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  1. Have you not seen Rock of Love? J. Todd and Bret Michaels have a lot in common imo.
  2. I guess this is what happens when you lose a campaign to hax.
  3. The one where Blair moved a decimal point and added a negative sign to the combined brain power of DEATH.
  4. What's more embarrassing losing to Hax or complaining that you lost to Hax? I'm asking for a friend. And really why is anyone mentioning Bzr? The true leader of Hax is the dark lord Kcool.
  5. The way it is currently they should just get rid of armor and rename the game the Thomas Blair Nudest Colony for Cook Kids .
  6. I think there's another name for that but I don't want to make the powers that be unhappy.
  7. That's kinda the MMO lifestyle my friend. It's like being a swinger or a furry. The only difference is there's significantly less sex.
  8. It's one of the main issues for the MMO genre as a whole. How do you teach people to play your game, while providing a variety of content, in addition to having variety/longevity. The MMOs of yore hid behind the novelty of newness, unfortunately for Crowfall that shine is long gone.
  9. Most of Crowfalls grind is front loaded. The systems they have now weren't originally planned for.
  10. I hear the guild Mandalore and friends has yet to lose a fight. T
  11. I was thinking prime Vermont straight from the sugar bush. Trilling aside they've done done great things in terms of performance. At one point if 40 people were on the server it lagged everything up to 20000 Ms. That being said, it's still pretty bad and needs some work. Hopefully they'll fix it soonish.
  12. If you buy things off the cash shop they can do all those wonderful things
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