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    Hey when are we getting info on God's Reach? How is the char controller revamp going? Will the new stuff on test have any outside of spawning parcel effects? Are we going to get a knob knurple adjustment or twist on the scoring of the next trial? Is picking a guild important when there is not a god damn thing they are doing right now other than being a giant placard? Are guild banks planned? For when. How big? Any work done on them yet? How are they controlled? How about bags? Will healing ever get points on the boards? How about crafting? Gathering? Any thoughts on just how boring it is to take almost 20 minutes to single cap a fully taken objective? Any ideas on how to spice that up? How about the lovely pathfinding ability, which is ignored by the mounts now. Should we have to wait for pathfinding to be done before mounting? Any storage ideas coming for the massive amount of single use and disposable drops that will be coming to bloat bags? I know yall are working your asses off. What are you working ON? Any details? Any news? Any timelines.
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    General chat must come back

    General chat was a blessing, talking to your friends and enemies in one place was great, no one uses lobby chat, keep faction chat but also add back general chat, there's no reason for it to have disappeared
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    The /who command needs to go.

    So, I wasn't sure if this note from our check-in history should be player facing so I initially left it out. After reading this thread though I've updated the patch notes to now include the following excerpt: /who is now a CSR only command and no longer accessible by players. This has been noted in the 5.8.5 Test Patch Notes posted today, 3/21/19.
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    Elementalist needs to be removed/reworked

    Elementalist is a discipline that completely negates the damage type for about half the players in the game. It is commonly used as a response to the heavy damage of siege weapons which are almost impossible to handle without this discipline during sieges. This makes its usage almost universal at sieges. There are disciplines which are structured as hard counters . Mudman, Militant Mage, and Scarecrow function in a similar way to Elementalist but are isolated to very specific types of damage. Most classes can change weapons or have options for damage that are not elemental. Clerics and Confessors have no other options so this further exacerbates the issue. If any ability does fire damage then you can not change it to do non-elemental. Most classes have at least some options or paths to change their damage type. This is not a Meta issue because it affects three different types of damage.I am a heal/tank Cleric but I feel bad for anyone who plays a DPS Cleric or Confessor. Please split this Discipline or remove it. Also post in this thread if balance is a zerg.
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    Jah's Reports on the Trial of Valkyn

    Andius, I salute you and your epic tale of back capping in the wilds of uncharted and bug riddled Galstor with your band of 2-5 Chaotic Rebels vs the 7 Strong Legion of Balance. Glory be to all those that contest in the name of Valkyn the 1am circle standing. I am told that the Dread DarthBunBun, circlestander extrodinare, and his renowned compatriots Phroot the Unnerfed Confessor and Galvia the Sometimes Streaming we're led on a merry chase for some time by one or two outpost backcaps in their Grand Quest for the Screenshot. May the Great Pann, Hearld of the Pantheon of the Gods forever record these mighty deeds. Never have so few, 2-5, stood so valiantly against the slightly more than few, 7. Well done Chaos!
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    You guessed it. I'm back already with more than a half-way meme video. As per usual, these were fights that I felt were a lot of fun, and this one has more of an overall story focus. There's drama, emotion, plot! As always, this is by no means a diss, or a rustling of jimmies--just good heart-felt memes that I hope people might enjoy as much as I do. Watch as @@DocHollidaze answers the call!
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    Once again, I have a variety of content from his past night's siege that some people perhaps might enjoy. While Order may not have the numbers to currently proper siege, there are still many strategies available to us for reasonable fights--and more importantly, good fun fights! Sophia and I have been working on one such strategy with the OODA loop mentality, and our engagement and disengagements have been a lot of fun. Hopefully you'll either: 1.) Enjoy the video 2.) Find something useful from the video (like why heavy axes leave a lot to be desired in how reliable they are in the Fury sustain department) 3.) Some manner of combination. We may be only a handful in size, but we plan to be a frustrating handful.
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    Not to get to off topic, but your point is pretty silly to be honest. I have end game gear currently that I got solo via trading, bartering, and buying. I can still contribute to siege fights by showing up and helping to defend the walls or charge in with rest when the walls come down. The DREGS are very much designed to be a GUILD campaigns and I don't plan to play there. I do plan to be part of a FACTION which entails gives me a side that I can contribute to. I've been a solo player for pure PvP reasons in DAoC, Albion Online, and quite a few other team based PvP games and have never had issues obtaining end game gear and having a good time. I do get you feel the need to be part of something b/c that is how you enjoy the game and that is great, but please don't dictate to other's how the game should be played based off your single-mindedness. Granted it's harder on solo players, but I enjoy the challenge and I get it's not for everyone and that is why I don't push my personal agenda on other's. However please keep in mind that there are other play-styles and CF is very aware of this otherwise it would just be a ton of Keeps and open space for large fights with nothing else going on.
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    I don't get it. Certain unnamed people made it clear through their actions that any talk about PVP or victories, makes the people you killed feel bad. Making people feel bad results in forum/ingame warnings and bans. Some of them lifetime bans with no refunds. Criminal! Ok... back to my self imposed ban on the forums until they fix the rules and the way they are moderated. Sorry if this made anyone cry.
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    Well, I'll ask ACE to remove the active progression because that's not what I bought back in the day. I bought a game with time based passive training. I guess nobody will be completely happy at the end.
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    Feedback general 5.8

