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  1. Easy solution: Kee a hair trigger on your c when Xarrayne is around.
  2. The question I have is how will this translate to the Dregs? Will "forts" have a specific designation in game and what will that be/how does it work, etc.
  3. Half elf and nethari are having garbage tier. Does anyone disagree?
  4. I'm so glad the forums have a white knight/seer like you. Wherever would we be without a such a benevolent and wise person? This isn't a debate; you are all cry- babies, and will be treated as such. Angelmar put it best, it takes two hours to get everything you need for a three week campaign. If you think this is bad, just wait until you get your city burned to the ground in the dregs. Will you be taking to the forums when your city worth hundreds of man hours is destroyed?
  5. In the time you've spent crying on the forums you could have produced a piece of gear. Me thinks you need a diaper change.
  6. I think you are making a mountian out of a mole hill.
  7. They did; the change takes time to implement. I hate restating, but remember you are playing a pre alpha. It's understandable that people are invested in winning campaigns, but the sheer amount of crying in an unfinished game is pathetic. This is the reason Todd regrets crowdfunding.
  8. Ill let you use my exports, but you must pay one vial of tears per export. With all the crying in this thread it should take you no time to achieve your required amount!
  9. Almost every disc needs an overhaul. Almost all of them are the exact same as when they were implemented two years ago. A large balence pass/addition will do wonders for the state of the combat. It seems like their focus over the last six months was getting the crafting and disc aqusition systemd into the game. Hopefully a major combat pass will come with the dregs or soon after.
  10. Bard is bad. It'll get fixed when it gets gooder. No reason to waste time on something when they are gonna just change it all eventually.
  11. You forgot the best elf varient: keebler elf.
  12. If they did this it would be a whole other class with a different name. There's been talk of a werewolf discicpline, but that will be after launch.
  13. Discs in general need a polish pass. I'm sure they will get there eventually, but I wouldn't hold my breath while waiting.
  14. It will be the soundtrack to zatchrayne 4
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