your face.. Thats where it belongs and not in my God Damn business. So keep it where it belongs. Baconator.
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    Listen please. The majority of minors grant a passive. Passives granted by minors are, for the most part, situational/low impact and not attractive compared to class/promotion or major disc passives. The only reason many of these got any play in the first place was because people could take a second minor to get a slot to equip them with. The majority of builds require at least one, and in many cases two passives just to function, before even considering passives from disciplines. The majority of builds are going to take a major passive over a minor one because they're flat out better powers in most cases. I understand that these passives were too good compared to other options, but without them, the majority of minor disciplines as a whole are virtually unusable for a LARGE number of race/class combos. Is this your intent? I'm all for removing these passives, but this greatly amplifies the already problematic issue of of not enough passive slots compared to passive options equipped on the character's discs. Most core builds have two passives spoken for, if not three. People were literally spending two minor slots in order to actually fit most of these effects on to their builds. If you want minors to be low yield and situational that's fine, but at can you please free up some of our slots so we can actually utilize them alongside our class and major passives? As is we're going to see a lot of people taking stuff like elven eyes not as a considered build choice but because they literally don't have any other method to utilize all their minor slots. The third minor slot (and indeed the second minor slot) on a large number of builds is functionally locked out at this point. Minors and class based passives need to be made innate if you expect many races to to actually have compelling choices for what to do with their minors now, or new innate minors need to be created (for example, flat HP, crit, or other core stats) so those templates have build options. I'm all in favor of being spoiled for choice and having to make some tough decisions, but in the current state of the game these are not tough decisions as the obvious decision in most cases is to just skip power granting minors (the majority of minors) in favor of the much more impactful passives afforded by the base class and majors.
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    Do you want a wipe?

    Making sure nobody is ever in an imbalanced training or gear state isn't a great way to test the finalized design. Making sure nobody has to grind is not a good way to determine if the grind is too harsh. The finalized design will be in an imbalanced training and gear state 100% of the time. The finalized design will have a grind that starts at zero whether you started on launch day or started a year after launch day. You don't want a wipe for testing purposes. You want a wipe because you are more concerned with winning in an alpha than making sure we have a solid progression balance in live. A wipe will not patch your inability to win fights. Your inability to win fights has more to do with the unwipable experience and knowledge of the people beating you than it has to do with skill points. Those same people will beat you just as easily the day after a wipe because they've assigned tasks and developed highly efficient gear development strategies and highly optimized group combat specs. When you call for a wipe for 'balancing' reasons you aren't helping test. You're actually hurting testing, and making it more difficult to determine if new players dropped in to a field of long term players need a buff. I'm perfectly happy with a wipe or no wipe, I don't care that much, but I'm getting a bit sick of the BS reasoning that we need to have "accelerated testing" or that "everyone needs to be on even footing" to get valuable test data. Neither of these things is true, and neither of these things is actually helpful for testing. The only reasons to wipe are foundational system changes that would result in inaccessible or incompatible content to affect the environment. If you said 'we need to wipe disciplines because crafting disciplines are gone' you'd be right. If you're saying "maybe passive trees should have a smaller effect so there's not as big a difference between trained and untrained players" that's also a conversation worth debate. These address the live testing state and its ramifications for the design of the game. If you say "we need to wipe everything because other peoplehave things and I don't" you're not helping make getting them less grindy and you're doing nothing to make the game better for people who will be in your situation in the future. This thinking doesn't address the design of the live testing state and only makes it more likely, not less, that the divide between newbie and established players you seem to think is so debilitating remains just as debilitating.
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    Do you want a wipe?