    Hello. I will give some feedback on this first campaign that has just ended and give my feelings by being as objective as possible. We're going to start with the map that I find very nice since 5.8. Being able to get a glimpse of the trone game you want to set up with this first reward campaign was interesting, especially with a lot of players who have played to win their faction. Nevertheless there's already been a lot of feedback on the capture that's not "fun" and I'll join his feedback. In the other MMOs where I have been, the capture is not fun when there are no defenders but it is a small part in general (morning/night). On Crowfall, for the moment, there is very little interest (maybe no insterest at all) in defending a small fort or a small outpost. This result on small groups that rotate in a loop and capture objectives in chain without meet ennemies. Many players tried to don't meet others because on the leaderboard it's more intersting to cap than fight. I hope it will be better when the caravan system is active to build the forts. About the forts : We could also have the additional point of experimentation in each small fort that our faction controls and not only in the big keep that is not vulnerable outside the attack windows. In this way we may meet more people near the fort. Another way to make the fort more attractive could be a system to improve our fort. That will pull people to take care of it/to stay longer around the fort for the scout/build and not just move on to the next one without stopping. About outposts : Outposts are a good idea for solo/duo/small group players but they have no interest here again except for the campfire... Maybe allow the forward post near the forts to alert the faction that there are enemies in the area? Or a new system to show on the map the enemies who are near our outposts. About score leaderboard : I find the capture bonus to be quite fun and innovative that can allow a faction to catch/decrease nightcapping effect or slightly lower hours. The changes during the seasons are also nice and fun, I played on the EU campaign where there was a lot of Nightcapping and the score was tight until the last days. Be careful not to bet everything on the siege bonus though If a faction dominates for several hours and everything is destroyed in one hour once it loses everything, it's not fun either and will kill the game and player motivations. Or you have to find a way to allow a good defense (balanced siege weapon/message that prevents in advance) About the mounts : I know they haven't been implemented for long and the system is probably not finished but I meet some issue with it. For me, in a PvP game, a mount is just a way to move from point A to point B and not a way to flee/avoid combat as it is at the moment. On other games, you often have to get out of combat to get your mount back, which means killing or getting killed but Crowfall is a little different on this point because it allows you to leave combat tray.. I therefore propose to put a big timer to invoke your mount as 10-15 seconds for example. I think you should also lose the mount directly if you are attacked in order to encourage fighting and ambushes. For me, the mounts in crowfall should be a little more fun but not a way to avoid fighting, it's really a shame for a pvp/gank game! I think you already know, but you can't jump when you're on a horse, which can be a little annoying as soon as there's an obstacle. About the siege : I may participate in 20-25 seats since the beginning of the year and almost all the of them during this first campaign. Some sieges were more fun than others but it also allowed to see many bugs/issues. The ballistas are strong, maybe too strong in terms of damage and can shoot in the tree room, it wouldn't shock me if we could easily destroy them but we have to hit for 30-40 seconds to 10 on the slightest ballista to destroy it and the player inside is also not reachable and can keep shooting at us. I like the tree principle but I find that there is a small problem on the attack tree when it is destroyed and the "race" to who puts his golden apple first... I find it a little... random A faction can very well make a well conducted attack, destroy the tree and paf, a player of the enemy faction succeeds in putting his apple before since the fort is neutral. We saw that once during a tri faction fight on the Chaos keep. Balance defeated chaos and the main part of orders, destroyed tree, but an order was able to use a golden apple while his team rush balance in a "suicide attack". As soon as the tree is destroyed, there may be a capture area that appears in the tree room that must be empty of all enemies for a few moments in order to really win the attack. I find this system more balance as the keep really gone to the winning faction, and force players to do a little the same thing as now, that's mean kill all enemies from the room before they can capture the keep. Free City is a good idea but you shouldn't see the enemies. It's too easily to scout all the maps at the same time with only one person, which pretty much cancels out the charm of the different surprise attacks/strategy. About the keep : I want to report some bugs to the keep during siege or not: When several people pass through a door, they find themselves at the top of the rampart and then fall if they take a small step. The balistes that can be placed from the outside by enemies, which takes the free places for real balistes of defense. The loopholes all around in the ramparts are a little too high for a distance to use them properly. To be able to go on the keep's roof and be stay able to heal the tree. To conclude on this first part, I think I'm not the only one who made this feedback but the maps were full several times. This is not a huge problem itself and I well understand the aim to keep good performances, but maybe try to let an equivalent number of players in each faction willd be great (in order to don't meet 70 chaos when we are only 30 because the map is full). This is not balanced to the people inside the map and ruins the siege time. If you plan to implement a queuing system before the game release, I think so you might start implementing it as fairly as possible.