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  1. 11 points
    We need line items for mats. We need stackable books. We need the custard goggles to drop. We need some quality of custard life. We need a sort command that works in the bank. We need the ability to rename Characters. THIS IS INSANE! This is just flat out cruel. Please for the love of god, fix this poorly made socks.
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    Questions for the Devs!

    In the future, please run your Chaos/Order agreements through me first, and I can save you time and effort on how the next agreement will work out for ya 😁 And yes ignoring, breaking, and circumventing agreements/truces/NAP's that cannot be enforced, is the oldest ruse in the book. In simpler terms 'outfoxed' You can learn something by understanding the circumstances of the entire engagement including how Scarlett solo capped a keep. Or you can continue to build straw men about numbers and believe your own propaganda. Fact is fact, Scarlett took a keep as a single player and that has ramifications larger than who is grinding who down with numbers. It really was quite elegant how she has been setting up the Knock out punch for weeks, I'd go into more detail, but it's obvious I have lost your interest. Thanks for your reply.
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  4. 7 points

    Questions for the Devs!

    What is going on with faction balancing? Is this going to be coming in a future update or should we all just hop on the balance train like the rest of this game? Its very demoralizing to show up to siege with about 25 people going against roughly 100. But we still show up each and every night and try our best win or lose despite the number differences. Whats stopping new players from joining the stacked faction or chaos/order from ALL jumping ship making the other 2 factions empty?? I get the argument about the big guilds not all being able to be on the same faction if a balancing system was in place but to be honest, if 1 of the bigger guilds from balance swapped to one of the other factions then we might actually have a game on our hands instead of feeling like a constant punching bag. Is there any news on when a performance patch will be released? Not sure if the devs show up to siege but when 100 people are standing a few inches from each other the game turns from a modern PC game made in this century to the very first moving picture ever made in the late 1800's. Frame rate drops to basically 0, skills stop hitting targets, everyone is yo-yoing back and forth and its basically which side has more AOE output thru the lag spikes. Myrm classes that rely on crashing a mechanic at a specific time are impossible to pull off. just trying to switch zones has caused some consistent crashing and this last hot fix released on 4/17 has only made things worse. Will we be getting Guild storage before you put out more "new" items??? I like the fact that the additives came back for bodies!! However, without implementing some sort of guild storage first (that we have been asking for since i can remember) our bank space is even more packed with random stuff. Having to make a few extra characters to use as a storage for myself and guild is a bit of a hassle and a little ridiculous. Not to mention completely confusing when remembering what random toon is holding what. Was the armor durability supposed to be paper??? First few days of this new campaign we didn't have much since it was after a wipe. Most of us purchased intermediate armor just to make do but when handed one of the first sets i realized the durability was 1/5th what it used to be and the intermediate had more. If i can buy some intermediate armor that has higher durability than our guilds master blacksmith can craft (without the tool) i think there's an issue. Sure the armor rating and stats are non existent but my point stands on durability rating being significantly higher with intermediate vs rare/green or any other color crafted without the tool. Is this a PVE or PVP game?? Started off as a PvP game but now its turning into just another PvE game except with 1 added PvP mechanic. Spending hours grinding mats to make gear to PvP in was understandable. But farming endlessly at a PvE war camp for a minor disc just has me wanting to put a bullet in my foot. Not to mention getting multiple of that same minor disc for the other 15 guild mates that want it!!! I guess my question is do i get paid sick leave or holiday pay for this full time job i just started??
  5. 6 points

    The Battle for Brookhurst

    I was with Grave Dominion for this particular fight, and we were tasked with some hyper-aggressive flanking and siege engine removal services. Thought some people might enjoy seeing what went down from a more mobile perspective, and some of our thought processes throughout. Not sure if the render went a little goofy, but it seems a bit more pixelated than the usual Youtube fare--perhaps it's just Youtube. Anyways, hope everyone enjoys! Just some good clean solid combat, and the most OP outpost tower position I've ever seen. Those guards were shredding. Thanks to Grave Dominion for having me in your comms, even if Ltab only knows how to fight #gatewars.
  6. 5 points

    Something to Remember...

