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  1. Thank you! I love this new video format. Shows off the cool stuff straight and to the point. Would love to see this again for the next major milestones (doesn't have to be every 5.x one necessarily). Looks great!
  2. Interesting little tidbit. Does that mean you're extrapolating rather than buffering and interpolating on the client? That would explain the rubber-banding.
  3. Because in the final game you won't be the only one working on supplying you with equipment. It will be a collaborative effort for your guild to keep everyone equipped and replenish lost gear.
  4. Where is the game right now with respect to optimization? Are there still large gains to be made from low-hanging fruit? Right now performance (specifically FPS and choppy/rubberbandy networked movement) is personally my biggest concern with the game as I check up on new footage. Dips to 20-30 (or worse) FPS is not amenable to action-oriented PvP, the movement jitter is really jarring, and all of that is exacerbated by the crazy amount of visual effects in large fights further occluding readability. Every time I share a video of the game with friends who are also interested in Crowfall I find
  5. Personally believe that end-of-campaign exports at the very least should require travel to a dangerous place. Makes more opportunities for interesting fights to happen in new locations and encourages being social since you'd need friends to go with and protect you on deposit.
  6. Hopefully not. If a streamer decides to give away their position without a delay or anything then that's their responsibility and the responsibility of the group they play with.
  7. Will the backer who named that location/monarch/hero also be identified where that name shows up? As in: King Customnamed Monarch (Named by Backername)
  8. I guess I'm non-traditional, but if someone on the street asked me what "extreme pvp" was, I'd at least expect it to involve people fighting other people rather than waking up at 4am to fight defenseless buildings.
  9. It's strange to me that, of the two options, you consider the banestone system to be the "carebear" approach. If anything it forces people to actually fight each other when they can both log on rather than just having one side fighting defenseless buildings. Not having a banestone-like system would turn it from PvP to PvBuilding and PvTimezone. I always thought of bane stones as the "let's schedule a fun fight" stone.
  10. I prefer the shorter, more focused Q&A videos.
  11. Taking Project 1999 EQ as an example, guilds have dedicated crafting accounts, dedicated cleric/rez accounts, dedicated buffbot/powerleveling accounts, and so on. Where the passwords are shared between the guild officers for public use and service. I doubt there's anything ACE can do about this. Especially when you just have to passively train it by logging in every so often and queuing things up.
  12. Do we know if all buildings are destructible? The stream showed a TOL inside citadel/keep building. Will we be able to knock down the walls and hit it from something outside?
  13. I would like to see a clearer statement about keycloning between clients and whether or not it would be a rule violation.
  14. I'm just sad the half-elf isn't called Aelfborn and covered in tattoos.
  15. Would like to see more options for the duelist but it probably has the most unique animations.
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