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    [-V-] Vanguard | [EU]

    Vanguard played on the Balance faction in the Perstilyn Campaign! And the victory went to the Balance faction. Vanguard came back with a vengeance this campaign, after having acquired some new recruits to fill holes in our roster - our first goal this campaign was to get as many fights as possible, to create better synergy with our new players. We definitely achieved way better synergy - with these insanely motivated players, anything is possible (here's a fight from the campaign, where we showcase great coordination) : As the campaign went on we noticed that our enemies were demoralized, spending most of their time bunkering in their main keep. This gave plenty of opportunity to get practice, by attacking almost every siege night - and chaos stood their ground, providing lots of fun fights for us. It also gave us the possibility to screw around, have fun and try different things (such as destroying their entire keep with trebuchets): We then chose to go for the win, already having a point lead, we defended our 2 keeps from multiple failed assaults. The final big battle we had in the EU campaign was recorded by our very own @XeXeeD - and it was the final nail in the coffin for Chaos: Thank you to our enemies for giving us fights this campaign - especially the russians and BlackCanarios crew who by far were carrying the Chaos faction, by ruthlessly capturing every objective they could - Top chaos guilds: (Top chaos players): Thank you to our allies @Mogres Nordic Marauders and @Pestyphus@Darksilver@Kegelj Farewell - if you are looking for a german guild, you should check out these 2 guilds! Top Balance guilds: Top Balance players: Well played everyone! We are hoping chaos comes back with a taste for blood soon. Vanguard will spend the rest of 5.100 testing, practicing and preparing for the launch and wipe in the next big patch in 2020. We have currently 2 spots open for new members - whether you are an experienced player already in a guild or a new player does not matter to us. What matters, is how you show us that you have the motivation and mindset to improve and become a great player within the guild. Apply today - tell us why we should take you in, and what you can bring to the guild! ___________________________ In the off hours from the european campaign, we also visited the NA campaign, where we also played for the Balance faction. Participating in a few sieges, we aided Winterblades @Angelmar @damebix and HoA @soulein in achieving victory for Balance - check them out if you are looking for an NA guild with skilled and motivated players! Thanks for all the fun!
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    FYI - After the stream, I chatted with Blair about doing a write-up on the Discipline changes. He's in the middle of some high-priority work this week, but hopes to have a first draft done sometime next week. Stay tuned for that!
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    Prologue Caldera has been an active part of Crowfall since early August 2015. “We are the attackers, causing mayhem and murder. We are the crafters you will spend your funds on. We are laying siege to your castle and crushing your attempts to take ours. We are the refuge and protection from The Hunger that is creeping in on us all. “ We are Caldera - Playing with Fire! Avocation – “What does it mean to be part of Caldera?” “Real Life First – Full Commitment when Available Improvement – Team – Success Equality amongst friends, respect towards enemies…” The only thing you really have to do is take care of your real life. To balance between gaming and the rest of your life is your call. When you do come online and play with us, we want you to be fully committed ~ To Play with Fire. Strive for improvement. we will never be perfect. That doesn't have to keep us from trying. Learn from successes and mistakes, from your allies, your enemies, and yourself. Always ask yourself "what would have been a better way to approach this situation?" Don't be afraid to receive feedback, and don't be afraid to give it. Play for the Team. We are not a pile of solo players. The team is our strength, our motivation, our family. Always try to do what is best for the team, and in the long run the team will do what's best for you. We share our time, knowledge, and ingame goods. Aspire for success. While there is sometimes room to “mess around”, when it matters, we always play to win, no matter the odds. People will depend on you. Always play to the best of your ability, use your best judgement, and trust in your allies to do the same. We are all equal gamers and humans, and we treat each other as such. Being an Officer means taking up a responsibility for the good of the guild, no less and no more. Every voice matters. This even includes our enemies: be respectful, in victory or defeat. No flaming, harassment, bug using or cheating. What do we offer our members – “It’s a package deal!” A fun and friendly environment to achieve common goals in. A flexible hours guild with a hardcore mentality when it comes to the important stuff. (Casually Hardcore). A massive amount of in game knowledge to be shared to empower our guild members. A common progressive attitude towards the game where all guild members are recognized for their contributions. Applying – “Still here? Perfect.” Upon reading this, if you feel that Caldera might be a place for you then all you need to do, is click below: APPLY NOW Still not persuaded? If you wish to learn more about our structure and how we do things, then just click below. Read More! or Link to the original Caldera recruitment thread.
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    Long fight against the forces of chaos outside their keep. ________________________________________________ Do you want to join Vanguard? Apply here!: https://forms.gle/FF4WBSoWjzTMMu5r5 Want to talk to us? Join our Discord!: https://discord.gg/YT8fE64 Do you want to see our recruitment thread?: https://community.crowfall.com/topic/25251-v-vanguard-eu/
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    First Day, First Siege - Good Job Chaos

