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  1. And exactly that's the misconception why so many PvP MMOs fail. It simply isn't good PvP if some players want to do PvE stuff and the PvPers kill those PvEers instead of fighting other PvPers. It might work in the beginning, because the "PvPers" get the self affirmation they need, but the PvEers go away leaving the PvPers behind. So now those PvPers have to fight other PvPers with an average outcome of 50:50. Sure, there is always a good "reason" why you lost a fight though you were clearly the better player, but in the end there isn't enough self affirmation for half of the PvPers, so they leave, too. Being followed by the half of the remaining playerbase and the half of the remaining playerbase and the ... How to break this circle? Don't feed the sheep to the wolves. Let the wolves fight each other. And give the wounded wolves something to cure their wounds, for example some success in crafting or harvesting. Harvesting in Crowfall just sucks. I don't waste my time to get ganked by 5 hamsters again and again. But it's fun to PvP, loot someone, be excited about all these goodies, get killed, lose it all, kill someone else and get a new surprise package. It doesn't matter if I take any of this back home at the end of the day. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. The difference is gain/no gain. It is never a loss for a PvPer, because I never start with more than three bandages and one potion. It would be cool if mobs would drop harvesting mats as well, so we could get our mats by PvPing with other PvPers in camps.
  2. Huh? We played US-East campaigns in the beta. First with US-East timers, next with mixed timers. EVERYONE told them that the campaign with the mixed timers for US-West/US-East/EU was the best experience, because the server wasn't dead 21 hours each day and it was cool to play with the entire community. But then, next campaign: US-East with US-East timers only. Communication with ACE is like talking to a wall.
  3. They had several years of alpha and beta to find out what works best. So it's sad to see that they repeat those things that didn't work in alpha/beta either.
  4. That's not the point. I guess @icesharkk's guild had more than 100 points. But he didn't get the rewards he should have received, because rewards are given for the first (dunno) 10 %, 50 %. With 300 guilds and 233 of them without contribution, it was easy to qualify for the 10 % rewards. So his guild at rank 30 would have been qualified for the top 10 % reward. Now with only 67 guilds left in the ranking, he's barely in the 50 % reward range. See? This change didn't punish the inactive guilds.
  5. The winning guilds need the rewards to be competetive in their new league, where they fight vs other guilds with equal rating. *uups* Sry, forgot, there is no rating, there are no leagues. Ok, then it's "git gud" or "if you can't defeat them, join them". 🙂
  6. Calm down. It's called "Soft Launch". Things like that are to be expected in a soft launch. And as @icesharkk said: It's more fixing an unacceptable glitch than a change of rules.
  7. That's exactly the point, because they will do the same with even less competitive opponents.
  8. "AUS" is Austria, isn't it? 😉
  9. This wouldn't help the the targeted audience for FvF, but at least we might have 2 tiers of potentially successive players: Large guilds in GvG and small guilds in FvF. Easy solution: Spin up GvG with high rewards, one FvF with good rewards and one FvF with lower rewards at the same time. We would still see large guilds and gankers in the low reward FvF campaign in the off-times, but that's just what humans are.
  10. Your observations are based on 6.540. But now we're at patch 7.000, which is a major release ahead and brought a whopping number of about 100 bug fixes. With that new speed in development we will see the version "Over 9.000" with even more bug fixes soon™. That will change everything for small guilds and overall player population. Or perhaps we'll only see new biomes in 7.001, a territory system in 7.002, an ELO-based PvP ranking for players and guilds in 7.003 and PvP titles in 7.004. These minor changes would also be welcome.
  11. There is one difference: A lot of people play it and it's fun.
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