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  1. Leaving it at flat values mean bard is only good for the ungeared/early stages of the game. Doing this to a rune that is as unique and changes the classes playstyle as much as bard(possibly more than any other rune) would be a terrible mistake
  2. Thanks! But to be fair, not too many people in Xeilias are interested in Stealth, so its more of a focus on the Black-Ops. We'll be using most AT's in our ops, just gotta tweak their kits with Disciplines to help fit in.
  3. Had a great fight today on Bloodbath. Hoping to have the video up later this weekend!
  4. So, apprently I clicked Yes with this.. and In my head i was clicking NO. WHile i hate the f2p arguement, i am fine with were ViP is right now.
  5. I'm completely happy with the Assassin presented. Iv'e always loved playing my Rogue in WoW, so i'm comfortable and happy with a pip system, and the feel the assassin seems to be going for (with a vanilla rogue). All that waits to be seen are the numbers associated with these abilities. I've been on the Assassin Hypetrain since Day 1
  6. Edited OP. Xeilias will now be specializing in Stealth and "black ops" style tactics.
  7. The lag this past weekend hurt as a ranger, plus my restricted gametime means no footage from this past playtest :(. Fear not all...once assassin comes out NOTHING will stop me from running amok!
  8. I'd like to see the Assassin be a heavy DOT dmg dealer with their poison dmg. Stealth in, set up your poisons, and use moblity to kite. While your poisons are doing some dmg, offer utility to assist with the rest of the battle.
  9. Did a Video from Ranger PoV from the flash tests earlier this week, and this weekend so far. Quality is meh but I'm learning! Good fights to all. This weekend has been alot of fun! Special shout out to LoveYou, the confessor I dueled! I've already been critiqued on some of the things to due differently, specially dealing with LoS stuff and those pesky rocks! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StyVyhF3fNc
  10. Eh, It's not bad for those who don't enjoy Anime, they keep it pretty limited, and it has its own discord channel so it doesn't go wild. Fun bunch of people so far(non anime fun too!!).
  11. Lol hey Zomoz! Long time no see. Going to join us in CF? Rebuild your merchant Prince (richest person in the game) status again?
  12. There will be much to have! Rolled with the Sugoi group tonight. The best part was how mad a select few got and started to accuse them of using bugged weapons, using a SS that was used on the Bug Report forums.
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