    Haha, you should have heard our Comms. "So, errr, did anyone make trebs?" "Trebs?" "Errr..." "..." "Ok, has anyone got any catapults?" "..." "...I have a ballista." Eventually someone turned up with a treb or two.
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    [EU] - Caldera - [CAL] - Playing with Fire

    Interview with Metauriel When did you become a Caldera recruit? Late 2015 Why did you choose to join Caldera? I was looking for an organised and active Guild during the first Alpha phase after kick-starter. One day, I found two candidates I was seriously thinking about applying to. That night in the hungerdome, me and my group where attacked by Caldera while looting some zombies, two of my allies dying before I could close my loot window. The next morning, I applied... What activities do you take part in as a member/recruit of Caldera? I am the main organiser of all things PvP, doing a lot of theory-crafting discussions, planning, and helping fellow guild members improve in combat. On the side I also play the game sometimes, mostly during sieges, for training, or when someone needs help. If someone asked you about joining Caldera, what would you say to encourage them to apply? To me, Caldera is both an organisation and a family. As an organisation we are competitive yet respectful towards others, and always strive to improve and succeed together. As a family we share our time, fun, knowledge, and in-game goods with each other, and of course go through the occasional internal conflict. Any advice for new recruits during their trial to become members? Be active, ask as many questions as you can, and learn as much as you can. Caldera is about being part of a living community, and improve together. What are your main passive(s)? Combat What is your best memory while being in Caldera? There are many awesome memories over the last four years, but one of them is an evening where we organised a guild harvesting session during the "big-world" test phase. While our harvesters were harvesting in the most valuable and dangerous area of the map, I was in charge of two combat groups and multiple scouts to fend off the various other groups active on the map. I am proud to say that during about three hours of light skirmishes and occasional group fights, no enemy ever got close enough to actually get eyes on our harvesters. Why do you like Crowfall? What interests me about Crowfall is the enclosed, temporary campaigns, where hundreds or thousands of players and player-run organisations fight for victory, and the organisational challenge that emerges from player driven economies and conflicts. Any advice you would give to testers looking at Crowfall? When you try the game, be aware of its state. By now it does a good job pretending to be a game, but it is still very much a prototype. Figure out if you are willing to actually play it at this stage, or if you are just looking to see where its going, or to help with development. And if you do want to play it, FIND a GUILD.
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    new player here...just some feedback. 1- Map. I use the map alot in MMOs, especially PVP centric games. i noticed when i map in, it takes a significant amount of time for the map to render (5-10 seconds). while this may not seem like alot of time, in a PVP game, that could be life or death. is there a way to speed this up? 2- Inventory and Paperdoll when looting when i hit F to loot, half my screen is taken up by my paperdoll, my inventory, the mob's loot box, my tray bars, and the left side menu icons. if i forgot to X a previous window, i think that also pops up in the background. why so many things when i loot? i'm not sure if any of these things have already been addressed/discussed....is there a NPE thread somewhere?
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    [ByZ] Byzantine Empire is searching!

    Adjustment: https://discord.gg/fkNtuJp (Use this discord link instead if interested.)
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    [-V-] Vanguard | [EU]

