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  1. In MMOs, pants typically have more stats than boots so one has to wonder if they have less stats due to two sets of boots and no pants. I know, not what you were really talking about but hey.
  2. As we get further in development, we're going to start discussing skills and other things seen in videos. In an effort to cut down on the filesize and data usage for those visiting the forum, it would be a good idea to support WebM embeds. One of the big advantages is the computational footprint of those who use tablets and phones to browse the forum. Just a suggestion but I feel the community could benefit from it.
  3. Seems like it. Went back to the video and cut out that portion in webm.
  4. They definitely seem faster than the others. Interesting bonus to the arch.
  5. Well that confirms it. Todd dropping confirmation on 2015.
  6. Passive training gives people a reason to keep subscribing as well. Severs and maintaining a staff does cost money. Also we're not even sure how big of an impact it'll have. The way it sounds in the FAQ seems minor at best and if all you care about is a single character, I'm not sure how it affects you. It may affect a guilds ability to maintain a wide variety of classes that they may be short on, but I doubt it will have big implications on the balancing over the long run. Just my opinion though. Either way, it'll be hard to know before we see it in action.
  7. I believe he's talking in reference to how all of the dates are December 2016, alphas and all betas have the same date.
  8. In the gameplay video at MMORPG.com there is a point where they aren't there. Made a webm example here: http://justinlowe.name/telegra.webm Edit: Can't embed it as a video :/
  9. They did mention it before on one of the pages but I do have to agree. Not a fan of telegraphs. Hope they remove them in the future or at least eliminate them early on in the game. They're fine as a crutch for new players but anything beyond that and I start to worry how it impacts play at a competitive level.
  10. Not much longer left to wait. Time to get some tacos.
  11. If this is truly the morning in Austin, where are the breakfast tacos?
  12. Good stuff guys. Looking forward to this one being a long running staple of the community.
  13. Someone loves taking pictures at perfect angles. That's the big reveal!
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