    I keep telling myself when I get frustrated: "It has so much more coming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming" So I figured I'd post here and remind myself; as well as many of you about a few things we're still missing that will make this all feel so much more alive and busy. PLEASE, correct me on anything that is going to be *Post Launch* or has been discontinued. I haven't been keeping 100% up with all the videos and changes. Caravans will be a huge creator of conflict. Having to run large amounts of resources between keeps/forts to upgrade them will provide dynamic PVP content. We will need bodyguards, scouts, and to set up ambushes along the routes these Caravans take. I am assuming that they will be Static routes between each keep/fort. Tracking, though we haven't gotten many, if at all; concrete details on how this system will work, it is something that will bring with it more interesting roles within the Throne War itself. Where the Ranger and Assassin classes can really shine. This makes having allies with you that can detect those that would try and slit your throat all the more important. Mounts, though we have the statistical benefit of mounts; it will FEEL so much better to actually be galloping on horseback (Or whatever the hell centaurs will do) on a mount throughout the dying worlds. The Dregs will make for some interesting mechanics for us to toy with. Creating our own cities in a large scale "EK" that can be attacked and sieged dynamically, or on siege timers (We don't know which yet) being able to be actual mercenaries for the highest bidders, there is a lot that can be done with the game once The Dregs come online. Performance is currently being worked on, and although I personally haven't been in more than just PVE fights on the Test server when the snap test for 5.9 was up, I can say the movement feels WAY better. When using dodge moves it feels like gravity is actually weighing us down, as a minotaur, or half-giant I actually felt like this large intimidating mass of flesh ready to tear apart some limbs. Even just walking felt way more believable and "real". As far as performance increases go, I couldn't see an actual FPS increase, but I did notice there were fewer drops in FPS. Though I was only on for maybe two hours testing all the classes. Frostweaver, though not really "Content" has been the most wanted class out've pretty much all of them. Being able to sling around ice magic while looking like a badass is needed in Crowfall. Seriously, who doesn't like Ice magic? Relics Are those boons you receive from winning campaigns. A statue of the Gods, a monument to Hero, these give you a small statistical buff and can be equipped to your EK. This was talked about during the Kickstarter days, will they still exist? EK Tax system City/Town Parcels are supposed to require upkeep, which is somehow lessened or eliminated by placing appropriate type/rank of resource parcels next to it.ï»ż This may or may not be part of release, but will make or break people coming to your EK. Have a huge EK with tons of markets for people to buy from? Raise them taxes! The Embargo System I really wish this was in a more finished state at this point, as a lot of us are currently able to just Spirit Bank anything and everything we collect. This will not be the case once this system comes online. Your Equipment, Resources, Items, and Gold, ect... will be stuck in the campaign that character is currently in. Once a victor of the Throne War is determined the Winner is given a reward, and can bring back a certain amount of their collected Spoils. The Losers of the campaign, will bring in fewer rewards. This to me is the sole reason that Crowfall seems unbalanced right now, as guilds are able to craft ass-tons of powerful equipment and hand them out to whomever they want throughout different campaigns. This will not be the case once this system comes online, unless ACE decided to flush it, which I seriously hope they didn't. Now, I will say this much of ACE: They made a HUGE decision with the Race/Class split. I think a lot of us forget that the Race/Class split was not in the books from the get go. They were doing really well with performance in Hunger Dome, and Siege Perilous felt okay for how early in the stages they were at the time. Making the choice to give us more options put them in a MAJOR setback, I'm sure @jtoddcoleman and @Tyrant can both agree that it wasn't an easy decision to make. However, it makes the game more interesting and gives us more options. The game is moving slowly, and sure it's not where *WE* want it right now; but ACE also isn't a multi-million dollar company that's releasing their 5th or 6th game as a studio. This is their first, and although they have a lot of talent, such as @Hanseshadow (Whom I think is a badass btw) and Blair(SP?) on their side they're learning how to be a team together. Anyways, I hope this has rekindled a bit of what is hopefully to come in the next year. Don't let your light fade ARTCRAFT ENTERTAINMENT! -OsirianLegacy-
  7. 5 points

    The Great Need for Multicolored Balls

    This is a suggestion to color code druid orbs a bit more to give situationally aware players more ability to process information and react appropriately to various battlefield circumstances. The current system causes issues such as: A. Earthkeeper druids usually want you to pick up their orbs. Archdruids do not. This can lead to a lot of confusion especially if you are in a party with both classes. B. There is no strong visual indicator between an enemy and allied druid bomb, meaning allied druids may unintentionally clear space for the enemy when allies needlessly dodge out of the way of their bombs. My solution, is more colorful balls. Green Orbs - Party Only Current Usage - All druid orbs dropped before being blighted by an ArchDruid. Suggested Use - All earthkeeper druid orbs dropped. Blue Orbs - Party Only Current Usage - None Suggested Usage - All archdruid orbs dropped. Blue Death Orbs - Allies Current Usage - All druid bombs as visible by both sides Suggested Usage - All druid bombs as visible by allies Red Death Orbs - Enemies Current Usage - None Suggested Usage - All druid bombs as visible by enemies Conclusion Earthkeeper orbs and Archdruid orbs means allies can respond more appropriately knowing that they can heal their earthkeeper allies by grabbing green orbs but that grabbing blue orbs will interfere with their Archdruids setting up bombs. It also would mean that when you see blue death orbs go up you don't need to fear them, and in-fact can even fall back to them for defense against melee opponents, but that if you see red ones you need to get the hell out of the way. This would be a buff to druids in that their allies would respond more appropriately to their abilities if they have good situational awareness. This would also be a nerf to druids in that enemies would have be more able to appropriately react to an enemy druid bomb. But between the balancing effects, this punishes obliviousness and rewards situational awareness and knowledge of your allies and enemies abilities, which is always a good thing IMO.
  8. 5 points