(I've seen a lot of people rally on this subject but I can easily understand that a queue is mandatory to avoid the 400-500 players zerg that crash the servers and this system has pretty much worked well in the RvR games I've played.). Global feedback about fights : Physics: Physics is a good idea but bothering the hand-to-hand classes to attack it at the same time. That often make large scale fight not very fluid... Fight balance : I'm not going to talk about a particular class because you've always been clear about the balancing that will come in alpha, or a little later, but I'm going to talk about the fights that are REALLY too long and it might bring more problems than fun... I understand that a tank class shouldn't fall in a few seconds. But, is it really normal and wanted to let a tank jump in the middle of 45 players, remains 10-15 seconds and leaves without too much trouble because not enough damages to punish it? Same for assassin fae... for me, the role of the assassin is never to be in the middle of the mix but more in the periphery to avoid taking too many damages. Even when a fight is "easily" won and winners push hardly, it often takes 4-5 minutes to clean all the players who are just running away. And 5 or 6 players are needed to kill a guy who is running away and move on to the next one. There isn't enough aoe, not enough burst except the ulti champion and bomb druid for the moment in the game and I find it cruelly missing. Main problems : The longer the fights are, the more likely you are to receive new allys or have more and more enemies around you. This can be cool but can also put your servers in difficulty when the fights last half an hour. One other issue is that players could come back again and again, and any faction will be able to take an advantage. Then, for the under-number battles, it will be very difficult to support fights due to their long duration and with few tools to hardly burst/take out enemy from the fight. This will force people to create bigger guild rosters. Moreover, with the last update, the damage of craft weapons was hardly decrease to fill the gap between an inter and a craft weapon. I think it would be better to increase the inter and restore the craft weapon as before. We also lost the displines of master weapons who gave some bonuses and nice skills. We can see that you can't kill someone easily anymore like there had been the case for 3 or 4 big updates, which is quite annoying. It also gives a strange impression in video, the fights are pretty fun even if too long but in video, it gives the impression that there's no impact on our attacks/our pushs. I think seeing 40 players against 1 for 30 seconds is a bad pub for the game. I hope some adjustments on this point will be coming quickly, except it's just related to the lack of balance/performance of a pre alpha Death debuff : I understand his interest to avoid that the enemies get into the fight again but it is very badly done and very frustrating. It brings more problem for me in its current state between the camping/the fact of not being able to play for 3 minutes. I hope this system is temporary and will disappear on the maps when they are bigger because there is nothing fun in it. I would rather have a timer of one or two minutes before being able to go back to my body or status than to come back to the fight and make me one shot without any possible defense. Another way may be to reduce this debuff from 75% to 15-20% in order to give the player the opportunity to defend himself a minimum. About the game in general : In terms of the "Uncle Bob" scenario you fear (not sure of the translation from french for a Faction which ruins a campaign in 3 days...), I really hope that you will find some solutions to mitigate it as much as possible. The ranking of players by faction is a first step because it will bring competition in the factions that cannot win the campaign and will prevent the losers from stopping playing. About multi account and exploits link to that system. I really hope you will soon talk about the VIP and make it attractive without being paid to win. Espacially more attractive than a double account anyway, which I assume is not an easy thing for you. Multi-accounting can be a hell in a game like crowfall, it can allow to exploit the system of exports/imports, scouts of enemy factions, exchange forwards outpost, take a ballista instead of a real defender and probably other things that do not come to my mind. The last point of this part is a question to you about pre-alpha rewards : I would also like to know if the rewards we will win during this pre-alpha, like the badges, will remain after the soft launch. I hope no... For me, this kind of item should only be cosmetic and not give any advantage to the people who participated in the test in advance. Our lnwoledge is still an huge avantage. Conclusion with more positive notes : The first EU campaign even if there were only two factions was pretty fun. The durability of the armor is perfect and much more pleasant than many patches in the back. The performances have improved well even if there is still a lot of work to do. The different maps of the 5.8 are pretty well done. The harvest displines that can be equipped at the same time as the fight, it's a very good idea. Thank you, Isna
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    not letting us know what issues theyre working on sucks as a player, in another mmo i played 4v4 has been broken for years due to a bug that made pets and summons stand still along with shields not ending when their timer ran out allowing someone to essentially become immune to everything for an infinite duration, turns out after multiple forum posts, hundreds of reports, and spamming their twitch they didnt even know this game breaking bug existed until this year, knowing whats being worked on would help me sell this game to more of my friends, i wish companies understood transparency is loved by the communities they create, cloak and daggers is what poisons players against you
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    I know we're hijacking the thread, but since Srathor has already discarded all decorum... Nearly every point Srathor touched on has come up at one point or another in guild discord over the last week or two. There are a lot of issues that are "on the list" and have been there for a long time, but there's little sense among the players of what items are actually captured issues and what is flying under the radar, what issues and features are prioritized in what order, and when they might be addressed/introduced. I think we all know that a timeline is going to be wrong before it's even published, nature of the beast; but I do think maintaining a web page with a bullet point list ordering high profile target goals, updated periodically, would go a long way toward resolving a good part of that without pulling back the curtain too far. Exposing the running open issues list would pull the curtain back farther than marketing might like, but it would let the players know in a very transparent way what issues you've recognized, even if those issues are not targeted for immediate resolution. Probably not in the cards, I understand.
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    General chat must come back

