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    Warstory: Vanguard Visits NA!

    We visited the NA campaign Friday night and got into a lot of fun fights, here's some of them. Thanks for the fun! ________________________________________________ Do you want to join Vanguard? Apply here!: https://forms.gle/FF4WBSoWjzTMMu5r5 Want to talk to us? Join our Discord!: https://discord.gg/YT8fE64 Do you want to see our recruitment thread?: https://community.crowfall.com/topic/25251-v-vanguard-eu/
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    This is one of 3 hard fought battles over the forts in Axis Mundi with the battles stretching easily over an hour.
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    Hello there!

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    Hey, I'm Lumenation. I'm older. I'm married. I have kids. I still find time to play video games. My Likes: Being Strategically Aggressive in Large Battles Feeling like I am contributing Pretty Colors(pinks with floral notes) Good conversation My beard My Dislikes: Open Mics and eating Drama Religion Politics What I'm Looking For: People to play with. I've figured out the game from guides my 25+ years of playing games and guides. I've assisted a few players in their learning and made friends. Looking to just get deeper in a game I feel has potential for a long amount of play time. Synopsis: If you feel your group or guild fits this style please reach out to me. Let me know how I can assist you if you are a new player. Let me know if you would like to talk more about the game or assist in anyway.
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    Hello there!

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    Thank you much. I submitted an application.
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    Hello new world! I've been lurking these forums since early 2015, and have been following the progression of this game ever since seeing it on Kickstarter in 2015. Finally made the leap to purchase a bundle. Not sure where to begin, but all I know is I'm sure to have fun. My own gaming experience ranges from FPS to MMORPGs. Some of my gaming highlights come from Black Hawk Down, DDO, Rift, Tera, Smite, Paladins, ArcheAge, Diablo (1, 2, and 3) and others that I am forgetting. My fondness of video games really comes from my joy of reading fantasy novels, which lead to my exploration of tabletop gaming. It really just spiraled from there. I cannot complain though, I've met some great people along the way. Some I still talk to, and others have simply fallen off the face of the planet. Hopefully I will gain even more in the days, weeks, and months to come while playing this gem of a game. Hopefully I will see some of you out there in-game!
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    Glad to be here! Can't wait for all the good times that will come!
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    Join us for the ACE Q&A for November livestream on Wednesday, November 6, at 11 am CDT. https://www.twitch.tv/crowfallgame UPDATE: The video is now on YouTube and you can read highlights here: https://crowfall.com/en-US/news/articles/aceqna_nov2019
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    Communication Tools

    hey fellow crows, as i have seen some communication issues between crafters and the persons requesting products from them, namely the clients not giving enough information on the options they want the crafter to pick or not knowing the effects of those choices, i decided to start building calculators for crafting. so i have made first a Vessel Calculator as i am a Necromancer in my guild, that one is very accurate as most of the numbers are big enough so that it is not affected by rounding in the UI. after that, i started making a calculator for weapons but some of the base numbers are so small that trying to get the accurate, non rounded number is very difficult wich then also means that the entire calculation is not 100% accurate and i will need more test crafts to get closer to the numbers or the devs telling us all unrounded base numbers and modifiers. however despite not being able to give a fully accurate calculation, it is still fairly accurate and does fullfill its purpose as a communication tool. i would like to share these as other crows may need them too. you need to make a copy to use them. Vessels: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RWYKD4DOTFLAcWkbLZqXQW-Nu1O8bMMlQJB1xxo7OU8/edit?usp=sharing Weapons: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17DHXrBM1Bb1_KmEkSqJesiRy2WuqQjlsScbqDly6AxE/edit?usp=sharing Used, Caldera Necromancer
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    Hey guys, Just started playing again. My first tour was a few months ago and the game is much better now. 35 Married with a new baby, Learning all aspects of the game and looking forward to meeting some of you.
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    Will there be more races/Classes?