    They should wipe it all on live. And go to 1x speed training and see the reactions. Keep the data for the trained on Test. But wipe all gear and banks on test as well. With free mats and training Test could be used to.... well... TEST!
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    I know piece of it are collected independently but several pieces are formatted word for word how I put it in ours. Hell, all of the resource color coding is identical with the legends being completely identical as well. Your combinations are in the EXACT same order as they are on our sheet. Your legend is fully identical when it is included, most obviously on the leather sheet. You have the EXACT same errors I did on the jewelry page. The EXACT same errors I had on the runemaking page. Here, lets just go and show instead: Here are the Winterblades Sphere cuts prior to me fixing them on the live document(Hint, it involves the polish effect): Here are yours that you copied: Here is the Alchemical solutions with the one weird green box that I think Grad put in for some reason on the Winterblades sheet: Here is your direct copy and paste of that exact same weird coloring: Here is the coloring from the leather working legend vs what I actually have colored on the sheet(Also the combination order: Here is your sheet with the EXACT same difference in coloring and order: Oh, you also have Soft Soft Soft wrong on your sheet because I had that wrong on the live sheet when you copied and pasted it over. Apparently you didn't bother to actually check that. It is crit healing amount. Might want to "collect that data". Here is one of the longer of the combination lists on ours:' Here is yours that is in the exact same order: All of the combinations on your sheet are in the exact same order as they are on the Winterblades sheet. Taking a look at our biggest page, the cooking page, I'm not even seeing a single difference between them. Hell, you even have the weird testing I did with seasoning with the rustic roasted Auroch when I was trying to determine if they were doing anything(Fun note, they haven't up to 5.8.5). I haven't actually checked for 5.9. I'm honestly kind of surprised you doubled down on this considering how much you actually copied. You definitely did update some pieces but to say you collected it all is a lie unless you consider copy and pasting to be collecting which I suppose it is in a way. If you're interested in getting involved in the project, I'm 100% down for working with people on this. It takes a lot of time to gather this information and try to keep it up to date between patch changes hence why I've been slow to get this one updated. Just don't try to claim that you didn't blatantly copy something and try to pass it as something you did almost all of work on because you didn't and it is obvious you didn't even bother put much time into trying to make it look like you did. Edit - Oh I forgot. There wasn't even an embedded shout out in the sheet when I made my first post earlier. I know because I copied the sheet to see if you would try to throw in quick changes like that. Here is the copy at the time of my posting: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yAt8888mB5j_7d1R1OpdBGviT-BF0PMwum0DPtVcxcc/edit?usp=sharing
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    The only moment in time where everyone will be on even footing is the day of release. Wiping the server constantly will not fix this problem you think you have.
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    7/15/19 Crowfall Pre-Alpha Build 5.100.0 To report any issues or bugs, please go here: 5.100 Bug Reports To report feedback, please go here: 5.100 Feedback For an up-to-date list of known issues please go here: Known Issues New Items: New interact functionality has been added to teleporters such as Runegates, fort and keep gates, ladders, banks, chests, sacrifice pits, and plant harvestables. A new Embargo system has been introduced. Please see below for more information. New Respawn Outposts have been added to campaign worlds allowing for more respawning options during siege and campaign play. Embargo System: Embargo system to allow players to move items in and out of the Campaign Worlds more easily from the Temple areas and to allow for improved Bank Storage in each world. New banking system categories: Banks and Vaults. Both bank styles will have import/export tokens. Pressing “B” no longer accesses the Spirit Bank and the bank type accessed depends on the type of world the player is in In Campaign Worlds “B” accesses a global bank. In God’s Reach “B” will access your vault. Banks and Vaults now appear as a “List” view in the UI, previously it was a grid. Local banks have been deprecated. Crafting: Experiment Quality Difficulty Adder has been altered such that experimentation now decreases as higher quality resources are used in crafting. Additional Risk Difficulty values have been increased (These changes should make it such that you are more likely to have better experimentation rolls on higher quality resources, and less likely to use additional risk on lower quality resources). Mobs and AI: Spiders should no longer slide when during their attack animation. War Tribe Loot Table Pass Grouped and redistributed Minor Disciplines among particular Race-Class combinations. Vessel additives now only available at Rank 7+. Reduced resource drop rate. Bandages drop at lower ranks, Cloth drops at higher ranks. Increased food drop rates. Fix Aracoix Assassin not doing stealth. Talent Trees: The final capstone passive powers in the talent trees are now automatically and permanently applied to your character when you purchase them and no longer require a passive slot to be loaded out. Changed the buff name on Treant Wood Stake from "Armored Archer's Stake" to "Treant Wood Stake." Racial Powers: Added verbage to Attributes details to indicate they can never exceed 350. Added verbage to racial passives to indicate what Attribute Caps they were modifying. Discipline Powers: Fixed Agent Provocateur's Stink Bomb not playing field fx. Added duration of poison onto the tooltip for Poisoned Blade on the Poisoner Discipline. Added the Bleed effect on the Long Live the Fighter passive could be stacked three times onto the tooltip. General Bug Fixes: Changed the sacrifice and monetary values of yeast, auroch milk, black pepper, and cocoa beans to 5 xp and 2 gold each. Small change to quality settings, to give more breathing room to async texture streaming upload system. Added vsync by default, to try to deal with hot GPU at the lobby. Adding test vendors to crafting area in temple. Interacting with a sacrifice brazier is now an instant action rather than a hold interaction.
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    Trial of Cybele Extension

    Whatever happened to having a break in God's Reach? Could we not just end the campaign at the original time and have a hooligan around in GR while we wait for whatever you've got planned. Those that are screeching and screaming for constant campaigns are gone, and I for one have been burnt out for a while. Likely other people too. I think it's time you reintroduced that GR break period.
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    Warstory: Thank you, yes, you!

