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  1. The problem with vindi isn't the lack of mobility, but rather the lack of situations where vindis shine happening in Crowfalls. The new fort window really took a dump on playing the vindicator.
  2. Alliances come and go. Isn't the throne war the major selling point of the game?
  3. I would agree with this. I soloed your ward and a few people in about 3 minutes, on an account with zero training and random gear I picked up from a vendor. Once training/gear comes into play the wards are gonna die in 20-30sec by a solo player.
  4. Cliff diving has been a thing for so long, I kinda hope it stays. I do agree with the sentiment that it is cowardly.
  5. ACE won't be getting any money. The game is gonna crash hard if they don't make changes to the systems outlined in the original post. Crowfall as it currently is is mediocre at best. You putting your head in the sand doesn't change that in anyway shape or form.
  6. Just you kids wait for the True Alliance. Thems will have some #Warstories
  7. Tomorrow. Source: My uncle's dog's brother's best friend's mother is Artcraft.
  8. I remember when Spider Gang was the hero we needed. What happened in the last two weeks?
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