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    Guild Showcase on Tuesdays CF Stream

    Dear Community, dear CF guild, I would like to revive this thread, because I am planing to do a guild showcase for NA and EU guilds on the official CF Twitch channel on my stream on tuesdays... In order to do that I would like all guilds who would like to participate in the guildshowcase to drop the info I need to the following Discord channels: EU: https://discord.gg/TCjNazc -> #cf-guild-showcase-eu NA: https://discord.gg/qGVS8cM -> #cf-guild-showcase-na I will prepare a quick introduction based on the information provided and available to each guild. I will present the guilds in the same order that they added their information to my discord. I will start with the EU guilds and and follow up with the NA guilds. If a representative of the guild wants to be present for the stream I want to give everyone the opportunity to present the guild. Guilds who will provide a little speech will be presented first. I will announce this stream at least 2 days in advance and planing will be done on discord. The guild showcase will most likely take place in beginning of September. Looking forward to see you.
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    Oh you were the group of two, that explains the salt. When we stepped off the fort we ran into a group of five chaos, and while finishing them off we had four order members charge at us hoping to catch us while fighting. And after that while we were flipping the outposts is when we ran into you, then immediately got hit by another small group which I assumed was with you. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the other chaos in zone weren't communicating with anyone else, between the three chaos groups and the order group in zone I lost track of who was who. This was all in the span of ten minutes as the fort window was closing but maybe it was just a coincidence everyone just happened to be hanging around a couple parcels away from an active fort.
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    The End of Nightcapping--Congrats ACE

    I would make it so that Forts no longer gave points every 10 minutes or whatever it is currently. Instead, make it so that all the points are accrued during the Fort siege window. Meaning if the faction wants to gain points from said fort they'll need to actively hold the fort to accrue maximum points during the siege window. Basically a king of the hill scenario. Example: 2 hour siege window Faction A holds fort for 25 minutes 1,250 points Faction B holds fort for 70 minutes- 3,500 points Faction C holds for for 25 minutes 1,250 points I would develop the fort siege system even further by having small points of interest in the vicinity of the fort that could be captured at lower value to generate points as opposed to just one circle.
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    The End of Nightcapping--Congrats ACE

    I feel like pushing for completely player-driven, emergent sandbox gameplay in the casual Faction ruleset that tells you who you can and cannot kill is going down a rabbit hole that won't lead to anything good. A lot of us have to accept that once Dregs comes out we're never playing Factions again and let the casual playerbase have their game. This includes myself, who definitely Faction gameplay is 1000% not for me. As someone who had to do a lot of hurry-up-and-wait fort/outpost flipping duty during Cybele I really don't think that the old capture free-for-all was a game for casuals.
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    The End of Nightcapping--Congrats ACE

    The thread is about some specific changes. Its not about how safezones are ruining world pvp, how objectives like forts don't feel useful, etc. The thread isn't about how everything is great now. Its about how less sieges per week is a welcome change, having less outposts is a welcome change, and not having all 12 forts flip every night to whoever stayed up the latest is a welcome change. Those changes are not killing pvp. There are a variety of other factors that might be, but the specific changes discussed in this thread are not.
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