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    @thomasblair @jtoddcoleman Recent changes to your targeting system have been great for offensive ability targeting, but they have also largely eroded the integrity behind landing heal spells. Please help: Used to, in Scenario 1, you could land that heal with a left shoulder target easy peasy. You could even land the rescue when the enemy between healer and friendly was almost FULLY eclipsing the healer. Now, with the new targeting, that heal will not miss, but will auto target one of the nearest enemies even though you are clearly targeting a friendly. You'll see whatever target-side animation your heal does happen on an enemy. They do not gain health or benefit from any buffs or hots given by the heal. It gets worse. You'd think Scenario 2 is certain to land. Actually, even at greater Friendly to Enemy distances, that heal will go through the friendly and auto-target the enemy directly behind him with the new targeting system. As shown in Scenario 3a, in order to land that rescue, the friendly must find a path out of the enemies so that 1) there are no enemy within 3 meters and 2) there is no enemy directly behind them. The healer still needs to make a left shoulder heal. If the healer tried to heal the inside shoulder, shown in Scenario 3b, it would instead auto-target to the enemy accordingly. The enemy "snap-to" of heals is quite expansive. It feels to me that every enemy is running around with a 3-4 meter wide hitbox and the spells are auto-targeting to the enemy to whose center your target is closest. This is fine for pew pew. But you need to give your healer spells that same level of intended-target snap-to. They cannot be expected to try and navigate a system like whats currently out there and still be dependably effective. I know that @Hungry has already put up videos showing this, but if necessary, I can make videos to go along with each of these scenarios.
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    Regarding God's Reach graveyards

    We've heard concerns from testers about the removal of graveyards from God's Reach a short time after The Fortunes of War was deployed to LIVE. Here's an explanation of what happened and the aftermath. It's not an intended gameplay design for graveyards to be available in God's Reach (GR). There are many factors for that decision, the chief among them being that the purpose of God's Reach is to be a new player/character area where young Crows enter the world, get their beaks wet and then fly off to bigger and better things in campaign worlds and trials. We don't want those young Crows getting too comfortable and settling into GR forever so we limit what's available there, such as the intentional absence of graveyards. It was an innocent mistake that caused graveyards to be included in GR when Fortunes came up on Monday. When we became aware of it, the decision was made to remove them in the patch that was about to be released. Our investigation showed that the number of body parts that were farmed and, consequently, vessels created did not warrant a wipe as there's not enough to turn the tide in the upcoming trail. Developing and testing a game is as much about processes as it is about game design and programming. To that end, we've identified how this happened and what we need to do to prevent it (or something similar) from happening again. This isn't the first time something went sideways, and it won't be the last. It's part of making games (one of the painful parts). Our continued pledge to our community is to always do our best to continually review and refine our processes, to carefully take all angles into consideration when addressing issues as they arise and to keep you informed about what happened, how we fixed it and what we learned from it.
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    This is a fantastic patch for new and returning players. I highly recommend everyone brush up on the game if you're planning on returning for the "DREGS" like many people are planning on doing. There's some annoying stuff but overall it's pretty good.
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    I personally dislike this fort/siege schedule as it only fixed a few minor things like back capping, and created a slew of new headaches. 1 - yes night capping forts is dead.....bc no pvp allowed at 98% of forts lol, theres only one objective fort to fight over for 17 out of 24 hrs of the day.... in 6 zones......really, really, boring and anti sandbox feel going on. This also removes any strategy for map movement or control as you are literally forced and pointed to what you have to fight over or care about. This directly helps the faction with the more active player base as now they know exactly where to stack their troops and what they have to defend. (as admitted by most balance they are having an easier time keeping stuff capped)(reference scoreboard) The 5 man fort group now cant use geography and movement as a weapon to get around numbers, they are forced into non winning fights or, to not pvp and farm n craft to try to eliminate any numbers advantages with gear n vessel upgrades. Also now the “night capping” is just towers and gy’s, it definately still exists, as shown by wb roaming group doing towers last night at 2 am in marq with 7 dudes (not funneled to active fort bc forts are pointless still) This directly ties to why the campaign map is dead, pvp has no purpose for character progression or reward and you can make epics in gods reach and campaign temple and eks, why would any one trying to get geared up risk getting slaughtered when you have designed the game to have more safe havens than pvp locations? No one is on campaign because of this, it is by design advantageous to not pvp or be in pvp locations. 2 - i agree on back capping being dead and this being a good thing, shorter fort timers might make the last ten minute strat be less viable if fort windows were only 30 mins? more people might d up for 25 mins over 55 mins etc. 3 - reduced pvp siege burnout is now replaced with pvp boredom. fort locks and less towers have removed almost all campaign map participation, with a main reason being they are all still absolutely pointless for account/character progression. Why would me and a buddy go try capping towers when we could be farming up gear or vessels for guildmates or factionmates, there is no reward to pvp only risk and detrimental gear hits. The game in current format is minecraft with a 5 hr pvp window. 4 - circle standing time is much improved, good job 5 - Respawn cap points have all the same problems forts n towers do, usually they have no strategic purpose bc, capping alerts enemies to the zone, usually not near a valuable objective, and also again they do nothing for a characters development. gy’s are pointless, besides in siege zones during 10-11 if you dont have a fort. All in all im really surprised how vocal some are in support of these mechanics because it sure seems like its killing the pvp and world persistence. There are far to many hideouts for people to progress outside of pvp, and far to little pvp objectives with meaningful purpose that people care and want to fight for. Fights for just points on the scoreboard hasn’ t worked for 6 months. Make pvp have a purpose towards something and people will pvp, until then, this is what crowfall campaigns will look like.
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    The Trial of Arkon has begun

