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  1. All I could think of while reading this was Batman ha! ...Minus the killing part I guess. If I didn't clarify that, some Batman Fanboy would be having a tantrum lol. Screw it, I'm going to name my Assassin "Batman" just to spite. =P
  2. I like where you are going with this. I was thinking something similar, from the standpoint of a "hit n' run" (or in this case "hit n' hide") play style. So CC will be very important. Maybe not a hard CC archetype, like it's sounding the Frostweaver could be. But enough Crowd control to at least slip back into the shadows and strike again when the time is right, much like the brief Stalker background/lore suggests. Setting bait so to speak, to strike a lethal blow to the overconfident prey with their mistaken identity as being the hunter, instead of the hunted. I would really like to see some possible abilities similar to... Achilles Snare: Carefully aim a barbed Arrow Javelin to impale your enemies' lower limb(s). Roots the victim in place (for x seconds) and cripples them, inflicting (x%) movement speed (for x seconds). - This would probably be deserving of a hefty cool down depending on the CC duration. The Hook/The Hangman: (Only available in melee range) Charge past the enemy hooking their neck with your bowstring, knocking your enemy off their feet. Inflicts knockdown (for x seconds). - Pretty straight forward. Slip their head between your bow and string, and give a yank! I think its important to have some limited skills that use your bow after running out of ammunition. The bow itself is a melee weapon! Just slap some blades on both ends (like has been mentioned) and you got yourself a pretty scary melee bow! Kinda reminds me of the Peaky Blinders sowing razor blades into the bills of their caps. People didn't expect that, as I am sure they wouldn't expect you to be swinging your bow at their face heh. Bait n' Crit (2 modes): (Non-Stealth): (First activation)-"Feign Death". You play dead to lure your prey closer. (Second activation, melee range only, guaranteed critical hit)-"Not So Dead". You leap up, using your arrow javelin as a spear to impale your enemy. (Stealth): (First activation)-"Set the Bait". You plant a fake tombstone at your feet. (Second activation, ranged only, guaranteed critical hit)-"Greed is Costly". Your prey pays a high price for their greed, suffering a painful shot from your bow. - My idea for this is that these modes will present a certain margin of risk, with the exclusive range limits of each. For example, the stealth version forcing you to not only move away from the bait before getting discovered. But also, requiring a minimum gap of (x) distance before gaining the ability to execute the second step of the combo. In other words, preventing the skill from being used within the allotted "dead zone". I am sure there is plenty wrong with the stuff I am suggesting that I just cant think of at 4am . The first 2 are somewhat generic, I admit. But I really like the idea of the "Bait n' Crit" modes and combos. Thoughts? Or am I just overtired lol?
  3. Maybe later, disease and/or poison damage can apply healing de-buffs with specialization?
  4. Good find. I had the "oh yeeeeaah" moment as I was reading it. I totally forgot they mentioned that on Ranger back then. However after re-reading it, it does sound like they are pretty set on "Hide" instead of stealth after all the debate they had with themselves on it. So not true stealth, just motionless invisibility. Which I'm pretty sure we are all hoping for more than that in regards to the Stalker, am I right? So in my opinion, I don't see the Ranger as a similar alternative to the Stalker. But as you pointed out, the game is still in early testing, so a lot is still fluid at the moment. Like Coolwaters said, "It fkin' better stalk". I think its safe to say we are all agreed on that heh! I would specifically like to see the Stalker as a stealth-fast mover (not to the point of total domination, if that's possible). Maybe a temp speed boost ability while in stealth with a deserving cool down? Whats the point of being a "Stalker" if you can't keep up with stalking your prey while in the shadows?
  5. Still very early to set those conclusions. This is just my interpretation of the Stalker Archetype description, but I think it strongly suggests ranged stealth and ambush skills. Much like the Duelist, only ranged and minus the siege specific utility skills of course. Also, I see no evidence that the Ranger will have stealth. Is there any supportive material on this? Far as I can see, the Ranger is very "siege/group" focused taking into account the skill tree. I haven't seen anything that suggests that the Ranger will have any stealthy skills. I have always loved the idea of stealthy ranged/caster classes. Very few games have done that sort of thing. Maybe it's just me getting my hopes up, but I hope that the Stalker will fit the bill for a "ranged spy" type game play. The scenario that you have completed your mission if no one knew you were ever there sort of thing (besides the many corpses in your wake).
  6. Thanks guys! Gordon, you were crazy fast on that name change by the way! No idea how you have time to do stuff like this, considering the mountain of stuff you guys already have on your plate hah! You guys are the best!
  7. Thanks. I just sent an email. I was hoping to avoid doing that if possible because I know they have enough on their plate and much bigger fish to fry. I was thinking that I may just be blind and couldn't find the option to do it on our end.
  8. Likewise! And add on my OCPD driving me crazy because it defaulted to all lower case lol... MUST...FIX...USERNAME!!!!
  9. Yes PLEASE!!! The Stalker is probably my most anticipated class to get additional info on, with my runner up being the Frostweaver. Just the small taste of lore in the Archetype description is so mysterious and intriguing. It has me itching for any more info on how the Stalker will play.
  10. I'm glad you guys are taking stuff like this and letting it influence your design. And all this talk of spies has me thinking of EVE heh. I hope we can get the same feel of unease, and constant wonder of spies being in our midst for Crowfall. That's one of the things that makes/made EVE so great, is the constant threat of spies that made the game feel so visceral. You were always on guard and never showed all of your cards (unless you were an idiot) just in case there were spies around. You were never quite sure who was watching and/or listening.
  11. Yeah sorry about that buddy! I swear I won't keep your package for myself...
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