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  1. Parallel is giving y'all content. You should thank them, and feel privileged playing with a god.
  2. You shut your mouth! I bet this build can solo the wolves in the starting area; something a scrub like you has trouble with.
  3. Pits are easy to kill. Flame and shame in General chat has always done wonders for me. Make sure to tell them, "Hahhahahajajajjahaha you're a clown shoes pit fighter player. Pick a real class then talk to me; kiddo!" That'll really rile um up and let them know you mean business!
  4. Small and large guilds shouldn't be on the same progression/reward path. There should be separate objectives in a campaign that reward Victory Points/conditions that carry over seasons. Crowfall needs to adopt the mantra of: content is king.
  5. You could do what any intelligent person would and make an alliance. UXA has 8 or so, MWH, has 5, Spectre Legion has 5, Corvus has to have at least 5; wow I've made you an alliance that has enough people to fight. You're inability to work with other people is pathetic, and has caused a state of learned helplessness. But its ok snowflake, I respect and cherish your ability to pretend you're a tough guy.
  6. Top 5 Crowfall likes (things you feel we're doing great on). The Artstyle and overall art direction The diversity of races The overall concept of risk/reward and loss Top 5 Crowfall dislikes (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? All classes feel similar. When I play a MOBA even characters who have the abilities that are in essence the same the characters play and do things differently. I want to feel like my class/specialization//choices create a unique playstyle no
  7. If you're the voice of reason then we have officially entered the Twilight Zone.
  8. I know people cheated. I have no proof, but I know for a fact they couldn't have won this legitimately. Give this man his Divine Favor or else I WILL SUE!
  9. Forcing groups to be 2/5 healers is really bad. Feedback has been given about why 5 man groups are bad, yet it has always been ignored. Increasing group size will allow for specific discs to be better AND increase class diversification. I know I know the spreadsheets say different. The nuts and bolts of Crowfall feels like a spreadsheet and the sheet SUCKS.
  10. This is pretty spot on. Crowfall suffers from being a large hole with the depth of a kid pool. There's nothing interesting or unique in building your character in Crowfall. No role outside of faceroll your keyboard in a sequential order.
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