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  1. I hear the guild Mandalore and friends has yet to lose a fight. T
  2. I was thinking prime Vermont straight from the sugar bush. Trilling aside they've done done great things in terms of performance. At one point if 40 people were on the server it lagged everything up to 20000 Ms. That being said, it's still pretty bad and needs some work. Hopefully they'll fix it soonish.
  3. If you buy things off the cash shop they can do all those wonderful things
  4. You act as if the devs have no idea the performance is bad. They know, just isn't an easy fix. All you can do is buy more things off the cash shop to sustain development until it gets fixed.
  5. Wasn't the benefit of Crowfall's development being "open" and not having an NDA the ability to get feedback and act on unforeseen bugs like the 6man group bug? The only conclusion I can get from this series of events is ACE is filled with Masochists.
  6. If Crowfall was a swimming pool it would be the largest kid pool ever created. The systems are needlessly wide and depth non existent. Crowfall doesn't excel at anything particularly and the end result is what it is.
  7. Parallel is giving y'all content. You should thank them, and feel privileged playing with a god.
  8. You shut your mouth! I bet this build can solo the wolves in the starting area; something a scrub like you has trouble with.
  9. Pits are easy to kill. Flame and shame in General chat has always done wonders for me. Make sure to tell them, "Hahhahahajajajjahaha you're a clown shoes pit fighter player. Pick a real class then talk to me; kiddo!" That'll really rile um up and let them know you mean business!
  10. Small and large guilds shouldn't be on the same progression/reward path. There should be separate objectives in a campaign that reward Victory Points/conditions that carry over seasons. Crowfall needs to adopt the mantra of: content is king.
  11. You could do what any intelligent person would and make an alliance. UXA has 8 or so, MWH, has 5, Spectre Legion has 5, Corvus has to have at least 5; wow I've made you an alliance that has enough people to fight. You're inability to work with other people is pathetic, and has caused a state of learned helplessness. But its ok snowflake, I respect and cherish your ability to pretend you're a tough guy.
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