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  1. Healer is a major role of a team composition, it seems natural to me that a group lacking a major role in its team composition could be (reasonably) penalized. Same thing applies to the Tank, which is generally a major role in team comp too: if a team goes without one, they do not benefit from its protection and CC and therefore could naturally be disadvantaged. No need imo to inflict a massive disadvantage to smaller groups that don't want / can't find a Tank to fill that role. They'll already be penalized by having a sub-optimal team comp with less protection for the DPS, less CC and less damage absorption. If the issue is that Tanks are useless, then I guess it's better to rework the Knight and see if it helps. If the issue is that damage splitting is an horrible idea in a PvP mmorpg, then it needs to get changed or improved imo.
  2. It's probably more a question of budget than the desire to get stuck in the past. Creating a combat similar to BDO alone possibly cost more than the total budget of Crowfall.
  3. Yea, as I said maybe the Knight isn't well balanced yet, hopefully once it's the case it will naturally be more important in a group comp.
  4. I agree that groups need a reason to run with at least one tank. However I believe there's already a natural reason which is that a group benefits (or should benefit, once Archetypes are correctly balanced) from having this role filled in their group comp because a Tank absorbs high amount of damage, protects the defenseless archetype thanks to high number of CC (chain pull, multiple stuns, iFrame area pull, a debuff also I think), rushes on the mages and reflect magical damage, etc. Creating an artificial reason to absolutely need a Tank to be competitive isn't the way to go imo. If a group wants to run 5 Legionnaire, they should be penalized surely for the lack of variety in the roles, but not to a point where AoE damage deals massively more damage to them than to a group with a Tank, effectively making this group ineffective in PvP.
  5. 3 issues I see with this suggestion: balancing damage: if a group of 5 players without a Tank gets 5x 100 damage (500 total), while a group with a Tank gets 100/5 (100 total), we would probably have situations where a spell is too effective and other situations where it's not enough, balancing this could be a mess. Having a Tank in a group shouldn't imo bring a massive advantage over a group that lacks a Tank. (otherwise we would need to absolutely have a tank in our team to be competitive = less variety in the group composition) Additional server load: every time a group would get hit by an AoE, I guess that the server would have to determine if there's a Knight among the targets, if it's the case then calculate the damage split and send the info to the clients. Not sure if it's impactful or not, nor if latency would have a negative effect on it though
  6. Thanks! Your formatting is already very practical and clear, it's easy to find the videos we're looking for. I went a bit fancy with mine. Feel free to copy/pasta anything you want though!
  7. As of December 2014, 50 million players played/had played Wizard101. It's probably more now, a year and a half later.
  8. Good thing you guys noticed it, I think this channel is not owned by ACE (not sure though). Many news websites linked "twitch.tv/crowfall": mmorpg.com, 2P, UOL, mmorpgbr, go multiplayer, jeuxonline, mmo.it...
  9. I'm sure there are 100,000s millions of W101/P101/SB players who have never got into action-combat MMOs.
  10. When I wrote "allows W101/P101 and Shadowbane players to slowly transition to action MMO", I had in mind the SB/W101/P101 players who haven't played action MMOs yet. I guess that those who already got used to action-combat MMOs wouldn't benefit from any kind of initiation to action-combat MMOs.
  11. The hardcore PvP may take place in the Shadow and Dregs (although ACE hinted recently that those 2 world bands may get fused together), but we have plenty of safer areas in Eternal Kingdoms, God's Reach (1/3 of the server population is friendly), and Infected (1/12 friendly). I see no reason why Wizard101 / Pirate101 players wouldn't get interested in Crowfall, especially with the monster camps and other cool stuff they announced for the Eternal Kingdoms. I agree that they seem to realize they need to make some adjustments.
