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  1. I appreciate the time you spent searching for the links. "Darkfall took 12 years from concept to release. Full blown development didn’t really start until 2003, but it still took 6 years from that point. Most of us lacked experience in making games, even though there was an abundance of skill, talent and dedication within our small team." "Facts: Team size at start: 3 Team size at release: 35 Time from concept to release: 12years Time from full production to release: 6 years Lines of code at release: Around 2million." "January 2003 we were ramping up production and hiring more people. We concentrated on creating the ingame world map, fleshing out city designs, designing monsters, and making props and buildings to prepare for building the Darkfall world."
  2. I'm not interested in searching for info that could confirm that what you've written is accurate.
  3. Exactly my thought too. Trusted traders pay for the website, employees that make the transactions and customer support, plus a certain fee that goes to ACE I believe. I guess that how they've set their prices is in their opinion the best way to make profit. Middle men can work well, but it's hard to find one who is reliable and will not keep a large % from the transaction. (ideally a volunteer, but who would want to do it) Basically the sum of money offered by the TT sucks imo, but since it's safe some people prefer to use this service rather than risking getting scammed by a stranger via Paypal.
  4. I don't expect more than 1 archetype out of 5 to use arcing arrows at the same time, but I'm not claiming to know that it's going to be 1/5 either. The 13 archetypes ACE presented are the first 13, they've said they would be interested to create more. And even among those 13 first Archetypes, we don't know yet how it's going to work with weapon crossovers. There may be (or not) promotions, disciplines or other features in-game that make it possible to use arrows on different archetypes. I say it's heavier to have more arrows is the sky simultaneously than less arrows in the sky simultaneously. Arrows with arcing and physics mean that arrows stay longer in the air (which means that there are naturally more arrows in the sky) and also if I'm correct it's more complex to track: "Works fine until you have to simulate hundreds of arrows and feeding that information to even more players in real time. [...] Theres a reason why EVE has mechanics like TIDI to keep servers running when theres hundreds of shots and drones flying around in a fleet fight (on top of it being a 10 year old game), and even then servers often poorly made socks themselves and give you the finger when there are thousands of objects to simulate in real time. Player A fires an arrow, that arrow has to be visible to all the other 300 players in the zone including its trajectory and whether it hits or not. Multiply that by the number of arrows being fired in a AvA fight, at the same time you have to update every player current position and action, its HP as well since HP bars are visible to everyone. The workload exponentially rises as the number of players goes up, there has to be compromise and it all has to be calculated server side (this is also why there's no player collisions). Keep in mind everything has to be updated and synced between every player in the area." Pretty sure the issue arises when there are too many things to track and calculate simultaneously, whether it's a light curve or not. I'm interested in the source for the 5 developers in average working on the game during 8 years. Also earlier you wrote that "It's super doable, considering that older games made it work with hundreds." Beside DFO, what other games achieved that?
  5. Pretty sure that: Only one archetype out of 6 uses arrows 40 archers per 200 players it's super doable the cost of making them arc is super minimal are assumptions and that there's no confirmation that it's correct. Can you name some of those older games that have physics-based projectiles and large scale battles in a 3D MMO environment, and that has acceptable performances in +200 players battles? I mentioned Darkfall Online (which took +60 developers and 8 years of development) and possibly Mortal Online (not sure if it meets the criteria though). Long range for arrows means more arrows simultaneously in the air at all time during big battle. Server calculations and information flow between clients/server are way more complicated when you let an arrow fly for a long duration in a physic-based trajectory.
  6. Players per server and players in a small area are different things. Rust doesn't support large (MMO) number of players in a small area with acceptable performances afaik. No idea, I guess we would have to ask competent engineers. What I know however is that those engines created specifically for MMORPGs are more performant and suitable to MMORPGs than multi-purpose engines. Unreal, Unity, Cry have to be heavily modified to support 200+ players in a small area with acceptable performances. That's probably the major reason why most companies creating large-scale MMORPGs decide to build their own engine from scratch. I believe it's the most relevant communication from ACE we've got related to the subject and that it answers many interrogations and suggestions from this thread.
  7. If you have seen a video showing large number (100+) of players in RUST in a small area, I'd be interested to see it. The maximum I've seen would be around 50. Unity is not built specifically for MMORPGs like Forgelight, Unchained or other proprietary engines. It has to be heavily modified to support the large number of players and systems of a MMO. Afaik no 3D MMO running on Unity has ever supported large scale battles with acceptable performances. ACE may achieve it, but we don't know yet. it's a pretty huge challenge. I suggest to read or reread the quote from Todd in this thread talking about technical limitations.