    Not just friends and enemies but new players asking question as well. IMO that was the most valuable part of General Chat-the ability to reach a wide audience of everyone online
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    The whole account time training is absolutely stupid. I log in i set my account to train i log out because Im not wasting my time playing a game where i am already far behind the other people. I forget about the game for awhile come back, Have to many points in one tree. Move to another tree.. repeat process. A month later have absolutely no desire to play. This is one of the worst ideas i have seen in a mmo. I despise the rate of which this game is being developed and the place it is currently going. Can i get a refund?
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    The /who command needs to go.

    It should not be available in zone and if you want it available in faction, could it please just return an number and not a list of names? The zone /who needs to go though. If spies want to spy, make them be deticated at that screen and have to follow the force they are keeping tabs on. I think it would inevitably lead to more fights because it would be more difficult to assess your numbers vs. their numbers and people might be less concerned with ensuring they have 2x numbers before they take a fight.
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    Les campagnes - Vos avis sur le sujet

    Mon plus gros point positif est également le point le plus négatif en même temps : Les saisons peuplés sont très fun. Hors actuellement, ce n'est plus le cas, on arrive en "fin de patch", le gros point positif, c'est que c'est la première fois qu'un patch X.Y dure plus de quelques semaines, quasiment 3 mois, ça commence à être bon. Les outposts ne servent à rien Vu les points qu'ils donnent, il est plus rentable en solo de prendre un fort r6 que de prendre 3 outpost dans le même temps. Le jeu promeut le zerg qui coure d'objectifs en objectif Avoir un fort, avoir un outpost n'apporte rien, on a aucune raison de chercher à les défendre, les forts ne sont même plus réparé vu la facilité à rentrer dedans, seul le keep est nécessaire pour les crafteurs et encore, on voit de nombreux joueurs ennemis entré et tuer les crafteurs. Pourquoi les gens arrêtent-ils de jouer ? (ceci est mon ressenti personnel, et explique pourquoi je joue moins ) scale vertical du stuff et non horizontal. Je suis sur ce jeu pour du RvR sans passer par toute la phase de pex et de pve des autres mmos, attiré par la promesse qu'un groupe de 5 nouveaux pourraient rester dangereux face à un ancien joueurs stuff : ce n'est pas le cas, étant stuff en bleu avec mes mates, les gens stuff en blanc ne font rien, mais on ne fait rien contre des gens stuff en orange... Je parle ici de modification de dégats de l'ordre de x10, ce qui donc n'est plus fun. combat désorganisé à cause de la physique. La physique bien qu'une feature importante du jeu est actuellement un pool de désagrément qui ne sont pas compensés : on perds la possibilité de se pack, de passer, tirer à travers les alliers, mais on ne récupère pas de possibilité de vraiment body block de générer une grosse front lane qui protégerait des dps, vu que les dps n'ont pas de zone, ne peuvent pas tapper par dessus les alliers.
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    Yes I farmed over 100+ Embers and I'm a mix of blue and purple gear that is quite good including a recent epic Vessel. It was crafted by quite a few different people/players from different guilds such as Winterblades who to my knowledge have some of the best crafters in game. I didn't farm all the mats, I bought most of them which is how I will obtain the gear later on as well, once the full economy loop comes online. Sorry you seem to have a problem with my play-style, but I honestly could careless what you think or how you feel. Please don't pollute the boards with your poor attempt to flame. Also just b/c I don't want this to dissolve any further since it's a feedback thread I'm removing myself from anything that is non-feedback on this thread.
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    Verlängerung von Valkyns Prüfung Zu Testzwecken wird die Prüfung von Valkyn etwas verlängert. Sowohl die EU- als auch die NA-Kampagne endet nun am Donnerstag, den 28. März um 15:00 Uhr (MEZ). Eure Kriegsgeschichte Hinter jedem Krieger steht eine große Kriegsgeschichte. Diese Geschichten sind das A und O eines guten PvP-Spiels, denn sie sind der Ursprung der Legenden, die zu einem Teil der lebenden Historie des Spiels werden. Sie sind die Erinnerung an unsere gemeinsamen Erlebnisse an der Front und der Beweis für die Kameradschaft, die wir als Spieler teilen. Aus diesem Grund rufen wir ab 1. April die #CrowfallGame #Warstories ins Leben. Jeder, der eine Crowfall-Kriegsgeschichte mit den genannten Hashtags via Social Media teilt, nimmt automatisch daran teil. Unser Team wird diese Geschichten dann ebenfalls auf unseren Plattformen teilen und diejenigen unter euch belohnen, deren Beiträge die meisten Likes und Shares erhalten. Feedback zu den Prüfungen der Götter Die Prüfung von Valkyn ist in vollem Gange. Seid ihr dabei? Wenn ja, was gefällt euch besonders und was eher nicht? Wenn nein, was hält euch davon ab? Egal, ob ihr die Kampagnen toll findet oder euch gewisse Dinge nerven: Wir möchten eure Meinung hören. Hinterlasst euer Feedback und eure Kritik gerne in diesem Thread! Kampf um die Votes Möchtet ihr eure Fraktion auch auf Facebook unterstützen? Chaos und Ordnung gewinnen jeweils mit der Mehrheit der Stimmen, wohingegen Gleichgewicht sich um ein möglichst ausgeglichenes Ergebnis bemühen muss. Derzeit steht es 46 zu 32 für Chaos. Nehmt an unserer Umfrage teil und verhelft eurer Fraktion zum Sieg! (Tipp für Gleichgewicht: Ihr könnt eure Stimme jederzeit nachträglich ändern, bis die Umfrage geschlossen wird. 😉) Das Wichtigste am PvP Auf was kommt es euch beim PvP am meisten an und was macht für euch ein perfektes PvP-Erlebnis aus? Teilt es uns unter diesem Post mit. Wenn ihr euer Spielerlebnis verbessern möchtet, ist der Beitritt einer Gilde gleichgesinnter Mitspieler eine tolle Möglichkeit, neue Freunde zu finden und Zugang zu vielen neuen Spielinhalten zu erhalten, von denen ihr als Einzelspieler nicht profitieren könnt. Es gibt viele Wege, die richtige Gilde für euch zu finden. Neben der Nutzung unserer Gildensuchfunktion auf der Website (zu finden unter Community -> Gilden) empfiehlt es sich, aktuelle Gildenvorstellungen im Forum im Auge zu behalten. Auch dieser Forenbeitrag von @Kraahk, in dem ihr eine Liste deutschsprachiger Gilden, ihrer Webseiten und zusätzlicher Infos findet, kann euch bei eurer Suche behilflich sein.
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    The bandages available in the newbie zone are primitive bandages, and they heal for 750 HP. Knotwood gives a basic bandage, which heals for 1500. Non-basic wood gives an intermediate bandage, which heals for 2000. Non-basic wood + cloth gives an advanced bandage which heals for 3000. Knotwood + Cloth gives basic, so don't waste your cloth with knotwood. Cloth drops from the wartribes. The amount healed is increased based on your healing modifier.
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    The /who command needs to go.

