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  1. I mentioned it already in this thread, here's what I meant ^ it doesn't look natural imo that every time the character stops, the confessor abruptly changes pose with the arm raised in the air and the book apparently teleporting to its position. Also a user on Youtube pointed out that the character doesn't have an animation when it rotates (looking around with the mouse without pressing WASD), could appear more natural if the feet were animated while the character is rotating.
  2. I like to watch people playing RTS games, like Age of Empire, Starcraft, etc. but I'm not playing them anymore, I'm really bad at controlling several units at the time (those who saw me in HD would agree that even 1 character is difficult ). I'm watching a video of Civ 6 gameplay preview. Looks great so far, but maybe a bit too cartoony for my taste.
  3. Oh, well if it's true then... All aboard the hype train!
  4. +1 Another one: "The way the game is designed – the fact that each campaign world is an encapsulated game experience – gives me a trick that I have never had as an MMO designer; I can change the rules between every campaign. PvP rules. Looting rules. Magic rules. Siege rules. Respawn rules. Victory conditions. The game (or games, really) can evolve over time. We can experiment, try out crazy new variations, kill the ideas that don’t work and mutate the ones that do." What he writes is always inspiring. Even when it's just simple explanations it ends up with an epic feel xD
  5. This is only a render of the model though, they could have sent it to this website because they asked a question about the Myrmidon. That sculpt was shown in February 2015:
  6. There's this interview too but it doesn't mention that Myrmidon is the next Archetype, so maybe Todd revealed it to them in a different communication, that's a bit weird though. Or they misinterpreted what Todd wrote. "You could think of it as a massively multiplayer game of Civilization, only the kings, mercenaries and assassins are all individual players." ^ a cool way to describe Crowfall
  7. Cool to know that ACE wants all 13 for launch. Maybe they've made more progress with their Archetypes than what we're shown.
  8. A few more I haven't seen in the album: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Ck7hRbsUgAACTQZ.jpg (Eric Hart's twitter) https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CjezpJNVAAE9iME.jpg https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ClAXUCjUYAAfQOA.jpg http://crowfall.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/flight_panel.jpg http://crowfall.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/one.jpg
  9. 12 hour live stream from the office!!
  10. I agree that the last archetypes should take less time to create than the first ones: as you write they can reuse certain mechanics, the logic behind the icons for powers already exists, some existing VFX can probably be modified and reused... However the character model, all the animations, the powers, the 4 sets of armor, the design of the powers and a bunch of other stuff still have to be created, and as I mentioned above we got 6 fully created archetypes so far, about 2 years after they started working on the archetypes, and there are 7 left to finish, with about 6 months til the end of 2016. The impression that they're in a hurry comes from what is currently ready to be shown vs. what we expect to have in Crowfall. I'm aware that they're working on many things behind the scene and probably that a lot of systems are getting developed right now, but we've not gotten much news about the major systems. My opinion is that the base set of classes would be at least one class per main roles. It would be cool to have both the Ranger and the Stalker at launch, and I guess it's what ACE is aiming for anyway, but I think it wouldn't be dramatic if the second ranged DPS would get added only later, if doing so is beneficial to CF.
  11. I understand that, but what was expected to happen ($6 million budget and late 2016 launch) turned out to not work as planned because of several things, among them the combat delays, the performance issues in Siege Perilous, the server side controller that didn't work as well as expected, the combat rework after KS and the other one in winter 2015, the procedural generation with Voxel Farm that didn't seem to go well enough to rely fully on it, etc. I think their estimations seemed realistic to them at that time, but apparently it was too optimistic and things didn't go as smoothly as they thought.
  12. Ideally I'd also like to have all what they've presented during Kickstarter ready for launch and with a high degree of depth and quality: 13 archetypes, 2 genders, 39 promotion classes, large variety of discipline runes, mounts, caravans, crafting, all 6 EK strongholds, all POIs, destructible environment, thralls, etc. but realistically, if they do that, I believe that they'll need a lot more time and money than just $7 million and 8 more months. Imo it would sound more reasonable that it'd take maybe $12 million and 18 more months. Some people would prefer to wait longer and would be fine with the idea that they need to ask for more funding coming from venture capital. At some point though, I think it could be risky, both for losing the momentum (not many PvP MMO available right now and the timing is favorable imo) and losing control over the project (delays usually bring more delays, and the more money venture capital groups put in ACE, the less ACE has control over the company and CF).
