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  1. Im making a bingo sheet. I'd post it but I have feeling some folks wouldn't enjoy it.
  2. Ask any PvP MMO player if they remember the fight they had were it was even numbers. Then ask them to recount an outnumbered fight. You'd be hard pressed to find any remembrance of the former and many fond memories of the latter.
  3. I think they plan to do that with this next patch. Hence the keeping all information under wraps until they enact Order: 66.
  4. It makes the choice of race significantly more important. As it currently stands, no one will pick a race for the racial abilities. I want choice to matter, but the way to do it is by creating more options for choices. If they add two more ability slots for dodge, or racial powers it makes the race you choose more compelling than just stat points.
  5. I would like to see an additional slot or two for racials, dodges, and ooc abilities. As it stands, the vast majority of these abilities will be useless. Choice is good, but choice should be fun.
  6. Crowfall has a decent skill cap; however, it doesn't have anywhere near the APM required of DOTA, CS, or any of the other big esports game. Most of the skill comes from playing with and around other people, theory crafting builds, positioning, and using skills efficiently based on the evolution of a fight. I would recommend not listening to people who've never been seen logged in the game.
  7. Hopefully after 5.11 they spend sometime adding more to the classes. The macro aspects of Crowfall are interesting, there's definitely is a skill cap associated with it. However classes themselves feel a little vanilla.
  8. I want that apple back, you scumdog!
  9. rangers are the only class with access to every type of damage. Have you tried the brigand?
  10. New classes are great marketing tools, and are universally loved regardless of game/genre. Does it suck that they've been radio silent for 8 months? Yes. But if it makes the game more popular at the end of 2020 so be it. I assume Gordon wouldn't hire Debby Sue (VP of Marketing) if he didn't think she knew what she's doing.
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