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  1. "Bug finder badge" in Crowfall is like "low gravitiy detector" in space.
  2. Noone would have played Arathi 10 vs 20. Those 10 wouldn't win anything with 2 of the 20 at each flag and the other 10 playing mills with them. Let's pick a WoW example that's closer to open world PvP: Ashran. This worked (if you had a leader) so well, because it was 40 vs 40 and strategic planning mattered. Or Wintergrasp in Northrend: Devs worked a lot on this and tried so much. At first it was completely open. The team winning the first fights usually grew, the other team shrinked. In the end almost all matches ended early with only one faction left and the weaker faction stopped showing up for battles in Wintergrasp. Then they gave additional resilience and PvP-power to the smaller team, but it didn't work. Additional PvP-power is worthless if you're stunned from 100 to 0 in a 1 vs 5 fight. In the end they limited the area to 40 vs 40 with max +5 advantage in numbers for either side. That worked, but it isn't really open-PvP anymore. I still like the general idea of WoW open-PvP zones. Zones without PvE-Quests. Don't be in there if you don't want to play PvP. You might say this doesn't apply to Crowfall, because every flower here is picked with the intention to give an advantage in PvP. Well, true to some point, but I like the concept of "there's a time to sow and a time to harvest" better. For example in Wintergrasp the faction of the winning team earned the right to fight the local boss for the next few hours. Without interventions. The regular gameloop in Crowfall isn't really fast paced PvP action. It's more this monotonous grind with the omnipresent chance to be ganked. It's like that old oval chain ring Shimano invented to keep the force constant. It was horribly tiring for the muscles and so is waiting for PvP that might never happen in Crowfall.
  3. So that a 20 vs 100 fight spreads to a 20 vs 40 and three 0 vs 20 fights letting the zerg win four objectives?
  4. Sry to hijack to: It would be cool if ACE could change the modus operandi of the code to "get a reward for every copy you sell", because I could post that link on various locations, but I wouldn't want to give that link to a friend.
  5. That should be your first priority. No, because "go zerg" or "go familar" is a choice after showing commitment for a game.
  6. ACE obviously doesn't have a clue about the importance of the first impression. That's why they don't get new players. Well, the dood who did the KS video is the exception. But why did so many old players stop playing? It's because they had a snail slow development speed for five years, then JTC forced beta and "soft" release and instead of fixing stuff and adding missing features, they started to paint and tape the fragments to rush it out of the door.
  7. The game is in this state, because they already went for the "biggest bang for the buck" approach. For example when they realized that passive training didn't work as intended and ripped it out of the game without a real replacement and without putting the game back to alpha. Same for stats. Stats were broken, but instead of adding systems to make them work, they fiddled with some configs. There is no cheap and easy fix for Crowfall. This game won't be attractive until it has a territory system with diminishing returns for territory/guild size, ELO for players and guilds and campaigns/rewards based on that rating. After that they could add the easy fix to keep capturing, changing winning condition from last second ownage to most of the last x minutes ownage. But as long as the basics are missing, I don't care about this. Another cheap fix would be to clean up that discipline mess. But again: I don't care about that as long as the basics are missing.
  8. I just talked with my son (16) about gaming today and it seems to be more meta-fundamental. Not just fundamental. He plays everything, but in his 140 games steam library there isn't a single game that demands commitment to more than his core group of friends. These "zoomers" need instant action, instant gratification and instant "turn off when enough". And they don't want to work to achieve something in a game. He is a gamer, but the only MMO he knows is WoW - from hearsay. He plays one game with friends from school, other games with friends from his hobbies. This has to fit into the gaps of his schedule. A game where you need to prepare your char for weeks to stand in a circle for half an hour wouldn't work for him. So, no, I don't think it's a QoL issue.
  9. It's comedy for us vets. These guys who registered July this year haven't witnessed "development" of the last years. Let's listen to them again in two years.
  10. Nice! 🙂 As @Grungi said: Please don't forget round robin for harvesting motherlodes. And please treat gold and stackable stuff as personal loot without a loot window while master looter is off. Last time I played Crowfall, bosses dropped 10+ items. We don't need the whole screen cluttered with loot windows. Perhaps you could even give it all out as personal loot, so that max group size is always the best size to grind? This would certainly lead to more 5 vs 5 fights.
  11. So then we have a short NPE and need to grind from 10 to 30 instead of 25 to 30? And we still have the gap from PvE-NPE to PvP-endgame? And the gap from solo content to guild content?
  12. This, but first of all the specs shouldn't result in super specialized builds that force you to respec everytime your group composition changes. Or give us three or five templates to choose from free of charge. Or just do it like in WoW where the frostmage has slows and freezes for CC and the firemage has stuns for the same purpose. Slightly different, and one is better than the other depending what you do, but nothing is really ever horrible.
  13. Or even invite them to your group/guild. 😉
  14. I think they need metrics, not feedback. There's so many feedback for everything here. And so much different feedback for the same stuff. Some want aspect A as it is, some want the opposite, some want it to be removed. Others want aspect A like this if aspect B is like that and vice versa. And in the end it's just what uneducated (in this area!) people think could work. Devs can read this to get a slight idea where we users see a problem, but they should come up with their own solutions. More important: They need metrics to test their solutions.
  15. This isn't a bottom-up democracy. End of story. Ok, not end of story. Devs shouldn't have to justify every decision. It happens quite often that users demand or suggest something they wouldn't want if they had a greater knowledge of the whole. People tend to go the easy route, but this isn't the best route in the long run.
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