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  1. Art team kicked ass this patch. Combat feels way more fluid. So far I'm very impressed with this patch. Bugs: Holy aura still pops you out of stealth when you lose the buff, but not when you gain it. The animation for inconceivable lingers for a little while retaliate bugged out when fighting a wolf duelist go for broke can re channel if you hit the activation key again. Circles that show aoe radius dont display before you use the ability, makes it hard to aim them. Guard agro is bugged
  2. Risk is an important aspect to any game if you want the reward to matter. Five minutes could be a little short on duration, it could also be the perfect sweet spot to facilitate player conflict. You clearly have gotten the developers attention, and I'm sure if it's widely complained about it'll get changed. There's nothing wrong with seeing how crafting plays out with this at a five minute duration for one test cycle.
  3. The killer should drop everything once they kill someone, loss is painful enough.
  4. Skill Point System Pretty Underwhelming

    Discs being tied to mobs creates a reason for players to go out into the world to fight. The PvE component adds a time sink so the opposition has a window to attack. As for the skill trees the easiest way to make skill trees more customizable would be to allow players to progress through the trees picking the nodes they want. If you want to build an armor pen character you should be able to pick up the armor pen skill nodes and finish the rest of the tree without "wasting" skill training on skills you don't want. Obviously you have to have some form of restrictions, and I would make it so you have to complete half the trees total training value to move to the next. Skill training differentiation for combat trees should eventually lead to unique builds, not everyone being the same.
  5. Skill Point System Pretty Underwhelming

    Crowfall isn't a game where you will pvp 100% of the time like Mobas, Arena Shooters, etc. Every system in the game is dependent on at least one or two other systems to accomplish goals. If all you want to do is pvp you will have to find a guild who deems you worth the cost of mats/discs,.
  6. /duel nickname

    Population is low because its the end of a patch cycle and there is probably gonna be a wipe. The easiest solution is to go into an ek and turn on pvp if you want to duel.
  7. My guess is that instead of fixing it they are focusing on 5.7. It should be on test in the next week or two, so it isn't that long,
  8. Is that a laptop cpu, and what kind of gpu do you have?
  9. You forgot the most egregious thing; the charging of ultimates. This is one of the worst mechanics in the current combat system. Please change them to a cool down, or at the very least make soul power decay rapidly out of combat.
  10. Stuttering problem

    I believe the stuttering issue occurs when you cross between specific parcel boundaries. When I upgraded to 16gb of ram I saw the issue happen less but it's still there.
  11. Time to upgrade?

    Highlighted isn't true (gtx 1070 has ddr5 memory) you can use any gpu you can afford, but the rest is a decent summary of your options. An i7 8700k is $350, and an average to above average air cooler is $25-$60.
  12. Betting on frost weaver news this week.

    Frostweaver will be in 5.8. I wouldn't expect info on it before October. Source: My dog walkers, uncle, twice removed cousin works at ACE.
  13. What direction is the game going?

    I hate to repeat the broken record, but everything you want is solved by joining a guild. A guild will provide you the harvesters to protect, and the crafters to make gear with the gathered materials. Hopefully the guild system, base building, and concrete capture mechanics will come before the end of the year.
  14. Food > PvP

    Assassin has a 2k barrier which was helped kill people at lower gear levels. I think the item scaling is more of an issue, in particular armor. They need to make discs scale linearly with gear. White discs should have lower stats, skills, and passives then green blue, etc. As for food its one of those mechanics I like in theory, but it's cumbersome during combat. Scale it back, or allow ways for players to reduce their food consumption through training, armor stat, or by using food created by cooking experts.