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  1. I'm excited to see Frostweaver in action. It's been so damn long!
  2. Both of those are very strong in both pvp and harvesting.
  3. Cloaks are gone. Humans are insanely strong though.
  4. Duelists wouldn't exist if they knew they were going split from archetypes. Its locked to one race because its the only skeleton rigged up to use the duelist animations.
  5. Zatch

    Keep agro?

    its based on damage done, more damage=more threat.
  6. I've won many sieges where my group was outnumbered by more than 2:1. I believe the phrase is Git Gud. Ballista bugs are a huge issue though.
  7. Did they mention anything about guild banks? I have an idea about maybe putting a trade chest in an EK. Do you think that could work?
  8. will you direct the funeral for harvest tray?! `
  9. You never said anything about genre, and do you really think genre matters that much?
  10. Rust would like to say hi. Sold millions of copies, been patched for nearly a decade, and has one of the worst communities out there. The only reason pvp games haven't been popular is the RoI potential being smaller than WoW.
  11. 5.11 going to test is the prewarning for it going to live. I'm as excited as everyone else is for this to be on test, but people are going insane.
  12. I hope they spite all of you turds and put it out on a Monday.
  13. ild like to see armor type impact the amount of dodges you have/change the cool down time.
  14. Stuff like the quiver proficiency is awesome. Hopefully it'll add to variety to available playstyles versus making elken a mandatory race for brigand.
  15. Crafting adds ways to customize your character. Gathering promotes people going out into the world. Leveling is a way to introduce you to the game systems in a streamlined easy to digest format. This was a real brain buster of a topic.
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