    Campaign Scoring has changed or broke?

    We don't have any reasonable way to restore the points (the data may be logged but it would take a significant effort to determine what points weren't counted and it still might not be fully accurate). We feel that resources are better spent trying to get the new 5.90 version out as soon as possible. Given that all three factions were relatively close in score when the fix went in, and given this is still pre-alpha, we made the call to allow the campaign to continue to completion rather than reset it completely (which was our other choice). We felt like this approach was the "lesser of the evils". It's not a lot of comfort right this minute, but every bug that we find now is another one we are much less likely face after the game launches, and for that we are grateful to all the backers who participate the tests. We couldn't make this game to the quality level we all want without you!
  9. 5 points
    He changes them like a mask and discards them like trash. Each new vessel offers its tricks and poetry. He arms them with the weapons and bruised apples the gods leave him. Through his countless incarnations, his mind broken and weakened. There is no sanity here. He throws his new vessels into battle with complete disregard. They can lack experience, and armor, and weapons fit for war. Yet he does not care. This worshipper of Malakai relies on tricks and tenacity to inflict grief and calamity. Once while wearing a Guinecean knight who had just been born into the world, this vessel was weak and paltry, he took a team of 4 saboteurs from Fist of the Empire into the lands of Aerynth, in Balance. There they attacked harvesters and wanders, inflicting grief they enraged the followers of Balance. Unwilling to bear it anymore Balance organized two groups of their strongest soldiers to punish their wicked deeds. After several kills Balance became confident and prideful, and so the trap began to unfold. He changed vessels to a Guinecean Cleric who attained the maximum experience for war. Balance forces, filled with wrath and blinded by pride, chased him to an outpost where two guards had been purchased. Believing their previous victories would earn them victory again they ran in to be slaughtered. This elaborate trap had many phases, and with all great traps of war, the first step is to appear weak and to continue to hide that weakness until it is too late to escape. The team of balance believed their overwhelming numbers would ensure victory against opponents they had previously crushed. Upon running up they assumed the Guinecean they saw was the weak knight they had beaten to a pulp. Even under pressure from the arrows of two guards they foolhardily pressed forward frothing at the mouth like rabid dogs. Once you take the bait, only shame awaits. The Guinecean who had previously been the weakest link became the backbone and lifeline of this team of saboteurs from Fist of the Empire. Dumping heal after heal into the team, blocking blow after blow, the guards worked their magic. Soon the attackers found themselves routing under a barrage of arrows. Skulls littered the ground. A smile took form, as success had been achieved. Favor to Malakai.
  10. 5 points

    Questions for the Devs!

    This is not productive discussion, take it elsewhere
  11. 5 points
    In general I don't like system scheduled windows. Albion Online is the game I played recently with timers on territory objectives, and it was not fun. It does not make a game feel like a dynamic virtual world controlled by players. And it can provide a big advantage to larger, hardcore guilds who are willing to do whatever it takes to beat the artificial system. Why is this a problem, isn't the game supposed to be play2crush? It's a potential problem in the 3-faction ruleset, that's intended to be the place in the CF universe for more casual players, and less organized communities. If it's too easy for an Uncle Bob scenario to happen and 1-2 factions to get pushed off the map, or if casual players are feeling locked out of content that's not a positive. GW2 WvW and DAoC frontiers both worked well for 3-faction pvp format - neither had a timer system on forts. Everyone seems to forget we are testing, not playing a launched game. It's not easy judge the pvp activity based around the small testing population - we have 200 players instead of 2000 players on a campaign. Also different rulesets should play differently based on the risk vs reward, and may need different systems. It's good to test the windows however - maybe it will work better than I expect. It seems like a helpful tool for the designers, and if it doesn't have the intended results in 3-faction gameplay I'm sure the devs will make adjustments.
  12. 5 points
    There should be an initiatory event, rather than having a guaranteed vulnerability window every x hours/days. The attackers should have to commit to the attack by crafting the Bane Tree which beings the scheduling event, followed by the siege event. Finding the materials for crafting a Bane Tree should be prohibitive/expensive, making offensive operations costly and deliberate.
  13. 5 points
    Sure, because currently everytime a fort is attacked in the servers primetime players run to defend it. Most of the time there are no defenders because there are no players nearby to defend (small current player base) and players who are nearby don't care if the fort is taken anyway. Once again give the players a reason to stop xp farming/gathering and actually defend, instead of a bandaid of timers on anything remotely meaningful so the current few that want to constantly pvp can be handheld and told "look go here to capture this thing" which will still be uncontested cause noone but them cares enough to attack/defend it.
  14. 5 points
    The people who complain about this feature don't want fights. They want to be able to cap stuff without fighting, so your explanation will unfortunately fall on deaf ears.
  15. 4 points