    ❤️ @thomasblair. Just having fun.
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    Dizzy Distortion needs to go.

    The dizzy distortion really needs to go. I get the idea behind the effect, but it really triggers bad motion sickness for me and I've never been bothered by visual effects before, and I'm sure it bothers other people too, considering the feedback on it during testing. I think it needs to either go, have a toggle setting, or be replaced with something like stars floating around your head or something like that. If you guys choose not to change it, then there needs to be some sort of heads up for players to understand this game has visual effects that might bother people.
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    War Story of the Week: Kunter84

    Congratulations to Kunter84 whose "Fun Friday - Cleric POV" video has been selected as the #CrowfallGame #WarStory of the Week! In the battle for Impius Keep during the Trial of Arkon, the underdogs of the Chaos faction bravely attempt to turn the tide in their favor. There are some helpful bits of strategy advice to found in the video, including these nuggets of wisdom: Don't let the enemy get behind you Fill the breech with fire Go for the squishy targets first What tactical advice do you find most helpful during a siege?
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    During patching and while I was logged in, my scanner kept blocking API.MIXPANEL.COM outbound. I checked on this site and it does analytics but has also apparently had a history of taking more information than it needs, such as passwords, etc. What's the purpose of this within the game? Is there any actual reason I should unblock this?
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    Druids use earth magic from the gods, Elken are men cursed to be deer for violating nature’s sacred groves. Makes sense to me.
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    The Trial of Arkon has begun

  11. 4 points

    visual noise: health bar options?

    Like the ideas for removing the hard bar per the OP. Just to toss out idea, another way to simplify the display of health bar when it does appear, is option for circular view (think total war 3 kingdoms) - uses less area to tell the story.
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    Multi boxing is really bad lately

    Good point, the Terms and Conditions for NA are different and do not include that particular paragraph about multiple accounts in the same game world that I can see. https://crowfall.com/en-US/artcraft/terms-and-conditions/ ACE can certainly add policies for specific abuses of multiple accounts if it becomes disruptive to the game. As an example, Albion Online added a rule because players were parking alts at dungeon entrances to use as spies: "11.2 Multiple registrations, as well as setting up and operating multiple User Accounts at our Services are allowed. However, if the User is playing the Game with multiple Characters at the same time, all of the following rules must be followed: i) the Characters may not interact or cooperate with each other if they are located outside of a player city, guild home territory, personal island or guild island, ii) the Characters may not engage in combat together, iii) the Characters may not act as scouts for each other, iv) the Characters must have active Premium status." - from SBI ToS
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    Hello World! Need little advice

