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    We need a god damned guild bank

    We need line items for mats. We need stackable books. We need the custard goggles to drop. We need some quality of custard life. We need a sort command that works in the bank. We need the ability to rename Characters. THIS IS INSANE! This is just flat out cruel. Please for the love of god, fix this poorly made socks.
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    So I've found a lot of debate about the current clock idea for sieges. If people want something more than a generic clock that ticks the same time every day, then what about this idea. We have access to a ton of material features and crafting in the game already, why not switch something around enough to have a Siege Trench (temporary name) constructed that has to be within a set distance of the Keep/Fort/Outpost (farther for bigger targets) that takes a bunch of materials (more for bigger targets) and a lot of time (more for bigger targets). The special material (I don't know, sand? Maybe more than one, materials is a thing that would need ideas) needed can't be stored, has a small maximum carrying capacity, and dissolves on vessel death (maybe even dissolves for other reasons too, like time or distance or something). The setup should be designed so that completion is inevitable, but if a ST under construction is being harassed, it's going to be rough to finish. Once the ST is completed, an announcement is called, saying that faction A is preparing for war against faction B. This means, even if the whole project was done in stealth, at this point people know about it. The completed ST can no longer be attacked, and works as a temporary base for the attackers. This is when you get a publicly visible timer going (more for bigger targets). Once the timer goes down to zero, you get an actual battle. With the battle started, the winner will either be faction A or faction B, depending on who can hold out the longest. Faction C can totally still crash the party and mess up both sides. In fact, if they get their own ST done soon enough in the timer process of the last step, they can even join in for a nice three-way fight. The last one standing wins. After a battle is finished, there is a cooldown period (more for bigger targets) where a ST can not be started in that area. This gives people a chance to relax before the next big fight. A fair value of this idea is that, during the ST construction phase, you get a ton of tiny skirmishes going on all around the clock. This means you can always have something to fight or fight for, but you still get a lot of time where your hard earned reward is still your's. Once construction is done, the minor skirmishes might stop, but the bigger preparations will begin, and people will be pushing to get people online. After the war ends, you've got some time to rest once again, then the cycle starts over. Cooldowns and construction times thus can be a lot shorter than the wait times we've currently got for a fight. So for people who want to have a lot of ongoing fights, this gives a phase that promotes a lot of fighting just to make the big fight start, and you can still have a big fight occurring at variable times (instead of preset times). For people who like to enjoy their rewards, this gives a lot of time where you can enjoy it properly, with still a nice warning when you're time is running out. For people who want to just jump on a quick steal, this has nothing because you can't quick steal with this much setup. Even possible with this idea would be a creative configuration for the ST and Keep/Fort/Outpost regarding siege weaponry or other neat constructions, which could be added during the preparation phase after the ST is constructed (which would give people a lot to do during that preparation phase). Only the cooldown period truly would then count as a rest period. Another great part about this idea is the number of siege skills that could be added to our skill list in compensation for it. Faster ST component construction, higher material capacity, special configuration choices.. and that's in addition to any of the siege skills you could already invent with the current configuration. A win for everyone (as long as you aren't someone who expects cheap victories).
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    He changes them like a mask and discards them like trash. Each new vessel offers its tricks and poetry. He arms them with the weapons and bruised apples the gods leave him. Through his countless incarnations, his mind broken and weakened. There is no sanity here. He throws his new vessels into battle with complete disregard. They can lack experience, and armor, and weapons fit for war. Yet he does not care. This worshipper of Malakai relies on tricks and tenacity to inflict grief and calamity. Once while wearing a Guinecean knight who had just been born into the world, this vessel was weak and paltry, he took a team of 4 saboteurs from Fist of the Empire into the lands of Aerynth, in Balance. There they attacked harvesters and wanders, inflicting grief they enraged the followers of Balance. Unwilling to bear it anymore Balance organized two groups of their strongest soldiers to punish their wicked deeds. After several kills Balance became confident and prideful, and so the trap began to unfold. He changed vessels to a Guinecean Cleric who attained the maximum experience for war. Balance forces, filled with wrath and blinded by pride, chased him to an outpost where two guards had been purchased. Believing their previous victories would earn them victory again they ran in to be slaughtered. This elaborate trap had many phases, and with all great traps of war, the first step is to appear weak and to continue to hide that weakness until it is too late to escape. The team of balance believed their overwhelming numbers would ensure victory against opponents they had previously crushed. Upon running up they assumed the Guinecean they saw was the weak knight they had beaten to a pulp. Even under pressure from the arrows of two guards they foolhardily pressed forward frothing at the mouth like rabid dogs. Once you take the bait, only shame awaits. The Guinecean who had previously been the weakest link became the backbone and lifeline of this team of saboteurs from Fist of the Empire. Dumping heal after heal into the team, blocking blow after blow, the guards worked their magic. Soon the attackers found themselves routing under a barrage of arrows. Skulls littered the ground. A smile took form, as success had been achieved. Favor to Malakai.
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    Why do you hate skinners?

    Pointing out issues and pain points is the purpose of the testing, we're not saying "BLAIR IS RUINING OUR LIVES" but more "Hey this totally sucks really bad, worse than you are probably aware of, please fix it" Considering the last dev stream they thought skinning was in a good place ("People go hunting and the leather is a bonus") it is our responsibility, as testers, to point out to the devs that this is not the case.
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    Why do you hate skinners?

    Ya'll acting like they don't know or they are doing intentionally. There's a lot being worked on and they have heard people, for years, inform them that LW is getting the short end of the stick. I don't always agree with the dev team, I am often a loud critic of them, but they are making a complicated game and its a long, arduous and tedious task. "It's late at night, Emperor Blair is surrounded by cats, d20's, collected tears of the community and on the ground is the smashed bits of last jedi collectibles. He's knows hes a busy man, he has tons of things to work on but he is taking a moment to charge up and read the boards. He goes from thread to thread, collecting our sadness and making a list. It's then he see's a great source of untapped power: the 45th crying thread about leather. He knows it's a great feast for him to consume and then finally rest but he can't help himself so he uses his admin powers and reduces the leather loot tables by 1." ^ the above is how I feel the LW community pictures Blair.
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    Chaos #Warstories

    Guess I'll put away my crystal ball now.
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