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    I personally dislike this fort/siege schedule as it only fixed a few minor things like back capping, and created a slew of new headaches. 1 - yes night capping forts is dead.....bc no pvp allowed at 98% of forts lol, theres only one objective fort to fight over for 17 out of 24 hrs of the day.... in 6 zones......really, really, boring and anti sandbox feel going on. This also removes any strategy for map movement or control as you are literally forced and pointed to what you have to fight over or care about. This directly helps the faction with the more active player base as now they know exactly where to stack their troops and what they have to defend. (as admitted by most balance they are having an easier time keeping stuff capped)(reference scoreboard) The 5 man fort group now cant use geography and movement as a weapon to get around numbers, they are forced into non winning fights or, to not pvp and farm n craft to try to eliminate any numbers advantages with gear n vessel upgrades. Also now the “night capping” is just towers and gy’s, it definately still exists, as shown by wb roaming group doing towers last night at 2 am in marq with 7 dudes (not funneled to active fort bc forts are pointless still) This directly ties to why the campaign map is dead, pvp has no purpose for character progression or reward and you can make epics in gods reach and campaign temple and eks, why would any one trying to get geared up risk getting slaughtered when you have designed the game to have more safe havens than pvp locations? No one is on campaign because of this, it is by design advantageous to not pvp or be in pvp locations. 2 - i agree on back capping being dead and this being a good thing, shorter fort timers might make the last ten minute strat be less viable if fort windows were only 30 mins? more people might d up for 25 mins over 55 mins etc. 3 - reduced pvp siege burnout is now replaced with pvp boredom. fort locks and less towers have removed almost all campaign map participation, with a main reason being they are all still absolutely pointless for account/character progression. Why would me and a buddy go try capping towers when we could be farming up gear or vessels for guildmates or factionmates, there is no reward to pvp only risk and detrimental gear hits. The game in current format is minecraft with a 5 hr pvp window. 4 - circle standing time is much improved, good job 5 - Respawn cap points have all the same problems forts n towers do, usually they have no strategic purpose bc, capping alerts enemies to the zone, usually not near a valuable objective, and also again they do nothing for a characters development. gy’s are pointless, besides in siege zones during 10-11 if you dont have a fort. All in all im really surprised how vocal some are in support of these mechanics because it sure seems like its killing the pvp and world persistence. There are far to many hideouts for people to progress outside of pvp, and far to little pvp objectives with meaningful purpose that people care and want to fight for. Fights for just points on the scoreboard hasn’ t worked for 6 months. Make pvp have a purpose towards something and people will pvp, until then, this is what crowfall campaigns will look like.
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    Whats a point of winning?

    Sorry to interrupt the show, but I'm gonna shut it down. This thread makes my head hurt and I think my eyes are bleeding.
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    During patching and while I was logged in, my scanner kept blocking API.MIXPANEL.COM outbound. I checked on this site and it does analytics but has also apparently had a history of taking more information than it needs, such as passwords, etc. What's the purpose of this within the game? Is there any actual reason I should unblock this?
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    We actually have this ingame, it's in the settings.
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    "You filthy custard bastard.” “I didn't find out till today that you're a filthy traitor”, Pakkrat said. Chaos is a bitter, passionate faction filled with hot blood and traitors. Defeat stings but it stings even worse when you find out your close friends betrayed you… friends you thought would never leave. “I really thought you had more gumption than that....” Pakkrat lamented. The siege had went really well that spring evening. Really well if you were a part of Balance, if you were a member of the House of Avari, which I am. I had rained down arrows with my new vessel, empowered by my fellow traitor Heartsteel. Her avatar and my arrows brought more kills than I had ever garnered in any campaign prior, and I earned them all in a single fight. Balance is good. Malekai is the patron god of traitors. He watches over and guides me. In my mind burns one desire, deeper than friendships, stronger than allies, and more ferocious than betrayal. It’s a madness really. Quite uncontrollable... the words haunt my mind: I will adapt, I will overcome. I will fail, I will succeed. I will work, I will find a way. I will not stop, I will not relent. I will dominate. Fear is the enemy of the mind and death is a sweet song, a ballad I now play with my bow or occasionally with my bombs. Royal Kitsune, “custard you Tae!” His bitterness was well deserved. I had trained with Royal Kitsune on how to use the full power of the Archdruid. We had bonded as I explained the vessel’s strengths and weaknesses. I had been a friend, a mentor, and now I have just blown him up. It was quite precious to me. My first kill of this campaign. I came upon Royal Kitsune shooting at a bane tree, trying to take it down. My smile turned wry, he was all alone, and I was behind him. Seeing it as a teaching moment I placed orb after orb atop his head. Spinning while I conjured the deep magics of the earth. Then after my final orb I stared at him surprised that he had not noticed anything at all. He was so focused on that one bane tree, and then I just blew him up. “Bada boom”, I said. Favor to Malekai.
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    How to build Houses?