  12. June 13 to 19 C O V E R A G E: MassivelyOP Crowfall's seventh class is the mighty Minotaur (June 17, 2016) Crowfall's Confessor turns up the heat with improved animations (June 14, 2016) MMORPG.com Crowfall : 12-Hour Live Stream to Feature Big Announcements (June 15, 2016) Crowfall : The Minotaur Myrmidon Revealed (June 16, 2016) 2P Crowfall Character Animation Update (June 15, 2016) Crowfall, Minotaur Myrmidon And Gameplay Mechanics Revealed (June 17, 2016) Crowfall, 12-Hour Live Stream On June 27 (June 16, 2016) MMOs Crowfall announces playable Minotaur Archetype (June 17, 2016) N4G New Crowfall Minotaur Myrmidon Archetype Revealed (June 18, 2016) Worthplaying 'Crowfall' Interview With Creative Director J. Todd Coleman (June 16, 2016) 'Crowfall' Unveils Minotaur Myrmidon As Next Playable Character (June 16, 2016) MMO Games New Crowfall Minotaur Myrmidon Archetype Revealed (June 17, 2016) The State of Gaming Crowfall’s seventh class is the mighty minotaur (June 17, 2016) MyInforms.com New Crowfall Minotaur Myrmidon Archetype revealed (June 17, 2016) StartUpz.info New Crowfall Minotaur Myrmidon Archetype Revealed (June 18, 2016) News Locker New Crowfall Minotaur Myrmidon Archetype Revealed (June 18, 2016) Jogos Online 'Crowfall' terá livestream de 12 horas no dia 27 de junho (June 16, 2016) [PT] VseMMO Классы в Crowfall получат обновленные анимации (June 16, 2016) [RU] MMORPGBR “Crowfall” terá livestream de 12h que revelar­­á novos conteúdos (June 16, 2016) [PT] MMORPG.ua obnovlenie animacii confessor v igre crowfall (June 15, 2016) [RU] MMORPG.org.pl Nowa klasa postaci w Crowfall będzie objęta gender-lockiem (June 18, 2016) [PL] MMORPGITALIA Crowfall, nuove animazioni per il confessor (June 15, 2016) [IT] Go Multiplayer Crowfall celebrará una gran retransmisión en vivo para compartir novedades (June 16, 2016) [ES] JeuxOnLine Le point sur le développement de Crowfall (June 17, 2016) [FR] buffed Crowfall: Siebte Klasse nimmt euch auf die Hörner - Minotaurus Myrmidon (June 18, 2016) [DE] GoHa.Ru Crowfall - Анимация умений Confessor'а была обновлена (June 15, 2016) [RU] Crowfall - Новый стрим с разработчиками порадует нас всевозможными сюрпризами (June 19, 2016) [RU] MMO.it Crowfall: il prossimo Archetipo è il Myrmidon (June 17, 2016) [IT] Info-Mag.fr Crowfall – Le point sur le développement de Crowfall (June 17, 2016) [FR] taoyan.la 大型多人在线游戏《Crowfall》进军虚拟现实 (June 14, 2016) [CN] VGN Crowfall: Siebte Klasse nimmt euch auf die Hörner - Minotaurus Myrmidon (June 18, 2016) [DE] 101Level Crowfall hará una gran retransmisión en vivo para compartir novedades (June 16, 2016) [ES] F A N S I T E S & C O M M U N I T Y R E S O U R C E S: Crowfall Tester Boards trello.com/crowfalltesting Feedback | Bug reports Crowfall Club crowfall.club Guides | Wiki Free Corps freecorps.net News | Fan art [CAL] Tinnis' Crowfall resource sites.google.com/site/crowfallresource Wiki | Resource CFC Crowfall Community crowfall-community.de News | Forums | Guides [DE] Crowfall Guides crowfallguides.com News | Guides Crowfall Merchants crowfallmerchants.com News | Resource Free Lands of Azure freelandsofazure.com/ News | Forums Crowfall Wiki crowfallwiki.com Wiki Crowfall Wikia crowfall.wikia.com Wiki Official Crowfall Wiki crowfall.gamepedia.com Wiki Y O U T U B E V I D E O S: ♦ Crowfall Pre Alpha 2.3 Euro Server Hunger Dome [Mithril Warhammers] ♦ Crowfall Druid First Impressions and Gameplay + June Progress (Crowfall Druid Gameplay) [ZybakTV] ♦ Crowfall 12 hour Twitch live stream JUNE 27 8am CST time [JASON WIVART] ♦ Crowfall - Hunger Games [Battle Vortex] ♦ Crowfall Info Video/[German]/ Level und Charaktersystem erklärt [DrakosGameZone] ♦ crowfall knight block broken [durenthal] ♦ Crowfall Trusted trader program now LIVE ANSHEX [JASON WIVART]
  13. The newest archetype, the Druid, cast most of its attacks while rooted if I'm correct. So it doesn't look like they want to move away from it, quite the opposite. I don't recall ACE mentioning that they wanted the ranged Archetypes to be able to move while casting/shooting At this point I believe ACE is designing the combat in a way that allows W101/P101 and Shadowbane players to slowly transition to action MMO.