    They could always try to refocus on making the game fun and combat-focused, rather than forcing people to spend hours and hours doing bullsht. I get the need to make logistics and harvesting a thing, that is a key part of the original game design, but introducing the grind for vessels while simultaneously making it so critical choices on the talenting and disciplining of those vessels is irreversible is beyond ridiculous. They moved the goalposts on me, and for that I altered the rules by which I was willing to play in order to counter that. I don't like having my time wasted.
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    Honestly and truly, take a break. My entire guild peaced out for like a year and it was a net positive at combatting burnout during a patch cycle we weren't having fun with. Its easy to get burned out in a development stage where literally none of your achievements matter. its not like you can't log in briefly every 2 weeks for your shiny and run the new hotness on test for mugs. There are tons of games to play, no sense in playing one that's not fun. That said, even though I've been extremely vocal about certain class bugs ACE is gonna place priority where they feel its best for the game. currently that's finishing the entire economic loop since that's the context by which day to day play in a longer campaign is defined, and getting real deal data on player behavior while they work out the faction campaign reward structure. I'd argue both of those things are more important priorities than fine tuning balance. Its really tough to see what players farm, how much, and how they fight each other if you're constantly upending class balance in a way that makes people want to reroll. Economically at least there are strong reasons to farm most materials in a context that should theoretically be somewha representitive of release needs, and "the tryhards" are behaving like campaigns matter, which is important for accurately gauging macro level player behaviors when contronted with different scoring and reward models. That might not be fun if your primary interest is messing about with builds the same way farming for gear wasn't fun for my guild when we took our break. It sucks but just as our farm eventually got fixed and we came back, the balance will get fixed and you'll come back for one feature and be energized by all the other little things that made their way to live in the time between. At this stage of development its simply inevitable that someone's subjective favorite thing is gonna get passed over for a bit while core systems keep going online.
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    See, calling it "metagame" ("the game above the game") when actually fixing some of the borked class mechanics/skills would wildly shift it around really kinda gives the actual state of CF class balance too much credit. The fact that the term is being thrown around at this stage of development is humorous to me; the "meta" is not some complicated culmination of experience with what works, it's a very simple few conclusions drawn from what race/class/disc combinations aren't bugged into uselessness/are broken or borderline exploits. Without balance being sought or established, it's hard to tell what should or should not be acceptable, so people roll whatever they can play CF most effectively with. The earlier part of what you said though I guess I can agree with lol... But I likewise would have rather they put off the recent wartribes addition until we got 5.9... That patch has been pretty much done, "waiting for the train [5.8 talent tree update] to clear the station" (JTC's quote from January) per ACE.
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    question, what is a myrmidon champion and how do i unlock that subclass
  25. 4 points
    Hey they just need to make a "too damn many champions" debuff, if there are 5 champions within say 25 meters they all get a 10% damage and healing debuff that stacks with each additional champion.
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    Tree fight = slide show