    Im only asking because Id love to see more non-human/Non-elf races added. I love the mino, elken and stoneborn but Id love to see like a werebear like creature or a wolf like creature as well who are savage looking somewhat like the mino. Id like a beast creature or some such thing to be able to be a druid as well, I wouldn't mind some Orc or some such thing either as it would be cool and could offer some neat passives. I just started but I am in love with this game and I only want it to grow, new races and maybe some more classes after frostweaverwould be cool and I think this game could pull off anything it decides to do. (A warlock, Occultist or beastmaster would be cool.)
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    how to rebuild passive tree

    New players would be much better off leveling their first character, gathering gear from war tribes, and learning to play.
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    [-V-] Vanguard | [EU]

    We visited the NA campaign friday night, and got a lot of fun fights versus the order faction:
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    Welcome to the community, Saivar. Glad to have you here.
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    Hi Saivar, Indeed, we ASSIMILATE players of ALL skill-sets (new or experienced to Crowfall) into ROME. If you're willing to learn and eager to become a comrade, we'll help forge you into a proper player. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to send me a private message. Good luck mate.
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    Hello, I just started playing, completely aware that this is not a finished game, so I didn't take much notice to it at first but now after playing for quite a bit I decided to see if I could find other people experiencing it and it doesn't seem like it. Everytime I loot, or everytime I open up the interface really, the game freezes for a second. So looting mobs becomes extremely tedious because of this, if this is common then obviously I don't mind but I'm wondering if there are others that experience this? The FPS is pretty low too, I'd say jumping anywhere from 25-50 fps without anything happening (I've been pretty much just trying different classes etc in the starting zone, done some crafting etc). I'm on the new Razer blade 15" laptop that got released 2 months ago, so there should definitely not be any problems with the hardware.
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    Red Dead Redemption blew my frickin mind back in the xbox 360 days. Needless to say, Red Dead Redemption 2 did not dissapoint.Pre-ordered ultimate edition on xbox one, but have been playing PC recenty and having above 30 frames and a bit better graphics is so much more awesome. Two games, that I will never forget.
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    Reign Of Kings

    Oh my god. One of my all time favorite games. Had three amazing summers of roleplay. Even though I hate the devs for leaving it, Reign of Kings was the best 20$ I ever spent. PS: I met Archaos on ROK lol.
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    Came here to post on this, just watched the start of episode 2, and saw the Crowfall footage, great plug folks! (I'll be scanning the credits and hope the game is listed!_
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    Welcome to the community, Lumenation. Glad to have you here.
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    Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread

    Guild criteria: Region: Central United States Atmosphere: Mature/Focused. ie: Work hard play hard Casual/Hardcore?: Both. Size: Medium Size(15 - 25 active). Play-Style: In DND/Pathfinder/WoW/EVERYTHING ELSE I'm the aggressive soldier/barbarian type. My off specs are usually high power Ranged or Stealth recon Commitment: As long as there is something to do or a schedule I can make 5 out of 7 days of the week post 5 pm CST on Weekdays. Miscellaneous: Married w/ Kids around. I have a very straight forward approach and avoid drama like the plague. Expecting our 3rd child, a newborn boy in December will be a partner at the keyboard for a bit. Experience: Been playing since Mario 3/Double Dragon on NES. Playing FPS's since CS 1.2. Played Halo 3/Reach in the Amateur leagues in the Midwest from 2007 til 2009. Degree in Law Enforcement(USAF), Networking/CyberSec(USAF), and Software Architecture(Civ). I'm an asset that feels the need to contribute to the battlefield. I prefer to form bonds through battle and game play. Have a mean beard. Voice-Chat services: TS3(Admin/Dev experience, Ventrilo, Discord, RaidCall(Prefer not to use), Will not use Skype(Sorry not sorry).
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    Crafting souls.

    So I saw someone selling a blue Necromancy discipline that had 11.5 Assembly/exp, and 2.3 Exp points. My blue Necro disc is only 10/10/2. Are there crafting souls that drop? or is there some way to improve the stats when you upgrade disciplines? Thanks for any responses.
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    Crafting souls.

    The discipline recipe is applying the 15% bonus for rare quality result, so I have a 103.5% essence return for orbs from my dryad discipline. I don't know what you get when you combine crafted disciplines to get higher qualities or if you mix crafted disciplines with upgraded from the vendor ones. I think it's a bug as @Arkade said.
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    Range Bonus Not Applied?

    You can find power range on its tooltip. Most of ranged powers are 15m.
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    Crafting souls.