    Greetings to all! I was very impressed with the project that I decided to become part of this universe and its community. The variety of classes, mechanics and races is so great that, to be honest, incredibly confused. I would be glad to any advice! I really like the pvp aspect in mmo, usually playing for melees of dd dodger or stealth class. As I understand it, such classes in a Сrowfall are a "Ranger" and an "Assassin." I really liked the half-elf race, will it look normal in these roles? I managed to find out that the Sylph are good assassins because of a passive skill. Half-elf assassin and Sylph assassin in high lvl game, is there a big difference between them because of this passive skill? And another question! The question is perhaps a little dumb or inappropriate. Ranger, is he exactly an archer 100% or is it possible to develop him as a melee fighter and fight effectively only in melee pvp? Or i can forget about this venture and not even eat ;D A huge thaks, and greetings once again to you!
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    The End of Nightcapping--Congrats ACE

    I feel like pushing for completely player-driven, emergent sandbox gameplay in the casual Faction ruleset that tells you who you can and cannot kill is going down a rabbit hole that won't lead to anything good. A lot of us have to accept that once Dregs comes out we're never playing Factions again and let the casual playerbase have their game. This includes myself, who definitely Faction gameplay is 1000% not for me. As someone who had to do a lot of hurry-up-and-wait fort/outpost flipping duty during Cybele I really don't think that the old capture free-for-all was a game for casuals.
  15. 3 points
    We actually have this ingame, it's in the settings.
  16. 3 points

    Gods Reach and Hindering PvP

    Currently GR is taking to much of peoples time. To many people are staying on GR and farming materials safely. I would propose that GR is strictly limited to Common quality materials. Remove Kings/Captains and Motherloads from Gods Reach as well. And remove the ability for war tribes on the Gods Reach server to drop anything higher than common. The point is to let it be a introduction to the game, not a place for people to get swole. Everyone should be being pushed onto the Campaign worlds and be on the campaign worlds to stay. Side note. Remove the ability to bank where ever you are on the Campaign. Only inside Forts, Keeps and the Temple.
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    5.100 LIVE Feedback for 8/9/2019

    New siege schedules for forts and keeps feel much better to play with; we get some breaks from "must-log-in-for-keeps-tonight" and don't feel pressured to stick around at all hours in fear that we might get backcapped as soon as we close the client... Having less outposts that are faster to cap is also appreciated, and though the fort capping seems a little too fast we might just need to catch up a bit with the new meta! Double siege on Saturday was also a nice touch.
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    Regarding Looting in Neutral Areas

    Many of us understand the concept of PvPvE and PvE gameplay, while many others do not. With the many changes brought about with the recent wipe, it may be a viable consideration to develop and implement a mechanism that prevents players of the same faction from looting NPC corpses of which they do not own. Given how experience gain works at the moment, if you are not the first person to "tag" a mob, you do not yield experience from it. This mechanic alone indicates a form of ownership, so with that being noted... the same suit should follow for loot. The environment that it has begun to create is found to be a bit toxic, and one of which many people are incapable of handling appropriately. As this is not really a big concern personally, I have not voiced an opinion about it. But after a recent engagement pushed players (not myself or of my own) to the extent of false proclamations of being a developer, tied to a developer, or performing such action on behalf of a developer as a means to an ends or righteous justification for what was at the time viewed as an "exploit", this quite possibly can become the situation that gets out of control and leaves a foul taste in many peoples mouths. Food for thought! Let the flaming begin 😉
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    if you hate the game so much why are you still here?
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    10 things to do in a Campaign

