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  1. Love, love, love the aqua/teal on black! Please keep that! It would be nice to have a little something extra on shirts for early backers.
  2. Thinking that Confessor is gonna be fun :)

  3. I'm pretty happy they chose the Confessor as the female. I wanna be one and hide behind a Centaur or Knight while I do damage from that safe place lol.
  4. Considering I'm a redhead, I had an astoundingly blond moment and have since rectified my silliness to show I am a Sapphire Kickstarter backer

    1. courant101


      It happens to everyone! =P

  5. Methinks we crafters need a rowdy bunch of badass pvpers to go far afield to obtain reagents to fulfill our crafting needs and to protect us, otherwise, the list of names here will be a KOS list for those who are in it to crush and kill. I for one will be looking for just such a rowdy, badass bunch. I want to craft and make a hearth a home, however, I hope to be taught to be badass myself
  6. I like my Jack Daniels neat Oh and btw, I upgraded to Sapphire yesterday.....why is my badge still Amber?
  7. wonder how long it will take to get my sapphire crown to replace the amber one

  8. Woot! Upgraded to KS Sapphire today! You may now call me Baroness Maria :)

    1. seventhbeacon


      Welcome to Level 7!

  9. Hope I can update from Amber to Saphire next month

  10. Snow is gone and now the wind she blows. Blowing the winter away. YES!

  11. Ah, I only read the first 24 pages of this thread before falling asleep last night so didn't see the Doc's post. Good to know the game of rampant speculation on this subject is over.
  12. After being away from forum for several days and coming upon this thread I freaked out! But I am glad to know he is NOT dead. Whew! I hope he comes back too (and soon), even if not as a mod. I appreciated his wit and knowledge. We will likely not find out exactly what REALLY happened unless we hear directly from ACE and the Doc himself. Without that happening it will be rumor and rampant speculation.....oh, isn't that the name of this forum game?
  13. Woke up to 4" of snow on the ground. Hey winter, be gone!

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