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    Instead of siege timers

    Let's cut out the Faction Campaign asks for now and let them work on the Dregs.
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    The Battle for Brookhurst

    I was with Grave Dominion for this particular fight, and we were tasked with some hyper-aggressive flanking and siege engine removal services. Thought some people might enjoy seeing what went down from a more mobile perspective, and some of our thought processes throughout. Not sure if the render went a little goofy, but it seems a bit more pixelated than the usual Youtube fare--perhaps it's just Youtube. Anyways, hope everyone enjoys! Just some good clean solid combat, and the most OP outpost tower position I've ever seen. Those guards were shredding. Thanks to Grave Dominion for having me in your comms, even if Ltab only knows how to fight #gatewars.
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    Trojan in game files

    Folks this was an unsigned file within the download that was being flagged as a trojan by Defender (though it wasn't a virus or trojan). It was up for a brief time over a week ago. If you get this when trying to install please delete that file and re-download the installer from crowfall.com/en/client. If you get this bad file from a new downlaod now, I'd love to get an email from you at support@crowfall.com as maybe one node of our CDN downloader didn't get the correct download file! Gordon
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    Instead of siege timers

    I agree with the above. In wars there are lines, battlefronts. It seems illogical that you could occupy the capital (keeps) without fighting through the surrounding countryside. Right now the mechanics surrounding territory control seem very uninspired. Almost placeholder (I hope). The three main offenders: 1) Circle Standing. Universally despised as a punishing (for small groups), boring and lazy mechanic. Why not instead make it so the guards (in outposts and forts) need to be defeated before claiming. The claiming itself take like a minute tops. This would give us a reason to purchase guards and you could even throw in a boss type guard in the forts. 2) No compelling reason for forts and outposts to exist (aside from points). No one cares about the forts, and the outposts aren't worth the trouble. Adding unique tables, resources and buffs to forts would make them worth defending. Not everyone cares about the score. Particularly when they are really behind in a campaign. 3) Lack of "meaningful" battles outside of the siege window. I know that the solution to this was recently revealed as "add more timers". Maybe down the line a territory system like suggested by the above posters could instead be used. Or even a combo of the two. You take the outposts surrounding a fort. This starts a countdown timer on the fort and broadcasts that the fort will be assailable in 1 hour. You take both forts and the Keep is assailable during the next primetime window (currently 9:30 EDT). During this time the forts are locked down until the outcome of the Keep siege is decided. Successful defense of forts and keeps lock them down for several hours. I don't know that these are the best ideas and for all I know the current mechanics ARE just placeholder. I know putting together a game is a huge task. There are very compelling things that have been made. Very great work. However, territory control mechanic ideas so far seem very low effort.
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    Instead of siege timers

    We keep asking for it devs say we could do it but for what ever reason there not and wanna try other weird ways that i guess is quicker but not as good A territory system that u have to push a line to get to gwet to forts and things would be so good
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    Instead of siege timers

    Other games have done similar and what I had hoped we'd see in this one. Lattice/network system, choke points, POI & strongholds in hard to reach areas, buffs/bonuses for controlling particular locations and amount of them, etc. Timers can still work with such things, but if there was a benefit for attackers/defenders to control the smaller locations prior to the larger battle, it adds more planning and organization. This creates and opens up so much for strategy. Maybe in Dregs if we have free building we can build in better locations, but the pre-placed procedural system doesn't seem friendly to this. @jtoddcoleman @thomasblair Are there plans to do any of this in the future?
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    I kinda agree with those who say the timer on forts isn't the answer. I personally don't know the benefit of owning a fort atm other than points. I have not entered a fort in some while NOT because they were controlled by another but because there was no reason to. I run around outside of forts all the time harvesting to my hearts content and it doesn't matter if my faction controls the fort or not. I am rarely ever accosted and when I am full, I simply teleport out. No reason to enter the forts. That's part of the answer in my humble opinion. Make it beneficial to control a fort other than points. Make reason for the for to exist other than points and bank space..
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    Outposts aren't going on a window, they will all be capture-able at all times. Your 5 man outpost squad is 100% safe from these siege windows.
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