    Well played to everyone. It was a blast playing with balance faction (EU/NA) and fight against so many chaos players. Special thanks to 4Gs and to anyone who wants to improve by playing and fighting back.
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    The Trial of Perstilyn It's been a while since Caldera has spend as much time inside the keep as we did in this particular trial. Taking a somewhat different role this campaign, the guild spend a lot of time trying to help out the others on the Chaos faction progress in their gear. Most on the Chaos faction started the campaign out with no gear, and little to no experience. The weeks would change things, with Caldera's help the different groups under the Chaos banner got setup and have become pretty much self sufficient. Unfortunately this wasn't enough to win the campaign, as the numbers of Balance were just too strong and well geared. It was how ever enough for the The Umbressa Keep to stay under the control of Chaos for the entire campaign. Regardless how many numbers Balance acquired. Regardless of how many times they stood knocking at our gates... this didn't change. When at times you loosen your grasp the other factions will take advantage of that, one such occasion in Perstilyn - @Aurellius, leading a group of 4G, ninjaed 2 keeps from Balance, giving Chaos all three keeps for a short time. Caldera - Recruitment : Open With patch 5.110 not arriving till early 2020, we are still open for applications. Anyone looking to persistently test the Alpha, and work on how to improve as a player and as well as be part of a team. There will always be other guilds, groups, factions around, some more successful that others. When choosing to fight under a certain banner it wont always be smooth sailing, there will be problems The persons we seek want to be part of making a change for the whole guild, they want to help others. They don't pick up and leave, when promised glory and glitter by someone else. Pure and simple: Reliable and active players. New or old to Crowfall we welcome applications. Apply Now
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    Supporting the Community : Caldera has throughout its time in Crowfall been trying to also give back to the community with events and information : The Colloseum. One of the first compiling of the crafting combinations Future works in progress : We're working on more for the community, so here are the two latest branches on that list : The Crafting Combinations are changing with every other path (or so) and to make sure you have the latest information we have compiled most of it for you (@shoutout to @Sonicbang for the great work and of course Winterblades for the initial spreadsheet its based off) Updated Version of the Crafting Combination Trade and commerce is something which has been somewhat confined to Eternal Kingdoms where some of the more presistent ones, like " @sarthor's Lawn", have paved the way for others as an inspiration. While Caldera at the present time doesn't have a public Eternal Kingdom for trade, we are in the process of making a public trading post : The Grand Bazaar. Using Discord to setup trades/orders/bargains and auctions. This is the place where one mans trash becomes another mans gold. Apply Now
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    Loosing battles, doesn't mean loosing the war Just before the Trial of Maeve, Caldera stood in front of a lot of changes to our ranks. The "Trial of Maeve" became a story of how to stay in the fight, while not drowning from the opposition we faced - "How loosing some battles doesn't mean loosing the war." Caldera chose to conform each day of the trial to match what goals we ultimately believed would yield the most points at the end of the seasons. With loyal members, allies and a burst of energy from a new roster Caldera has managed to come through the campaign with a lot of scars, yet also our heads held high. Ultimately Crowfall isn't about how many feathers you're able to place in your hat, it's about points. Racking up as many as you can, eventually allowing you to export the spoils of winning a campaign. While we're not at that stage of development, that is how Caldera will persist in treating the game - as intended by the development team. Apply Now
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    Here throughout development As we have stated, Caldera has been part of Crowfall since 2015. Here is some of the footage we have gathered in the stages of development we have been part of. Enjoy : Patch 3.0 Playlist Patch 4.5 Playlist Patch 5.0 Playlist Patch 5.1 Playlist Patch 5.2 Playlist Patch 5.3 Playlist Patch 5.4 Playlist Patch 5.5 Playlist Patch 5.6 Playlist Patch 5.7 Playlist Patch 5.8 Playlist Patch 5.9 Playlist Patch 5.100 Playlist Apply Now
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    I didn't say that it was something they consider low priority. I said it is something that I think should be considered a higher priority than it seems to be. Maybe it is a higher priority but it really hasn't seemed like it other than an offhand mention here and there. Best I can do is hope attention is given to it.
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    I mean, we're looking at February so I'm not sure it is a "now" kind of thing. I can tell you from the perspective of a mid sized guild that it really should be higher priority than it feels like it is being set at. Ignoring the person count just required for crafting, right now you have to store your resources/components directly on an account that one person can access. This means that that person needs to be on to be able to access any of those resources. From a crafting stance, this also means you need to have people who own crafters to be on as well. Making a runic book for a confessor requires at least 5 crafters(Wood, Blacksmith, Runecrafter, Leatherworker, and the Jewelcrafter). You can bypass pieces of this by having multiple accounts(which several of us do) but it still requires a lot of time moving things around and logging in and out as well as making sure the correct people are on at the same time/working out transferring things through others. Winterblades did have a work around for a long while that did give us a shared storage of sorts in the EK. We used to use cairns for storing all of our pooled resources that could easily be accessed by jumping into the EK and dropping off resources or picking them up.The reason this does not work anymore is because the time out on logging people out also impacts EKs so we do not have a very reliable way to keep the EK open anymore. Also while this "guild storage" option worked, it had its risks and drained time every couple of days. That is because cairns disappear after 3 days so if you don't reset the cairns, you lose everything that was in that cairn when it went poof. So every 2-2.5 days, we would have to reset them. If it was just a person or two resetting them, this could take an hour or more depending on how many cairns there were(the increased respawn time also impacts EKs making this worse). I think at our max, we had something like 30-40 cairns that we had to cycle every couple of days to make sure we were not losing large amounts of resources. Ultimately we had to drop this method once characters timing out in EKs because we couldn't keep it reliably open. The end result is a lot of man hours spent trying to just manage, move and store resources. Yes, we can make some things work as a fill in option but they are an extreme pain to deal with and really only have got worse. If we're wanting 5.110 to get a lot of people looking at the game again and build interest, having something in place to alleviate some of the time drain/frustration with resource/material storage would be be a very good idea.
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    Guild banks are essential for release. They need to be finished well before launch. It’s a GvG/RvR game.
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    You're not alone in that. Guild storage has been a bane of our existence for a very long time and even some of the weird work around solutions we had previously just don't really work now and were inconvenient at best.
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    I was disappointed that there doesn't seem to be much hope surrounding guild banks - or something of the sort.
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    What is the purpose of an EK?

