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  1. I have not had the pleasure of testing this game but I did back it. When I saw some Hungerdome gameplay I thought it looked fun and just wanted to share my after thought. I don't care if the game was 100% PvP I am still excited for Crowfall.
  2. Yes guys I do know Crowfall is a PvP centered game and there are now planned dungeons. I love and am all about PvP and really don't like "traditional" PvE. How ever I have in the past (long ago, before the days of queing for a pug) had fun running dungeons in MMOs with my friends. Friends who I would also PvP with. I guess could compare this idea to Arathi Basin in wow but not really at all. What I was imagining was to get to the PvE loot, you must first prove your self in PvP. within hunger dome and its last man (group) standing rules would defiantly make it interesting. like 4 people alive you would have a good chance at clearing the keep, 3 would be possible, 2 would be near impossible and 1 is suicide. of course you could also just revive the any fallen members of the winning group. but I feel that would take away from the risk vs reward... and thats what its all about
  3. So I was just watching some gameplay of Crowfalls Hunger Dome mode which looks really fun! I like how there is a keep in the middle that the hunger approaches to be the battle ground for any remaining teams. It got me thinking... What if after one team emerges victorious the surviving members of the team could choose to enter the keep which would have a full little PvE dungeon they could attempt to tackle as a gamble for even greater rewards?!?! Man I think that would be awesome! It would call for even stronger team work keeping everyone on your team alive to the very end. Just an idea for different and cool ways to reward players.
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