    Sarcasm bro. I absolutely hate high tier resources in God's Reach. I honestly don't even care about the Spirit Banking right now...I just want people to kill!
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    Biggest thing Assassins lack right now is good anti healing, IMO. It was way overpowered in the 5.7 era of stackable 2,500 pt heal blockers but it got nerfed way too hard also. The disease toxin should do 50% more heal blocking than the poison toxin does direct damage and refresh instead of stack. So if poison toxin does 1,000 damage then disease toxin should be a 1,500 pt heal block. Would also be nice if toxin damage scaled either by weapon damage or by an experimental stat on the toxin itself. Having set, static damage levels causes balance issues also (strong early game, weak late game).
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    Ok, now for those that know me, I've been pretty critical of this game during the last few months. I've been snarky and outright mad. I will say this. The last patch is definitely a step in the right direction. Granted, it's not perfect but it definitely fixes many things. Leveling is possible again! I feel like I can actually go out and fight, gear up, and take part. I like the mob drops! They can get new players geared up and ready to go quite quickly. Being able to amass the gold you need to purchase what you can't get off drops makes the game much more accessible. For those that like the more advanced options through harvesting and crafting, those are there for you to perfect your playing experience. For the newbies, they don't have to wallow around in the mud anymore, armed with only a basic, rusty weapon that almost surely spelled doom when attempting to kill anything other than an R1 spider or pack pig. The cows no longer to kung fu! This was a big one for me! Some performance issues are there. Zones take a while to load, and there seems to be some sort of delay when harvesting, but these are things that can be tweaked in the coming days and weeks. Overall I'm happy with this patch. It gives people a reason to play again as minor disciplines are more readily available and gear is more plentiful. While I'm still waiting for this world to feel more like a "living, breathing world", I'm still going to give this one a thumbs up.
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    5v5 tournament on sunday?!?

    Dear Community, I was thinking to put together a little 5v5 tournament on sunday, if we have a couple of teams that would participate. Let me know if you would join at this point. If we have at least 4 teams, we go through with it... To register I need the following information as a post in this thread until Sunday (28.07.2019) 7pm CEST/12pm CDT - Team name. - Character name of all 5 team members (last minute replacements allowed for practical reasons) The rules: - There will be a group round: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 for a loose. (duration of matches will depend on the number of registrations) - We will finish with a k.o. round with at least 4 matches semi-finals 1st vs. 3rd of group-round and 2nd vs 4th of group-round. - ONLY WHITE vessels (changed) and all items allowed (due to practical reasons - no idea how to check this effectively) - Show up before Sunday (28.07.2019) 9pm CEST/2pm CDT - Register before Sunday (28.07.2019) (Did I miss anything?) Check out the Arena: https://prnt.sc/ok5nz5 The prices will be my utmost respect and a place in the hall of fame on the upcoming crowfall.crusaderw.com Homepage.
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    Regarding God's Reach graveyards

    @Pann I would also highly recommend that the only motherloads available in a gods reach be rank 2-3, so you cannot farm blues in GR. Additionally, I would highly recommend that the Wartribes have only Captain's as their bosses, no King's and such. I don't think its right to be able to access blue weapons in GR. As GR sits right now, I fully expect most Chaos guilds to be farming in GR. Especially for minerals, since any color works for Ambrosia.
  25. 3 points

    Regarding God's Reach graveyards

    I definitely agree with this choice. Growing fat and happy on the safer server to then move into the harsh realities of the campaign doesn't make much sense. I like the feel of gods reach. Reminds me a lot of the newbie islands in SB
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    Armor pen, how is it calculated.

    Training Dummy Mitigations: Crushing - 50 Slashing - 50 Piercing - 0 Fire - 50 Ice - 50 Electric - 50 Poison - 50 Disease - 50 Bleed - 0 (No clue why piercing is set to 0, someone must have been testing something) No, you can't go below 0 with a penetration stat.
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    Having to manually drag drop from enemy inventory and into the crafting window is quite tedious. Is there a reason for this?
  28. 3 points

    Music in PvP Videos?