  13. I think it's a good point, with the passive training it would mean that if not all archetypes are available at launch, the players waiting for those that haven't made it may get behind in terms of progression. However as ACE mentioned that they had plans to create new archetypes, I guess that this issue will occur later anyway. Also they've hinted about a catch up mechanics that would allow players that join late (and it could probably apply to new Archetypes / passive training as well) to catch up on the other players.
  14. I think all archetypes have idle animations, examples with the Knight:
  15. The testing rewards is granted based on the transaction total and to get in the test now (Alpha 3 or +) it takes a total of $99 or more. So if you already paid for a bundle, you can either upgrade to Bronze ($99) or purchase some items to get to $99. And I agree that Crowfall should become pretty big if the devs achieve to materialize all their cool ideas.
  16. Yea same thing for me. In Crowfall so far there's the Ranger, the Stalker and the Knight Sentinel that were presented as archer, possibly that some disciplines also allow players to learn some archery skills. So if for example the devs decided to slightly delay the Stalker and Sentinel, we should still be able to play with the Ranger to get our archer fix.
  17. I was wondering if you guys believe that all the Archetypes absolutely have to be ready when the game launches (or soft launch, early access) or if less than 13 Archetypes would be acceptable for you? I was thinking about it after reading a post and my opinion is that what is really necessary is to have at least one Archetype for each of the main roles: support/healer tank physical ranged DPS magical ranged DPS melee DPS stealth burrow My reasoning is that if ACE is in a hurry to create the last 7 Archetypes, they may not get as much attention (from developers and testers) than the first 6 and the resources to create them (+ the female/male version) could be used to build the other systems. If I'm correct they have fully created 6 Archetypes (+4 partial Archetypes that we've seen during KS) in about 2 years, so finishing the last 7 may require a lot of work. Anyway, I think that if they have less Archetypes to create right now they would have more time to spend on Disciplines, Promotion classes and character customization, so we would still feel like there's some variety even though we don't have 13 Archetypes.
  18. I think it wouldn't impact the lore and pantheon because as far as I know the Archetypes aren't tied to the lore. The races are presented in the lore so I guess at least one representative from each race should be playable at launch, but even then I think it wouldn't be dramatic to have one or two races missing, as long as each of the 6-7 main roles are in the core build. The biggest issue I see would be that some backers want to play one specific archetype and if it's not available at launch they would be disappointed.
  19. From 0 to 40 meters, the drop wouldn't impact gameplay much and at +40 m it can't be worse than what we got now (100% miss).
  20. The [2] combos feel a lot more responsive and we can easily cast - move - cast - move with it, so it's fun. LMB / RMB feel a lot better too. At first I wasn't fond of the new posture of the Confessor (leaning left, more aggressive stance) but now I got used to it. The first time I saw it though I thought "whyyy get rid of those beautiful Confessor's basic attacks!!!". They were needed because gameplay wise it makes a huge difference. The transition between running and the "stand still" stance would need some work imo, the book is moving too fast. Those new animations plus the recent changes for power predictions make this Archetype a lot more fun to play for me.
  21. ... and more developers. Even if ACE understands that testers want faster combat, more responsiveness, less lag, etc. it still takes a long time for those changes to be pushed with 4 programmers, 2 engineers and 2 animators busy on building the whole game, not just combat. Small budget means that they'll think twice before spending time / money making modifications. Higher number of testers generally helps, but if there are 100 testers reporting bugs and suggesting improvements and only 3 developers to make those changes, it may not be that helpful.
  22. True, ACE could always create more promotion classes after launch. Sentinel was also one of the classes I was looking for, but I understand that creating 39 different classes with their own powers and animations may be too much work, especially considering all the other things that still need to be done (more than half of the Archetypes promised for launch).
  23. Yea, so even more boring and slow than M&B. And M&B is trying to be realistic.
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