  14. The characters may be small at 70 meters, but the worst thing that would happen is that we'd miss our shots. While some skillful players would probably achieve to land hits more regularly. I see no valid reason to limit the range to ~30-40 meters, other than lowering the skill ceiling and balancing around smaller sized battles.
  15. +1, if the Ranger had a very short animation for its basic attack and a slightly higher range (~60-70 m) it would be good imo. Something like this:
  16. I understand that you think most of the Archetypes feel fine in general. What I believe however is that not many PvPers think the same, especially not those who got used to action-combat MMOs. I wonder in the end what audience Crowfall's combat caters to.
  17. Yea you're right, it was picking the cached page. From the main page the link to the forums doesn't work, while from the other pages (Archetypes, Pantheon...) it does on my side.
  18. The problem is that being able to teleport every 5 seconds on the Druid may hide the real issue of being rooted on almost all powers. The RMB makes it feel more mobile, but at some point if ACE relies only on teleports and leaps to make the game feel more mobile, we may end up with a game where the attackers are unable to catch anybody (because most mobile powers don't have offensive component) and everyone is just constantly disengaging and fleeing away. Soon they may want to rectify the situation and put more CC, which would be just replacing a problem with another. Right now the Ranger situation is nonsensical imo: 40 meters range, long rooted attacks and no CC to pin down people. So basically, it's impossible for a Ranger catch up and kill any other Archetypes, nor to defend herself nor flee, and her range is so bad that she needs to constantly get close to the enemies who are able to close the gap in less than 2 seconds. No idea what's the long-term orientation with the combat nor how it could possibly end up being decent in larger fights if ACE keep adding more leaps/TPs while keeping most powers rooted.
  19. hmm i get <a href="http://community.crowfall.com/">FORUM</a>
  20. I agree that it would probably have created more tensions so an official server might not be ideal at that time. The slack had +100 CF backers registered and ACE was coming to talk from time to time, it served its purpose for a while. I think the timing is fine for a chat for the whole community. I guess we would just need to know who's willing to participate in its creation / maintenance and which program to use.
  21. As you say there are many programs but only a few big ones offering convenient features, ease of use, voice/text chat, etc. I know about Discord and how some crowdfunded games like Camelot Unchained and Chronicles of Elyria use it as their primary community chat. I know that Teamspeak is great, Ventrillo and Slack too, but they are more suited for specific uses in either text chat or voice. Someone could always make a pool on the forum with the different options and see what the community wants. The advantages of having one chat for the whole community (in addition to the existing guild servers) are pretty big, it's a good way to build stronger ties, easier to coordinate event or share the news, and it could encourage ACE to come discuss with us from time to time. As long as the chat is neutral (created by people from different guilds, let's say) and not strictly moderated, I think it could be great.
  22. You seem to have the passion and talent to make Crowfall better, I wish you all the luck my friend!
  23. I remember that ACE mentioned in the past that offers to pledge a large mount of money would be considered, so I guess it's worth giving it a try at support@artcraftent.com Every in-game item available in the store can also be obtained in-game by playing the game normally (but realistically I'd be surprised if some items worth +$300 could be obtained in a reasonable timeframe). There are some cosmetics differences between versions of the same item though, so if you want one specific version of a stronghold sold during KS or 2015, it will not be available in-game other than trading it to another player. If I recall correctly, titles like King, Knight, etc. are tied to the amount of lands a player owns in his Eternal Kingdom, so they are attainable in-game too. It will be possible to purchase tax-free parcels from the store in the future. The trusted trader AnsheX is currently selling some KS/2015 pledges, there's no Bloodstone yet, but it's worth checking from time to time for new additions. Also, the most recent stretch goal reached was about hiring a QA lead, and afaik they haven't hired one yet. .
  24. I also think that it would be great to have one main Crowfall chat for all the community, on top of all the guild/fan servers.
  25. I love this image so much, it's really awesome. Good job Kraahk!!
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