    Next video, make it happen.
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    Not specific enough.
  30. 2 points

    5.100 LIVE Feedback for 8/16/19

    Any update on a guild bank system? Seems the storage system is getting worked on, what with the new vault and world banks and all. With limited imports and only 100 world bank slots especially, guild banks or shared storage of some kind are highly needed at this time! This is a primary pain point for our guild. @vkromas@ACE_FancyHats ❤️ edit) we know you have been working on it, just looking for any kind of update if you have any to share
  31. 2 points
    Cheers. I don't know why I couldn't figure that out before reading your comment, but I've got it now! Turns out, a piece of bread in my inventory was my 13th item...
  32. 2 points

    The End of Nightcapping--Congrats ACE

    Pfffttt you sure as hell aren't going to do anything about our stay in CF. ACE will be the one to dictate how long or short we stay. you are nothing more but an annoying little gnat.
  33. 2 points
    @KatzeWeiss I guess staying constructive was out of the question after a couple hours lol. At no point was I, or am I "salty'. I listed all my concerns with factual backing not emotional accusations. You also fail to realize that at 2 am the fort changed to a different zone......you stayed in Marq with your roaming 7 man capping towers instead of being funneled to the active fort at 2 am, bc I'm sure you all realized as does everyone else no one is going to fight for a fort at the start of a 15 hr window lol Thus FURTHER proving MY point that fort locks aren't funneling people to the forts, and also as an example of how people just hit the current based schedule in the last 10 mins. (Marq was 1-2am est) Thank you again for your in game factual support of my points being addressed. I thank you and welcome your opinions, though would again say, staying away from pointless mudslinging or disregarding someones opinion as "Salt" does not help the game of Crowfall become better.
  34. 2 points

    The End of Nightcapping--Congrats ACE

    The thread is about some specific changes. Its not about how safezones are ruining world pvp, how objectives like forts don't feel useful, etc. The thread isn't about how everything is great now. Its about how less sieges per week is a welcome change, having less outposts is a welcome change, and not having all 12 forts flip every night to whoever stayed up the latest is a welcome change. Those changes are not killing pvp. There are a variety of other factors that might be, but the specific changes discussed in this thread are not.
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    Having the Duelist Saltpeter Rounds buff makes it to where your Pepperbox Shot doesn't stun. Pretty easy to reproduce. Put Saltpeter Rounds up, try to stun, does nothing.
  36. 2 points
    Closing out my client and logging back in seems to have fixed the issue.
  37. 2 points
    Can we please at least change max rank to 5 in GR and beachhead and min level to CWs to 10. This will take VERY little time if you are concerned about that. You already allow people to spirit bank everywhere, at least let us have the chance to attack harvesters even if there is almost zero chance of loot.
  38. 2 points

    In game Wood Elf Male VS Concept

    Sounds like you're looking for a Minotaur. I cannot recommend them enough.
  39. 2 points

    Please add a Loot/Take all function

    The whole loot system is made 'against farming'. Encouraging afk farming is not a good idea for a healthy game. Please let the loot system be
  40. 2 points
    Root effect still locks your character's attacks to the direction they were facing during the duration. If you turn to aim at another enemy, all the attacks will miss until the root wears off. Npc attacks still land on you even when the attackers miss or are out of range. Especially noticeable with cc's attached to leaps and charges. It's been suggested before, but I'd like to see the buy item confirmation and destroy item windows work with the "Y" hotkey. It would make for a nice QoL change. World bank export function could really use a "select all" button. Selecting individual items with the check box is a little too pixel perfect; it would feel a lot better if the dead zone around them was reduced/removed. The confirmation pop up for exporting items draws behind the world bank pane on the right. Guinecean pov/camera/reticle position is really in need of an adjustment. It was far better before 5.3's race/class split, and I'd either like to see it changed to something similar or the ability for players to adjust it themselves. Reference below - note the amount of wasted space between the character and the action bar after the 5.3 change (which persists to today):
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    Motherlode Question