  8. I think the issues are more related to the servers than to the client. Games like DFO (and Mortal Online?) achieved to implement realistic projectile physics in a MMO, but it's not common and probably requires a lot of work (DFO has been in development for ~8 years and more than 60 devs worked on the game). Some other MMORPGs use projectiles that seem to be subjected to real physics, but it's rather an aiming assistance technique and it allows hits to register more easily under stress (large scale battles) than what we see in DFO. I think there's no game so far running on Unity that would support large scale battles with realistic projectiles and decent performances. Just found this message on ESO reddit that explains the issue:
  9. I'm not really into miniatures but I'd get tempted to buy some mini Archetypes too. ^^ Maybe they'll giveaway a few of the CE figurines! (even though it would cost a lot of money just for shipping)
  10. I'd prefer to have a lower quality of sound in the office than higher quality in a closet. It depends on what are our priorities I guess.
  11. They recorded several videos from their office in the past. People around were probably told to not make too much noise, but even then it's a live stream so it's normal that there are some ambient sounds. Anyway, it can be great even from a closet, it just feels a bit artificial.
  12. I've watched plenty of live streams and the sound quality wasn't bad to a point where it required the devs to go in a closet.
  13. I agree it has probably something to do with that... However given that they only stream once a year, they could have decided to go "all in" and actually go live from the studio instead of the interior of a closet.
  14. I don't get why ACE would be live streaming from a closet though.
  15. Let's speculate: A partnership announcement : Logitech (based on the picture) Surprise guests : Raph Koster and Natalie Design reveals : crafting, caravans, thralls Live demonstrations from our amazing artists : Guinecean guns 3D sculpting Beat-the-Dev playtests : RIP Tyrant Murder of Crows live : Melissa Future plans for ACE : consoles Hourly prizes and sales : Guineceean plushies And even more… :
  16. What they call the previous version is the image you posted. The current version (whether it's 100% finished or not) and the one we will most likely have in-game at launch is the last image. I thought you were talking about what we have / will have and not what we had in previous builds.
  17. Pretty sure the change is already in the current build and working mostly as intended. "The first thing we were doing, in the previous version [...]" (first image) "[...] we now have a message loop that looks like this:" (last image)
  18. From what I'm reading about Tree of Savior, the biggest issue seemed to be about overcrowded servers (very long queue time, server instability, full servers), and I think that's usually a problem happening at launch when the studio does not get enough servers because they didn't expect so many players to come, not necessarily related to the quality of the services offered by Amazon.
  19. It would be interesting to hear Amazon's side of the story about those two particular cases. The fault may indeed be theirs, but sometimes it's just convenient to blame another party for a problem.
  20. Ideally I would have liked to have projectiles with physics and natural range, but I'm still content that we got no aiming assistance like many other MMORPGs have. Even though straight line projectiles aren't as interesting as physics ones, it's still an acceptable compromise imo to avoid the assisted aiming we see in BDO, ESO, GW2, etc. An old quote from ACE discussing the possibility of implementing aiming assistance (which I guess is out of question now, fingers crossed):
  21. The Druid can blink over long distance every ~5 seconds non-stop if I'm correct. It's probably the most (or second most after Champion) mobile archetype in term of max. distance traveled over time. But even if Druid was the least mobile character, from a balance stand point it's not really an issue imo because Archetypes aren't supposed to be balanced against each others: one Archetype may be extremely slow and vulnerable and it wouldn't be an issue as long as it's fun to play (I agree that slow characters are usually not fun to play though). I agree with the mobility on left click attack, but not for the reason of Archetypes balance, rather because I think players who played recent action-combat MMOs got used to lot of mobility and being rooted for too long / often would just turn off a large % of the audience CF is catering to.
  22. The Druid can teleport constantly on a pretty long distance to flee the melee chasers, I don't see a big issue with that. A healer shouldn't be allowed to constantly escape melee attacks imo: if there's nobody to peel for her, she should indeed get killed. I agree that it could be beneficial to have some mobile powers (especially LMB) for all the archetypes, so we don't feel too crippled.
  23. So they inaugurated the website revamp and a few minutes later it returned to the old design so I guess something went wrong. It's white, really white, my eyes hurt. I haven't found the button to turn it black yet.
  24. Awesome, I didn't realize that adding more powers with forward motion was in the plans. I see that the combat improved a lot and feel way more responsive and fluid than a few months ago. Can't wait to see the future changes and hopefully we get more explanation like this one ^ really interesting stuff.
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