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  1. OP has a very valid point in all this, and that is that the best aspect of Crowfall to date is actually the combat. It is enjoyable, and there is some nice diversity and building options, but to actually get to the combat, and try those options is a horrible grind of tree punching. You can find groups and specialize to make this easier, but for a player, or even a group of players that are keen to only play and hour or so at a time, you will spend most of that time gathering and crafting, and then looking for fights. It really kills the will to play if your goal is combat rather than craf
  2. 20v20 I would have done 30v30 if it was an option though. Nothing against small scale, but I enjoy guild roaming, its great to get back to back rolling fights with many different groups, nothing beats that for me.
  3. I play games namely for roaming guild pvp. This is not a play style that is widely supported by a lot of developers right now, and often ends up being added on as a side feature. for Rift and SWTOR, open world roaming was next impossible, the servers couldn't handle it, and for those who tried to organize big open world battles, we got crap from the server communities, and even dev's, who accused us of trying to crash the servers. for Warhammer Online, the server mergers, and horrible design choices, coupled with the utterly horrid mini skaven expansion caused the population to bot
  4. My biggest issue with GW2 system is that the rally system and their low target limits really favors larger groups over smaller groups, and that is something I hope not to see become an issue in Crowfall. To be clear I am not saying smaller groups should have the advantage but I don't want it to be the case were the general tactic is simply stack every one together, and the side with the larger numbers wins, since they can chain res, they can rally, and they have more access to group res abilities. You can kill 10 for every 1 of your team that dies, but that 1 will rally that 10.
  5. I am not saying that people having to go into certain archetypes or builds is a bad thing, it's how it works in a competitive environment. But depending on the dev's vision on how they would like to see group balance work out, res type abilities are going to be an important factor if they are added. Personally my biggest bugbear when it comes to come back mechanics tends to be that, not all abilities are created equally. I really dislike it when due to a handful of show stopper abilities, or talents / traits the overall group comp gets dominated by a few key builds and archetypes. I am
  6. My issue is that if you have a come back mechanic do you want to give it to everyone? Is it going to be a passive skill like clicking on a corpse? Is it going to be an active ability? Is it then going to be a discipline? or will it be linked to a specific Archetype? If you make it an active ability and then tie to to discipline or Archetype, balance wise you have made that a must bring. Depending on the cool down and effectiveness, it might be 2-3 people in your guild have to bring it, or everyone has to bring it. That's pretty big from a balance perspective. Your forcing peopl
  7. My main concern with animation lock is the degree to which it ends up being used. When you look at spec's and spec balance across a whole lot of games, in a competitive setting, a lot of players will lean towards specs that have less abilities that are animation locked. Unless there is a truly massive damage difference, and even then if the ability animation is too slow, and too showy it becomes almost useless, and is replaced by something more productive in rotations. The dev's are going to need to be careful when and where they introduce lock vs. unlocked animations. The other thing
  8. Well the tricky bit is when you say Asian, you got to realize that the Asian markets are not uniform. Japan is very different from Korea, and China. Japan especially is a hard market to hit. The vast majority of gamers are console / hand held gamers, they often don't have home PC's powerful enough for MMO gaming, and while there are netcafes, and gaming cafes, they are not as big as they are in Korea. You also have to compete with strong domestic production, and in a way almost a bit of nationalistic bias. It's not the best comparison but even with a massive marketing push Microsoft i
  9. For those who haven't tested before I really recommend finding a group of people to test it, because testing is not always easy, or fun. Having people work with you to recreate bugs, and to simply test things out makes the testing experience much better in my experience. It is really easy to burnout at testing, or to get frustrated because the dev's are taking things in their direction, and not in the direction you like. Having more people to test with and talk with helps you see things from different perspectives. If you go in thinking I am only going to play thief, I only li
  10. People like to think zerging players are unskilled players but skilled players and groups do zerg up as well. Going 10 to 20, 30, or 100 might be possible when your fighting unskilled, largely unorganized mobs, but if your facing a larger organized guild, or several organized guilds, then there is a limit to what you can really expect to do, and if your running an organized guild you might not want to have your raid group stomped constantly by larger groups / dog piling, it can be bad for morale. When you talk about 3 way faction fighting, in theory the weaker factions teaming up to t
  11. There are going to be winners and there are going to be loser. The population issue is more about how can you incentives the weaker faction / under populated faction to stay in the fight. In essence to fight a losing battle. There really isn't much to keep people there if they are losing, especially if it's a one sided slaughter. There is not much on the line for them should they lose. It's easier to just leave and go someplace else where you join a winning team, or where you have a more even balance. The last thing you want is to have campaigns simply turn into resource f
  12. One of the problems you can run into with a PvP game, especially ones with open / factional pvp is population balance. Crowfalls campaign design does a lot to reset and redistribute players after a match up and helps to keep the game fresh. But it doesn't completely deal with the very real population issues the game will face. To be clear when I say, "population issues" I am largely referring to situations where one faction or factions vastly out number their enemy factions. This can happen for a multitude of reasons, a lack of morale / community / organization on a particular faction,
  13. What I am hoping for is more of a rotating balance. Perfect balance is an illusion, but it is important that game play does not become too static. If certain archetypes / disciplines / tactics become locked. As in they become the only competitive or viable builds, it can be a problem, especially over time. In my experience it is important to shake up the dynamics from time to time to keep combat fresh. If a particular build of a class, using a particular setup, is used by a massive majority of the community for a very long time, while other setups become unused, then tweaks need to
  14. I tend to have a main, and then alts. But with the way campaigns work I may need to adjust the way I play a bit.
  15. I like how a woman who is experienced in community management and knowledgeable about the genre, having worked on other games for years, who joined artcraft after the kickstarter was started, and after the initial goal was reached, has been summarily turned into nothing but a "hottie" used for hype, and or cleavage. Or at least that's what I would say if I wasn't 100% sure that OP isn't just trolling to troll.
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