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  1. I suppose there are 2 possibilities in this. 1. There are separated q's for VIP's and non VIP's (eg. AA). 2. VIP's bypass non VIP's when they enter queue thus getting in game faster. I'd personally prefer 2nd option since i remember patron q being longer than regular q at times during AA launch which made it actually worse being paying customer than freeloader.
  2. Free for all in 1 zone. Rules are set by devs depending on which zone u are in, not by players. They even decide what gear u can take with you when u enter the zone. @xcom Imo ffapvp should be every where not in some locked up basement where only few dare to enter.
  3. Looks like its going to be 1 instanced megaserver (basically giant themepark) wiht very limited freedom. No open world ffa pvp game.. thumbs down from me
  4. Well that screen shot sure is a hype killer for me. :/ I've never liked this cartoon type of graphics so its 1st thing that hits me. Seems like character customizing will be limited to using "skill points" (hope i'm dead wrong with this!) and that makes me wonder. If we can have barely any impact on our character look/build, is it going to be same for game world? Well, i'm not giving up hope yet but this ss sure was turn off for me.
  5. I'm huge advocate of open pvp, but i don't think that we (pvp players) should mock pve crowd as it most of the seems to be. There's always roles that need to be filled by those who do not want to pvp. Granted, they're in risk of getting engaged in combat if it's going to be open pvp, but it is their guilds job to protect them as much as possible and if crafting/economics/politics and such are going to be big part of the game (i'm speculating here of course) we'll need the pve crowd very very much. Some one dedicated on controlling the economy or resources can make jsut as big impact as some one fighting on the battle field. Maybe even bigger impact in some cases..
  6. If you have to "flag" your self for pvp i will never play it. I already had problems with Arche age where you had to flag to be able to kill your own faction. - No factions (player made alliances etc are different of course) - No safe zones (towns can have guards to kill you or throw your ass in jail but pvp shouldn't be disabled in towns) - No instances (open world where u can travel where u want) That's pretty much all i want.
  7. Perma death would just encourage zerging and kill all small scale pvp skirmishes. I think death needs to ahve consequences but not perma death. Imo losing your inventory and maybe having chance of losing some equipped item/s is enough.
  8. I doubt game with this kind of system would survive long. There would be ingame scamming and robbing which would turn majority of ppl away pretty fast when you're losing real money. Game would also have to be 18+ only (not that i'd mind that tho) and that would decrease player base.
  9. There shouldn't be rare drops at all. All items above average should be player made.
  10. It should be free4all. When you log in, you're in danger from that point on. No lvl restrictions or factions.
  11. This! Your post describes perfectly my thoughts.
  12. Last mmo i played was Archage, so im in category "other".
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