    Jewelery Bench in forts please?

    Can we please get a jewelery bench in forts? Trying to craft in the campaign world is difficult for jewellers especially when one faction owns all the keeps and the forts dont provide you with the required benches. Would like to crafts and gain score in campaign but cant.
  16. 4 points

    Why do you hate skinners?

    There is no love for the skinning profession. With the day / night cycle affecting the hide drop tables, waiting for spawn time of mobs and the recent nerf to the amount of mobs found inside forests and other area's its making skinning not worth it. Sitting at a whopping 2 R9 hellcats in our forest of silence trying to get enough flexible hide to gear out 1 person is hours worth of nonsense. Even if my beneficial harvest did happen to Proc, i would get that bonus only on the second cat i skin then wait another 3 minutes for spawns. Why is this happening to the skinning profession when ore/stone can go from pocket to pocket burning thru hammers/picks??? I understand that leatherworking might not be as important as Blacksmithing but if we are 4/5 days into a new item wipe and everyone who can use mail/plate armor has greens/blues and the leather wearers are still in commons then there seems to be an issue. Then u nerf the gold drop and replace it with 1 dust...... i get that animals shouldn't be rollin down the street with fat stacks in their pockets but 1 dust in compensation?!?!? i can go smack a tree twice and get 2/3 dust. Dont forget the new Ancient mobs which have turned solo skinning into a nightmare. Accidentally agro an ancient anything on your journey and its game over unless you have a pocket healer at all times. Then when you do kill a R5 ancient you are rewarded from the gods with.... you guessed it....more dust. We spent a good 10 minutes killing a R5 expecting to see our first majors of the game after this new wipe, instead we got 45 dust and a kick to the moral. We where all on white vessels with common gear and didnt expect to kill it easily but good gravy!!!! Not sure how many people have to complain about this before a change that actually happens to make skinning worth it.
  17. 4 points

    The ambush?

