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  1. Looking for active heavy PVP guild Just got in game so i'm brand new buit im a mature 36 year old and been around all the full loot type games Very loyal just need a home. I am in Perth, Australia so my timezone is +8 Leader of Harlequin in Darkfall and Mortal Online divisions but we have since died as a guild
  2. Got in the game now looking for an active guild in Crowfall who are currently in game I joined one but they had no one playing Red PVP ?? Suggestions?
  3. Ah ok mate, thanks for the update, just got word from support to aLSO READ THIS Our next test will run for 50+ hours. It is scheduled to start on Friday night, 11/4, at 5pm CST and to end on Sunday night, 11/6,11pm CST. Our current plan is to invite the Alpha 2 Kickstarter test group first (~3,000 people invited), and – subject to server performance – we will look at adding the rest of the Alpha 2 test group folks during this same test window. Everyone in the Alpha 2 and 3 test groups should be in by the next weekend, 11/11 (unless we have some kind of development setback). Problems in development are to be expected, so don’t be too distressed if that happens. Every problem we find and fix now is great for the future stability and scalability of Crowfall! Remember: we want to invite people as quickly as we can, but that is limited by the performance and stability of every test version.
  4. Hi guys Just upgraded my package from the bronze 17 to the next tier up which allows me to get into Pre Alpha 2 but entitlements still not allowing me to download the client Any sugestions?
  5. I just spent another $80 USD to get into Alpha 2 but my entitlement still not working?
  6. Any way I can upgrade and get in now?
  7. Getting into this game ;)

  8. Hahaha Definately looking for a red guild, I managed to turn Harlequin from very Blue to Very Red as soon as I took over leadership lol Is the Goons? LoD etc all playing this?
  9. It seems most of you guys I used to play against in Dark Fall and Mortal Online I always ran around with Harlequin.. Finally looks like a decent game we can all play again Ill be looking for a pvp focused guild if anyone wants to take me on If not ill see you guys on the Battlefiled Also I pledged after reading this The I check the entitlement and it says I still can;t join? is this normal? 2017 Bronze Bundle This pledge package is the least expensive way to get you into the current pre-alpha testing. It includes several extra items, check the full description!
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