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  1. That's what I needed! Thank you so much.
  2. So, I'm a Amber backer since the very first day it became available. (2015). And I have claimed my rewards to my account. I am curious about how they tie in during testing, will I get a chance to use them, and should I wait till launch? I don't even know if you can use them in testing yet or not, I haven't had much time to test a whole whole lot. I'm mostly just worried that if I use them that they will either disappear or I won't get a chance to think about how exactly I want to place/use them and It'll become permanent. I'm aware that they will wipe everything. But I'm hoping that our eterna
  3. I'm going to be honest. I want to see more of this update in the upcoming videos. Love the art. Love the progress. Also wouldn't mind seeing more of a timeline on what's happening. I wanna feel as if I work on this game myself xD
  4. disciplethc


    Uh can we say t-rex?
  5. Oh god yes. It feels so good to know THC Will be top of the food chain yet again.
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