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  1. Physics abilities historically drop songs and parry. Wild Charge has worked the same since it was added in the race/class split. Calling it a bug is hilarious.
  2. You do know that Wild Charge IS a CC ability right? Just because the physics have been turned down doesn't mean they are turned off.
  3. They won't take the challenge; it's easier to cry than to win anything.
  4. The Spy Master talent under the Vanguard Scout Duelist tree increases critical resistance instead of reducing it.
  5. Zatch

    Templar Suggestions

    Templars are poorly made socks in open field, but gods in sieges/fort fights. The class is well designed for what it's intended to excel at.
  6. Escape Artist, Shield Breaker, Pixie, etc. Theres a decent amount of group play if you look for it/want to min/max.
  7. One of the first fights on the Vindicator.
  8. It was a fun event to add some content to the game. Does it matter who wins or what skull you get? This is why we can't have or deserve nice things.
  9. A wise man once said, "You think you do, but you don't."
  10. Performance in previous campaign s should determine what you can enter later; eventually the cream will rise and the turds will flop. Exports should be geared towards rewarding the victors, but dregs campaigns shouldnt have any imports. Victory cosmetics are also good.
  11. The recent euro clown car should be mentioned.
  12. They should also get rid of city destruction. Or, if you want to destroy someones city you gotta destroy your own at the same time; only fair.
  13. did you slot thepassive power?
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