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  1. Discs in general need a polish pass. I'm sure they will get there eventually, but I wouldn't hold my breath while waiting.
  2. It will be the soundtrack to zatchrayne 4
  3. I would like to see a stream showing everything they have planned for the latter half of 2019. Obviously everything would be in varying states of development, but it would ease my concious as the where ACE intends to be at the end of the year. I haven't played in almost a year, and it doesn't look like much has changed to the larger parts of the game still misssing. The largest system added-class specializations-split classes into thirds when they already weren't whole to begin with. Really I would just like to have an update on the classes and how they intend to change them to add some much needed depth.
  4. I'm all for a wipe; definitely interested in playing again when ever it happens.
  5. Yes, a post with the same five isues complained about for the last five years is the defenition of relevance. Ill sum up everything in 5 sentences: Population balance will be an issue in any faction game. Performwnce-while significantly improved from the dumpster fire of 5.5,-is still bad. Guild banks will be added when the guild system is added. Gear durability has and will continue to be in flux. Game systems are coming online as they're ready. Balance and fun don't matter at this poinr; its about getting the systems in game. Is this more productive bucko? Its only been written 1000s of times I'm sorry I cant be bothered to care about the same five give complaints that have been addressed multiple times over the years.
  6. Why you crying? Did the big bad Jah hurt someones feelings?
  7. Zatch

    Guild Banks

    Probably arent going to get unlimited stack size or tabs. Too much potential information to store database wise.
  8. Zatch

    Duelist 5.8 Feedback

    Anyone know if any of my gripes have been addressed?
  9. Zatch

    Zone Caps

    Fake news. Mandalore is at least a 6.9.
  10. What does it matter if its 1 month, 2 months, or even 3 months. The point is the game isn't being designed around the first campaign. Its guaranteed to be a poorly made socks show.
  11. I wish they gave the mug from January to people who tested in the past versus just one month. My participation trophy shelf is gonna have a spot open and its gonna drive me INSANE!!!!!!
  12. Other classes don't need to "catch up" to the ranger, as long range is what differentiates the class from a confessor or any other range spec. If the class doesn't get range it may as well be a confessor with a bow. It takes a month to get to heartwood. They aren't designing the game for the first campaign, it's being designed for the hundreds after it. An inconvenience for the first month is nothing compared to the intended longevity for the game.
  13. They really should rename the ranger to the R simply because the class has no range. This (outside of number balance) is the only issue with the archer class. Make range have a cap of 50-60m. Having cc tied into discs is fine; it means you have to CHOOSE to get it. As for arrows the solution isn't to get rid of quivers, but instead to give Duelists ammo pouches.
  14. I was told by someone in UDL that we would be zerged into the shadows. Are you telling me this information was incorrect?
  15. Skins are +100 to sex appeal, obviously this is p2w and must change.
  16. Why do you need a PVE server when you can just buy everything you need at Aerynth Traders. I was getting one-shot by Champions until I bought gear from there, now I am the Champion!
  17. Some feedback for the duelist for 5.8.2. I generally play rapier and this feedback is mostly related to the melee variant of the class. From my perspective the Duelist isn't fun to play in its current iteration. This stems from a few changes coming in the new talent trees, insane ramp up time, and cool down increases on base class abilities. The new talent trees are a welcome addition to Crowfall, but they feel half baked as implemented. An easy example of this can be seen in the ability for Flintlock Shot to reset its cool down being tied into the slayer tree versus a class passive. For me this was an interesting mechanic that added some variety to the Duelists DPS. The other two Duelist lines cannot get that reset, and as a result lose that extra class mechanic in exchange for nothing. Talent trees should enhance the base classes not cut and stitch parts from one to make three. Having armor type tied into the talent trees is also an issue. Currently Plate is a requirement for any combat over 10vs10. Leather wearers die not only to fast, but the extra damage compensation is nowhere near what Plate brings to the table. This results in being forced to play as a Dirge to even have a chance of surviving large group combat on a Duelist. Armor should be a playstyle choice not a requirement. Duelists have a crazy ramp up time to do alright damage. Here is a typical setup: Ambush for 2 combo points>use flintlock>basic attack>sacrifice a goat to get good RNG>Inconceivable>basic attack>basic attack>basic attack>basic attack>basic attack>Pepperbox Shot>Flintlock Shot>basic attack>basic attack>basic attack>Impale. That’s 14 GCDs to get your one hard hitting ability off that has to crit to do good damage. No other class in the game has this large of a ramp up time, and is entirely dependent on RNG multiple times in the damage cycle. Combining this with staying alive, and the Duelist feels shackled. Ramp up/momentum classes are fun, but-for the Duelist-it takes to long and doesn’t last long enough. The change to the skill Tunnel neuters the Duelist. I can’t play a scout on the character, and my ability to make plays in forts has been diminished to the point its non existent. This is honestly the single biggest change that's ruined my enjoyment of the game since backing the Kickstarter. It doesn’t need to be an 8 second cd, but 25 is too damn long; 12-18 would be a decent sweetspot. Overall the class feels awful this patch. As someone who loved the Duelist and played it exclusively all of 5.5-5.7, I find the class to be disappointingly unplayable and will be switching to other classes moving forward.
  18. Did you sacrifice a goat at the alter of ACE in Austin Texas? I hear that if you do that, while hopping on one leg, AND spin in a circle 94.69 times a mount will drop from the sky.
  19. This is the main thing. Level 10 should take 10-20mins to acquire,and give you the necessary class toolkit to PvP. The extra 20 levels should be about character refinement not whole pieces.
  20. Yo, I hear prealpha siege is super important. I don't know what's more hilarious cheesing a pre alpha siege or caring about the cheese. You all make me sick! Nerds!11!!1
  21. Shhhhhhhh the tears have sustained me during this cold, cold winter.
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