    Right, and AFAIK, that's a bug.
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    Crafting souls.

    Actually, most crafted discs have better stats based on quality. Runes that are purchased from an NPC and/or combined from lower qualities lack the increased stats. Higher quality discs made from souls dropped from mobs do have better stats.
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    how to rebuild passive tree

    Harvested resources take time as well. In fact, they take time and effort, which is arguably more valuable than "passive" time. I'm not saying I know it will work, but it isn't as clear that it won't work as you say it is.
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    Range Bonus Not Applied?

    What level are you, and what does your stats sheet say for ranged distance bonus? If you haven't increased it by anything other than the bow you have equipped (+10/12m), then a 25-27m range is what's expected. The base range for non-aoe bow powers is only 15m.
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    you referring to this?
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    Vanguard - Guides, Tools & Information

    No problem! Yes, but making one now could potentially be a waste of time, so I am waiting for the next patch to come on test, so I can make sure I include any new changes 😁
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    So, the ending of that Mandalorian premiere... 🤣 What's everyone's thoughts?
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    how to rebuild passive tree

    The passive system should be recognized as a passive gap closer. Nothing should be unreachable during the progression of a campaigm assuming hard work, cooperarion, and dedication to a shared goal will still allow you to stay competitive without the need to exclusively rely on your personal progression through the passive training. It is in essence a veteran system that will help you cover the gaps of your desired playstyle to help expedite reaching your skill and attribute caps. You would otherwise be that much more reliant on grinding out to obtain gear and consumables that a long invested player will be able to ignore at the start of a campaign or forego when considering what to obtain once gaining access to higher tiers of gear when the campaign has progressed. A catch up mechanic would be there to allow players the ability to work to catch up as compared to the long term players that accrued it automatically over time. It makes sense because that way there will theoretically never be a statistical advantage that is unattainable solely due to your join date.
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    Balance takes heads, Chaos kicks tails

    Congratulations to the winners of the Decapathon 2 and the Satayn Campaign! FULL STORY
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    Combat Feels Bad Still

    I used to test a lot, but then I got a little burnt out and stopped coming around as much. Just started a new character a couple weeks ago and did a little bit of leveling. The game is much slicker than when I left, and the NPE is tight. I think leveling a character to 30 feels relatively fast, and I was able to get the hang of everything quickly. I got cool drops, I was able to interact iwth the crafting system. I had only two complaints, and one of them is kind of trivial: I don't think I really understand the spirit bank/embargo system still, and the NPE didn't really clue me in at all. Even just a static image explanation when I open up the world bank in town would be helpful. The bigger one is this though: Combat still feels pretty bad. The buttons aren't as responsive as I expect from a hotbar MMO, there doesn't seem to be any action queueing or lag compensation, it doesn't even check held buttons when CD's clear. So I frequently find myself having to hit a button a couple times to get it to "take" because I accidentally hit it during the last 100ms of the cooldown. This can be a playstyle, just spamming buttons until they activate. And that doesn't even feel that bad. But when you have "hold to cast" buttons, that's not really an option. I actually think hold to cast feels bad generally, I'd rather you guys did almost anything else for variable-strength spells. I'm coming off classic wow now, so the massive difference in how things feel during combat really sticks out. In classic wow, hitting the same 3 or 4 buttons over and over again feels really good and I can do it for hours. In crowfall, I get tired of it after 30 minutes or so. I don't think I have the chops to spot and point out everything that frustrates me with this to give you a full list of the issues, I just have a general constant feeling of struggling with the controls. I still have the same issue I did a year or two ago where my character will stop responding a second or more in advance of anything visually happening to them that would cause them to stop responding. I'll still have issues where my shots vanish instead of hitting my target on the regular. It sucks because you guys have put a lot of work into making the macro of this game fun, but until the micro is also fun, I can't play it long enough to enjoy it.
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    Combat Feels Bad Still