    Just a short soundless clip of ~20 chaos vs an unknown number of balance. Think they had 50 in zone but no idea how many showed for this. Regardless this shows how much FPS lag the GUI is causing me in larger fights. Heck this was at most 70 people and not all packed into one spot. The 2nd time it has a large impact..... just can't see health or CDs
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    Order isn't real. They are like unicorns, leprechauns, honest politicians and hot women with a crazy rating of 1.
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    1. Make Spirit Bank only available in the Temple. 2. Start all Keeps at R6 at the beginning of a campaign 3. Start all Forts at R4 at the beginning of a campaign 4. Link immediately adjacent parcels to Keeps/Forts in terms of overall Rank. 5. Set all nodes/mobs in the Keep and linked parcels to R3-R6. Set all nodes/mobs in the Fort and linked parcels to R1-R4 6. Give us a mechanic to rank up the Forts/Keeps. Maybe a sacrifice mechanic. Maybe sacrifice shards from hunger crystals give a ton of value for this. 7. Gate the rank ups by season. Spring Max = Keep:R7, Fort:R5 Summer Max = Keep:R8, Fort:R6 Fall Max = Keep:R9, Fort:R7 Winter Max = Keep:R10, Fort:R8 8. Rank up the nodes/mobs in the immediate and linked parcels with the central fort/keep. 9. Maybe de-rank forts/keeps when they switch hands by 1 rank down to the starting rank as a minimum. This will: Give players more investment in the keeps/forts. Having a bank nearby is now vital. Make forts/keeps valuable to capture and hold even late in the campaign when your faction may have very little chance of winning. Help alleviate instances of certain resources (hungershards/aurochs/certain graveyard types) having very few/no high ranking spots. Make it worthwhile for harvesters to harvest in Fall/Winter. As Plentiful resource pips go down, the quality of the resource nodes goes up. Make Harvest specialization more important. Tons of 5-pip high-rank nodes in spring devalues this training.
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    What do you know that the rest of the community doesn’t? They removed VIPs interaction with training and we don’t know what VIP will Boost.
  30. 3 points
    DOES THAT MEAN I CAN’T PLAY SOLO? You can absolutely play solo, but the universe itself is a shared environment. Many of the game systems are designed to entice you to interact with other players. It isn't a solo game but I see no reason why solo or smaller guilds can't have a good time. Will they be single handedly winning campaigns? Not a chance, but winning campaigns might not be the only goal. Having fun is sort of important for some people. Not everyone wants to 2nd job a video game, play/do things they don't want but the guild needs, and be told how to play. The way ACE has described the economy and EKs, it seems they want players crafting/selling/trading/offering goods n services to others. If all guilds are all-inclusive, will be a pretty dead economy. They've said that never leaving the EKs and being a merchant could be a way to play this thing. Don't need 500 guild mates backing you up in the EK. Obviously Dregs will be GvG focused but doesn't mean solo or small groups couldn't have a bit of fun as well. Factions will most likely be more accessible to a wider audience and having a pre-built team comes in handy for those that don't want to be part of guild of any size. If there is only one way to play this game, ACE will have failed at their mission IMO. My concern is I've yet to see much risk v reward where being solo would ever be rewarded compared to just out gearing/numbering others. Hopefully they think up mechanics that reward taking chances and being at a disadvantage. The Bloodstone Campaign mentioned back at the start was a lot more interesting then stand in a circle.
  31. 3 points