    You can craft all the land parcels and buildings in-game in CF, using harvested resources and the Stonemasonry skill. It's not necessary to purchase unless you want that convenience. The housing in UO and SWG was amazing, the biggest downside being the worlds eventually ran out of space and new players would not be able to find a spot. Crowfall's system is a compromise in that it is instanced so that everyone can build if they want to, but it's not just a house - it's a whole world that can be shared with friends, guild or merchant community using the permissions system: https://crowfall.com/en-US/faq/fealty/3IbfChnulaCMuUGmq8aGiw
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    A Reason to Fight

    Despite the circus that thread is boogis does have a point, fighting to fight is great for the winners, i dont feel demotivated to seek out fights right now but the sheep will so we need to give them a reason to fight besides them being forced too, and one of the greatest ways i have seen a game pull sheep into pvp was ESO's pvp ranks, they locked the best stamina healing behind alliance ranks and the best shaders such as legate black and palatine white. Rprs enter cyrodiil to get some shaders, pvers enter cyrodiil so they can heal themselves in dungeons, continually creating a pvp cycle. Currently pvping outside of a fort or keep costs everyone, no one wins these fights in reality because nothing is gained, only gear dura being lost and a 2 minute fly back to a respawn for the losers gets handed out. If during these fights you gained say 1k pvp points towards your next rank even a loss wont feel as bad since you made progress and a victory will feel so much sweeter seeing 5k pvp points pop up at the bottom of your screen. For dregs i dont imagine we'll have a problem finding enemies to fight but incentivizing fighting in factions probably will be hard, adding pvp ranks with rewards will help alleviate faction stacking, avoiding fights, and backcapping in just one change. PvP ranks do promote zerging for points but they also promote small scale at the same time, in ESO i ran solo most of the time because i didnt want to split my points with others, the sheep i hunted had a chance against the greedy lone wolf as opposed to rolling in with the entire pack and getting a paltry amount of points. Another great thing with the pvp ranks was it also made fights around keeps or keep resources valuable due to extra points being rewarded to the victors at the end, a current problem we have with fort windows is chaos doesnt show up until the last 5 minutes, i bet theyd show up to try and fight before that if the longer we fought and the more died during the window meant getting more points to whoever owns it in the end. You can even reward special pvp ranks to winners of certain campaigns like "General of Cybele" for the top 3 guild masters on the winning faction. BUT we dont have to stop at pvp ranks, we can make harvesting ranks and crafting ranks involving the sacrifice process and giving it meaning past level 30. A problem crafters and harvesters will have is eventually they wont have something to do, whether it be because theyre stonewalled by passives or their guild just simply does not need more mats and the trader life doesnt appeal to them. Heres some possible examples for those ranks to hopefully keep them occupied during these downtimes. crafter rank 1- sac 5 white daggers with 90 max damage crafter rank 984- craft a blue dagger with x max damage with only 1 damage reroll crafter rank 200974883- sac 3 legendary 2h maces with +20% crit damage and 138 max damage harvester rank 1- sac 200 white ore/50 white leather/ 100 white wood/ 200 white stone harvester rank 984- mine x amount of nodes in 30 minutes harvester rank 200974883- sac 20 legendary halite and 20 legendary grave goods
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    Multi boxing is really bad lately

    Obviously they make more money when everyone has multiple accounts so their probably gonna be pretty lenient on this. Plus its really hard to catch and prove .
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    Not specific enough.
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    And yet ACE clearly allows it. Who doesn't have 2 accounts? Seriously, there cant be many active players that don't.
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    5.100 LIVE Feedback for 8/16/19

    Any update on a guild bank system? Seems the storage system is getting worked on, what with the new vault and world banks and all. With limited imports and only 100 world bank slots especially, guild banks or shared storage of some kind are highly needed at this time! This is a primary pain point for our guild. @vkromas@ACE_FancyHats ❤️ edit) we know you have been working on it, just looking for any kind of update if you have any to share
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    Cheers. I don't know why I couldn't figure that out before reading your comment, but I've got it now! Turns out, a piece of bread in my inventory was my 13th item...
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    The End of Nightcapping--Congrats ACE

