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  1. Tomorrow. SOURCE - My dad works at ACE.
  2. It would have to be a short campaign. But with that restriction, I could see it being a fun side activity while waiting for the next major dregs campaign.
  3. It comes with the nature of the game. You can't ban all of it, or any of it really. It's just the way it is.
  4. I'm curious to how many games you've shipped because this never happens, ever. No the first concepts they need to test is whether the servers and game can handle 100+ people fighting at once. Crafting, combat, world stitching all come before the hunger mechanic. The hunger is frosting on the cake, not the cake itself. This is your idea for a game. None of the devs or anyone here has ever endorsed this. Could Crowfall do this down the line with the systems they've developed? Maybe, but this all comes down to your misinformation. The whole point of the dregs is to come down to one winner and having the map reset. I don't think you understand what Uncle Bob is. Uncle Bob is a system where the map DOESN'T reset. The game stagnates because one group is in charge and has no one to contest it.
  5. Once campaigns last 90 days+ and an engaging end game "hunger" system has been developed Crowfall is intended to play like your quote above. If you're mad there isn't a Battleroyale like system that constantly closes in like hunderdome; that was never intended to be an endgame system. Can anyone figure out why he's upset? I truly have no idea.
  6. How is this relevant to anything regarding a wipe? Class balance is abysmal as there isn't a reason to balance when everything changes every few months.
  7. You do realize this is to give context to the seasons mechanic, and maps changing every campaign right? I think the idea for the game is pretty clear: territory control with maps changing to stop stagnation. The Eternal Kingdoms are for showing off wins, and for players to have a permanent housing system.
  8. I don't care if they wipe or not. To spend dev time making a prealpha is "balanced"-in a game that will be imbalanced by design-is a waste of valuable time. I see no issue with people being demotivated to play an incomplete game. Everything you have will be wiped in the next three months, and everything you do in the next six months will be wiped. Until the game reaches a live product ACE needs to spend their time and money correctly. If a patch causes wipes, or makes Nooby Nolan sad he can't compete; I care not.
  9. VIP was exactly that. You spent money to get VIP and got more skill points. You're upset about a prealpha. Whatever takes the devs no time to implement is the best course of action. They do need to test the skill difference between players who start at different times to see how it feels. If you are that concerned about gear, join a guild.
  10. Please drop the hyperbole, it's embarrassing. No one wants money to be an outright decider in this game. This a concept in ALL competition whether it be sports, video games, or throwing rocks. A year from launch the people who've played since day one will have a gear and skill training advantage. MMOs are not lobby based games; they're a persistent world where player decisions made before you joined have and will continue to have ramifications. If you can't accept this, play DOTA. It's a great game and every game starts and stops at square one.
  11. All fights should consist of 12 people, on flat ground, and in basics. Devs should FORCE this, otherwise its unfair. This is what you want. Crowfall isn't a fair game; it never will be. If you can't except that sometimes other people will have better gear, more numbers, or some other logistical advantage then you are in for a rough time my friend.
  12. Should listen to Jah IMO. He's way smarter and devilishly handsome I hear.
  13. Before you make posts like this you should probably look to see if its been addressed. This will be changing in 6.0.
  14. You do realize that to "win trade" requires trading the mmr of one account to another. Your example is a false equivalency, and its hilarious how pathetic your train of logic is.
  15. I heard the frostweaver shoots hurricanes out its ass, Blair mentioned it on Tweeter. The only issue is it requires you to send Jackal a check for $50 to unlock. Isn't Jack is swell guy!?
  16. Was there really a need to post this when you already came to this conclusion?
  17. Ashes is one of the most hated games around. it's not a good example for anything other than what not to do.
  18. Zatch

    Cleric builds

    Forgot rat Cleric. Go Go Go @Jah, learn these scrubs the way of the rodent!
  19. How do we let this exquisite, neigh exemplary beauty of a video be sullied by simple name calling? I have reported all of you; good day!
  20. Zatch


    Good to see you back.
  21. Love the Trophy system for cosmetics. I welcome the beginning of Stylefall.
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