    You can PvP in EKs, but there's nothing to win there, and likely won't be any time soon, if ever. They've talked about having tournaments that would involve winning guilds from the campaigns, but that is likely to be outside the EK system. More likely, it would be a special type of campaign. EKs are meant to be places where you can practice (can organize duels with others with PvP turned on), socialize, and be used as market hubs. Prior to them adding vendors to the other worlds, they were exclusively in EKs, and many people ran successful markets. If you watched the Q&A today, the vendors in the temples aren't a long term solution. The God's Reach worlds will probably lose vendors altogether, and people will have to visit EKs to shop outside of the campaigns, as it was originally intended. In addition, EKs can be used to house relics and artifacts obtained in campaigns. Check out the FAQ for more info on those: https://crowfall.com/en-US/faq EKs should be the place to both craft and shop outside of campaigns, as they once were.
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    Crowfall Memes + MS Paint Rage Thread

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    Interview with Marklarr - Quartermaster When did you become a Caldera recruit? Early Feb 2019 Why did you choose to join Caldera? Good forum post, looked like a decent guild. What activities do you take part in as a member/recruit of Caldera? I'm the quartermaster, so organising resource flows, crafting priorities, evaluating where the infrastructure needs to be strengthened. I am also a keen harvester but always up for some PVP. If someone asked you about joining Caldera, what would you say to encourage them to apply? We are a guild for all types of players, we are casually hardcore where we all have real lives but when we do play, we play like the pros. Any advice for new recruits during their trial to become members? Be active, join in on all types of activities, listen to advice and act on it. Some members have been here for 4 years, their wealth of knowledge is invaluable. What are your two main passives? Combat Exploration What is your best memory while being in Caldera? There are so many, from milestones in crafting amazing weapons to the epic 1 hour sieges. Why do you like Crowfall? Its a game that has a decent amount of challenge, the game-play is fun and the rewards are quite balanced. Any advice you would give to testers looking at Crowfall? Find a guild, it makes the experience a million times better!
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    Interview with Soulreaver When did you become a Caldera recruit? Aug 2016 Why did you choose to join Caldera? Caldera was at the time the most active guild in EU, we were playing hunger-dome and often either allied or opposed each other. Tinnis then recruited me. What activities do you take part in as a member/recruit of Caldera? Ouch.. Recruitment, Interview, Making sure there are activities for members to take part in, Siege leadership, Guild management in general, Farming dust and gear for all ranks, Roaming, Relations with other guilds, Classroom training of certain classes (Ranger and Assassin), theory-crafting, assisting where needed in general so there is no one task. Just a long list and if you ask me tomorrow it'll most likely look different than today. Jack of all trades... If someone asked you about joining Caldera, what would you say to encourage them to apply? If you're looking for a guild which shares everything, in-game goods, knowledge. Whom do their utmost to help each other. Whom are a bit rough around the edges, but where there is room for all kinds of players... young and old, inexperienced and pro. Then this is the place. We don't have a huge online time presence, cause we also take care of our RL, and as such when on - we're on cause we choose to be and cause we choose to aid and assist each other. Any advice for new recruits during their trial to become members? Be active, be open, be informative and listen. Most of all, don't be disrespectful. What would you consider to be your main passive tree(s)? Combat What is your best memory while being in Caldera? Ouch there are many… Memory 1 - Dash to the Fort Memory 2 - Vs Champions Why do you like Crowfall? The seasons change how the game is played, meaning there will be time for each aspect of the game, and how you manage those aspects is what either makes you successful or brings with it failure. Any advice you would give to testers looking at Crowfall? This is a test version of a potential game... Join cause you think the potential it has is good, but don't expect it to deliver yet. There is no such thing as class balance, there are many yet to be implemented features, a lot of the time you will be encountering bugs which are game-stopping and annoying. Despite all that though.. it's a fun "game".
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    Blog and affiliate

