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  1. I doubt most people think when filling out talent trees tbh. Someone maths out the optimum build, and if you don't run the fotm, you won't get invited to groups. That's a bit of an extreme example, but I bet most people either pick what feels best or copies the answer. It's why it's never truly felt like customization to me. If I want to try something different or grab a fun talent, I'll get roasted for it. Before you play, go fill out this spreadsheet.
  2. I've been watching Crowfall since 2016 and have taken a few stabs at joining the beta throughout the years. I'm not interested in joining a guild and really playing the endgame until launch because I don’t want to burnout. So, I normally level a character or 2, get some basic gear, roam the open world, have a few fights, realize that I can’t go any further without a guild, and leave until there are more updates. Before checking in this time, I noticed that there's a lot of negativity surrounding Crowfall. I think the New Player Experience and leveling is giving people the wrong impressio
  3. I love the idea of individual vendors over a centralized auction house ui, but I think we're going to need to make things easier for solo crafters to connect with other crafters to get their dependencies. Yes, guild collaboration solves this for the most part, but one of my biggest concerns for Crowfall is player attraction/retention. You hit a wall too quickly with crafting. I love the realism and community building of needing a woodworker for wooden parts of your blacksmithing recipe etc, but that mean's there's social friction. New players aren't going to want to load in and out of mul
  4. I like this idea. I'm trying to think small when making suggestions cause it's getting too late for major overhauls, but character building is spread all over the place! Passive training, vessel stats, attributes from leveling up, talents, disciplines, gear. So much of it is just boring damage modifiers, too. I honestly preferred it when your class gave you base abilities, disciplines gave you some specialized abilities, passive training gave boring stat increases for combat players, and most of your stats came from gear. Goes back to leveling being completely unnecessary. I really love
  5. I'm the weirdo who is less into Crowfall for the combat, and more for the hostile open world to try to survive and thrive in. I don't mind harvesting being risky. That's the rush! I can go play Minecraft if I just want to punch trees. It's the risk/reward calculations. Do I keep pushing or should I go bank? Should I spec for survivability or escaping? Stay near the keep or go for a rare node further away? This is what appeals to me about playing harvester/crafter. I know I'm a free kill, but that's not the point. However, there has to be a reward! I want to provide something unique and va
  6. There are too many +dmg abilities, and having to grab them for prereqs is annoying. It's the illusion of choice. Talent systems designed like this are a puzzle to be solved, not customization. I look at the current talent tree and think "Ugh, here's something I'm going to have to google the answer to every time I create a character and every patch." Talents should be about specializing our role on the battlefield. Do I want this ranger to be better at shooting people from the ramparts or more of a survivalist for open world stuff? Do I want stealth or do I want to buff my teammates? More
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