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  1. Well, you of all people should recognize that it's cathartic to bring it up as an issue regardless.
  2. Also disappointed by the lack of acknowledgement of this issue. Daily faction swapping makes any sort of connection to the campaign irrelevant. Guilds hop factions every night, usually bandwagoning to the winning faction, and destabilize the teams to the point where the entire FvF setup is nonfunctional. Commit guilds to a faction when they first join a campaign, even if they change gods later online.
  3. Isn't that the responsibility of the guild when looking at whether or not to accept a recruit application?
  4. They aren't lowering the guild size. You can still have your 500 person guild. You're just going to have to go it alone now instead of blobbing up with all the other 500 person guilds.
  5. Guild pruning is a pretty standard practice IMO. Nothing says you have to boot them from your discord etc. if they decide to come back. Would be weird if the mere act of a guild member logging on, or clicking "enter world" suddenly cast your alliance into turmoil by booting you from it. Imagine that happening during a siege.
  6. What are you going to tell them instead? "No, you're not allowed in this campaign, you'll ruin it for the rest of us, go twiddle your thumbs for a month in God's Reach."
  7. Yeah, I was pretty disappointed at @Tyrant's response to that question (regarding faction/campaign hopping). Shadows loses all meaning when guilds change factions every night (or just bandwagon to the winning side), or tourists from other campaigns or dregs come in to dogpile a siege on one night, only to return on another faction the next. There's no real sense of fighting for your faction and taking territory that counts, it just feels like Sky Point with (easy-to-circumvent) import tokens. At the very least, when you enter a Shadows campaign you should be bound to that faction for the duration of the campaign.
  8. This is all I want as well, and on Shadows too please.
  9. Could the handshake portion (without the zone population cap part) be included in Shadows? No-show siege defenses are a problem there as well, and they contribute to burnout over time. It would be nice to know that a siege is actually going to happen and that the attackers have some commitment to it.
  10. Wouldn't this also obviate the need for #1 then? Either you can tell if you need to be there to defend, or you can't.
  11. Would be nice. Same with locking you to a faction. Tired of the dregs tourists and bandwagon team swappers.
  12. Outposts flip all the time and constantly. Trying to interpret that as an imminent attack is like reading tea leaves.
  13. #2 seems to defeat the point of #1 since you'd need defenders there to protect those assets every time.
  14. Combat check alone won't cut it. It's pretty easy to be in combat while not actually being in combat according to the game, especially if you're trying to flee.
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