    cool ill have my piece of article ready and once all set ill have it posted and than share the link with you
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    Blog and affiliate

    so i have a gaming blog and i would like to know if crowfall provides any support to blog for it or is there any kind of affiliate to it ? since i have been playing this game from a long time i thought i would start including this into my blog and write about whats coming and currently on going with crowfall as my own experience?
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    [-V-] Vanguard | [EU]

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    Blog and affiliate

    You can either fill out the Influencer form or drop me an email - community@crowfall.com. Happy to take a look at your site and see how we can collaborate.
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    There was a skill banking/tome system already announced just not in game yet. This would be a way for players to do exactly what you're suggesting. In the skill banking design players could take saved up time training and turn unused time into skill tomes that other players can purchase and use to catch up.
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    5.100 LIVE Feedback for 9/4/2019

    It seems it's still impossible to hit most green bullseyes when skinning. The problem seems to be that they appear beyond the dead animal body hitbox and so skinning over it doesn't register.
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    Mark your calendar: the ACE Q&A for October is set for Tuesday, October 15, at 11 am CDT on https://www.twitch.tv/crowfallgame
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    [ByZ] Byzantine Empire is searching!

    You going to team up with ROME, or stay split? Watch out for those Huns.
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    Great job on the Q&A! 2 pieces of feedback if they are useful. 1. When announcing the campaigns I get that it would be a nightmare to list all the uptimes but maybe list one time so that extrapolation on when it might start is possible.( Really minutia but I I'd love it if you did😁) . 2. Coleman is on the right path in trying to beat it into everyone's head that we are testing a game and I'm incredibly thankful for the feature freeze and focusing on the next build of the game. I just wonder if more patience might be pragmatic. I 100% get why it's annoying to answer the same question multiple Q&As in a row, specifically referencing the vendors question. I respected that it was just like an oh this bull**** again moment for those following. I looked for some feedback on it anectodally from my guild and most of the new eyes to the Q&A found it off-putting. I really appreciate the time you take to keep us in the loop and share your thoughts and address some of the concerns the community is having!!!!
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    thank god for passive changes
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    Documentation, please

    Lol, nor do I. Focus absolutely should and is on development at this phase; this request is a "nice to have" and my expectations are low. I'd even agree that I'd prefer that a lot of the knowledge remain unofficial (crafting combos, etc.). I'm referring explicitly to the information you can plainly see when looking at stat screens, talent screens, discipline runes, etc., and was hoping that this was something they could simply report on in order to generate something version-specific quick and dirty style. I work with IT vendors a lot and putting in requests for documentation is measurable chunk of my job. *salesman hat on* There could be some good return on their investment of time to pull a few basic docs together too: more quickly educated players means more skilled and detail-oriented testers at their disposal. My goal is to be able to understand what's happening well enough to be a good tester instead of just commenting on the low-hanging fruit. *salesman hat off* I'll get there one way or another; the dev build is fun enough that the lack of documentation wont stop me from figuring all of this out
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    Four Questions About Skills