    It says something about how the seasons work that struggling through spring summer and fall to win just Bc of three days of winter and the core forces of HoA and W coming back to ensure a win. Good on Clams for doing what they could for 10 days but something is wrong of if the last three days that really determine the winner. I made a comment on the dev partner forums but I’ll make a legit post later in the day and see what the devs think about this but fair warning we’ve been told replies will be slower due to vacations. If you want me to include something in the post pm on discord and I’ll add it.
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    CURRENT AS OF JUNE 24TH, 2019 - LIVE CLIENT VERSION 5.92.2 THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. PLEASE BE PATIENT AS I WORK TOWARD COMPLETION So as of recent, it seems like ArtCraft Entertainment is really starting to pick up some momentum which is clearly reflected in their updates and commitment to. A lot has changed in a very short period of time and with the release of 5.92.2, Potrais and I decided to take the plunge and dive in to the game in its current state. When it comes to parcels, at first glance, they are not very easily understood. Combine that with the limited amount of information currently available (or lack thereof), I found myself in a pickle where I had to reach out to the guys at Crowfall for assistance and on that note, their commitment to technical support through these alpha phases has most definitely been top notch. Nonetheless, I had a problem and they had a solution. So with that thought in mind, we're going to add another one to the knowledge base for the community to reference. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1.0 - Information (Read First) 2.0 - Obtaining Your Parcels and Other Objects 3.0 - Relevant Chat Console Commands 4.0 - EK Map Editor and UI 5.0 - Parcel Placement 6.0 - Placing Buildings 7.0 - Placing Objects in Buildings 8.0 - Permitting Others to Develop 9.0 - Possible Future Changes 1.0 - INFORMATION (READ FIRST) 1.1 - Each portion of the guide is broken down into sections and subsections, beginning with "x.x". This is extremely useful as it is a quick way to recall specific references within the guide as well as a way to let me know what needs to be updated, what I may have missed, etc. Any "Enformative" guides on the forums are subscribed to by me and will be continuously updated as information becomes available. 1.2 - This guide references web addresses and images throughout. These references are clickable and formatted like this. This helps tremendously with keeping the guide as clean as possible while still having all of the necessary information within reach for those who may want extended details or like my finger-painting. 1.3 - Eternal Kingdoms are essentially scalable areas for more robust form of player housing (and I choose the word robust as you can essentially use it for whatever you want, it's yours to do what you please within the options they have made available to you for configuration) that are allocated upon account creation, assigned to you, and then spin up for availability when you "launch" your Kingdom from the Eternal Kingdoms menu (hence why you must launch the instance and then click to enter). As of right now, the online status of your EK server is determined by its occupancy. Once launched, an EK will remain online so long as it is occupied by at least 1 player. Once the EK is empty of players, it remains online only for a very short while post the last players disconnect. 1.4 - Every EK is allocated a 12 player slot capacity by default. As of right now, there is no mechanic available ingame that will contribute to an increase in player slots. 1.5 - EKs are developed on a grid of which is comprised of cells, and every grid is 22 cells x 22 cells in size. The terrain pieces of which you will expand your EKs footprint with are referred to as parcels, and these parcels (depending on size and type) are comprised of at least 1 cell. When a parcel is placed on the EKs grid, it deducts the amount of cells of which it is structured upon from your overall amount of available grid cells. 1.6 - When you acquired Crowfall (however the means), more than likely your purchase was bundled with "rewards" in the form of parcels and objects for use within your EK. If a backer reward is not available yet ingame, it may be replaced by a similar version (i.e. being given a Capital Parcel in lieu of a Caldera Parcel). There is no need to be concerned as when the reward becomes available for use, it will reflect accordingly within your available parcels and objects. 1.7 - Consuming a parcel and or object reward during the pre-alpha, alpha, and beta test phases will not have any effect when Crowfall goes live. All parcels and objects will be reallocated to you for use at launch regardless of whether or not they were consumed and used during testing. 1.8 - Currently consumed parcel and or object rewards cannot be traded via the gifting system. 1.9 - Parcel and or object rewards are not available on the test server, only the live server. However - ArtCraft, at their discretion, may provide parcels and or objects to you at no charge for testing and without notice, so be sure to check your Account Rewards page on the Crowfall website because you may just get lucky! 1.10 - This most definitely is an open forum. Any feedback, suggestions, additions, and or changes are welcome. Please do not hesitate to contribute. 2.0 - OBTAINING AND CLAIMING YOUR PARCELS AND OTHER OBJECTS 3.1 - Parcels are essentially building blocks of land that you assemble in any fashion you like, within the guidelines listed later in 5.0, to create the layout of your Eternal Kingdom. Parcels are available for purchase in the official Crowfall Store, and depending on which backer package you have purchased, may have already been awarded to your account for claim Additionally, all parcels available for puchase can be crafted ingame via the stonemasonry > geomancy skill trees. It's important to note that parcels crafted ingame will be lost on resets, requiring that you craft them again if you wish to use. 3.2 - If your parcels and objects were considered part of a "bundle"when obtaining Crowfall, you may first contemplate weather or not you un-bundle them. Un-bundling is not required for use and claim of your assets however can be both convenient and inconvenient depending on your outlook. Doing this will break all of your assets included in the bundle down into separate items. This could be especially useful if you wish to pass items on to another account, or if you would like only to use a particular asset for the moment. Note that once you have un-bundled your assets, only ArtCraft can pack them back up. 3.3 - To un-bundle your assets - visit Crowfall.com and at the top right hand corner of your window - input your credentials into the username and password fields to be taken to your Account Profile. If you look to the left side of the Account Profile page, you will see "Rewards". Click on the rewards options to be taken to your Account Rewards page. As you can see from what I have highlighted, you will have a populated list of items available to claim from your bundled purchases. Locate any of your parcels, buildings, and other objects on this list and then click the "Consume" button to claim your rewards and have them sent to you ingame. After consuming your rewards, load up Crowfall. 3.4 **ADDITIONAL INFORMATION COMING 3.5 - Once logged into your EK, hit the escape key and locate the Spirit Bank icon (1) and click to open your bank to view claimed rewards (2). Send each of your relevant rewards to your inventory by right clicking on them. 3.0 - RELEVANT CHAT CONSOLE COMMANDS 2.1 - There are a few relevant and notable chat console commands that will be referenced throughout this guide. ArtCraft has not fully developed an all inclusive UI that makes such a thing as simple as "point and click", however they have stated one will be available in the future. A list of the various chat console commands can be found by clicking on the question mark which is located at the top right hand corner of the chat window. 2.2 - Note that player names for all EK commands are case sensitive. 2.3 - Note that all system responses triggered by the chat console commands will be output to the "ME" window within the chat console. 2.4 - Note that "monarchs" (EK owners) can remove parcels regardless of ownership. If a parcel is removed that has buildings and or structures place, the assets will be sent to the asset owners spirit bank. 2.5 - To use a command, simply hit the enter key to allow input to your chat console. From my personal experience, commands will work in every channel other than "Combat". Lets take a look at Command List that shows us what we have to work with so far: (1) "Citizen Commands" allow you to control your EKs general population and access. "/ekinvite playername" - If your Kingdom is private, it is not visible or joinable by the general public. After inviting a player using this command, your Kingdom will become visible on the invited players server list under "MY KINGDOMS" for joining. "/ekban playername" - Use this command to permanently ban a player from your Kingdom regardless of its privacy settings. "/ekunban playername" - Using this command will remove a previously banned player, allowing them access to your Kingdom. Note that if your Kingdom is private and you would like to grant access to the un-banned player, you will have to invite them. "/ekremove playername" - Don't be a d#$% and use this for personal enjoyment... But it is essentially a "kick" command and will remove all rights within your EK from that player. Note that if your server is private and you wish to allow access to that player again in the future, they will have to be re-invited. (2) "Noble Commands" are used to grant parcel placement rights to other players. "/ekaddnoble playername" - Adds the player to your nobles list, granting them permissions to place parcels , move, and or remove only parcels of which they own. Nobles will not have permission to remove, alter, adjust, or what have you, any parcels of which they do not. "/ekincrementnoblecellcount playername quantity" - Grants your nobles cells for placement of their parcels. Note that even as a noble, they cannot place a parcel without you granting them this resource. "/ekremovenoble playername" - Removes the player from your EK, stripping them of all granted rights, vassals, cells, and tokens. If your EK is set to private, an invite will have to be tendered to the player again should you choose to welcome them back at a later time. "/eklistnobles" - Lists all players of which you have made a noble within your EK. (3) "Vassal Commands" *** PLACEHOLDER TEXT *** "/ekaddvassal playername" - Grants the player rights to place buildings on parcels only of which you own. Note that you must physically be standing on the parcel of which you would like to grant the player rights to place buildings on. "/ekremovevassal playername" - Removes a players rights to place buildings on a parcel. Note that you must physically be standing on the parcel of which you want to remove a players rights from. "/eklistvassals" - Lists all players of which you have granted vassal rights to for the parcel you are standing on. (4) "Token Commands" *** PLACEHOLDER TEXT *** "/ekincrementvassaltokencount playername type size quantity" - Allocates tokens to the player used in placing buildings and structures on the parcel you are standing on. Note that only the parcel owner has the right to allocate tokens to players for their parcels. "/eklisttokens" - Lists all players of which you have allocated tokens to for the parcel you are standing on. 4.0 - EK MAP EDITOR AND UI 4.1 - Once you load into your EK, we are going to be looking for map editor and UI. As of right now, Crowfall does not have a hotkey assigned to the editor. In order to open it, hit the escape key and click on the icon within the left-side navbar that looks like a tiny little house. 4.2 - Once you click on the icon, the map editor will open. Referencing the map editor image: (1) This area contains all of the information pertaining to the way your EK is viewed on the server list, as well as the privacy and game type options. "KINGDOM" - This is what you will be naming your land. This option can (as described below) be visible as well as searchable to the public. If you are trying to bring someone into your EK and they are unable to scroll the list and find you, they can reference this name in the search area of the server listings to locate yours. "DESCRIPTION" - I'm not going to go into detail on how to write a description for your EK... your a smart cookie, you got this! "PUBLIC KINGDOM" - Selecting this box will shade it in reflecting your selection. If you choose to leave your EK open to the public, not only will anyone be able to see and search for your Kingdom on the server list, but they can also come and go as they please. So - make sure your okay with people walking in and out of your place like they own the joint before you check this box. "PvP" - Selecting this box will shade it in reflecting your selection. If you do this, anyone can wage war with you at any time... and you can kill whoever you like with no questions asked. "CANCEL / SUBMIT" - This is self explanatory but know, whatever happens on this screen as of Client Version 5.92.2 will not be permanent as far as the choices you make about your settings and parcel placements. Even after submitting your changes, you can always revert back to a clean slate and do it all over again until your little hearts content. (2) This is your parcel tray / repository. Any of the parcel pieces that have been previously removed from your Spirit Bank and placed in your inventory will be displayed here for your placement. Note that if a parcel piece is not in your inventory, it most certainly will not be displayed here. (3) This is where you have the option to enter a name for your parcel. Once a parcel has been dropped into place, this field will be populated with the default name of the parcel. You have the ability to change this, giving it a custom name. Parcel names are view-able and referenced on a players map (opened using the "M" key) only. While traversing the terrain itself, the name of the parcel will not be displayed when crossing over zone thresholds. (4) These are a few simple parcel controls. You can use the circular arrows to rotate the parcel on its horizontal access for placement. The red bag icon will allow you to remove a parcel from its place on the EK grid and return it to your repository. This does not delete the parcel. (5) Your Camera Controls Using the circular arrows, you can rotate the EK grid as a whole to gain different perspectives to assist you with placement of your parcels.
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    New player: thoughts and opinions.

