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Posts posted by Zatch

  1. 10 hours ago, Xomox said:

    What would that build look like been away from the game a long time 2 years

    I would recommend field surgeon for a tasty rescue, and dryad for Blast of Leafs. The stealth component really does allow you to get set up and heal before other people see it coming.

  2. 8 minutes ago, Xomox said:

    Whats the best support class for melee, cleric, druid, confessor?  Who can laydown a ton of snares buff, debuffs for melee?

    I would recommend support assassin. It's VERY GOOD!

  3. 2 hours ago, EjoFink said:

    excuse me, but did I miss something?

    Human has no cloak slot anymore? 

    Or does the slot generally not exist anymore?
     or can everybody wear a cape now? 

    The fact that only humans had the cape slot, was for me a long time a hope that humans become more meaningful.

    Cloaks are gone. Humans are insanely strong though. 

  4. 5 hours ago, Toadwart said:

    According to Rust's wikipedia page, it is a survival game....not a fantasy pvp mmorpg game (totally different genres)


    You never said anything about genre, and do you really think genre matters that much? 

  5. 10 hours ago, Toadwart said:

    Its an under served market because there is no money in it, let's just make that clear.

    The Hardcore pvp crowd is self-destructive and self-defeating by its very nature of treating others in the worst ways imaginable that the game mechanics allow as they chip away at their peers desire to log on and play the game with them until there arent enough people left playing to pay the bills anymore. How long that takes is directly related to how the game designers place safeguards in the game to curb this behavior pattern.

    Why amazon didnt realize this sooner is beyond me. The OP article points out an established history of hardcore fantasy mmorpg failures and no successes. I guess they thought the survival genre spliced in would be enough to win people over and at the last minute they realized it wasnt.

    Rust would like to say hi. Sold millions of copies, been patched for nearly a decade, and has one of the worst communities out there. The only reason pvp games haven't been popular is the RoI potential being smaller than WoW. 

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