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  1. One of the first fights on the Vindicator.
  2. It was a fun event to add some content to the game. Does it matter who wins or what skull you get? This is why we can't have or deserve nice things.
  3. A wise man once said, "You think you do, but you don't."
  4. Performance in previous campaign s should determine what you can enter later; eventually the cream will rise and the turds will flop. Exports should be geared towards rewarding the victors, but dregs campaigns shouldnt have any imports. Victory cosmetics are also good.
  5. The recent euro clown car should be mentioned.
  6. They should also get rid of city destruction. Or, if you want to destroy someones city you gotta destroy your own at the same time; only fair.
  7. did you slot thepassive power?
  8. you have to drag it off the inventory screen and left click again. This will unequip it and destroy it.
  9. Make a name for yourself as an x vendor. People will come to your location if the goods and prices are reasonable. New players need to have some way to catch up in training. Everyone knows this, and we will have to let ACE know if what they do is a viable solution to the passive problem.
  10. If you don't think Crowfall has made any meaningful development, you haven't kept track of the game. Looking at my old videos shows how far the game has come in last eighteen months. Is it perfect? Hell no, but if ACE can be as productive for the next twelve months as they were for the previous twelve, Crowfall will be in a great spot. For reference my poorly made socks old video:
  11. Some basic issues I see with your gameplay 1. You don't have c charged before you go into combat or you waste it. 2. Disc choice is lacking 3. you only use auto attacks 4. bad positioning.
  12. If you are only autoattacking on the confessor you're doing it wrong.
  13. Some general feedback on the Duelist: The class feels extremely weak in this iteration of the game. Bugs like the Pepper Box and Salt Peters definitely aren't helping this, but in general the class just doesn't cut the mustard. I would suggest a few changes to make the class better. 1. Make the ultimate do more damage, react as a proximity mine versus a timed explosion, and charge faster. I would advocate for changing the ability to a base ability. make it only usable in stealth, and allow it to do siege damage to walls on a 25-40 sec cd. Add another ultimate to each specialization that revolves around what the intention is for that that spec. 2. Rapid Fire needs to have something else it brings to the table. Each shot has an independent crit roll on it, and as a result, does very little damage in comparison to auto attacks. Another interaction for the ability would go a long way in making it more interesting/make it viable to even use. 3. Tunnel has been gutted. As the Duelists signature skill fix the pathing, and reduce the cool down so rats can go under walls easier. It use to be 8 seconds which may be to low, but 24 seconds feels punishing. 4. Bring back Quick shot resetting on auto attacks. 5. Bring back the ability to wear every armor type if you slot a minor disc for it. 6. A snare ability on left clicks similar to the old master of rapiers passive would be pretty swell. 7. Vanguard Scout specialization passive is terrible. Give it another passive and an ability that makes the rapier worth using on it. 8. To many dead stats for the class. Dex is all but worthless with a green body, and rings; Int shares a similar fate. 9. Pepper Box debuffing piercing armor could be changed to all phyiscal armor. 10. Add more discs to the duelist. Options are limited at best. Overall I feel like the class lacks an identity. My assumption is the class exists because the race class split wasn't decided on until midway through the project. The Duelist was already done, and ACE didn't want to throw away the animations/abilities already made.
  14. Patch 5.10 is not intended to have a large population or be the final iteration of the game. It's an incremental push towards finished game.
  15. Individuals are forced to have multiple accounts if they refuse to join a guild.
  16. The amount of Crit Chance Duelists have is ridiculously high. With rings, talents, Inconceivable Buffs, and Dexterity I'm currently sitting at 75-80% Crit Chance. The cap however is 50% so 30% of my characters stats are worthless. I would suggest allowing the other combat stats be placeable on rings during the Polish phase, and taking some Crit Chance out of the Duelist talent tree.
  17. Why are you entitled to any information?
  18. The VP of marketing is named Debbie Sue. ACE-more than likely-has a set schedule of updates planned for x number of weeks before they intend to launch the next major patch which will be a significant factor in revitalizing Crowfalls population. This time table is created based on market research analyzing the attention span of potential customers and maximizing that information to create sales. Julys QA was delayed because Todd wasn't in Austin. September seems like the month to begin their push with the guild videos maybe they are delaying August for that or to wait for enough questions to arise from the p2w forums. We are entering the marketing phase of Crowfall where every public thing ACE does is to maximize PR and the number of sales that comes with it.
  19. It isn't a coincidence that as soon as they hired a marketing person the news feed dried up. The dregs is planned for by the end of the year. Id be willing to bet they have a marketing/hype plan for the next major patch.
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