    Crowfall 5.8.6 new patch short story. As night turned into day an Aracoix Druid Boss respawned in Stonehaven. Brave duo of Titan and Paladin decided to face him. Once the boss minions were down, adventurers prepared to jump him but suddenly saw an enemy confessor around the corner. It was Chaos ambush! Not knowing the opposing numbers duo disengaged from Aracoix camp and noticed that five Chaos players were chasing them. Running away was not an option and brave adventurers took the fight. Enemies decided to jump on Titan and burn him down, but raging Berserker with support of Holy Warrior retaliated pressure, chased and killed enemy Confessor. Looking at undying Titan Chaos forces decided to surround Paladin. But they did not know that it was the exact adventures plan! Paladin was fighting furiously, trying to parry as many attacks as possible to not die, while Titan was killing offenders one by one. As death nearly came to Paladin, Chaos forces lost a lot of health and fall dead before being able to make a final blow. Seeing death of his team mates, the last standing Assassin decided to vanish in shadows. Brave adventures, still shocked from surviving the ambush against impossible odds, continued their journey.
  18. 4 points
    These changes to the deathloop are on the way with our next big milestone FULL STORY
  19. 4 points
    The season of summer had come, the winds of war calm but saboteurs from Fist of the Empire began to scream into the night. It was a new era, a new time for legends to rise. Even the darkness has its heroes. They call themselves the Sparkle Fisters (the saboteur branch of Fist of the Empire) and they are a Machiavellian and moony bunch. Their whimsical playfulness tainted by Chaos manifests into debilitating misfortune. No one would say they are hard to kill or dispatch, but all would agree they regretted their encounter entirely. For it is not their vessels, or their gear, or their disciplines that make them formidable. It is their tactics and tenacity, more so insanity, that leads their opponents down a winding road of misfortune and woe. As the clock ticks- tick, tick, tick, more and more things begin to go wrong for their foes
 Night had just fallen as Praelian, TaeSilverfox, and Krakadil meandered through the domains of Balance. Happening upon a Balance fort they decided they should take it. “I’m taking this fort.” TaeSilverfox said blinking in on his new wood-elf vessel. He had not fully trained his archdruid body but was too eager to wait. He had seen what others had done with such vessels and was bursting with glee and merriment. Praelian squeaked in his high pitched Guinecean’s voice, “Well, we can’t get in, I don’t know how to tunnel that far down. My paws are so small and only good for praying.” Standing next to Praelian, Krakadil only silently sharpened his assassin’s blades while leaning against the fort’s wall. TaeSilverfox, “Keep watch and I’ll have this done lickety, banana fruit, split” Stepping into the inner sanctum of the fort sent out alarms across the domain. The game had begun
 Krakadil whispered, “Contact, Silhaku entering the fort” Tae quickly hid himself within the inner keep. Silhaku was a ranger and no stranger to those who hide in the shadows. He quickly scouted the fort for any visible enemies, and when he saw no visible threats, he began to scout for the invisible. Launching flares and raining arrows down Tae held his breath and narrowly escaped becoming a pincushion. The plan had already been discussed on what to do should an enemy enter the fort. Praelian with his small furry cute little paws and mystical throwing hammer began to beat on the outside walls, casting spells and making a racket while Krakadil stood silently in the shadows. Silhaku ran up onto the ramparts and found it difficult to get the angle needed to shoot the solo sieger. While Silhaku engaged the rodent, Krakadil waited for him to jump down and Tae began to weave his archdruid magics. When Tae was ready he again set of the alarm of the inner sanctum alerting Silhaku to an intruder’s presence. Silhaku jumped from the ramparts and rushed to the sanctum. With his bow drawn he launched a devastating arrow into Tae’s chest, then pulling out his blades, elation clear upon his face, he leapt to the intruder and- exploded into a million pieces where he should have landed. Only the screams of blight lingered. Picking up Silhaku’s skull Tae looted the scraps, pushing them around with his foot. Krakadil whispered, “Contact, Nukz” With a devilish smile, Tae began to weave. Nukz threw open the doors of the fort and ran full speed into the sanctum to where the archdruid was standing still. Tae was crippled by Nukz first attack, and then with a ravenous fervor in his eyes Nukz unleashed his rage growing in size- and then exploding into a million pieces. Where a behemoth of a half-giant should have been raging only the screams of blight lingered. Tae erupted into maniacal laughter, “KhAhaHAhAha!? KhaHaAhaAHahaha!” “I think I like this new vessel.” Favor to Malakai.
  20. 4 points

    Instead of siege timers

    Was worried about the forts having siege timers, still sorta am but I'm staying optimistic, but another idea came into mind that could also result in funneling players to fight and its a system that has been used in another game so it's proven to work. Planetside 2 uses its lattice system to control where the players could and could not attack. So basically you have to have a territory the connects to the territory you want to take in order to siege it. So instead on zoning into map and going straight for the forts, you have to capture the outpost along the way. This could not only allow players the freedom to attack any place they wanted to, this would give defenders enough time to protect key locations.
  21. 4 points
    This guy has clearly never Served in the military
  22. 4 points

    Questions for the Devs!

    Alright, I feel like I have to step in here. When SmokinJoker mentions numbers, he's not talking about in one zone; obviously that would be silly because Chaos and Order combined were about 45 people, so the most Balance could have had in the last fight was 55, and it's likely to have been 10 or so less because of random gatherers and spies. Balance has shown regularly that they can field enough to put up a strong defense at two keeps. 100 may be an exaggeration, but I certainly don't think it's more than double the reality. The truth probably lies in between somewhere. That said, props to Balance for being able to do that. Zerging seems to imply lack of individual skill so the group has to rely on numbers; I can tell you from fighting Winterblades and HoA frequently that skill is not in question. No, claiming a side is zerging is just a way of expressing frustration over a numerical disadvantage. If you have more people, bring them. Why tell some of your own guys that they can't come to a siege? That's the only alternative and that's silly. I think the point SmokinJoker is making is that we've seen people jump to the faction that has the numbers. People want to win, and that's the path of least resistance in a lot of cases. But that only makes the winning side even stronger. Most of Order used to be Chaos and both factions have grown since the split so I think if we merged again we'd be equal to Balance, but then we'll just always be zone capped and people will be sitting out in a queue while the fighting is happening and that's just not fun. That leads to sitting in zone hours ahead of time, and honestly I'm glad that time is behind us. At this point, the most fun is when Chaos and Order fight each other and Balance stays out of it. I think many on Order and Chaos would agree with me on that. And that's unfortunate. But when you have a faction that's good because they're skilled and organized, and then you see other groups and individuals join that faction on top of that, it creates a cascade effect. That's, ultimately, the problem. That said, Corvus Citadel will always be Chaos and we've shown that we don't give up. So we'll see you on the battlefield.
  23. 4 points
    The emergent gameplay of forts was boring and the freedom made avoiding fighting over objectives the superior tactic. Freedom is less important than ensuring a contested PvP objective score in your PvP game is actually contested by PvP more than who has the most Australians standing in circles alone at 4AM. Online games have rules to drive players in to meaningful interactions with each other. The forts were failing at doing so.
  24. 4 points
    Something to keep in mind is that we are currently testing the 3-faction ruleset. There are different considerations for how a 3-faction ruleset should work than a free-for-all ruleset. For those looking for less restrictions, more player agency on when sieges happen, and more of an open free-for-all, the Dregs will be available. The Dregs/FFA ruleset will be a very different game than the factions rulesets.
  25. 4 points

