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  1. Vandal promo from assassin seems to be the "CC/Dot" promo right. Does extra toxin dmg, and Kidney Shot gives bleeds.. But thent gets Mace mastery and +Crushing dmg. Then Why is the Disc meant to help bleeds a dagger disc? Knife grinder gives +bleed dmg with Tenderize, and a bleed on the 3rd LMB. The bleed is minor, but I feel it would fit better on Vandal, minus the dagger portion. What if we replace Vandals +crushing damage, and give it a +Bleed damage on the last note. I know in another post i suggested making Vandal a Ranged style Promo, and this wouldn't really be too bad. Piercing arrows give Bleed, I could see a Knife grinder/Sharpshooter style spec working out okay with focus on Heavy Bleed damage. Just trying really hard here to find a way to make assassins not bottom of the barrel :'(.
  2. Assassin ult is bugged. Doesn't do anything, blind or put you in stealth. And to expand on a previous bug with Agent Provocateur, Not only does it lock you in place when you use an ability for 2-4 seconds, your also visible for a short amount of time after using the ability (about 1 second)
  3. yea, that seems to be a balancing issue though, and Id rather that stuff be adjusted come BETA, and we have a larger population. And if CF doesnt get a larger pop, it has bigger problems then Off hour farming
  4. yea, i'm okay with them lowering resources between offtimes and primetime, BUT i should still be able to do stuff to help out my guild. My schedule changes alot, sometimes I can play primetime, sometimes i cant. The 2nd I can no longer be useful, is the same second my drive to want to play go aways. They should never make it were someone cannot be helpful in some way.
  5. I'm not understanding this part.. Do you mean If i can only play in the morning or at night, my actions wont count towards a win? the "no competition" part throws me off.
  6. I in no way talk to my kids how I talk to people on the internet.. I respect them enough to tell them when they're being dumb, and I want them to improve themselves. People on the internet I'll just let prattle on in their own little world. I assume others are the same.
  7. No one came for the KGV keep when it was up. We did recall once due to a sighting, but it was just a solo with a catapult who was dealt with by the people we had on Defensive watch.
  8. Ive tried Brigand a few times hoping it would sate my Assassin wants.. but it doesn't. Doesnt have the same feel. I like the high mobility of the assassin, and the pips. I also would prefer Melee assassins for Bowsins.
  9. Oh..Tigari is my main account holding on to my guild becuase my guys dont want to even touch this game till beta, while ive been here off and on since Hungerdome. I've been playing on TigTwo with KGV. and very rarely were we "solo". First thing i did every time i got on was ask for an invite to whatever group we had on and about, and went to do whatever scorecard we were working towards. And we always had our eyes open and looking around for fights. Sometimes people saw us first and attacked, sometiems we saw them first. SO I think we played VERY well and did it RIGHT, But thanks for your opinion
  10. IDK, I found most of my pvp by running pigs and standing in circles (or chasing circles to stand in).Sadly I wasn't able to play as much as I wanted to. Also didn't Zybak have the most kills while having the most outpost caps? I was only able to make the it to 2 of the sieges (which is weird, since the later timing is usually much better for me, but of those 2, the server crashed, booting out myself, and everyone else i was grouped with. then the 2nd one was the last one, which we ran around capping forts and didn't find anyone. So, While the cards do seem pve heavy ( I did farm A LOT of mobs), I also ran into a lot of PvP doing so. IDK about others, but I rarely ran from a fight. If your smart, you have one person collected stuff for you, so they can play safe, and the rest of your group is ready for combat, you never know, the enemy may have more stuff for you to take. EDIT: I should add most of my fights i got into were with 5 or less people on each side most of the time. Maybe something about being a smaller group makes people feel more brave, so they're willing to go on the offensive if they spot me first instead of running.
  11. What do you guys think if they remade Vandal into a ranged Promo? giving some extra buffs to bows for assassins, and maybe a ranged ability to use pips on? I've never been the biggest fan of a Bowsin, BUT this could possibly give us a 3rd promo to use (i dont ever know if Vandal has been even decent..at least i cant remember any time), Possibly make bowsin FUN, and it would give assassins a chance to be useful, since its a heavy range meta (and while this may change, its always nice to have a range option).
  12. When using Stink Bomb or Caltrops from Agent Provocateur, you get animation locked (cannot move or attack) for a good 1-2 seconds after using the ability. Makes both abilities useless. The target is out of caltrops or unstunned by the time I can do any actions, Really really hoping this is a bug (wasn't like this in previous versions)
  13. I haven't read through all the reports, so sorry if someone already mentioned this, but while running through open fields (so i don't think im running over un-rendered objects to trigger the teleport bug), I get kicked to the "loading zone" screen. It keeps me here until i've force quit the game and reboot (i've sat for 20 minutes waiting to get back in to see if it would ever let me.). It's happened twice while solo running around, and just now while in the middle of a pack of others (~15 people).
  14. What about just tying a CD to Retaliate instead of it being tied to Stam? or even giving it a pip like dodges (or even have them share pips, and add a slightly larger pool), it would incrase mobility for sure (allowing you to dodge more in a row) but then you wouldn't be able to retaliate, on the other side, if your okay with very low mobility (or have other mobility abilities), you could have multiple Retaliates.. Just throwing out ideas..
  15. I think it was a Knight thread by Brightdance that mentioned Melee beign able to top people from Dodgeing, or removing dodge pips... But what if they tied Dodge into Stam (and not just having Pips), and then allowed Melee to have a Stam drain on 3rd LMB or something? or even a "stops stam from regening", so you only get your 1 stam bar to use.. either for Dodging OR Retaliating.. IDK how this would work with Blocks..that uses stam too correct? Maybe blocking an active attack (lmb or ability) gives stam back? Could this help fix Melee, also helping assassins?
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