    Hey everyone, New to Crowfall, tried it in patch 5.5, 5.6 and logged briefly in patch 5.7. However despite that I still consider my self very new to this project, hence the title. It is with patch 5.9 that I've selected to truly throw my self into Crowfall and after having played a week I'm confident enough to say that I will be playing this for the forseeable future. The main reason I've returned was due to the decision to stream this game. This isn't some shameless plug thread, my username isn't my twitch account etc, hence why I'm not linking anything. But that was the "why" I chose to try it again. The main differences I've seen from the sparse collection of hours I've played is: - Greater balance in classes. - NPC monsters that genuinely work now. - greater synergy between players in terms of crafting. Things that I've genuinely enjoyed and appreciated include - - fantastic community. - brilliant items. - animations I consider on par with any triple A mmo. (Centaur I'm looking at you!) - A hardcore sandbox rule set. Now I know that the alpha has its issues but that's the journey a game goes through during development. What I see though is that the pieces are there, they're coming together and once the issues are ironed out, tightened up and implemented, I've little doubt that this will be a game full of incredible stories. Stories are the reason I play MMOs, they're what i remember and, unfortunately that's a commodity in short supply in today's current mmo market, so I'm sticking around, I will continue to learn, investigate, meet new people, test and involve my self - because, putting aside some of the issues this test product has, I still believe that Crowfall has a real genuine shot at being a long term MMO that I, my stream partner (duo stream) and my friends will enjoy. To the guild I've joined thank you for making this an easy process, and to the people I've met so far, death to all balance!
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    It's been debated at length that defenders usually have an advantage in these kind of siege games, given positioning and tactical advantage of being able to stay static versus an approaching force. However Crowfall takes this to another level. Let's look at the advantages that a defending force currently have at a Fort or Keep during a siege window: 1) Positional advantage - defenders are able to sit on walls or in fortified positions, and attackers must move to them. 2) Ability to launch defensive siege from walls or fortified positions - Ballista are another topic altogether right now. 3) High rank guards hitting attackers for 20% of their life per hit, from 100m away. 4) Respawn economy - Defenders are able to spawn nearby, without any penalty other than a timer. I'm going to focus mostly on point 4) in this post. Testing has shown that the first death penalty incurs a ~90 second respawn timer. https://gfycat.com/zealousmagnificentamericancreamdraft - Proof of 90 second respawn on first death. If your flight time is short, such as when defending a keep or fort, your first death is essentially meaningless and you can respawn quickly. Let's envision a scenario when you are the defending force at a Fort, and you venture outside of the walls to confront attackers. Let's say the fight is relatively even, and each faction loses 5 members during the battle. Given even numbers, this fight essentially means that the attacking force has already lost the battle. Defenders simply wait the 90 seconds, resurrect and are good to go, while attackers need to fly to the nearest spawn location, which may not even be in the same zone if you are sieging a Fort. So now each side has lost 5 players, and the attacking force is essentially down 5 members. It takes longer than 90 seconds to regroup, destroy a wall and be ready to push in. Defenders are now all alive, and can resume with their original numbers. Attackers must continue into another compromising situation: attacking the throne rooms, or killing guards. Some guards cannot even be reached at this stage, as they will be up on walls that in most cases, cannot be climbed, as most defending teams will not repair ramps, only ladders, which attacking teams cannot use. In the current game, generally you don't even bother with killing guards, because that gives the enemy team more time to resurrect and regroup. So the attacking team charges the throne room and the enemy players (and at least 4 guards). Should they manage to kill anyone that didn't die in the first attack, those players can resurrect 90 seconds later and rejoin the fight, however attackers cannot reinforce with new players. Most battles last much longer than 90 seconds, so it's not rare to kill the same person 3-4 times in one siege. See this video for part of an example. Just in this video alone: Bzra dies 2:15 Taloc dies 3:30 Samwell dies 3:45 Samwell is back in the fight visible at 6:00 Bzra is back in the fight at 6:05 Taloc is back in the fight and dies at 6:23 Although the POV person from the video dies, I can assure you that when we pushed into the throne room, we fought Samwell, Taloc, and many others that we had already killed multiple times again. The fight ended when uXa reinforced with superior numbers, but we would have likely lost the battle eventually due to pure attrition, an issue that the defenders do not have to deal with. In summary, defenders have too strong of an advantage in the current state of the game. Attackers must push through long range and sometimes impossible to reach guards, overpowered ballista with invisible spell effects, and advantageous defender positioning. Attackers also have to deal with respawning defenders who are able to rejoin fights at full strength, as Death Shroud doesn't apply when you resurrect at a Dragon statue. And on top of all of this, attackers have to succeed in eliminating the opposing force in one singular push, as they cannot reinforce in a timely manner. Defenders get multiple chances to win. All this combined means that for attackers to win a Keep, they must either vastly outnumber, out-skill or out-gear the enemy, or defenders decide not to protect the keep at all. There is no situation in Crowfall right now where an attacking force can squeak out a win and claw out a victory after a hard-fought, even battle. Suggestions Add a 3-5 minute death shroud timer from time of death. If a player resurrects via a dragon statue, they have the death shroud debuff until that time runs out. (Players resurrected by allies should not be given death shroud, ACE you have this one backwards in the current game) Remove MKIV ballista from the game or see other suggestions regarding eliminating targeting inside your own keep walls. Tune or tone down fort and keep guards. They are either too powerful, or have too much range, or both. We are not here to fight insane guards, we're here to fight other players. Having NPCs be so strong and possibly turning the tide of battles is not what we signed up for. Thank you for your interest
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    Make the Promotion class passive just something that is on your character - not something you have to slot. Having to slot it as a passive is just annoying and tbh horribly by design
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    Minor Disc Removals in 5.100

