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    American Football, MMA, Tabletop RPGs, Meaningful PvP, Legion of Myth (http://legionofmyth.com).
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    Here, there, and everywhere.
  1. In our 28 Feb live stream we spend nearly one hour discussing, speculating, and opining on PvP in Crowfall. Check it out [HERE]. Oh, I'm sure some my thoughts will get me some dislikes.
  2. While we don't focus only on Crowfall, it is a priority game for us and we held a special live stream for the Crowfall Kickstarter and Announcements last night. You can check out the video of the live stream here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9M5u6nMmnE Also our weekly stream includes a Crowfall segment. If interested, you can add to the Crowfall persona on our website: http://legionofmyth.com Rooks is our primary POC for this, so address all of your complaints about me in the video to him. He'll also be handling any guild formation topics when we get to that point.
  3. I doubt many will be restricted like this, but I don't see the problem. So there may be a campaign or two you can't do, there will be many, many others which you can do. I like the idea that race/class (Archetype) matters like this.
  4. The rodent community disapproves. Though the Aracoix were cool in Shadowbane.
  5. Or we believe in the concept of this game, and are willing to put a little extra money forth to support the project and the team creating the project.
  6. I like active reactions to the environment -- (i.e. active blocking, countering with the appropriate magic defense, and so on) -- over mash A to heal, mash B to buff, Mash C for the other buff. Keep everyone actively engaged, even the support classes.
  7. Yes, for the love of the Hamster goddess, yes! Plus he has a Tri-Ryche avatar, that's makes him automatically cool in my book.
  8. I like the multiple realms because it allows me to PvP in the manner of my choosing. You'll probably never see me in the Dregs, but I'll living up some faction warfare. I love that stuff!
  9. More servers and staff for the first ever (honestly) smooth launch of an MMO.
  10. Part of this also has to do with what people consider “carebear.” To some I am a full on carebear, because I eschew 1-on-1 combat and games of pure anarchy. Pure death match worlds (e.g. Asheron’s Call Darktide) where high end players gank newbies trying to figure out W A S D aren’t fun for me – on either side of the equation -- and I don’t care for most of the people whom I encounter in those games. I also don’t duel; I think they are stupid – unless I am testing a mechanic. I really couldn’t care less if you can twitch better than me or if you min/maxed with perfect efficiency. I think it’s quite obvious that I won’t be going to the Dregs in Crowfall. It’s not my thing. What I care about are tactics, strategy, and conquest. I prefer Risk and Civilization to Street Fighter and Action Arena Sim #65,472. I don’t care about taking your suit of armor. That’s a pittance compared to taking your mines, your farms, and your children as slaves. I have no problem leading the charge or being a cog in the Military Industrial Complex. Squad-based raids. Scouting actions. Full on army assaults. Flanking cavalry. Ganking supply lines and reinforcements. Meaningful Conquest! I’m not taking your lunch money. We are taking your ability to even make a lunch. I want to see your team and faction suffer. I want to see them break as the leadership crumbles and the forums get all QQ. I want to see my Hamster Hordes ravage the landscape in the likes of a Biblical plague. I’m not signing up to be someone’s virtual Champion, I’m playing to crush … with armies and alliances. So, for me, it’s about the politics, the armoes, and the conquest. If that makes me a carebear, I proudly wear the logo on my plush belly.
  11. But you're playing in their world, not yours. We get to make it what we want when we are in there, the the basic codex of the word (myth, gods, etc) are there for us to follow. I'm a huge fan of locked archetypes!
  12. That's what I said too, when I saw there were elves in the game. How rude! Go Go Guineceans!!!
  13. maxliao

    Was It Gaea?

    We never had to hide from the dinosaurs, because dragons ate them, so we evolved naturally into the sentient beings we are.
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