    Pfffttt you sure as hell aren't going to do anything about our stay in CF. ACE will be the one to dictate how long or short we stay. you are nothing more but an annoying little gnat.
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    @KatzeWeiss I guess staying constructive was out of the question after a couple hours lol. At no point was I, or am I "salty'. I listed all my concerns with factual backing not emotional accusations. You also fail to realize that at 2 am the fort changed to a different zone......you stayed in Marq with your roaming 7 man capping towers instead of being funneled to the active fort at 2 am, bc I'm sure you all realized as does everyone else no one is going to fight for a fort at the start of a 15 hr window lol Thus FURTHER proving MY point that fort locks aren't funneling people to the forts, and also as an example of how people just hit the current based schedule in the last 10 mins. (Marq was 1-2am est) Thank you again for your in game factual support of my points being addressed. I thank you and welcome your opinions, though would again say, staying away from pointless mudslinging or disregarding someones opinion as "Salt" does not help the game of Crowfall become better.
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    The End of Nightcapping--Congrats ACE

    The thread is about some specific changes. Its not about how safezones are ruining world pvp, how objectives like forts don't feel useful, etc. The thread isn't about how everything is great now. Its about how less sieges per week is a welcome change, having less outposts is a welcome change, and not having all 12 forts flip every night to whoever stayed up the latest is a welcome change. Those changes are not killing pvp. There are a variety of other factors that might be, but the specific changes discussed in this thread are not.
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    Having the Duelist Saltpeter Rounds buff makes it to where your Pepperbox Shot doesn't stun. Pretty easy to reproduce. Put Saltpeter Rounds up, try to stun, does nothing.
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    Hi there

    needed just log off log in stuff.
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    Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread

    Guild criteria: Region: NA, EST Balance Atmosphere: Looking for a guild Casual/Hardcore?: Want to be as active as possible Size: Small or Medium Play-Style: Currently Melee and Support. Working on more. Commitment: TIf there is action I will be there. Experience: Been playing MMO's since 1999 and other games forever. I usually tank or support. But this might be different being so PvPcentric. I love crafting. Voice-Chat services: Anything. Discord Preferred
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    Whats a point of winning?

    Right now there is a HUGE piece missing, which will be missing until after the wipes stop happening. EK persistence. Right now the rewards are cosmetic trinkets, and things we can use in the only place that currently matters, the campaign world. There is a whole "get stuff from campaigns for your EK" loop still missing, partly because nobody is going to put in the time making buildings that get wiped, and partly because ACE has given everyone a big enough kit and sample parcels and houses that there is no need to do that yet, and partly because the economy is on a never ending sea-saw while ACE tries to build systems and keeps dramatically shifting economic balance. Bottom line, its still a pre-alpha TEST and systems that support the kind of thing you seem to be looking for, have not been built or addressed, because trying to do so early would be like trying to build a house roof down, rather than ground up.
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    Multi boxing is really bad lately

    one instance of the game is literally taking almost 50% CPU, this is on a 9900k OCed to 5ghz on water thats crazy
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    3 Faction Systems Don't Work

    Forum PvP best PvP
  22. 1 point

    Keep positions

    thats alot more than order :c
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    Multi boxing is really bad lately

    Multi-boxing is allowed in some form per the devs comments and the official rules that we agree to. A user may not have several accounts for one game world simultaneously. However, the user is permitted to have one game account in several game worlds simultaneously. 2 accounts in 2 game worlds is fine. 2 accounts in 1 game world, not okay. Take that a step further, 2 accounts in 1 game world and using assistance by 3rd party means is even less okay. Problem is the terms and definitions we use. 1 account in an EK and 1 in a campaign is not the same thing as 2 accounts in a 1 campaign or 2 accounts in 1 campaign being run at the same time artificially. Yet this all falls in to the "multi box" term apparently. ACE should clarify if needed, but shouldn't be shocking to understand most of this especially for anyone with any MMO or social gaming experience. None of this is remotely new. If there is a bug allowing control of multiple accounts, that should be fixed ASAP. How ACE wants to police all of this is on them, but there shouldn't be much grey area. Seems some adults still enjoy seeing how close to the line or over it they can get before someone has to step in. Some of us leave that behind in childhood
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    Trouble logging in on mobile

    I just checked myself and could scroll down to the sign in button on 2 different iphones. I did notice that something was acting strange since the first attempt would not allow me to scroll down far enough, but a second attempt worked. I could repro this many time over different ios and iPhone models.
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    5.100 LIVE Feedback for 8/16/19