    Making the keystone passive always activated instead of requiring a slot would go a long way to help with this cause atm you only get 2 passive slots realy.
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    Thursday Siege - The Untold Truth

    As the siege ended thursday evening, Order beat the main Balance force in the open field. Vanguard was hungry for a fight after having capped and defended the 2 other keeps. Being late to the party Vanguard chose to engage - more balance people joined in as the fight progressed. Permission and clips used from CrusaderW's stream (go follow him): twitch.tv/crusaderW ________________________ Check us out: Our recruitment thread
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    Another day of waiting,minutes going by,our forces scattered,only 10 of us guarding the keep,boring guard duty for KDS goes through my mind. Not expecting any enemy we were playing cards and drinking ale.Then 3 members of Caldera come with news,big Balance force is coming our way.Order was given: Mount the wall,mount ballistas.We are all hardened warriors,we know what lies in front of us,epic battle where we must come out victorious. By the time we reached the walls 4 catapults were already shooting.We took 2 catapults down,but they placed 2 more,ballistas were going down faster then we could mount them. We got called out: All behind the keep and let them push in,we will hit them with ballistas in the back. Finally they breached the outer walls and pushed to the bottom keep room,then we cornered them inside and started pouring fire to the room.Panic,screams,I even felt sorry for them but they are enemy,they do this to us every time we attack them,so I quickly recovered and started shooting.Fight was going back and forth until we finally pushed them out of the keep.Go for the trees order was given. We managed to take down 2 bastions before they returned,we retreated and flanked them,breaking them on the open field once more.Mighty 13 warriors prevailed and defended the keep in echo. 26 balance warriors tried and failed,there was no help in their cries for help,Vanguard showed up to late. Now back to drinking ale and repairing gear.Until next time.
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    I want specific Discipline droppers, but I wouldn't announce where they are. I think it would be better to explore and find where they spawn on each new campaign map. Basically, I think the location of the Discipline droppers should be randomized when the map is created, but should remain constant for the duration of that campaign.
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    Warstory: Timing is Everything

    What's that? Some low-down, dirty Chaos are a' siegin' our keep? Saddle up and let's ride, boys! The not-so-Lone Ranger is bringin' the cavalry! Will we get there in time to save the Tree of Life from destruction? Keep an eye on that Tree of Life percent:
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    Warstory: Thank you, yes, you!

