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    Jah's Reports on the Trial of Valkyn

    Andius, I salute you and your epic tale of back capping in the wilds of uncharted and bug riddled Galstor with your band of 2-5 Chaotic Rebels vs the 7 Strong Legion of Balance. Glory be to all those that contest in the name of Valkyn the 1am circle standing. I am told that the Dread DarthBunBun, circlestander extrodinare, and his renowned compatriots Phroot the Unnerfed Confessor and Galvia the Sometimes Streaming we're led on a merry chase for some time by one or two outpost backcaps in their Grand Quest for the Screenshot. May the Great Pann, Hearld of the Pantheon of the Gods forever record these mighty deeds. Never have so few, 2-5, stood so valiantly against the slightly more than few, 7. Well done Chaos!
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    Elementalist needs to be removed/reworked

    Elementalist is a discipline that completely negates the damage type for about half the players in the game. It is commonly used as a response to the heavy damage of siege weapons which are almost impossible to handle without this discipline during sieges. This makes its usage almost universal at sieges. There are disciplines which are structured as hard counters . Mudman, Militant Mage, and Scarecrow function in a similar way to Elementalist but are isolated to very specific types of damage. Most classes can change weapons or have options for damage that are not elemental. Clerics and Confessors have no other options so this further exacerbates the issue. If any ability does fire damage then you can not change it to do non-elemental. Most classes have at least some options or paths to change their damage type. This is not a Meta issue because it affects three different types of damage.I am a heal/tank Cleric but I feel bad for anyone who plays a DPS Cleric or Confessor. Please split this Discipline or remove it. Also post in this thread if balance is a zerg.
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    Once animals are looted, the F to Loot option disappears and we are given the option to skin. Can't the same be done for humanoid mobs, minus the skinning part? It would just be easier if once a mob is looted, the option to loot it goes away. Then it doesn't matter if the interact ranges are overlapping.
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    I love my Confessor, but I stopped playing it because of Elementalist. One siege I was in I swear I healed the enemy more than I hurt them. I'm playing a different class until something changes. Confessor just isn't viable right now.
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    @thomasblair and @mhalashace are the devs behind powers, disc, classes, races. Elementalist impacts way too many specs even if its just fire (9).
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    I strongly disagree. This is way too narrow-minded and way too many Templar players have this mind-set. Is Templar really strong in situations where you can get away doing this? Yes. But are there multiple play-styles for the class to be effective? Yes. I really don't know why people think Templar is useless outside of Divine Light. I've been playing Templar in open-world with no problems what so ever when it comes to pip generation or pip starvation. Get creative with your builds and playstyles. Templar can be more than DL and parry spam, they are actually quite flexible in the roles they can play. Too often I see Templars in open spaces just randomly dropping DL off CD wherever they stand and then complain they are useless. Change your playstyle. I think Templar is really well designed in that it is really flexible in play-style but it's abilities allow for really awesome moments of glory, like in keep sieges. What I do agree with is Brilliance being uninspired and Holy Warrior should be moved into Vindicator imo. I also think that the parry spam needs to go, shouldn't do as much damage as it does but I think the KD should stay. It should reward smart use, parrying at the perfect time to line up a big CC on a kill target or a group of front-liners.
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    master race tunneling agency

    This would be cool, but they have to fix the problem with guards being able to see stealth units. What the point of being able to tunnel under keep walls if you get nailed by the guards?
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    Playing a Blackguard in full blues. Groups of the regulars, no problem. Elite with a few regular friends, not bad as long as I don't get punted into other packs. I managed to pull an R7 Urgu Chief out of the pack without pulling any of the escorts, he tore me apart. I don't think they're too tough for a leveled group with some gear, but this is not a place to be sending players that are leveling, especially solo. Q: What's the thinking behind unlocking the 1st exploration slot at Lv5(?), but putting the discs behind high level content? The same could be asked of the minors that are unlocked before Lv15. New players are not going to be farming warbands for rare drops unless they're seriously nerfed. If we we're talking about a persistent world game that will establish a solid economy, then well established players in small groups would be farming warbands, and selling the drops to newer players. Without a persistent economy, this is going to be very casual unfriendly. Edit: A: The exploration discs were not supposed to be removed from the crafting window.
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    With the cloth additive, you can craft advanced bandages good for 3000. Tried various type of wood, no variants found.
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    Seems like I fail 1 out of every 10 crafts with that 98% success rate. Changing it to a 100% Success rate for would be great and maybe then I'd only fail 1 out of every 20 times.
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    I personally don't like the guineceans at all, but I do like the duelist class concept/gameplay. Definitely should be open to at least 2 other races, preferably human, and/or half-elf.
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    R1 resources in safe zones.

    Uuuhh, there are 4 zones on that map labeled Free City. 😅
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