    1) No 2) There are major disciplines that provide healing abilities, such as Field Surgeon, Pixie, Friar, etc. Field Surgeon is broken (the Rehabilitation works based on the target's stamina rather than yours), and none of them provide significant self healing. You will also have a hard time getting significant support power since they took out the Surging Spirit discipline. You can still stack it, but will probably never be as good as a cleric or druid. 3) Stealth is probably the best way to escape an attack. Duelist especially, since you can go stealth then tunnel in a different direction to throw off attempts to knock you out of stealth. 4) It depends on whether you are talking combat or non-combat. For in-combat, Friar is a good disc to take, particularly as a non-healer, if you want more mobility. You will have the run speed buff up more often than not. Bard gives a run speed buff too, but getting stunned or knocked down will interrupt the buff and you'll have to recast it. Outside of combat, everyone has a mount. Knights can get an extra 15% to mount speed, and there is a food item (I forget which) that gives another 5%. There are also races like Elken and Centaur which get Trailmaster, and others that get Trailblazer (lesser version of Trailmaster). You won't outrun a mount with either, but they can buy you some distance against an unmounted opponent.
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    5.100 LIVE Feedback for 9/4/2019

    Some Minor feedback, not near deserving of attention right away, but one I felt I need to get off my chest So, I found out about this game a while ago, and saw the concept art for the Myrmidon archetype- namely, the armor sets on the Minotaur. I saw the plate armor set and said "this is what I want my character to be." Recently I decided to play in the pre-alpha, making a Minotaur Battle Rager just so I could be an armored juggernaut... And was thoroughly disappointed when I hit level 25. I found that the plate armor had changed designs since the concept art, and yet the leather and chain armors looked mostly the same. In fact, the chain armor looks *more* defensive. Sure this is very minor, but my disappointment was profound. I didn't wanna make a post about it, but I decided it's probably best to if only to voice my thoughts. I love the game, and will still be spending a lot of time on it, but I don't wanna look like a Mad Max reject, I wanna look like an actual walking armor shell like I saw on the concept art. Hope there will be some way to get the appearance I want on launch! Thank you for reading.
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    Wishlist: Rare spawns/Rare loot!

    Hm. These rare spawns i'm thinking of from my experience from before wasn't a problem with "goldsellers" or "asia grinders". These goldsellers did things more profitable (like grinding). Simply because: 1. The spawn rate was too rare 2. And/Or The drop rate was too low If there's a problem there's a solution, they can't be too valuable/common. Make the droprate for example 10% on a mob that spawns in 2h windows, that's an average of 1 drop in 20h, just as an example, simply not too common/valuable that it'd be a "shortcut" through your progress or economically too profitable (other than at most like a lottery win). I'm no expert in how you develop/make these MMORPG's but in this previous MMORPG there wasn't no problem with this, and they we're relatively popular. When players had nothing to do they could go out and look for these, instead of idling in a town. Or if you just wanna have some fun with a friend, go do some world pvp and maybe win on the lottery if you keep an eye out for these. IMO it'd just add more elements to the game. Also, it's not actually "rarer" than stumbling upon a random high quality item in any other RPG, it's just the actual mobs that are rare instead of the item, and depending on how common/rare the mob is, the item(s) droprate should be adjusted not to be too common. Here's some examples: https://ffxiclopedia.fandom.com/wiki/Notorious_Monsters:_Level_Guide (Ps. I'm too tired while writing this. Hope it's understandable. I'll read this post again tomorrow and maybe edit if needed within 24h. It's hard enough to express myself in english to explain what i actually want to say even when i'm 100% awake 😅)
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    Wishlist: Rare spawns/Rare loot!