    With our EU campaign being dead, we visited several times this campaign. It was lot's of great fights, hopefully everyone have had some fun win or lose. Props to chaos for keeping their foot on the gas, and keeping balance on their toes. And if everyone had the fighting spirit of Hax, then the game would be amazing. There's great potential in all these NA guilds. One thing I would encourage everyone to do, (this might sound weird), but that is to release videos with your voice communication. If your enemies can learn from you, you will get better enemies. Better enemies means better fights, and the entire population will benefit from it. This is why we include our voice in our videos. Ask for feedback on how you play, if you really want to improve, people will help. If anything I'll help anyone in need. Thanks again for lot's of great fights! Especially the outnumbered ones, @Ble, @Sanna, @Scorn, @Xarrayne
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    Trial of Cybele Extension

    Please don't.
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    Are important things such as the ability to be logged into the game during PvP scheduled for before or after Frostweaver? Just checkin. I know its alot to ask.
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    Warstory: Thank you, yes, you!

    Hey no problem man, the only things i do better then 1k basics are run my mouth and run away when the fight goes bad
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    Changes with News updates

    My issue with all of this is "feeding the information machine". What are you doing? What changes are a week out, a month out 3 months out, 6? 9? a year. Yes it will get more sketchy the longer the time but come on. What has been done in the last week that is exciting? Infuriating? Frustrating? The last month? What milestones were met. what was pushed off due to "reasons". What is the new office like? Where is the cookie Jar? What type of cookies? Who got a new computer with what specs? How are the testers testing? What are they testing on? Do they exist? custard!
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    Changes with News updates

    Regarding the delay of the ACE Q&A for July, while we typically like to have them out within the first two weeks of the month, this one is going to happen later in the month than I originally expected due to scheduling conflicts. Most likely it will be sometime the last week of July. I'm not dodging your questions and comments regarding news. DebySue and I are wrapping up our strategy for what's newsworthy vs. what should be a "deeper dive blog" (as she describes it). We'll start feeding the information machine again soon. Meanwhile, I really appreciate your patience.
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    Whiskey Sipping random Ideas