    It sucks to admit it, but it's pretty much this. The game sounds great on paper, but it doesn't play that great. The combat just isn't good or fun, specially when you dip out and play a good action combat elsewhere; there's just no comparison. The rest of the gameplay is boring as well. Live service games and MMOs are grindy by nature, but the gameplay has to be fun for you to enjoy the grind. As we inch closer to a release ready state, it just doesn't seem like a whole lot will change. The combat is clunky and uninspired when looked at individally and small scale and devolves into a mindless spam blob when played large scale in sieges. I honestly think ACE should have invested more resources into hiring ppl with a lot of experience in action combat for pvp games, but it's too late now.
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    Combat Feels Bad Still

    It's hard for me to put into words but combat still feels off. Combination of movements/attacks not having enough weight, animations/visuals effects too fast or too unnoticeable for being proactive/reactive, positioning isn't rewarded greatly, lack of collision/physics/aiming, forgiving targeting or lack of despite several design choices focused on the reticle and supposed aim, messy UI and visuals, and so on. Along with optimization and the issues you addressed. My hope is some of that gets cleaned and tightened up, but not sure if this team has enough talent with experience in this area. While those things could improve, I have stronger doubts about the powers and character design that make up combat itself. While there is some variety, most classes seem rather one/two directional with little complexity. Hit left mouse a few times, get a buff or trigger something, hit 1-2 other things that benefit, repeat. Toss in some oh crap buttons and whatever DMG+CC for filler. While games like WoW had maybe too many spells, others like GW2 cleaned up the bar and went more with variety. GW2 classes with the weapon system can play fairly different even with a small hotbar between builds. Promo classes and Disciplines (sub-classes?) simply do not add the variety I believe is needed or that ACE seems to say they provide. This makes Crowfall's learning curve not so high which is good, but the ceiling is low as well. Not sure if there is any way to improve this beyond going over each class and promo one by one and putting a good deal of time into them. Sounds like ACE plans to look at early classes to maybe spice them up to be as interesting as newer ones, but overall even the newer ones don't differ too much. I wouldn't say all classes are homogenized but the variety of powers and effects is bland compared to several much older games. When it comes down to it the typical stack and burn a target combat happens and is how most games go, but I guess I at least like the illusion that what I'm doing matters more then just adding more DPS/Healing to the pile. Then again I like the more niche support roles and powers like debuffs/buffs/shields/cleansing and other combat modifiers that change how fights take place and less about how fast/slow someone dies.
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    Crowfall curious? Get answers here

    Welcome to the forums. Your current forum level in this forum is "Visitor". Visitors only have limited writing rights. If you bought the game on the official crowfall website crowfall.com or during kickstarter, you should at least have the "Tester" level, and by this extensive access to this forum. If that's the case, but you don't have access, you should contact support@crowfall.com to get the access that's due to your pledge level. If you bought the game on the russian 4G website, you might not be entitled to write on this forum, but should have access to the official 4G Crowfall forums. I don't know if they have any playtest bug-report/feedback sub-forums there, though (but I hope they do). In both cases: If you find and want to share any informations about bugs or exploits or just want to leave some feedback ... but can't, due to restricted writing rights on the forums ... you could just send them directly to support@crowfall.com. Or if you don't want to bother them, you could send them to any other player who has access to this forum and is willing to pass on your feedback/report. Like me for example. Have fun, good luck Kraahk
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    I can’t write to the forum thread about bug reports, I’ll write here. During the game in windowed mode, with the game window active, when the camera rotates, the mouse cursor can move outside the window ... extremely annoying
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    Paladin (healing) Templar

    Having a little more experience with sieges I thought I might come back to this and say that I feel as though my paladin can be very useful in large team fights. both on the attack and defense of forts you are often spending major portions of combat within a relative field of battle that is somewhat static. Whether the throne room, walls on the way in, or a skirmish in between. In these situations I feel my healing is at least comparable if not superior to other healers. Meanwhile my damage output is far superior and I am able to contribute as a tank that can front line and chase low HP individuals. Where a druid might be a priority target for the enemy team, I am not, or at least not an easy one. I would love to hear if I am overlooking or oversimplifying things, the class is fairly straightforward and boring to play but it does seem effective.
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    MMO's need high single core speeds, good choice avoiding AMD.
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    AND I AM DIGGING A HOLE! What starts playing when your Stoneborn start to hit the ores.
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    Max archer range