    passive training was always stated to be part of the game.
  32. 3 points

    [NEWS] L'Appel du Corbeau - 2e édition

    Bonsoir les amis ! La semaine s'est écoulée, terminé le dur labeur (pour ceux qui ne travaillent pas Samedi/Dimanche), enfin le weekend et, enfin, notre nouvelle newsletter est disponible !!! 😋 Vos premiers retours ont été positifs, je vous remercie, et j’espère que le contenu de cette 2e édition vous plaira et sera utile a la communauté 👍 Je compte sur vous pour proposer des idées que vous souhaitez partager ou divulguer , des projets en cours, besoin d'aide, etc. pour notre Newsletter! "The Trial of Valkyn" continue!!!! La campagne a été prolongée jusqu'au 28 Mars 2019 - 3PM. Plus d'informations ici ------------------------------------------------------------- Découvrez le véritable guerrier et la véritable force en vous, rejoignez une guilde! Sans maîtrise, la puissance n'est rien. La connaissance sans sagesse, n'est que peu utile. Sans guilde, un Corbeau n'aura pas la meilleure expérience de jeu. “Si vous souhaitez améliorer votre expérience de jeu, rejoindre une guilde de personnes partageant les mêmes idées est un excellent moyen de se faire de nouveaux amis et vous donnera accès à un autre niveau de jeu que vous ne pourriez pas expérimenter en tant que joueur solo.", Markee Dragon (site d'informations et reviews jeux vidéos) Plus d'informations sur cet article ici ------------------------------------------------------------- #CrowfallGame #WarStories Les histoires de guerre sont le commerce des grands jeux PvP. De ces histoires naîtront des légendes, et ces histoires seront souvent a l'origine d'héritages construits autour du jeu, devenant une part intégrante de son histoire et de sa marque. La camaraderie et l’amitié naîtront et se nourriront de ces expériences partagées entre joueurs, au front, en première ligne, dans une atmosphère a la fois pesante, intense et jubilatoire. ⚔️ Un bon PvP c'est aussi des guerres et histoires de batailles épiques. ⚔️ Pour ces raisons, la plateforme de partage #CrowfallGame #WarStories a été créée et sera disponible le 1er Avril. Cette plateforme permettra aux joueurs et partager leurs histoires de batailles épiques. Plus d'informations ici 🤔 Crowfall - Les campagnes - Donnez nous vos avis! Cette semaine, j'ai fait appel aux membres de la communauté francophone pour avoir et collecter des avis sur les campagnes Avis, critiques et bons points mais aussi quels changements ou améliorations pensez vous que le jeu devrait proposer dans le cadre des campagnes, qu'il s'agisse des récompenses ou d'un autre aspect du jeu ou gameplay. Donnez vos avis ici! ------------------------------------------------------------- 🤗 La communauté francophone Comme promis suite a nos échanges sur le serveur Discord FR et a vos commentaires sur le forum, la structure de notre section du Forum a été modifiée. L'objectif est d’améliorer la visibilité de la communauté francophone et de permettre aux membres et nouveaux membres francophones d’accéder et partager du contenu plus facilement. N’hésitez pas a donner vos commentaires, suggestions et a participer activement a la vie et au développement de la communauté sur notre forum! Tout est permis (ou presque) 😋 ⚔️un #Trial offline! ⚔️ Quelle faction va l'emporter?Petit jeu / défi pour décider du vainqueur entre nos 3 factions. Règles du jeu ici Votez pour votre faction ici !!! ------------------------------------------------------------- ⚔️ Comment rendre une expérience PvP parfaite ? Donnez votre avis sur Facebook!!!! 😍 Nouveautés en vidéo Pour tout savoir sur les dernières nouveautés apportées au jeu, ne ratez pas cette vidéo!!!
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    I would really like the idea of play-based skills as well. This could work within the current system too. If you harvest ore you would gain points in mining, if you use the blacksmith discipline you get points for it, etc. Though the current system does have a lot of benefits as well. Even people who do not have a lot of time can advance even when they are not able to play. The main issue is not being able to catch up with people that have been playing longer. I think there was post about this though. Something about them putting a system to do just that in later. Ultimately, I think a combination of the two would probably work out for the best. You would gain points when you play based on what you actually do in the game, then you gain passive points as well to spend on whatever you want. I do not really like the idea of limiting players by using the VIP function, it should be a boost, not a must have addition to the game. Which it would be if you locked out whole skill trees behind a pay-wall. It is a very dangerous game for to play especially with this whole micro-transaction controversy. As for wanting to the quit the whole game over it, I would definitely wait it out. Go play on the TEST server to test out classes and look at new features. Some of the stuff they have is pretty amazing. If you need help with certain aspects of the game there are tons of people willing to help. Like me
  34. 3 points
    I’m fairly certain that minos don’t have the capacity to understand a concept such as “friendship “. If Sophia wasn’t there to tell him what to do, it would have been a video featuring him grazing on some grass.
  35. 3 points
    Join a guild to discover the bonds you can form with other Crows. FULL STORY
  36. 3 points
    We are going to camp it so hard. When I say we I mean the whole active community.
  37. 3 points
    Hey everyone! I just wanted to chime in on something I've been seeing crop up a bit in this specific thread. So while the scroll case has a limited sale amount with a specific respawn time on the vendor, I wanted to chime in and say that this isn't the only place you'll be able to acquire the scroll case. If they aren't already, they'll be farmable on the war tribe mobs as a loot drop. One thing we try to keep in mind is making sure multiple aspects can be used to collect goodies and loot, and this is one of those cases. So, keep an eye out for them when fighting those mobs.
  38. 3 points
    We do use it. That is how I know how effective it is. You are right that it is not hard. In fact, it is the perfect spying tool for a lazy player who doesn't want to run around and do real scouting.
  39. 3 points
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    [Feedback] Prüfungen der Götter

    @solairredenke hier sollte sich bald (nächster patch) was tun. lass mal auf nächsten donnerstag warten. bis dahin sind aktuell zu wenig spieler aktiv, was das hauptproblem darstellt, aber auch hier... bald!
  41. 3 points

    The /who command needs to go.

    ZYBAK is right, you guys try to shut down my ability to run multiple accounts on my top end computer, I'll just switch to running multiple accounts across the three different computers I have already running at my desk right now, and if I have to use a VPN to connect from different IPs if it gets that obnoxious. Realistically, I usually only run one of my extra accounts on one of my side computers, occasionally, because it is more convenient to just alt-tab on the one single main computer. So removing multi-client on one computer would primarily just inconvenience me, not shut me down. Now, if ACE somehow was capable of actually preventing me from using more than one of my accounts at the same time, even though that would seem to me impossible, than I would literally just liquidate all of my backer rewards and quit. They've added way to much grindy bullsht to the game that was never a part of the original design for me to put up with doing it all on one account at a time.
  42. 3 points

    The /who command needs to go.

    dont need to worry about spies when you play order
  43. 3 points

    Rewards for defending outposts.