    I was just sittin here catching my evening buzz, aka happy hour(s), and I am skinning pigs. Raid bosses do not have names yet so ... I suggest we name the pack pig boss Baconator. That is all. Samwell T Baggins...out.
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    That’s a terrible idea, and throws easy come out the window. The easiest thing would probably just make Experimentation Difficulty a constant that doesn’t change based on the quality of your resources. That would mean it’s just as hard to experiment on a legendary as it is a common piece of gear. White would still be viable, but you’d be encouraged to get better gear for a chance at better stats
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    @thomasblair@mhalashace@vkromas@ACE_FancyHats Bookmark this thread and come back to it when you're ready to iterate on Minor Disciplines! Minor Disciplines - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly This post is going to go through all Minor Disciplines available from the Minor Vendor in the Temple in 5.100 patch. I'm going to classify each and every minor into one of 4 categories: Good, Meh, Bad and Ugly Good - This Minor has use in almost every situation on at least 2 classes and synergies well with different builds Meh - This Minor has a good effect, but for whatever reason, you wouldn't use this Bad - This Minor has a very situational effect and doesn't synergize well with any build or class Ugly - This Minor has no idea what it's doing and doesn't need to be it's own Minor Each Minor will be classified based on my own judgement, and you're free to disagree with it. I might also add some of my own suggestions so that a particular minor might see more use if my suggestion were followed. Now that I've explained the rules, let's get started! Alchemy Techniques, Blacksmithing Techniques, Jewelcrafting Techniques, Leatherworking Techniques, Necromancy Techniques, Runemaking Techniques, Stonemasonry Techniques, Woodworking Techniques - Good Gives a Passive that increases your Assembly and Experimentation Caps. You'll want this at the high-end to craft really good gear. Stonemasonry Techniques is the only bad one, since Stonemasonry doesn't need stats currently. It'd also be nice if Woodworking Techniques granted the use of Weapon Weights in their weapons. Armor of Faith - Meh Gives you an active power that increases Personal Damage Modifier by 7% for 15s every 23s. If you're build already makes use of all your passive slots, but not your power slots, then this could be a Minor to take. Though 7% is not a lot, and you're probably better off using Sturdy or a power from a defensive Major, like Rune Caster. It would see more use if it were more potent, like it was when it was first introduced. Attention to Detail - Bad Gives a Passive that increases your Additional Risk Points Value by 1. The description of the Minor says it increases the Percent each Experimentation Point is worth, and the description of Addition Risk Point Value says it does that, but there's no indicator it actually does anything. The messaging is really bad with this Minor Use it alongside Helper Monkey and Risk Management, but once you get to high-end crafting drop it for Leather Scroll Case or a Techniques Minor. Blood Pact - Ugly Gives you an active power that changes your resource to Health for 15s every 45s. There is no situation, ever where this would be desirable. You're just asking to get yourself killed. Just remove this from this from the game. No one will ever run this in any situation Burning Hatred - Bad Gives you a Passive that spawns Health Orbs when you deal damage. It's a weaker version of Blade Master's Blood Price. Burning Hatred heals you for 1.8%-2.2% of your Maximum Health. Most players will nominally be around 10,000 HP, that's only 180-220 HP. A regular lmb does twice that. Blood Price, on the other hand, heals you for 63-77+28% Support Power AND gives you 100 Attack Power. Blood Price heals for roughly the same, but gives you more AP. Why would you take Burning Hatred over Blood Price, given the chance? Burning Hatred needs to be healing for about 5% of max HP, nominally, before it'd be considered. Careless Whisper - Good Gives you a passive that, after 5 lmbs within 12s, Critical Strike and Critical Damage are buffed by 10% for 6s. Good on lmb-heavy builds to increase their damage, plus there's a visible indicator that tells you when the buff is active. Dig In! - Bad Gives you a Passive that increase your Anti-Critical Strike by 25% for 15s when under 25% Health. When you're low health, critical hits aren't what you should be worried about. Considering there are stats that increase raw damage when you're below 35% Health, Dig In! won't prolong your death. Field Surgeon's Rescue is what'll help you. If Dig In! made you immune to crits, or increased Final Mitigations at low health, it'd be a much more viable option. Elven Eyes - Good Gives you +20m Far-sight. Has no Passive or active Power, and Far-sight has general uses, so it's good to take when you've filled out both your Passive Slots and Power Bar(s), and have an empty Minor slot. Eminently Punchable - Meh Gives you a passive which restores resources when hit. At high levels, you don't need to work about your resource management all that often, and you get more resource from support classes. It might be good as a first minor when you're low level and resource management is something you should worry about, but that goes away as you gain levels. Explosive Thorns, Prickly Skin, Protective Thorns, Thornshield - Ugly These 4 Minors all revolve around Thorns, but Thorns damage is laughably weak. It also is functionally the same Retribution, which I'd argue is stronger because Retribution is determined based on your enemy's damage, while Thorns is dependent on some other stat that's not obvious. There's also no way to increase your Thorns, unless you're an Earthkeeper Druid. To make Thorns work, you have to go all into Thorns, but why would you take 3 Minors just to make 1 effect somewhat work? It's lunacy. These 4 Minors are better off as 1 Thorns major, but that still doesn't solve the issue that Thorns damage is weak and can be ignored by other players. Taking these Minors off Thorns and onto Retribution would also make them be more interesting choices. Finish Him! - Bad Gives a Passive that increases Execute Power damage. There's only 2 powers in the game that Finish Him! might work on: Templar's Execute and Ranger's Multipurpose Shot with Slashing Arrows/Quiver. The problem is: Execute only works on low Health Players, and the damage increase is not noticeable enough to tell if it even does anything. It also doesn't help that Slashing Arrows/Quivers give a chance to deal Execute damage. Your target will likely be dead before you can determine if you did Execute damage or if RNGesus said you rolled high on your damage. The messaging on this Minor is just really poor. Found Resources - Meh Gives a Passive that returns 2 Pips if you enter stealth with no Pips. In some ways, it's a weaker version of Agent Provocateur's Preparation Passive. With the current way Zoning works, you always enter a Zone with no Pips. Found Resources makes it so, if you ever engage into a fight with no pips, you can get 2 just by stealthing. Of course you could just wack a mob to get full pips, or if you're running Agent Provocateur, Preparation can give you full pips if you stay in stealth long enough. One of the few Stealth disciplines and something to take if you have full Passives in your other tray(s) Furious - Meh Gives a Passive to Champions that increases their Damage Bonus by 10% at Full Rage. Only usable on Champions and is overshadowed by stronger Passives from Majors Glass Cannon - Good Gives a Passive that increases your Damage Bonus by 10% and decreases your Personal Damage Modifier by 10%. If you're a Ranged DPS and have a pocket healer, the increased damage is not something the worry about. There are ways to counteract the increased damage that make this Passive a good choice. Helper Monkey - Good Gives a Passive that reduces the Assembly and Experimentation difficulty by 10. This helps to make it more likely to get good rolls during Experimentation Last Resort - Bad Gives a Passive that increases your Critical Strike by 25% when you're below 25% health. When you're below 25% health, you're on death's door. Getting more Critical Strike won't get you out of that situation. Might be good in close 1v1s, but those will be few and far between. Plus, it's not hard to hit the Critical Strike Cap, so this Minor will literally do nothing for you in that case. If it was Critical Damage, then you'd maybe see it, but you're still on death's door and you're likely not in a 1v1 where'd getting a Critical boost would turn the tide. Leather Scroll Case - Good Grants the Scroll Case slot. You'll need this to craft Runic Weapons and Horse Shoes Matching Leather, Matching Mail, Matching Plate - Meh Gives a Passive that increases your Support Power by 100 when you're wearing a full set of either Leather, Mail, or Plate. These are not bad Minors, but you likely have better Passives from your Major disciplines that overshadow these Minors and you can't slot it to get the effect. Minor Accompaniment - Bad Gives a Passive that increases Song Damage. Only has use with Troubadour's Consonant Chains and Dirge of Dissonance. This Minor is only bad because Toggle Powers (which Troubadour mostly consists of) are bad with the amount of CC that flys around during fights. You're going to spend most of your time recasting songs rather than engage in the fight. Otherwise, this would be a Meh Minor, as it's usefulness is tied to Troubadour. Mortal Sin - Meh Gives a Passive that increases a target's chance to be critically hit by 2% per stack, can only be used by Confessors and Templars. Because hitting Critical Strike Cap is not hard to do through other means and Minors, there's other Minors that you might want to take instead. Could be useful early game, where you can't get high crit chance, but late game it falls out of favor. Overwhelming Odds - Meh Gives a Passive that increases Resist All by 7% when 3 or more enemies are within 10m. Has general uses, but because most classes can reach their Mitigations Caps, this minor isn't all that. It's good early game, when armor isn't good enough to reach caps, but once that happens, Overwhelming Odds becomes less wanted. If it increased Final Mitigations, rather than Resist All, it would see more use late game. Project Management - Bad Gives a Passive that reduces the cost of a Small Re-roll by 25%. It's completely overshadowed by Helper Monkey, Risk Management, and a Techniques Minor. Only ever use this if you don't need Helper Monkey and/or Risk Management anymore Pound of Flesh - Good Gives a Passive that increases your Damage Bonus by 15% when your target's Health is above 90%. Good for opening bursts to quickly reduce your target's health. If your target is using Sturdy, it quickly gets them below the Sturdy threshold. Somewhat situational since it only has an effect at the beginning of fights, but not a bad pick Resolution - Good Gives a Passive that increase Damage Bonus when 3 or more enemies are within 15m. Will activate in most scenarios to increase your damage. Especially good with melee characters. Risk Management - Good Gives a Passive that increases your Additional Risk Difficulty Reduction by 10. This makes it so higher additional risks are more likely to result in good rolls on the item. Shadow's Caress - Meh Gives a Passive that increases Health Regen by 35 while in Stealth. Another rare Stealth Minor. Considerably weaker than Agent Provocateur's Lay Low. Only run this if you don't have a healer and aren't running Agent Provocateur. Shield Whiz - Meh Causes Shield Fighter's Throw Illusion Shield to bounce off an additional target and gives a Passive that applies a Snare to Throw Illusion Shield. Only had use on one Power in the Game, but it turns it into a ranged Snare, which isn't bad. Plus it combos with Illusionist. Only Meh because it's only useful to one Power on one Major Discipline Sparring - Meh Gives a Passive that increase Basic Attack Damage by 10%. Good early game, but with talents and gear, you can reach the Basic Attack Damage Cap, which makes this Minor useless late game. Spirit Whip - Meh Gives a Passive that bounces your Basic Attack to 2 additional targets with a 50% and a 25% damage fall off. In most situations, your enemies aren't going to be grouped up enough for the attack to bounce, and damage it does won't be felt that much. It'd be much better if there wasn't a fall off, or if it was less severe. Sturdy - Good Gives a Passive that increases Personal Damage Modifier by 33% while above 80% Health. Has universal value. You'd want this on practically every build. The sustain this gives you is great, and you should want to have this in your build. Sustaining Note - Good Gives a Passive that increases Song Duration by 6s. If you're using Bard or Troubadour, you should use this, especially to make twisting easier to accomplish. The Reaper - Good Gives a +0.5 Harvest Power Pip Bonus, giving you a full pip every swing. The only Harvesting Minor, and like Elven Eyes, it only gives stats, no passives. Take it if you're a harvester and your build doesn't need all your Minors or a Profession Harvesting Discipline Song Twisting - Bad Gives a Passive that allows you to twist songs to make a stronger one. Only bad because you'll more than likely be interrupted while trying to twist, causing you to very rarely get it off. If Toggle Powers weren't easily interrupted, this one would be Good for Bard or Troubadour builds Uniform Leather, Uniform Mail, Uniform Plate - Meh Gives a Passive that increases your Attack Power by 100 when you're wearing a full set of either Leather, Mail, or Plate. These are not bad Minors, but you likely have better Passives from your Major disciplines that overshadow these Minors and you can't slot it to get the effect. Weapon Finesse - Bad Gives a Passive that increases your Power Efficiency by 20%. A stronger version of the Mental Fortitude Passive you get by default. Power Efficiency caps at 25%, and it's likely you'll get close to the cap through talents and skills. Only in early game where you're using non-advanced weapons and have low Efficiency would this maybe be worth, but Mental Fortitude is good enough.
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    I've never needed a visual feedback of the target i have in front of me aka in front of my crosshair. It's plain stupid, like Blazzen said it's just ignorance of the system. Bugs When you start charged bow attack, the animation of an arrow fired launch making you feel like you actually fired it before charging
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    The new “snap to” aiming HUD is bad. I think ignorance was bliss for how janky the aiming is. It appears it’s just a display thing but it gives the game the feel of “soft aiming” or “aim assist” or whatever you want to call it.
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    Hey, so I'm cool with you using the resources we've put out and all but you might at least give us some credit if you are literally going to copy and paste huge portions of the Winterblades resource while removing anything that indicates we were the ones who did most of the stuff. It even has things that I know are wrong about it still in there with some minor updates that I keep meaning to push to our live doc.
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    The Bazaar and Crafting Combination

