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  1. One day I'll sit at the table of champions.
  2. Hello Brandon! That's an interesting introduction, nice to have a QA Technician among the testers. There are several active forums users who have also backed CU. I think that we're pretty lucky to have two amazing open development projects being created at the same time. I'm confident that the studios behind those projects will both achieve their goal and deliver an excellent product, but I'd also say that the delays of CU are a bit worrisome. Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy your experience here, see you on the battlefield!
  3. True, they surely made some sacrifices and took a large risk. Even the Kickstarter is a risky endeavor; the promises have to be fulfilled and the rewards delivered. I think Caspian and his wife are really courageous to undertake a project like that and it's nice to see that they're realizing their dream to create a virtual world.
  4. I also hope they succeed. I agree that the team probably put a lot of effort in this project and took some risks. What I hope too, however, is that those who pledged their money (+$1,300,000) will not have lost it on another overly hyped and ambitious project that will never get shipped or only with 1/5 of the advertised features. It's nice to see someone getting so much support to realize a project, but if it means that 25 people will lose $3,500 (and some backers even pledging $10,000) without any assurance that the project promised has any realistic chance to ever get done, then it's anothe
  5. My expectations are pretty low too. I think that the timeline of the project is heavily unrealistic considering the complexity of the features and the size of the team. Some of the screenshots on the official website seem altered and not authentic, some of them showing systems that have not been proven to be functional in the game. According to Linkedin, the founder and programmer have no prior experience in MMORPGs. The tech used for the server (SpacialOS) apparently has never been used in any MMO game and the claims would be untested for this kind of massive project. And a few other reasons
  6. I agree that it's going to be very interesting to see how this game gets developed and how the devs resolve the challenges they face. With Crowfall, as you mention, the developers decided to take the "compartment" approach and splitting the community into several worlds that have different rules. It will most likely help with the griefing issues but there are probably some downsides with this strategy too. In CoE, I expect that the studio may progressively add incentives or penalties to discourage PvP, thievery and other crimes, as it happened in many other MMORPGs.
  7. The tech created by Improbable hasn't been tested in any MMORPG as far as I know. There are some games (3 smaller projects) using it, as well as some organizations for purposes that are not related to gaming. Here are some interesting messages posted on MassivelyOP (I don't know if what this user says is accurate): "And... Improbable is still trying to sell entity component systems architecture like it was something new, as if they invented it. This was stock standard stuff back in the '90s, right along with distributed physics. As far as I can tell, they just put an API in front of a
  8. A lot of new Crows joining the community! Hope you'll enjoy the trip
  9. Some things that may help you get some extra FPS: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/11338-frame-rate-issues-tips-to-improve-fps/
  10. Well considering that the estimated release date for Star Citizen was November 2014, if I'm correct, and Shroud of the Avatar was on October 2014, and Camelot Unchained was on December 2015, and all those titles are still in Alpha afaik, I guess it's more accurate to just double the estimation given by a studio during the KS. If it comes before that, it's going to be a nice surprise.
  11. I'm also confident that the Kickstarter will succeed. I'm unsure if the game will be decent or ever released though.
  12. About $500,000 http://www.kicktraq.com/projects/crowfall/crowfall-throne-war-pc-mmo/
  13. Yea I haven't really checked anything, just noticed "astronomer" bundle, it sounded cool.
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