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  1. 🛠️ Die nächste Kampagne steht vor der Tür. Wer ist bereit? Wir sind bereit! ⚔️
  2. WSAD works best when you switch weapons with surrounding keys and fire them with mouse1/ mouse2. It works clunky if you have to press the surrounding keys for each attack. It stops working completely if you have to hold surrounding keys to attack while movement is allowed. So, yes, movement with mouse1+mouse2 would be nice in Crowfall.
  3. I see a 8 % chance for a XMAS release, but my crystal globe shows a 0 % chance for a release in 2020. Unless they change the tag and call this alpha "release".
  4. I was online in BDO 24/7 for three years. Bad concept for cash in the täsch and for nature.
  5. Skill ceiling can´t be high enough, but animation cancelling isn´t a part of it. Google isn´t a skill. There are instant attacks followed by the global cooldown (which is way too long in Crowfall) and casts that should execute at the end. If you really want to cancel something, ask ACE to implement channeled casts like Nature´s Avatar.
  6. Regression testing for a runtime with so many ever changing subsystems? That takes some time, doesn´t guarantee 100 % coverage and makes you think twice about every new change. I wouldn´t do it in this state. But unit tests on the other hand ... I haven´t coded for Unitiy, but I would bet my ass that those Unity errors from last patch could have been found with simple unit tests. Would be cool to see their CI script.
  7. That´s how they persisted Shadowbane when it went gold *well* brown: 😉
  8. So the Lookout disc is mandatory for skinners? Is it a bug or bad design?
  9. Not a new bug, but could you please fix it? 5 points in Reaping, but I can´t play the minigame. I had this on another char (same account), too. I removed and readded the exploration disc, relogged and it worked. Same procedure didn´t work on this char.
  10. German keyboard layout (QWERTZ) is broken. Console toggles with Ü (right to L) and isn´t customisable in settings. This is my push to talk key, so it would be nice if I could unbind it. "Accept" isn´t bound to Y or Z anymore and I can´t rebind it. Edith found it. It was bound to "J" now. This feels wrong, because I just use the german keyboard layout, not the german translation. And what´s that? Why not just use the key() based on the users language preference?
  11. They could just have reverted the patch. They haven´t, so perhaps this issue isn´t new but noticed for the first time. We will never know, because meaningful communication stopped right after post #1.
  12. That´s not his job. ACE shouldn´t have dismissed everyone doing marketing right after KS. Vets know that God´s Reach is only the first 2 hours for starters. New players will think: "Wait, 50 € for 2 hours of bad PvE? I got robbed." ACE desperately needs a marketing.
  13. @mystafyi A feature freeze is necessary at some point to make the next release testable. It doesn´t mean that there will be no further content - with new feature freezes. 🙂
  14. I don´t see this game out of beta for the next year, so it would be nice if a) beta accounts would last until the next wipe or b) people could expand their beta account to a full account.
  15. It would be cool if the passive training would lead into specialization. As it is, the first in a guild who started leatherworking, necromancy or what ever will always be ahead of anyone else in anything that profession offers. For example in jewelcrafting we have three ways to go, but it doesn´t make a difference at all. The one with most points in it will be the best jewelcrafter for all jewelry. My suggestion: Split it into branches for attack/defense/support, ruby/emerald/diamond, neck/ring/piercing. That way player 2 could do all ruby necklaces for support while player 1 is still bes
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