    Jah's Reports on the Trial of Illara

  26. 4 points
    Let us all go balance then we can all be "winners"
  27. 4 points
    Siege timers on everything is a great way to turn campaigns into a ghosttown non-primetime, will absolutely kill any chance of a playerbase outside of where the server is located, so unless you intend to cater for more than just US/EU with servers you are basically telling guilds/players outside of these regions to either play Crowfall for 40% of the true game or look elsewhere. Reacting to neckbeard complaints about losing forts while they sleep during a phase of the game where the playerbase is so small is a kneejerk reaction to a problem that may or may not even exist once the playerbase grows. Colour me disappointed, now not only do out of region players who have no local server get shafted on latency you add in locking them out of the very reason to play a campaign in the first place. Forts aren't defended often even during primetime down to there being no reason outside of campaign points or the odd group out looking for a fight. Instead of timers would be better to give players more REASON to defend them over putting artificial restrictions. Simple things like harvesting buffs on the fort parcel for the holder, or add the keep thrall crafting buffs to certain tables in the fort, eg like E-Ville Blacksmith table has the buff, Locke's Harem has a buff on the Runecrafting table and so on.
  28. 4 points

    Why do you hate skinners?

    Now put that next to the screenshot of 4 people hitting motherlodes for 4 hours. Also screenshot the durability on the gear of both parties.
  29. 3 points
    Just wiped some balance in a spawn and they logged into other characters and they were immune for a good 15-20 seconds due to log in immunity while they were fighting us. That buff should realy be removed if you draw a weapon or hit somone.
  30. 3 points

    experience points for alts etc

    My idea is that when you get to 30 you continue to gain exp. When a specific amount is reached either an item is generated or possible one is created by visiting a specific place. This item can then be crafted ( runecrafting, necromancy) into an high numbed sacrifice item that can be traded/ given to an alt to lvl them up. This would help lvling vassals especially if gold cant do it and add another interesting method of trade/crafting.
  31. 3 points


    Der Handel ist tot ,erstickt an einer leeren Geldklammer.Der Leichenschmaus (BegrĂ€bnisabschiedsmahl ) fĂ€llt aus weil keiner das Gold dafĂŒr hat .Die KrĂ€hen und Raben imitieren die Blaskapelle und versuchen " Wenn ich einmal reich bin " zu spielen. Toll und spannend finde ich das Ihr euch mit den Siegewaffen beschĂ€ftigt , gut gemacht bedeutet das viel Spielfreude , also verehrte Crowfall-Mitarbeiter , weiter so !! LG solairre
  32. 3 points