    I would aggree to the "rare loot from rare spawns" principle. I see opportunities for this in the game, I see the existing demand, and i see some solutions already existing, kind of. I also see issues. The basic principle I see for the demand is the natural tendency towards bargain hunting: If I am clever/fast enough, I should be able to get an advantage. Nothing wrong with that. Some are stronger, some are more clever, some are more reckless, whatever ... let the game allow different people to find something they like especially. The more a game manages to do this, the more it will appeal to a bigger audience. Especially for a PvP MMORPG, that's something that allows for more opportunities ... more people. What I, personally, don't like too much, is the "camping" aspect, though. I don't care if someone found a great place and decides to focus on it and use it once in a while. That's cool. Knowledge should pay out. But I care about exploitation opportunities. There will always be exploitable content and people who exploit it. No question. It just shouldn't be too easy. We don't need another asia grinder. Companies make a lot money out of that, hiring cheap employees, doing nothing but log-in/loot/log-out/next -- and then selling to people who want to take the short road ... with only needing to take it, because most of their own opportunities have been blocked right by those grinders. Things that may look like a good idea for us players, may turn around to something negative for us. All I am saying is ... we should be careful what we wish for. Other legit principles I see are "get something special, by doing something special" and "providing the small people a chance to get something big". For both we already see basic approaches in the current playtest environment. Quite good ones, in my opinion. The different NPC locations (even boar brushes) can, though not alway do, include a boss NPC. Those are meant to provide especially rare loot and can usually only be killed by a group. They also spawn much slower, as far as I have seen. So, if someone wants something special, just gather a hunting party and find a place where chief or ancient animal spawns from time to time. Won't be enough to just camp the position on your own, there will have work to be done. I am absolutely fine with that. As for the other principle, slag ore, the lowest-level ore in game, is on itself only attractive to new players. Nearly nobody else uses it. But still, it can drop gutting grit and chaos embers -- very rare materials high-end crafters pay a lot for. Sell a few of them and all your new-player problems are past. Looking at these last two points, I'd dare to argue that our developers are not only aware of these needs, but are also already working towards finding solutions. And, since there are already some solutions in game, not only since yesterday. This said, one of the basic principles of crowfall is "risk vs. reward". You not only need to do something to earn something ... you better take some risk, if you really want to achieve something extraordinary. You may loose more. But you also may get more. Dare or die. I like this principle. It's the opposite of the exploitation principle (Which I would define as "Lower the risk while increasing the possible reward". That's a mindest that may help individuals to grow ... but not a society). What I could imagine for Crowfall, though, regarding rare solo camp loot, would be things that are basically irrelevant regarding success in the game, but may have a special value for a specific clientele within the overall audience. Like A special flower that only grows at certain places and would be needed to craft a rare dye. A rare crystal that can only be found in the ore of especially high mountains, needed as ingredients to craft crystal towers. A lost tribe that will drop a specific head with a unique appearance you otherwise wouldnt be able to choose during character creation. You get the idea. THIS I would LOVE to see ... next to improvements about the "get something special, by doing something special" and "providing the small people a chance to get something big" solutions. It would also be great to have special loot bosses (or even tribes) roving the country ... meaning: not being bound to a certain land parcel, but being able to pass them. So their positions wouldn't be definite. I think it is important to make those suggestions, in case they need some work on the core system (which best should be done now rather than later - even if it pushes the launch away even more), but it's also something I don't really expect (and don't even want to have (because, even later launch)) on a short-term.
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    Documentation, please

    It's a good suggestion and I have no doubts that something like that will come once we are nearing launch - and it's also good to remind about this topic from time to time, so the devs can see that we really would like to have this. I don't see this happening short-dated, though. First of all, since we are still in basic testing, things are getting adjusted and changed all the time. Of course the developers do have the data. But in dev form. They would need to make it readable for us. And they just recently repeated that they are not willing to put any resources away from their effort to get the next major milestone done, so they can enter alpha as soon as possible. The next thing is, their data is not our data. I like to call it the time dilatation within the player-dev continuum. They are usually about 3-6 months ahead of us. Sharing their data would make no sense for us, because it just doesn't fit the current game data. Providing the correct data for the current playtest environment, would need to go back in time to check what was the state of play for hundreds and hundreds of things. Unless they would implement an ingame interface ... but that, again, surely has no priority right now. Alpha first. Besides that, personally I like it that not all Informations are easily available. Of course there need to be improvements. Being completely help- and clueless just doesnt make fun. But it shouldn't be too much. There should be the need for research and enough room to make own (and different) conclusions (and mistakes). There should be no beacon, lighting the most easy and powerful way. In a world with thousands of possible roads, it wouldn't make sense anyways. There should be a simple map, helping to find basic directions - but in my opinion that's all that should be given.
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    Finally posting, been lurking for a while

    Hello, Im Mez, Mezcapp or Capp. Any of those names will work. Been lurking and following development/issues/testing for a good while now, but wanted to stop in and introduce myself today. Id say you might see me around more often, but ill probably go back to lurking. Its enough for me to let people know that i exist... And that im always watching. @_@
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    5.100 LIVE Feedback for 9/4/2019

    Confessor and Druid LMB. Not only does it lock on target so they dont have to aim to use it.. it also means you can't LoS to break it
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    Meaningful Development