    Its hardcapped to 65m nomatter what. The reason why its possible to hit stuff on up to 67 (siegeweapons even further) are the hitboxes which are larger than the number on the crosshair shows. You need 50m distance range bonus to archive that, since skills have a base of 15m. To reach the cap you need the archer perk (3×7m cap increase and a high tension bow+5m elken passive +distancecap) you will come close with a Legendary or even epic high tension even without an elken. With a legendary ht-bow you will miss 0.25m to the 50m cap, so elken is not necessary at that qualitylevel anymore. To fill that 50m ranged bonus you need to roll a bit extra rangebonus on the bow and even it out with rings depending if you want to drink carrotjuice or milk and if you want to pick sharpshooter+arcane archer or only one of them. The math is on you at this point
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    Will there be more races/Classes?

    let hamsters ride centaurs before new classes.
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    [News]XIV O Canto dos Corvos

    Ora cá estamos para mais um número da nossa newsletter. Q&A, Perguntas e Respostas de Junho FO nosso director Criativo J.Todd Coleman e o nosso director de Desenho Thomas Blais responderam a imensas questões da nossa comunidade, sobre variados temas, inclusive as mudanças. Não deixe de ver todo o vídeo ou breve resumo aqui mesmo. Alterações no Interface do Usuário Em Crowfall®, sempre houve uma diferença entre a interface do usuário e o mundo de fantasia do jogo em si. Embora a interface seja clara, clara e leve, depois de ver como o mundo de Crowfall evoluiu, gostaríamos de revisitar a interface do usuário para melhorar a maneira como ela complementa o ambiente em que você luta e a estética geral do design do jogo. Quando mergulhamos na história do jogo, algo saltou para nós: o Stoneborn, uma das nossas raças jogáveis. Havia uma história enterrada entre as ruínas dos Mundos Morrendo e que a história era a chave. Puxar um pouco do espírito dessa arquitetura, da vida e do folclore que ela representa, do mundo de Crowfall para os menus do jogo, foi o objetivo que nos propusemos alcançar para tornar a experiência mais imersiva. Veja algumas das imagens: Vê todas as imagens e toda a informação aqui! Ganhe sua Caneca de Diamante A caneca de Junho está aqui e é de Diamante. Já sabe como ganhar não é mesmo? Basta jogar Crowfall no TEST por mais de 4 horas até 30 Junho e esta linda caneca será sua! Você merece! The Trial of Maeve está a chegar ao fim Acaba já no próximo dia 12 de Junho, Quarta-Feira, esta campanha chamada The Trial of Maeve, por isso, se ainda não tens o amuleto, ainda estás a tempo de o ganhar. Sondagem em nosso facebook Na sondagem desta semana perguntamos a nossos corvos se durante um cerco preferem ser um guerreiro guardião de sua fortaleza, um defensor, um jogador de ataque, que tenta conquistar as outras fortalezas? 60% dos nossos corvos votaram na defesa. Você se lembra de quando se iniciou em Crowfall? Das suas dificuldades? Queremos saber isso, por essa razão estamos perguntando qual ou quais os tutoriais que acha importantes existir em nossa lingua. Não deixe de participar neste enquete. Participe aqui Continuamos procurando streamers 🎥 Se você faz streaming e videos sobre Crowfall (em português), fale com a gente! Queremos difundir seus videos/streams e promover seu canal na nossa comunidade de lingua portuguesa. Para isso basta falar comigo, Fauno, aqui no forum ou no discord Fauno#9151 Você tem algo interessante para contar? Sabe de algum tutorial interessante? Está planejando um projeto ou qualquer atividade sobre Crowfall? Me escreva, e colocarei sua informação na nossa newsletter. Nossa e não minha Grande abraço Fauno
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    Age of Conan/Warhammer online

    Still playing Warhammer online Return of Reckoning. It's now a private server.
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    He does say 5.110 in the stream.
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    The game, since is has not been optimized, is very RAM and CPU heavy. When I upgraded to a brand new computer (32gb RAM and a brand new i7), those freezes disappear. But yes low fps and small freezes are normal if you don't have top end computers. What I can say though, is that you get used to it, I played with that and worse performance for over 2 years of development. But if you come over from a super optimized game, it seems bad at first.
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