  44. 3 points

    General chat must come back

    Your selfless existence as a nolifer is infinitely appreciated, good sir.
  45. 3 points
    I'm torn though, I want to help support the game, but I don't to burn out in the process. I have no problem with taking a break, but I would be perfectly entertained if I felt I was making an impact. But maybe I'm not making an impact, that would be OK too, I just wish I had an indication of that if it were the case lol. I can respectfully say that you are probably my favorite tryhard in the bunch, Mandalore. I don't see the terminology as a bad thing necessarily, but maybe it is mainly offensive.
  46. 3 points
    Behind every warrior is a great war story. FULL STORY
  47. 3 points

    DoT effects and dmg scaling

    After doing some testing on a few different DoT effects (severe poison, severe corruption, and severe bleeding), I noticed there is super low dmg scaling on all of the DoT's. For example, raising my weapon damage by 21 points of damage resulted in a less than .5 DPS increase per point on all 3 of the severe DoT effects, with severe bleeding being the highest at around .47 DPS per weapon dmg point and corruption being the lowest at .33 DPS per point of weapon damage. I have to assume that the scaling does not increase as you get to higher weapon damage breakpoints. So, assuming it does and you have say a 160 damage weapon you are gaining roughly less than 40 DPS on the highest scaling DoT effect going from a entry-level white weapon to that 160 dmg epic or whatever. That's pretty inconsequential, especially within group fights, when people have the amount of self-sustain they currently do. While DoT effects do have stats they can scale with (penetration, dmg bonus, AP I assume, and weapon dmg)...other damage abilities gain way more late-game damage scaling between those same respective stats on top of crit damage and crit chance. And remember, jewelry does not give bonuses to DoT effects but does to crit hit chance, crit hit dmg and basic attack damage. And even though they have these stats, they are scaling at a lower ratio than flat damage abilities. On top of this, it's infinitely easier to counter and sustain through the DPS of a DoT effect compared to a flat damage ability that may have the same DPS but gets applied in one damage instance. My question is this: should DoT's have some sort late-game scaling mechanic or even any mechanic similar to crit hit chance/dmg? or should DoT effects fall off as character get better gear and better stats (mainly crit hit/dmg)? Should DoT effects be a secondary bonus or damage source within the game or should you be able to build around DoT effects and still be rewarded with the same or similar power curve as flat damage ability builds? Let me know what you think.
  48. 3 points

    Commander visibility

    Could we please get some kind of obvious visual to easily find your own (or an enemies) commander in the heat of battle? An idea of mine was to add the ability to wield an actual battle standard like a weapon. Maybe even with your guilds crest on it. Could be implemented as a major discipline or whatever. Am I already asking too much?
  49. 3 points
    For the love of all that is holy, will you please remove the LOOT option on humanoid mobs after they have been looted? Trying to loot humanoids when their bodies are on top of each other is incredibly frustrating.
  50. 3 points
    Having an impact is different than getting 30%+ healing received or base damage, on top of an extra 6k+ hit points, on top of 35%+ mitigations to damage, and the list goes on. The difference between a BiS geared character and some dude in whites or even god forbid, intermediate is just ridiculous for the original design goals of the game. Honestly intermediate gear should just be called "training gear" or something, to be made very clear to new players hopping onto the game that stuff it just garbage to get started and not something to really be taken seriously. You can still have a strong crafting economy without such a steep power curve in gear. There's other games that can be used as an example of that. Funny you used Overwatch as an example, because that game pretty much died for doing certain things that are very similar to the direction CF is headed (Apex Legends was just the nail in the coffin, OW was already on life support before that). Picking widow or hanzo in a low to mid rank game may look like throwing a match, because of how high both the floor and ceiling are on those heroes, but in the first few seasons of OW a highly skilled player picking widow for example could still outplay and beat her "counter" heroes like winston. Same for a match up between tracer and mccree for example, it was all mind games and big plays. There was a meta in the pro scene (dive) but player skill still trumped that. Koreans were widely known for being the most skilled players, and that was shown in many games where they went against a meta comp with oddball comps like junkrat back when he was pretty bad and still won because of individual plays. After Ana every hero added to the hoster was some sort of "hard counter", CC heavy, power creep hero that pidgeonholed the game each time more into this sort of heavy healing melee ball ult combo GOATS meta that has dominated the game for ages. Skill matters a lot less now, to the point those same korean players can't really stand out anymore. The ceiling has dropped dramatically due to the hard counter spam heroes like Brigitte and the unbeatable meta. It's a class balance issue really, not just a "winning mentality" one. There was a very brief time in CF's pre-alpha (at the end of Big World, after myrm was finally nerfed and before rangerfall began), which was probably the most balanced combat had ever been in this game. Confessor was a little overpowered compared to the other classes, but that was mostly because of the huge AoE and good dmg it had, but it was still squishy and could be killed fast, so it wasn't too out of control. The only "mandatory" pick at that point was having one healer and one dps per group, everything else felt viable if played right. If you picked a second healer, you were losing on dps, so one healer was still a good call provided your healer could stay alive. Each class had some definite pros and cons. Now in group play there's like a handful of specs that can pretty much carry you through any situation the game throws at you and puts your enemy at a severe disadvantage if they're also not playing those specs.
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