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    Four Questions About Skills

    1) No 2) There are major disciplines that provide healing abilities, such as Field Surgeon, Pixie, Friar, etc. Field Surgeon is broken (the Rehabilitation works based on the target's stamina rather than yours), and none of them provide significant self healing. You will also have a hard time getting significant support power since they took out the Surging Spirit discipline. You can still stack it, but will probably never be as good as a cleric or druid. 3) Stealth is probably the best way to escape an attack. Duelist especially, since you can go stealth then tunnel in a different direction to throw off attempts to knock you out of stealth. 4) It depends on whether you are talking combat or non-combat. For in-combat, Friar is a good disc to take, particularly as a non-healer, if you want more mobility. You will have the run speed buff up more often than not. Bard gives a run speed buff too, but getting stunned or knocked down will interrupt the buff and you'll have to recast it. Outside of combat, everyone has a mount. Knights can get an extra 15% to mount speed, and there is a food item (I forget which) that gives another 5%. There are also races like Elken and Centaur which get Trailmaster, and others that get Trailblazer (lesser version of Trailmaster). You won't outrun a mount with either, but they can buy you some distance against an unmounted opponent.
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    Wishlist: Rare spawns/Rare loot!

    Hm. These rare spawns i'm thinking of from my experience from before wasn't a problem with "goldsellers" or "asia grinders". These goldsellers did things more profitable (like grinding). Simply because: 1. The spawn rate was too rare 2. And/Or The drop rate was too low If there's a problem there's a solution, they can't be too valuable/common. Make the droprate for example 10% on a mob that spawns in 2h windows, that's an average of 1 drop in 20h, just as an example, simply not too common/valuable that it'd be a "shortcut" through your progress or economically too profitable (other than at most like a lottery win). I'm no expert in how you develop/make these MMORPG's but in this previous MMORPG there wasn't no problem with this, and they we're relatively popular. When players had nothing to do they could go out and look for these, instead of idling in a town. Or if you just wanna have some fun with a friend, go do some world pvp and maybe win on the lottery if you keep an eye out for these. IMO it'd just add more elements to the game. Also, it's not actually "rarer" than stumbling upon a random high quality item in any other RPG, it's just the actual mobs that are rare instead of the item, and depending on how common/rare the mob is, the item(s) droprate should be adjusted not to be too common. Here's some examples: https://ffxiclopedia.fandom.com/wiki/Notorious_Monsters:_Level_Guide (Ps. I'm too tired while writing this. Hope it's understandable. I'll read this post again tomorrow and maybe edit if needed within 24h. It's hard enough to express myself in english to explain what i actually want to say even when i'm 100% awake 😅)
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    Wishlist: Rare spawns/Rare loot!

    I would aggree to the "rare loot from rare spawns" principle. I see opportunities for this in the game, I see the existing demand, and i see some solutions already existing, kind of. I also see issues. The basic principle I see for the demand is the natural tendency towards bargain hunting: If I am clever/fast enough, I should be able to get an advantage. Nothing wrong with that. Some are stronger, some are more clever, some are more reckless, whatever ... let the game allow different people to find something they like especially. The more a game manages to do this, the more it will appeal to a bigger audience. Especially for a PvP MMORPG, that's something that allows for more opportunities ... more people. What I, personally, don't like too much, is the "camping" aspect, though. I don't care if someone found a great place and decides to focus on it and use it once in a while. That's cool. Knowledge should pay out. But I care about exploitation opportunities. There will always be exploitable content and people who exploit it. No question. It just shouldn't be too easy. We don't need another asia grinder. Companies make a lot money out of that, hiring cheap employees, doing nothing but log-in/loot/log-out/next -- and then selling to people who want to take the short road ... with only needing to take it, because most of their own opportunities have been blocked right by those grinders. Things that may look like a good idea for us players, may turn around to something negative for us. All I am saying is ... we should be careful what we wish for. Other legit principles I see are "get something special, by doing something special" and "providing the small people a chance to get something big". For both we already see basic approaches in the current playtest environment. Quite good ones, in my opinion. The different NPC locations (even boar brushes) can, though not alway do, include a boss NPC. Those are meant to provide especially rare loot and can usually only be killed by a group. They also spawn much slower, as far as I have seen. So, if someone wants something special, just gather a hunting party and find a place where chief or ancient animal spawns from time to time. Won't be enough to just camp the position on your own, there will have work to be done. I am absolutely fine with that. As for the other principle, slag ore, the lowest-level ore in game, is on itself only attractive to new players. Nearly nobody else uses it. But still, it can drop gutting grit and chaos embers -- very rare materials high-end crafters pay a lot for. Sell a few of them and all your new-player problems are past. Looking at these last two points, I'd dare to argue that our developers are not only aware of these needs, but are also already working towards finding solutions. And, since there are already some solutions in game, not only since yesterday. This said, one of the basic principles of crowfall is "risk vs. reward". You not only need to do something to earn something ... you better take some risk, if you really want to achieve something extraordinary. You may loose more. But you also may get more. Dare or die. I like this principle. It's the opposite of the exploitation principle (Which I would define as "Lower the risk while increasing the possible reward". That's a mindest that may help individuals to grow ... but not a society). What I could imagine for Crowfall, though, regarding rare solo camp loot, would be things that are basically irrelevant regarding success in the game, but may have a special value for a specific clientele within the overall audience. Like A special flower that only grows at certain places and would be needed to craft a rare dye. A rare crystal that can only be found in the ore of especially high mountains, needed as ingredients to craft crystal towers. A lost tribe that will drop a specific head with a unique appearance you otherwise wouldnt be able to choose during character creation. You get the idea. THIS I would LOVE to see ... next to improvements about the "get something special, by doing something special" and "providing the small people a chance to get something big" solutions. It would also be great to have special loot bosses (or even tribes) roving the country ... meaning: not being bound to a certain land parcel, but being able to pass them. So their positions wouldn't be definite. I think it is important to make those suggestions, in case they need some work on the core system (which best should be done now rather than later - even if it pushes the launch away even more), but it's also something I don't really expect (and don't even want to have (because, even later launch)) on a short-term.
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    Welcome to the forums, too. Now, that would be the already existing Community Questions & Answers subforum - it's not only for old-crow questions. You may also find some answers after using the search function of the forum. Or just visit the #crowfall-chat or #cf_testing_help channels in the international crowfall community discord and ask your questions there. We don't bite ... often. As royo said. More details, for those who need them: Join the easiest God's Reach Campaign (currently called "Joveth"). Follow the beam of light to the rune gate and use it to teleport to the temple. Enter the central temple place and F the large fire pot in the middle. Looks like this: Btw. Some watribe camps (like the one immediately downhill from the runegate hillock of Joveth's rank 5 island) provide special artefact workstation which you can use to combine several artefact letters (humanoid NPC loot) to powerful runebinds, worth up to 1000 sacrifice points. Worth a visit. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
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    Poll: Full Wipe

    The only reason id say yes is so I can buy another account i been planning to buy but dont want to being so behind with my other one I def see the problems a wipe cause for the big time guilds quitting or being mad. But honestly its Pre-Alpha long way off with lots of changes. People are very picky in wanting a "Playable Game" that is like a released game. Fact of the matter is its not and we will probably have to start over many times including once more when it starts for real, we got to support what the game team thinks is best for getting the game out quicker while voicing real valid arguments as to why we think its a bad for the development of the game not for players personal enjoyment in Alpha.
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