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  1. Sorry haven't been on the forums much, school is so overwhelming sometimes. Hope you guys are doing well
  2. I definitely want to be something that has a high dps . When the game officially comes out I'm going to go hardcore gamer mode and do as much as I can in 24 hours
  3. Just curious, not sure if anyone asked yet, what kind of classes are you guys wanting to be?
  4. Thanks for the greets ^-^ Looking forward to the game a lot (Literally found the game today, and I'm already in Hype mode) !~
  5. Oh that's good!! Though I was too late, even though the game hasn't come out yet lmao.... Anyways, I signed up. Edit: Love the guild names LOL
  6. Hmm, I maybe a little late, but I really want to join, this guild is my kind of guild! mature and fun to talk to people!
  7. So I just found this game today.... The hype is real.... I wanna play so bad!!!
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