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  1. Tree of life at the keep is bugged out, and opposing factions cannot take it.
  2. Is crowfall fundamentally boring?

    1. You can get enough resources to have a full set of gear in under an hour once trained, and gear lasts roughly twelve deaths. Is it to grindy? Maybe, but once factories are online gear will be very easy to make and distribute. 2. You don't want to grind stuff, but don't like the skill system designed to make grinding have diminishing returns. The skill system is pretty boring, but they have said they want to add a more active component to building your character. 3. More races/classes/abilities are always good. I'd assume this is just the start to get the game going. With their motorization system there's incentive to have expansions with more of the above coming out. 4. After playing another tab target games in the last few weeks I have to say I love Crowfalls combat system. It has bugs and issues, but overall its way more fun. 5. Dying worlds create the opportunity for guilds to win/lose at a faster rate. This allows empires to fall, and lets less established groups challenge the juggernauts at a faster rate. Yes, this does lessen the sense of conquest for a dominating guild, but it also guarantees they will have PvP when the campaigns reset. No one is going to stick around if they are dominating and have zero competition; its dull for all parties involved. Hey remember when we won campaign x and crushed guild y will be a common topic of conversation for Crowfall players. You claim they lack vision, and balls to make the changes. And yet, you criticize the game for changes made from Shadowbane.
  3. After watching some of the video of it, it looks like it was a user error problem; aka I'm bad. However, I would like to add that sprint or jump shouldn't cancel combo chains.
  4. Combo issues on the knight, don't work 100% of the time.
  5. The fire in the beach head is destroyable. I accidentally murdered Orders.
  6. Leather vs Plate

    After making gear on test it seems like plate off pieces have roughly 30-50% more health than leather. If that's better than 5% damage/healing depends on your role, health pool, etc. However, after making chest pieces it seems like leather is bad. A purple mats leather chest with a great success role had roughly 13% mitigation values. A blue plate chest with the same roll had roughly 33% mitigation, and over double the amount of health on it. It just doesn't seem like leather is worth using. It seems like the tradeoff of only one/two minor discs to upgrade your armor is simply to good currently.
  7. -Somehow I managed to get a permanent burrow as a Guinecean Knight, video is underneath if it helps. This occured on 5-18. -There is a weird voice that plays whenever you restructure your body at a dragon statue.
  8. Leather vs Plate

    If anyone has leatherworking trained I would greatly appreciate any screen shots for gear made. Please post what your training, pips and mat quality used if you do.
  9. Leather vs Plate

    It depends on the RNG, you have to compare based on the same results. If plate gloves and leather gloves give similar health while rolling the same RNG, then no one will use plate gloves. From my experience I have seen this to be the case, but I am not a crafter so I wanted to see others results. Is there anyway you can try to make a leather chest piece with the same results to compare the values?
  10. Leather vs Plate

    Were those gloves on 5.6 test or from a previous build? I'm seeing leather with around 8-900 health, but I don't know if that's fully trained or has RNG successes. If anyone gets a cool piece from the test server would they mind linking it so we can see if there is actually a problem with the current armor system.
  11. Small Scale Siege Defense 5.6 Test

    Its nice to see smaller groups beating larger groups will be a thing in Crowfall. Are you going to be testing in 5.6, or yall mostly waiting for 5.7?
  12. Leather vs Plate

    Those disciplines, and the armor extremity armor pieces, have to be better than a 15% damage increase as well as, compensate for the loss of a passive slot; currently that is no where near the case. Right now you are better off training mail or plate, and upgrading your base armor while wearing leather extremities. Plate and mail extremities need some compensation to offset the power that leather extremities have.
  13. Guinecean can use bandages while in their racial burrow .
  14. The gates for forts don't work when they change factions.
  15. Guard Aggro is broken again. They don't work at Blackmire, but apparently they do work at Bastions.