    KrĂ€hen und Raben in einer Blaskapelle? Na hoffentlich mĂŒssen sie nicht mehr allzu lange ihre Klagelieder anstimmen ... 😁 Danke dir fĂŒr dein regelmĂ€ĂŸiges (und unterhaltsames) Feedback!
  33. 3 points
    merci @Ikas pour cette newsletter en ces temps calmes pour nos chĂšres haches!
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    Chers Corbeaux ! J’espĂšre que vos avez tous passĂ© une bonne semaine. La nouvelle newsletter est disponible !!! 😋 Je compte sur vous pour proposer des idĂ©es que vous souhaitez partager ou divulguer , des projets en cours, besoin d'aide, etc. pour notre Newsletter! ⚰La mort dans Crowfall Que vous soyez submergĂ© par l’une des tribus de guerre errantes, tombiez sur l’ennemi en chargeant un donjon assiĂ©gĂ© ou soyez pris au dĂ©pourvu par un assassin alors que vous Ă©tiez en train de cueillir des cerises, la mort nous rend tous visite. La mise Ă  jour 5.90 introduira des changements importants concernant la mort et la rĂ©surrection dans le jeu. Pour tout savoir sur la mort (dans Crowfall, je prĂ©cise) cliquez ici ------------------------------------------------------------- ⚔AmĂ©lioration du systĂšme de siĂšge En se basant sur les retours de joueurs et sur l'observation du comportement des joueurs, l’équipe de dĂ©veloppement a dĂ©cidĂ© de faire des modifications dans le systĂšme de siĂšge, notamment les fenĂȘtres de siĂšge. Toutes les informations ici ✒Racontons une histoire, ensemble Et si nous Ă©crivions une petite histoire ou une aventure liĂ©e a Crowfall, ensemble. Rien de compliquĂ©, il suffit de rĂ©pondre au message prĂ©cĂ©dent en essayant de donner une suite logique (plus ou moins), et ainsi avoir une histoire cohĂ©rente (ou pas). Plusieurs membres ont participĂ©, (merci a @Xianah, @Fredao et @Weero) et pour le moment l'histoire tient debout et est plutĂŽt intrigante, qu'en pensez vous? Contribuez ici ------------------------------------------------------------- ❓ C'est quoi Crowfall? Comment dĂ©finiriez vous le jeu Crowfall, simplement, en quelques mots? Peut ĂȘtre aussi, quelle est pour vous LA particularitĂ© de Crowfall, qu'est ce qui pour vous le rend unique ou diffĂ©rent ? Ce post s'adresse aux anciens, experts de Crowfall et du genre, mais surtout aux nouveaux arrivants, qui perdus ou un peu dĂ©boussolĂ©s en dĂ©marrant le jeu pour la premiĂšre fois, se sont fait attaquer et tuer par un Sanglier Niv 3. (oui, ça m'est arrive aussi 😁) et souhaitent en savoir plus sur ce qu'est Crowfall. Partagez vos avis ici 🏆 Concours Crowfall #WarStories⚔⚔ Les amis, le concours prendra fin le 28 Avril, il ne vous reste plus qu'une semaine pour proposer l'histoire de guerre ultime. (je compte sur vous!!) Pour participer, postez ici. Rappel, vous pouvez utiliser diffĂ©rents formats : Une histoire courte : idĂ©alement pas plus de 500 mots illustrĂ©s de 3 Ă  5 captures d'Ă©cran de qualitĂ© Une bande dessinĂ©e : une sĂ©rie de captures d'Ă©cran (entre 5 et 15) avec du texte Une vidĂ©o : idĂ©alement pas plus de 2 minutes Un mĂȘme : une capture d'Ă©cran de votre personnage avec une lĂ©gende originale Un GIF : une image numĂ©rique animĂ©e avec un commentaire ou une lĂ©gende Une illustration : pour les plus habiles dessinateurs d'entre vous Un journal illustrĂ© ou un rapport d'action aprĂšs une bataille ou un moment-clĂ© Vous avez d'autres idĂ©es ? Laissez parler votre imagination ! Tous les dĂ©tails du concours: ici Aussi, voici a titre d'exemple la meilleure histoire de cette semaine ------------------------------------------------------------- ❔ Sondage Facebook: Qui prĂ©fĂ©rez vous combattre? - Un Chef de Tribu de la Guerre ⚔ - Un Monstre Antique ⚔ Donnez votre avis sur Facebook!!!! Petit rappel, nous souhaitons Ă©largir notre Ă©quipe de traduction et permettre aux membres de la communautĂ© de faire partie de notre Ă©quipe. Si vous ĂȘtes un corbeau passionnĂ© par les derniĂšres nouveautĂ©s et mises Ă  jour, par le dĂ©veloppement du jeu, que vous ĂȘtes douĂ© en français, postez votre candidature! 😊 Rejoignez l’équipe!! Tous les dĂ©tails ici
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    ancients: 1) if you die, he did not reset HP 2) sometimes mob disappeared after get killed 3) sometimes mob disappeared if day/night switch also it is not so good to get constant cooldown and fixed spawn place for such mobs
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    I spit out my juice box.
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    This may or may not be official:
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    Guild Banks

    Addressed to the Dev Team: I have some questions about your design of the guild banks. Can we please see the design document so we can point out any needs before you start coding it? Is there an ETA on when it will be ready? I know you mentioned some Quality of Life changes. The reason I ask this is simple. Many of today's MMO's have terrible banking systems. Especially on the first pass. It's always pulling teeth to fix it, and there's also a duping risk whenever the banks are changed. So let's take care of this now, before you release a sub-par system. Things I feel a proper Guild banking system needs: Unlimited stack sizes Unlimited Multiple areas. (Tabs) The ability to give access rights to those multiple areas by use of access groups. (Eg Recruits, Veterens, Elders, Crafters, Officers, Leaders) The ability to make our own access groups and to add/remove whomever we want from them. (A custom guild rank system) Donate only should be an access right. (Example - Recruits would only be able to donate to or even see ertain tabs) The guildbank should be in the temples only. So people need to run mats to the forts/keeps if they want to craft there. Logs (Thanks Duffy) If the community would also throw their ideas of what they want to see, we can ensure the Dev's don't overlook anything.
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    Questions for the Devs!