    Thanks for the update
  26. 1 point

    5.100 LIVE Feedback for 8/16/19

    Or give us a toggle. and make world bank alphabetical like the vault.
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    [Deutsch] -NM- Nordic Marauders

    Wir suchen im Moment gezielt 2 dps orientierte pvp Spieler die regelmäßig crowfall spielen.
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    Multi boxing is really bad lately

    @ACE_FancyHats @vkromas Is multiboxxing allowed in CF?
  29. 1 point

    Multi boxing is really bad lately

    I have experienced this as well. I also cant go through more than 2 loading screen with out having to ALT+F4
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    The End of Nightcapping--Congrats ACE

    I know that. I replied to your statement about trinkets, which was a reply to a post about trinkets and nightcapping. If you want to admonish me about going slightly off topic in page 6 of a thread, that's fine. But it seems kind of wonky to me since you would be doing the same thing by your logic.
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    Everyone's perspective is valid data.
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    Doesn't retaliate have a bit of animation lock? Even if it works it's approaching the minimum human reaction time. What happens when you get someone to play an archdruid besides Xarrayne? One you can retaliate, one you can ult. Now you can't push until your CDs are up? Seems like it would be just as useful a tool if enemies could see them. You are forced to break down more walls, take different paths through the forts and keeps, and choose how to engage a small fort circle filled with bombs. Right now it's push a button in 1.5s in the middle of a fight or die.
  33. 1 point

    The End of Nightcapping--Congrats ACE

    Saturday is the one day per week that 90% of people can stay up late or do w/e they want on. Not a workday. Next day not a workday. Saturday should always have a siege.
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  35. 1 point

    Saying NO to Chaos

    Looked like fun fights Also just because Game> Is DPS meta EU players> let's all play tanks and healers
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    The End of Nightcapping--Congrats ACE

    Absolutely support every word of @Angelmaron this topic!
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    Map Idea to Promote PvP

    That’s how the advertised it during the Kickstarter. There’s only 3 planned campaign styles (gods reach, faction and dregs). Gods reach is intended for noobies. Factions is intended for casual play/less organized guilds. Dregs is supposed to be for the big fish. That’s not hyperbole, that’s the intended players for each CW type. Should they have the same resource quality knowing one is for noobs, one is for casuals and one is for the most organized guilds looking for gvg?
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    New and have some questions!

    Every player gets their own Eternal Kingdom (EK). Each EK is its own server, so from that perspective, housing is instanced. However, each Monarch (owner) of an EK can invite other players to place parcels, buildings, defensive structures and vendors. So a guild could have a single EK where everyone has something they own (up to a point). CF is very much a sandbox game, with deep harvesting and crafting systems. Guilds are extremely helpful, though you can be successful as a solo player (again, up to a point). There are some things where you will need the help of other players.
  39. 1 point

    Map Idea to Promote PvP

    That's not necessarily true. There's a skill line called leadership which has several buffs to group gathering. Besides that it's almost always better to gather in groups because there's safety in numbers. If a duo gank squad has the choice between a lone target or a 3 man group, they're going for that lone target 99% of the time because they have much less risk. With that said, yes it's completely unrealistic to expect a combat focused non gatherer to sit around with their hands in someone else's pocket. That might sound like a plausible exchange on paper, but it will almost never happen. The only exception I might suppose would be a person to kill animals for a skinner to skin. The spirit banking anywhere thing is ridiculous. But this is literally pre alpha and it obviously won't be staying through the release.
  40. 1 point

    Map Idea to Promote PvP

    I don't know why you keep answering questions that YOU asked, not me. I don't think that people should get blues and purples on GR either. I'm not sure what your point is. I stated that people should be able to farm on GR or the Temple to get 30 and green gear.
  41. 1 point

    Casual Saturday Siege... not!

    sssh or todd will make it a new race/wartribe
  42. 1 point

    5.100 LIVE Feedback for 8/16/19

    Just hit some of the new addditions after taking a few months break. Here are a couple things I noticed. First, not letting players into the campaign until level 20 means players can't join their friends; don't like this move. Updated graphics are nice and character controller feels a lot smoother. Not able to name your character felt hollow after being able to name them in previous versions. Not sure I like the removal of the altar/XP trade in at the Pre-Earth starter area. New players should get a chance to level up higher before even going to "Earth". Changing the "F" to interact with the gate to a hold and press didn't feel right. I liked the simple press "F" from before. Love the "Throwing Hammer of the Irekei" great to see more nods to SB. Pulling items out of the Account Vault should be a right click anywhere on the bar, not just the little 1/2" x 1/2" icon. I was trying to take items out and it wouldn't work until I accidentally hovered over the image icon and it worked. The Account vault is one of the biggest negatives currently in my opinion. I'm not sure if I missed it, but when entering into God's Reach I didn't get the option to choose which faction I wanted to belong to. Previously you could be seperate of your guild. I'm not sure if I'm part of one big faction in this round of testing, or it was auto selected for me.
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    Chocobo style!
  44. 1 point