    Run down for this process: To get the rough soul gems needed to upgrade runic tools to be able to harvest souls from r6 nodes / mobs, you need to mine non slate ore (maybe you can get it from slate) then craft either a knife or a hammer with the soul gem to get the tool you need. To get the soul just keep farming till u get one. Then for explorations you will need 2 blood of any rarity (but the 2 must share a rarity) and some other easier materials and crafted at a rune crafting station. Finally to hit mother lodes, (stone for minerals you will want to make p stones to give good stat upgrades to the vessel) (ore is gems for necklaces, rings and runic weapons) you will want the player with the passive training to have a powerful tool while the partner(s) will have basic tools with foreman (foreman debuff will stack so 2 people with foreman is good)then have them activate the take it down ability whenever its off cool down and just keep going through the mother lodes. The reason to have the person with the best training to have the best tool is because whoever deals the most damage in the first 1/3(need a double check on that) will have the nodes drop table snap on to their training. So after the first third or so everyone can then use their best tools to help speed up the process. Typically you will want a potion as well for gem and minerals as they will greatly help your chances of drops (you will need bones for these potions) General tips: ravines will have lots of one type of node (stone or ore) but lots of mobs, keeps will have both types but more spread out and little to no mobs. For the foreman people a good idea is to equip villien exploration disc (don't forget to equip the passive too) as it will reduce the amount of basic tools you need to craft. (That soul also drops from quarrying) Vessel wise: As I understand it, p stones (philosopher's stones) aren't required for vessels but they make vessels a lot better. Also to make the good p stones you will need an emerald tablet, otherwise you can only make p stones with 2 philosopher's solutions, with the tablet you make it with 4 solutions. Which is about a jump from +20 to +40 of a stat. To get the tablet farm boss tier(captain, chief, king) war tribes of r6 and above that are the fae looking ones or the satyr tribe.
  42. 2 points

    Vanguard Minor Discipline Guide!

    I was testing UW 2 earlier. If I just do basic attack 1, wait, then basic attack 1 again, it hits multiple opponents everytime.
  43. 2 points
  44. 2 points
    So I did some testing on the cooking sheet yesterday and @vkromas hopped in and was chatting/answering some questions related to the cooking system including a bit of information on what is in and what isn't. Currently, seasonings are still not impacting the cooking(which is unchanged from when it was first put in). I did find some new quirks on the recipes and a few added recipes that were not there from when the sheet was first made by Jah and myself. I still have some more to test but you can see some of the updated information on our live sheet linked above. I'll be doing a full format update here over the next week or 2. The VOD can be found here: Apologies on the first part where I'm just gathering. Not all of the cooking mats are available on test so I was having to actually gather some of the mats. I'd done the mushrooms the night before but the herbs are a gripe.
  45. 2 points
    you can get gear from GR to CW but not the other way around
  46. 2 points

    5.100 LIVE Bug Reports for 8/1/19

  47. 2 points

    The Trial of Arkon has begun

    Just to clarify: Kills/(Deaths+Assists)=Points Ratio Why does Arkon hate Crows that assist their fellow Crows in attaining Glory?
  48. 2 points

    Leveling Changes

    Leveling feels good now. They said in Q&A that the penalty for higher quality vessels will just be the XP required; the 'curve' itself is the same. So if it took 3 hours to hit 30 on a white, it will take you around 15 hours to level on an Epic. That's probably not too short of a time to level, and probably not too long either, maybe a bit. Remember this is a PvP game, we want to be out there fighting and not grinding all day. The XP curve feels good and I expect it to still feel pretty good once people are churning out the blue and epic vessels.
  49. 2 points
    Realy would like to see spirit bank in open world being removed already even as a harvester i would rather it since it get ur addrenaline going and keeps you on your toes. The spirit bank everywhere realy turns me off playing it atm tend to find it kills alot of the open world pvp stuff.
  50. 2 points

    TEST and LIVE updates

    TEST will be coming down shortly for an update. Lots of moving parts today, so keep an eye on the forums for the latest information. UPDATE 2 - LIVE is live! Welcome to 5.100! UPDATE - Service is now offline as we perform some maintenance and deploy 5.100 to LIVE.
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