    If you don't think Crowfall has made any meaningful development, you haven't kept track of the game. Looking at my old videos shows how far the game has come in last eighteen months. Is it perfect? Hell no, but if ACE can be as productive for the next twelve months as they were for the previous twelve, Crowfall will be in a great spot. For reference my poorly made socks old video:
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    Poll: Bring Back good minor discs

    Totally agree. Some of us suggested making capstone free soon after they were revealed, took them a while but they did it. They could come around and change passives more later on. I'm all for choice, but having a large pool and few slots just removes creativity IMO. As the meta/fotm and likely overpowered options float to the top. What I'd like to see and seems feasible: 3 Minor Discipline Slots: Equip discipline, get passive or stat benefits automatically. 3 Passive Slots: Class specific passives. Could be base and promo, but likely would need a few more overall for each class. Exploration: Keep it how it is with the passives granted being used by the 3 survival bar passive slots. Major Disciplines : Not sure if it will be completed or scrapped, but the plan seems to be for Major Disciplines to become part of the leveling/talent point system. Where we would need to spent talent points to unlock Major powers/passives or maybe even enhancing them (doubt it). If this does happen, would like passives paid for with points to be given to us without needing to slot them. Besides creating new passives (which the game as a whole needs), this seems relatively doable within what is available. Still requires choices but allows for more build creativity. Not counting exploration, this could result in up to 12 passives factoring in compared to the current 5. Race x 1, Promo Capstone x 1, Class 0-3, Major 0-4, Minor 0-3 (races with extra passive would get another class slot) Still not as deep as many other games, but it helps. Add in the Advantages & Disadvantage system and I might actually buy into them saying this game has an incredibly deep character advancement system. Still not as deep as many other games, but it helps.
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    Poll: Full Wipe

    The only reason id say yes is so I can buy another account i been planning to buy but dont want to being so behind with my other one I def see the problems a wipe cause for the big time guilds quitting or being mad. But honestly its Pre-Alpha long way off with lots of changes. People are very picky in wanting a "Playable Game" that is like a released game. Fact of the matter is its not and we will probably have to start over many times including once more when it starts for real, we got to support what the game team thinks is best for getting the game out quicker while voicing real valid arguments as to why we think its a bad for the development of the game not for players personal enjoyment in Alpha.
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    [EU] - Caldera - [CAL] - Playing with Fire

    What the f*** man all those l33t guild marketing and communcation skills. Is this how guilds have become now ? I am impressed ! Are you going to try to sell me something once I have joined ? I don't even know if I am going to be allowed to post in there that very message. It will just go poof when I click on Submit Reply. Anyway, nice job with this presentation !
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    KDS in Crowfall [EU]

    Trial of Yaga - EU - 3 way fight about 60 people. Through the eyes of our beloved Sgt. Aurellius! /enjoy
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    I've basically stopped including that stuff on purpose because it's realistically not going in the game. Just like UDL.
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    Champion Builds?

    Race: Centaur / Minotaur Role: Front Line Tanky DPS Major Disc: I'd run something to support your party and increase party DPS Minor Disc: I like "Expansive Mind" and "Demons Pact" to open up more options LvL Stats: Strength > Constitution - If you can reach STR cap great, but attack power caps at 1k so once you have a weapon and gear you don't want to be too far over that 1k AP. Gear Stats: Attack Power - Crit Hit Damage - Final Damage Mod are what you're looking for on gear. Get that 1,000 attack power and focus on trying to get to 200% crit hit damage and as close to 40% Final Damage Mod. Weapon: Leverage the crush damage / pen bonus from the Pit Fighter tree and use a great mace. Notes: Keep in mind what a pit fighter is designed to do. You want to be disruptive and self reliant. Break through the front line of combat and get to the back line where you can be a pest. The pit fighter kit has "Ultimate Warrior" & "Invincible Warrior" as personal back pocket heals which should keep you healthy if you're out of range of your healers. Feel out your limitation based on gear level and know when it is time to evacuate yourself to return to your healers for a brief reprieve and top off, then get back to the back lines.
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    For all you number-crunchers playing @crowfallgame , I recently calculated the Attribute totals for all the races - minus anything you get from the Vessel/Class you use - useful for those trying to figure out the best choice for a particular Harvesting or Crafting role: This when combined with the information below should help making the Racial choice a bit easier for Crafters and Harvesters: (Credit to Tark for the above image. I know, it hurt me too. )
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