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  1. Vanguard Scout Duelist Spy Master Power increases reduces the chance to be critical hit instead of increasing it. Duelist Tunnel change is terrible. The inability to tunnel in forts or off objects feels terrible.
  2. Yes, a post with the same five isues complained about for the last five years is the defenition of relevance. Ill sum up everything in 5 sentences: Population balance will be an issue in any faction game. Performwnce-while significantly improved from the dumpster fire of 5.5,-is still bad. Guild banks will be added when the guild system is added. Gear durability has and will continue to be in flux. Game systems are coming online as they're ready. Balance and fun don't matter at this poinr; its about getting the systems in game. Is this more productive bucko? Its only been written 1000s of times I'm sorry I cant be bothered to care about the same five give complaints that have been addressed multiple times over the years.
  3. Why you crying? Did the big bad Jah hurt someones feelings?
  4. Zatch

    Guild Banks

    Probably arent going to get unlimited stack size or tabs. Too much potential information to store database wise.
  5. Zatch

    Duelist 5.8 Feedback

    Anyone know if any of my gripes have been addressed?
  6. Zatch

    Zone Caps

    Fake news. Mandalore is at least a 6.9.
  7. What does it matter if its 1 month, 2 months, or even 3 months. The point is the game isn't being designed around the first campaign. Its guaranteed to be a poorly made socks show.
  8. I wish they gave the mug from January to people who tested in the past versus just one month. My participation trophy shelf is gonna have a spot open and its gonna drive me INSANE!!!!!!
  9. Other classes don't need to "catch up" to the ranger, as long range is what differentiates the class from a confessor or any other range spec. If the class doesn't get range it may as well be a confessor with a bow. It takes a month to get to heartwood. They aren't designing the game for the first campaign, it's being designed for the hundreds after it. An inconvenience for the first month is nothing compared to the intended longevity for the game.
  10. They really should rename the ranger to the R simply because the class has no range. This (outside of number balance) is the only issue with the archer class. Make range have a cap of 50-60m. Having cc tied into discs is fine; it means you have to CHOOSE to get it. As for arrows the solution isn't to get rid of quivers, but instead to give Duelists ammo pouches.
  11. The current meta revolves around tanky crit immune people. Just a horrible meta in general.
  12. I was told by someone in UDL that we would be zerged into the shadows. Are you telling me this information was incorrect?
  13. Skins are +100 to sex appeal, obviously this is p2w and must change.
  14. Why do you need a PVE server when you can just buy everything you need at Aerynth Traders. I was getting one-shot by Champions until I bought gear from there, now I am the Champion!
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