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  1. Malchome, Just wanted to say hello and see if you will be representing TOG at the upcoming guild faire August 27th? http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/13090-grand-ol-guild-fair/
  2. I believe that there is upkeep on Strongholds even if they come in the Kickstarter packages. The tax-free parcels are Resource parcels used to support Strongholds. details on Resource parcels haven't been released but they will increase occupancy and may offset taxes on adjacent Stronghold parcels.
  3. Just be careful about sampling the brownies, especially if they come from Colorado, or else we may end up with starships, quests and dungeons
  4. Think it boils down to competitiveness. Even with the new forum titles (thank you) post count wasn't enough of an incentive to keep community members busy. Plus it's a joke and someplace to look witty and ironic. What do you all call the game? Forumfail?
  5. Prices are down on the Keeps from $75,$90 & $115. The Forts are half the price I originally guessed at, which will make Estates very inexpensive. Artcraft also mentioned that at the moment there are only a single size of Citadel and Palace. Overall the prices are much more reasonable, which makes it less attractive to upgrade packages. So why the "sale" now I wonder? It still doesn't make a lot of sense to invest too much until we see what the availability of resources are to build out these Strongholds, But, if these prices are temporary it will make it tempting to add to your Eternal Kin
  6. In theory Archeage's labor mechanic seemed like a reasonable limiter for the economy, However the live game's economy was broken in a number of areas that were only exacerbated by the cash shop and labor, which have been previously discussed. Crowfall already has a number of economy balancing mechanics that can be tweaked if necessary to regulate what appears will be a robust player driven economy. Item degradation, PvP rule sets, loot-able currency, campaign import and export limits, granular control over resource availability and of course the limited duration and ability to change campaigns
  7. Organic farming only! down with Monsanto and Glyphosate! Oh wait, wrong farming topic... Organic liking only. Stop industrial like farming.
  8. The purposes of upgrading or trading in a stronghold according to the information released from the developers so far is visibility, cosmetic, population and greater buildable area. I believe the economic game will be the major component of the Eternal Kingdoms. A heavily developed popular kingdom will attract trade which will attract traders, crafters and tenants. These players pay taxes and rent in resources or currency. This influences the value of resources exported from the campaigns. The most popular will probably be the wealthiest and also the most developed. While there has been no
  9. Can't resist making sure Santa is here for this thread...
  10. I believe not skewing the perceived value of upgrading a Kickstarter package is why Artcraft has only released the Keep in store at this point. This previously undisclosed tier of Stronghold progression further separates the Gold and Amber packages from the Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald, and the Fortress separates those packages from the Diamond and Bloodstone. Everyone who didn't purchase the top 2 tiers just fell at least a few rungs on the ladder from the top of the Eternal Kingdom rankings. Players are going to have the desire to "catch up"; until June that will probably be with a Kickstarter
  11. I am sure as they build out the store they will offer housing. It is the second component to building an Eternal Kingdom. First you terraform using your Stronghold Parcel and the Kingdom Builder then you build using the Parcel Builder. It appears that everyone will get at least a starter Eternal Kingdom although since the basic EK doesn't come with a Stronghold Parcel there's no word on what improvements will be available with the base EK or what buildings can immediately be placed on it. At the least you should be able to purchase a single Lot cottage to place in someone's developed EK for on
  12. Your math was fine until your final conversion. A kingdom will be 5 Super Cells x 5 Super Cells or 5 km x 5 km = 25 km^2 (25,000,000 m^2). 5 km is equal to about 3.1 miles, so 3.1 miles x 3.1 miles = 9.6 miles^2 it also equals 625 Cells and 390,625 Lots. Still a HUGE area to fully unlock, build and manage.
  13. Sorry to see Santa leave he gave us such gifts of wisdom. I guess he just didn't want to be "limited" by this thread any longer. Hoping "college boy" is enjoying his limitless exploration of player verses farm animal environment that he was focused on.
  14. Doing some back of a napkin math looking at the Kickstarter packages, the prices for the new Keep progression and the ratios between the upgrade tiers my guess is that a 1 Cell resource parcel will run between $10 and $15 in the store, probably closer to $15 if it is tax free and the Strongholds will start around $25-$27 for a small estate and increase at 20% for a medium and 25%-30% above a medium for a large. That would make Fortifications between $45 and $70, Castles between $125 and $195, Fortresses between $205 and $325, Citadels between $345 and $540, and palaces would run $575 up to as
  15. From these posts it looks like we should start a new topic entitled Small EK Humiliation Thread... (mostly because of the horrible math skills that have led some posters to believe their EK is many multiples of its actual size)
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