    Order had 29 in discord last night and I don't think everyone was in zone for the last keep fight last night. Maybe 25 order actually in zone. And the zone was capped at 100.
  42. 3 points

    Questions for the Devs!

    How many hours do you put into this thing daily/weekly? How many do your guild or faction mates? How much time do you spend practicing as a team? Do you build characters for individual glory or for the larger picture? Does your guild/faction use discord? Are guild leaders communicating and planning? I have zero evidence but have a strong tickle that those winning are simply outplaying those that are losing. It's very easy to point to numbers as a reason for outcomes, but pretty sure both those guilds and those on the "losing" factions have overcome the odds on more than one occasion without relying on numbers. Players and teams are not created equal. This is why games with an actual competitive side have ranked/structured play. It isn't fun to lose when the reasoning is cloudy. In ranked or more so competition, losing is likely do to just being out skilled. Crowfall will not be fair and what is happening might continue to happen even with changes. Luckily there should be varying campaign types that will allow players to naturally find similar competition or if needed, dev provided structure to do so. Maybe you and your larger force are amazing and you are being outnumbered, but I doubt if given 1:1 numbers that the outcome would be much different. Honestly wouldn't be surprised if Balance wasn't sandbagging or giving it their all at this point to make it more interesting for themselves. BTW I don't play Balance, but when I do play, I do as little as possible for the trinkets... pre-alpha
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    Yes but if we know the fort is live for a whole hour this means there will be fights to control the fort at the end of the window. An entrenched enemy can be hard to get out of a fort so it's not like you will rush it in the last 5 min of the window. You do understand the point of the campaigns is to win the rewards from the right? If you're just looking for instant access pvp (and all that matters is just that pvp) CF might not be the game for you. Skirmishes (outposts too) are the moment to moment aspect of the game. Forts would be a less frequent but more group vs group (or faction or guild) content. Keeps are the big fights that could be every few days and you need to hold or take them to be able to craft the best gear (or farm the mats for the best gear since nodes are often around the keeps).
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    I think you are confused. The game can be played 24x7. The change being discussed in this news article is meant to ensure that you will find fights when you do play, not to tell you when to play.
  46. 3 points
    Can't recall ACE every describing what you are saying in the pillars of the game. Either way, J Todd has gone on record during live stream saying that it was their goal to do scheduling of forts and keeps to prevent people from playing the game in a way they didn't like. I can't imagine many of us like every aspect of CF as it is. But ACE was pretty clear that they don't like people capping forts without fighting over them, and I can't think of a better solution to solve that problem that ACE doesn't like than this change.
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    Why do you hate skinners?

    Pointing out issues and pain points is the purpose of the testing, we're not saying "BLAIR IS RUINING OUR LIVES" but more "Hey this totally sucks really bad, worse than you are probably aware of, please fix it" Considering the last dev stream they thought skinning was in a good place ("People go hunting and the leather is a bonus") it is our responsibility, as testers, to point out to the devs that this is not the case.
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    Flexing about winning an ambush? Isn’t that the intent of an ambush to catch them unaware and overwhelm them? I’m glad you’re winning fights and feel emboldened. Winning engagements is only part of the CF. You need a strong a strong logistics core. You need theorycrafters so your builds don’t get static. You need politically minded people so you have allies when you need them. You needs douchebags who will sabotage, harass, steal, grief and otherwise demoralize your enemies. Win a campaign and then brag. You will need to win campaigns when the game goes live to keep the resources and win relics/skins/imports/accessories or whatever they award for that CW. You will need to control keeps and forts if you want to be able to craft competitive gear. That places them at the core of the long term strategy for winning the prolonged nature of the campaigns. I know you’re a fan of skirmishes and they are important to the moment to moment of the server but if you can’t own keeps/forts/whatever then you’re going to lose the long term aspect of the game.
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    Siege Windows - Official discussion thread

    This change is intended to provide you with more fort pvp, not less. If the time when you play has a lower population, then it makes sense to have fights at fewer forts. That way the smaller population has an appropriate number of forts to fight over rather than spreading thinly across many forts.
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    Meine Geschichte von der Erstehung der Gilde Horizon Ähneld sehr den normalen Tagesablauf in crowfall
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