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  1. If I'm correct the hits would still register at the location determined by the client and not by the server or other players' client. If I have a 500ms latency and I shoot the torso of an enemy, if I'm correct it's still going to register the hit on the torso but the damage is going to be delayed on the enemy's client. That's how players exploit modem tapping for a few seconds and all the info is delayed and sent at the same moment. Also here's the graph showing the actual method for powers prediction (the one above shows an older version).
  2. That would be cool! If any studio can transform Unity into a Ferrari, I'm confident it will be ACE. ^^
  3. Not sure if it's just on my end, but I can't see the 2 images in the announcement anymore. The link behind the broken image "http://wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Myrm-screenshot.png" is apparently missing the "crowfall.com"
  4. Are there any other creatures in the worlds other than those we already know about (zombies, gryphon, wyverns, hellcats)? When do you expect the soft launch to officially begin? Is the free beta still happening in winter 2016? Any news on performance improvements? Have the team started working on it?
  5. In shooters where the TTK is 1-5 seconds and very fast-paced action combat, I agree that 50ms can make a difference on the outcome of the match, but in Crowfall I think that the latency won't impact much on the gameplay to a certain point (300, 500ms? idk). I think the reason why the latency is so important in competitive FPS matches is that if I got 100ms latency to the server and another player has 300ms, if he's hiding behind a corner and I sprint in his direction, I would be able to see his character and shoot at him before he sees me, and with a very small TTK it could mean in some cases that the hits are registered on the opponent before he can even see my character on his screen (+0,3s delay). Sometimes also the latency means that a player received enough damage to get killed on another player's screen, but since there's a delay the "dead" player is still attacking, resulting in both players getting killed even though only one should be dead. In CF everything is so slow that I'd be really surprised we get an issue like that.
  6. Yea let's say there is a small group of 3 players, a Knight and 2 ranged Archetypes. In most situations I believe that this group could dominate any other trios. The Knight blocks any incoming projectiles while the two ranged chars are hiding behind, if mages shoot on the group the magic damage is reflected by the shield, and if the melee characters decide to close the gap and get near the Knight, he can just stun him and let the 2 ranged finish him. It could be even more effective with several Knights. But that's theoretical, in practice maybe it would end up being weak. Now that I think about it, a crouch animation would be really handy, so we can hide behind a Knight and stand up to shoot, then crouch again.
  7. So far so good, the Minotaur isn't wielding a scalp as secondary weapon.
  8. Interesting, so it would allow group of players to have a higher control over the time it takes to rejoin an important siege or a battle.
  9. I agree that it could add another strategic layer and create interesting situations. The Druid would probably fit with that role (life and death stuff).
  10. I'm under the impression that the Crow is supposed to travel and find bodies by itself, not sure why another Crow would need to be involved in the process. Maybe the player himself could try to revive in its own vessel if it's not destroyed or looted by another player?
  11. Not sure if players resurrecting other players on the battlefield would fit with Crowfall, I haven't played many games featuring that (in guild wars 1 it was pretty fun) maybe it would work in CF. One thing I wonder is how far the graveyards will be located. If I remember correctly they've said that graveyards were POIs and that POIs could be captured. Maybe there will be "public" graveyards that can't be owned by a guild/faction? Otherwise if the nearest usable graveyard is far away and there's no player summoning, it may take a very long time before rejoining the fight.
  12. It should look like this: I was happy to read that there's an option to pick a black or white format. The maintenance is supposed to end soon. http://images.mmorpg.com/upgrade.html
  13. They've shown the first gameplay videos in February 2015. The first engineers started working on CF in summer 2013.
  14. I'm also pretty sure that they'll not remove all roots nor change dramatically the combat at this point. Crowfall has been in development since about 3 years now, so I don't expect huge changes for the last 6-8 months (if Beta is still planned for winter 2016). All the powers shown in the Kickstarter video were rooted except two (Forgemaster's ranged attack and Knight's [1]).
  15. My impression (speculation) is that ACE may invite some Beta 1 testers at some point during the first mini-campaign to populate it and they're trying to get it running for the end of summer. However the date of the real Beta is unknown, as Tinnis wrote, and it will depend on how the development of the game goes. It's still announced on the website that the Beta will happen during winter 2016 though.
  16. Agreed and I'm pretty sure that they will or have already realized that this tech may be interesting to use for some powers (instant multi-target like Confessor's 2 knock up or Legionnaire C, directional powers like confessor flame thrower (it would make sense that if one player is hit, the second one who's standing behind doesn't get full damage), basic attacks, etc.) while it makes less sense imo for most AoE, explosive projectiles, etc.
  17. All the thanks go to miraluna and Torn who pointed it out
  18. Some hints that ACE may want damage splitting on most or all of the AoE powers: "Auto Splitting AoE by number of targets hit means we can take away those nerfs and let the number of targets you hit determine damage." "From a Design philosophy standpoint: A spell that does 100% - 500% just because more people happen to be standing near the target is insane." "With this change we can now balance damage around 1 target for all powers and then just split the damage if multiple targets get hit." "Multi Target Delivery Mechanisms - Powers that hit multiple targets will now have damage amount split between number of targets hit."
  19. I don't recall them saying that they want damage splitting 100% of the time. However if they implement this system with the intention of splitting the damage of all the AoE, then I doubt they would be interested in a solution that aims to bypass the this system.
  20. It's probably a mix of several things. The relatively low budget makes it impossible to spend as much effort on animations and combat in general than recent AAA action-combat MMO and as you mention the reticle-based aiming, large number of players and player collision (although some MMOs support that), etc. also contribute.
  21. That's a good point. I guess that depending on where the Tank (or Tanks) are positioned in their group formation, they may or not get hit by the AoE, so it would reduce the change of triggering this system. If ACE wants damage split on 100% of the AoE though, I doubt they'd be interested in having it working only 60% of the time.
  22. I think the idea in the OP is interesting too and it could be fun to see how it plays out. If ACE wants damage splitting for 100% of the AoE in their game though, I doubt they would give players the opportunity to bypass this system just by adding a tank in their group. In the case that they don't want it for 100% of the AoE, then it could probably work with the idea in the OP.
  23. I agree with you, if I'm correct the plan was to get something that felt similar to TERA (short animation lock, similar control / camera and combos) and Wildstar for the movement, but with reduced mobility so it does feel more like a realistic-ish medieval battlefield where positioning, tactics and reacting to attacks were emphasized. However I guess that to accomplish those 3 things, they opted for less mobile powers than what we see in TERA or other action combat MMOs. The devs describe the game as a mix between a strategy game and MMO, so the plan now seems to be a combat like the one we got now, but with more powers allowing movement and overall shorter animations (e.g. recent Confessor rework with animations way shorter than the original ones).
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