    Crowfall Parser with in-game overlay

    Unable to download file. (Unable to find the specified file; please check that it exists and try again.) @ComradeAma
  45. 1 point

    Gaea's Wail

    please nerf, stormcaller is too stronk when it has more then 1 attack
  46. 1 point

    Warden - thoughts?

    Just to preface, this is my just my own thoughts on the Warden and its place on the battlefield. Obviously my own thoughts and experiences will differ from others. I've played as, with, and against Wardens, and as a class in general, I've found them to be more of a combat multiplier than anything else. Their ability to wear mail, and the passive Ranger talent points to physical defenses, plus their Q lifesteal ability, allow them to be more tanky than one might expect. This comes with their overall offensive power being less-than-stellar: your job as a Warden isn't to do the killing, but to stay alive, and apply buffs/debuffs so your group can. There's the anti-stealth capability of the Ranger class itself, which makes you a fine friend to overworld groups. The Aero Spin is what makes the Warden shine. Yes you have bombs that can apply a variety of debuffs, but the Aero is an AoE suppression attack. Whether in confined spaces (fort or Tree of Life room), or a dense pack of baddies on the open field, you have the tankiness and survivability to dip in, and start going to work in suppressing the baddies. Last I played, the overall cooldown of this ability was rather short, so while you can't quite spam it, it's still going to have very frequent up time. Even if the bads notice you're going in to AoE suppress, you present them with one of two choices: stay, and take the suppression; or leave the area, but in turn giving up ground. You present your enemies with two bad options, and no good ones--save for someone getting off a hard CC on you, though that's not always an option. Race wise, I think they're all pretty viable. Minotaur frontal stun immunity is quite nice in helping to counter any hard CC that might be thrown at you. Wood Elf has a nice dodge, and in areas where you have the room to maneuver as such, can be quite nice in closing, or opening, the gap. So a lot of it is more where you plan to utilize the class, I think. Between your bombs, Aero, anti-stealth, and in general self-sufficiency with the frequent Q use, you present yourself as a massive pain in the rear to your enemies, and a helpful boon to your group. While a group may not want to go terribly heavy on Wardens, even having one or two, as that force multiplier, can help make engagements and overall pressure more on your side.
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    Comunidade Brasileira.

    Obrigado pela resposta rápida.Infelizmente a comunidade BR não participa de Beta ou Alpha.Mas estou empolgado com o game.
  48. 1 point

    5.8 Quickstart Guide for New Players

    Hey, I recently wrote a German Guide on how to get started in Crowfall. ACE noticed and kindly asked me to translate it - and I finally did it The Guide aims to tackle the basics of the game: Character Creation User Interface First Steps Basic Crafting Harvesting Leveling and Progression Passive Skills Intermediate Crafting Capturing So if you encounter new players feel free to forward this guide and help spread some knowledge. Here's a link to the Guide (it should adjust the language to your settings - if not you can change the language at be bottom of the website): https://www.crowfall-community.de/crowfall/guides/alpha/pre-alpha-58-kampagne-quickstart/ If you have any suggestions or find any errors feel free to let me know (either here or by using the comments for the Guide). I am currently planning more detailed Guides on sub-topics of the game (like passive training or crafting) - if you have any suggestions on what to tackle first please let me know. There are some old ones I wrote quite a time ago, but these are mostly outdated. @Mods: If you think this belongs somewhere else, feel free to move it around. It also might be a good idea to pin this topic somewhere usefull. (?) So long
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    I'm almost as tired of goblins as I am of threads asking for goblins.
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    The End of Nightcapping--Congrats ACE

    The keep being up twice on Saturday is dumb. Especially at the time the first one goes live. It’s really my only compliant. It has low participation of NA players almost every time. And I would say nothing been solved. Participation in capping objectives is way down. And it continues to dwindle. Rez outposts have reduced the value of forts. Making the setup for a successful siege having a group go take it real quick. Not the pre planning it was before. During siege windows the rez outposts should not be able to be used.
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