    Thanks for the shoutout! But it is Srathor's Lawn If Caldera wants they could put up a capital parcel there to go alongside mine and Northlanders. Tax free for now! and I try and keep it up 24/7, Strife knows yall are always welcome.
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    EU - Trial of Kronos -

    Well done on the defence, it's a lot of fun, requires a lot of coordination from both sides, so it's makes very interesting fights. It's way more fun than if we had just stayed in our keeps and played the points game.
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    Yea, well, in this rare case he is wrong.
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    Changes with News updates

    Bout' time I think we can retire... Finally.
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    EU-Trial of Kronos Tuesday siege.

    It is the fifth day as the battle is raging on the fields of Kronos,Chaos is nowhere to be found,Order is struggling against experienced forces of balance,and finally the day came.Our mighty leader Prom ordered for archer division to storm the battlefield,shields were breaking,swords were screaming and then we came,order was given take the left flank and kill the squishys,with 3 arrows sniped first target was dropped.Panic ensued in the ranks of Balance forces,where is the damage coming from?Next target was selected,Yumx mighty leader of balance forces,we take him down others will follow,you could hear the screams followed Halp me,Halp me!!!! No help came,Yumx was dead and soon his fellows followed,Hither survived the longest but with his death mighty Balance force was broken,and our path to their keep was open,they laid their arms and surrendered their keep.Alas Order is victorious once more.
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    NA - Chaos Emerges

    After a few lull weeks, the forces of Chaos have emerged and started laying siege across the map. The score has become very close in the early months of summer. The following occurs at the Balance Stonghold where Chaos & Balance forces arrive at the same time. Chaos nearly doubles the numbers of Balance, but with quick thinking and maneuvering, the Balance are able to hold onto their keep after the walls have been breached.
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    Corpse Recovery

    The death and recovery process was streamlined to make Resurrection a more strategic factor in the Throne War. Death attrition is an important factor in Sieges, and now the location of rez shrines is an added benefit to holding territory. Death has more impact and consequence, as it was always intended to be part of the risk vs reward equation for CF. I generally take the view that my inventory will be lost if I die and I plan accordingly (bank often), unless I am with friends that can loot for me or I am in an easy-to-access area.
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    Thank you Balace and Order for the great fights /salute
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