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  1. 2 Suggestions

    I'm a long time supporter who has for left Crowfall until 5.8 or even possibly alpha 1/6.0/x. Game is in a poorly made socks state, and to be rather frank it sucks to play. I do think ACE is making the right choice in the long run, but it doesn't change the fact that its a very very dull situation to be in. At this point I don't know how reliable ACE will be in the long term meta playability of the game. It's fairly obvious the designers don't play the current game, and much like the above sentiment I feel like the devs are more interested in the end product compared to where the game is currently. I'm glad they are, but it does make it suck to log into the game.
  2. Duelist Impale dot ticks reset the cd timer on Impale. Inconceivable has a cd timer if the buffs are up and you use your 2nd left click attack. This was with a rapier and may not apply to pistols.
  3. Zatchrayne

    Zatchrayne 3 coming soon.
  4. 10 v 10 ish Chaos and Order

    I've watched most if not all of the dev interviews, streams, etc, and haven't seen anything that says they are almost done with optimization. I have heard them comment that they are using cheaper servers from Amazon to save money where its not necessary to spend. Whether that's true or matters in the overall performance I don't know, but I wouldn't adopt a defeatist attitude at this point in development.
  5. Zatchrayne

    4:26 is my "favorite" bug in Crowfall. I seem to get it all the damn time in fights.
  6. 10 v 10 ish Chaos and Order

    Most of the time it comes down to do we want to play out numbered or not play and log; its the nature of the beast. I'm of the mindset that all of the prealpha population will be severely outnumbered come launch if the game is anywhere near successful performance wise. Between EVE Corps, Albion Zergs, and BDO Weebs I have feeling a 100 man guild is going to be nothin numbers wise if performance can get where it needs to be.
  7. PVP Spam

    I have mixed feelings on pvp spam. On one hand I really like it and the system does everything you described. The issue I have is if I don't want others to know I'm out roaming around. Spam can give relative information to players I may not want them to have. An opt in system would elevate this issue, but I really dont like that either.
  8. Have you tried sacrificing a goat to at your local Blair statue? That always increases my yields. Another tip is to make sure you chant and dance around for at least 2 mins before you start farming. In all seriousness its just RNG. One beneficial harvest and crit can change your numbers at this point in training.
  9. Pre-purchase question & others

    You can play the live (pre alpha) game with any of the packs. Currently the biggest block in Crowfall is time. Crafting takes time to train and you will need access to around 5 crafts to make gear. This is completely mitigated by joining a guild.
  10. Something, something, PvP Prowess

    Endless should be banned for leaving Unfolded like that.
  11. Skill trees don't reset. The only thing that changes is the map goes back to fall and your previous vessels/banks IN THE CAMPAIGN are deleted. Campaigns go down for a little, but are generally up in 45mins or so. Jackal is to fast
  12. Crowfall 5.7 - HoA PvP Video Thread

    Ive been working on my elfish. What does Gloobenspeil gagagooo gooo Avari mean?
  13. Stop Nerfing (start buffing)

    You said confessor will kill assassin, which has never been true in this game.
  14. Stop Nerfing (start buffing)

    Assassin doesn't need stealth to kill a confessor. All you have to do is fart and they blow over. Nerfs are an important component to balance because buffs alone don't actually solve the problem of something being strong. The goal is to have an average for TTK, HPS etc., and when you just buff everything that average gets less and less consistent to what the original goal is. If you don't think assassin did a significant amount of damage compared to other classes I don't know what to tell you.