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  1. It comes down to what do you want in the game. I want a sandbox MMO akin to a third person fantasy EVE. Others it seems want a themepark game with systems designed to be entertaining in small doses. If history has shown anything its that while sandbox games are less popular, they retain enough of a loyal following to support and grow a company. If they add anything it should be player driven as much as possible.
  2. People should be active in the campaign worlds. Do you think they should just add a group finder and battle grounds as well? These systems will kill off the central focus for what Crowfall is. I hate to be a broken record, and won't post again if it doesn't add anything new to the discussion. But, if other games are any indication, these kinds of systems destroy the secret sauce of the MMO. One final example can be seen in WoW where world pvp died over night when instanced pvp was introduced.
  3. If the current test environment is any indicator people will not log in to stomp new/low gear players. I think you fail to take into account the difference between a forty-five minute match and a three month long campaign.
  4. No dregs guilds will be joining three faction servers to "stomp noobs"; it isn't fun. As for rewards for all I care the reward for winning a campaign could be Todd saying winner on a thirty second loop. For me the game is about the player conflict, and gear is a tool to drive that. In the end, I would much rather have all players in one game type over devs wasting their time developing a system that fundamentally goes against the initial design for the game. If players want to do it that's one thing, but the devs need to spend their time making content that matters for the fundation of what Crowfall is.
  5. If you aren't interested in a dynamic open world pvp MMO why are you playing this game? Crowfall at its roots is cemented on a deeper social system compared to any forty-five minute match lobby game Crowfall fundamentally functions as a war where resources matter, territory control is king, and relationships govern the ebb and flow of the game. An arena system undermines the entire concept for what Crowfall is about. Arenas circumvent the basic reasons why Crowfall works, and will be a bane on the game if created.
  6. It's one thing if ACE could wave a magic wand and the system would be in it. It's another if the system takes actual development time away from adding more systems to influence the core of the game. I'ld rather have development time on adding more disciplines, racial abilities, etc over an arena system.
  7. Crowfall isn't balanced around 1vs1 or even 6vs6. Most of the systems in the game are designed around large scale engagements, and an arena system would plague Crowfalls large scale pvp balance. The whole point of Crowfall is large scale engagements, and an arena system would undermine the entire point of the game.
  8. Finding an alter and being able to sacrifice stuff to gain a buff tailored to the god you sacrificed too would be awesome. Definitely something I would love to see after launch.
  9. Game breaking (the game is unplayable) bugs are fixed ASAP. An example was the death bug at the beginning of 5.5 Extremely inconvenient bugs are generally fixed in 1-3 weeks. An example is the fall damage issue in 5.5 General bugs are fixed in throughout a patch cycle and are implemented at the start of a new dust. An example is the duelist ultimate leaving particles indefinitely. This has been my general experience for the last two patch cycles.
  10. In basics I can kill people in advanced gear. While training helps but isnt necessary. I think people fail to realize the difference in player skill between a new player and veteran.
  11. Stealth is fine the way it is. It's difficult to use in combat, but is very rewarding if you play well. The issue with npcs is a bug, and c/q powers in general need a change.
  12. Zatch

    State of Duelist

    I haven't ever heard this.
  13. Guild system will bring a significant amount of people out of the woodwork.
  14. In my experience, if the bug has been reported, and it isn't game breaking, fixes usually take a patch cycle to implement. I have spent almost no time in EKs and likewise, haven't seen that issue you mentioned. I would expect most of the EK stuff will be fixed/changed with the upcoming 5.6 patch.
  15. I don't think they should waste development time making this game streamer friendly. The revenue added as a result of streaming is nice, but isn't necessary for the core of Crowfall. People have to accept this game can't be everything to everyone; its just not a streamer friendly game in the traditional sense.
  16. Its sad when misinformation is taken as gospel just because its on a YouTube video.
  17. The necromancy system is the most interesting crafting profession in the game. While the system itself doesn't do anything revolutionary; the entire package comes together very well. If Crowfall was a room than Necormancy would be the rug that ties it all together.
  18. In the current trees there isn't a play style specialization outside of a 3-4 month time period.
  19. I guess I didn't articulate how I think the skill system should be redone. Simply, I want the ability to train whatever nodes I want in a specific tree. Using a bowssassin as an example, I should be able to pick the range distance bonus in the rogue tree without having to train the nine nodes in front of it. I think its perfectly acceptable to have a percentage complete requirement to move onto the next tree, however if I want to skip certain skills that I don't want, I should be able to. The harvest trees make you choose what exactly you want to specialize in, and I feel combat could benefit greatly from a similar system. The discs should combine with the skills to create unique combat experience. Currently skills provide flat increases while beneficial, add nothing unique to the players combat experience.
  20. What is the point of skill training if everyone eventually ends up with the same skills, in the same order,at the same time? Why not allow players to tailor their characters to how they want to play?
  21. There isn't any customization in the current combat skill trees. If i want to specialize in range attacks on an assassin I have to spend at least one year training my character to get all the melee training, which I don't want. Training should be about customizing your character for a specific play style.
  22. -You can get discs from mobs with basic/intermediate weapons -There is fog of war. What you explore today wont be on the map of tomorrow. -Building will more than likely be the same as in an ek. (not confirmed but they are spending a significant amount of time on building in eks. I'm assuming it will be the same thing in the dregs) -POI have resources needed to build. You won't be taking a keep, you will have to physically build and defend it. -This is a pvp centric game. If you don't want to pvp, why are you here? -Dust and gold will be valuable resources for the entire lifetime of the game. You can trade for them or trade for intermediate gear. -Farm copper/iron/whatever so you can make gear when you have the training. I think its plenty to keep people motivated; maybe not the wow crowd, but this isn't their game.
  23. Activities you can do in the first month of the game after making intermediate gear: Getting discs, scouting terrain, building forts/keeps, taking over POI, pvp, setting up a shop, leveling, farm for advanced weapons/armor, etc. Keep in mind the game isn't balanced around the first month of play. The idea is to create a long term interdependent economy/social system.
  24. The assassin's damage is actually extremely high against targets with low armor pre backstab nerf. If you are attacking a knight-without specifically building to counter heavy armor-you deserve to do low damage. However, the assassin still has a multitude of issues namely both mobility and survivability. If I was ACE I would add an ability to consume stamina in stealth for a moderate sprint, and decrease the amount of soul power an assassin needs to to use their ulti. Both of these changes would be made taking into account the nerf to backstab.
  25. The positional attacks for the assassin are perfectly fine. The only issue I would say the assassin has is their run speed while in stealth.
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