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  1. You could just set the exports to 320 (bank + gear) *. Then we could export our bank and gear and it wouldn´t be possible to export fort-stuff from that buggy campaign. ___________________________________ * There´s no difference if I consolidate stuff between my six accounts inside or outside the campaign.
  2. It doesn´t make a difference if gating is active or passive when the wrong things are gated. The old system was faulty, because it didn´t make you stronger over time, but it crippled you instead. The crafting part wouldn´t have been that bad without WT gear and if a crafter could have done better than the average dropped gear. Generally the passive system hindered us in a wrong way. Instead of letting our abilities perform poorly, it should have limited the grind. A very basic gating could look like this: - Farm soulbound resources for sigils. - Enhance your gear with these sig
  3. Why would I want to show up for the 8 pm fight when I only lose 2 hours of mats? I would only do that if there isn´t a single better option at that time.
  4. Please wait with this until robots do most of our jobs and the world government pays us for gaming. This would be nice. Indeed there should be far more stuff simultaneously for different group sizes. Let the 100 man groups fight for a keep while some 20 man groups fight for a fort and some groups of five kill kings or whatever.
  5. 6.300.0 feels like 6.100.b. The passive system was a bad implementation for progress gating. But removing it without an alternative isn´t a good idea either. We will have a hard time grinding the first set of disciplines, which will result in a horrible grind for small guilds and a less horrible grind for larger guilds. A few weeks/months later there will be no progression grind at all. New players will get best in slot gear from their guilds and will be competitive from day one. That´s good for a PvP game, but not good for a MMO. A compromise would be right for a PvP-MMO li
  6. Idea 2 would be cool for me with 6 accounts. For everyone with one or two accounts it would be better if the chance gets adjusted for every miss. Watch this nerd:
  7. I´d like to see a system where the grind is less of a grind. Perhaps something like fighting next to a resource node lets the node drop doobers. So every PvP fight generates resources and it´s just about who gets them to safety. Or add buffs to harvesting: Harvest 10 doobers of sort x/y/z for 0.1% crit/haste/dmg/arPen/SP/... stacking up to 5% for 20 minutes. So every PvPer will harvest a bit.
  8. It´s ok when the first 15 € per player give an advantage. Something has to pay the bills. There should be a limit for P2W though and this shouldn´t add up across accounts.
  9. Good changes, ty! 🙂 Please add a gate to grinding, so it doesn´t get out of hands. Perhaps lower chances after grinding mats of 10k value per day by 10 % per 1k.
  10. It will be better when we have a guild bank to park parts across crafting accounts. As it is, it´s annoying to organize crafting with more than two professions involved.
  11. Maybe "Risk vs Reward" isn´t easy to balance when risk can be so easily countered by numbers.
  12. This. Sometimes it feels as if triggering the event during the cooldown would renew the cooldown. And again, and again. Sometimes it feels as if this locked me out of that one skill for several seconds, because each new click during cooldown triggers a new cooldown. @thomasblair
  13. I notice that I get visual feedback at the end of the cast, not as a response to my keydown event. That leaves me insecure for every event I trigger: "Did it take my keypress?" That´s bad. Haven´t seen this in any game before. On the other hand: I get instant feedback on keydown when something is on cooldown. This feels inconsistent.
  14. 1. Communication 2. Performance 3. Polished NPE to get what really matters: 4. A solid playerbase.
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