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  1. Well, you of all people should recognize that it's cathartic to bring it up as an issue regardless.
  2. Also disappointed by the lack of acknowledgement of this issue. Daily faction swapping makes any sort of connection to the campaign irrelevant. Guilds hop factions every night, usually bandwagoning to the winning faction, and destabilize the teams to the point where the entire FvF setup is nonfunctional. Commit guilds to a faction when they first join a campaign, even if they change gods later online.
  3. Isn't that the responsibility of the guild when looking at whether or not to accept a recruit application?
  4. They aren't lowering the guild size. You can still have your 500 person guild. You're just going to have to go it alone now instead of blobbing up with all the other 500 person guilds.
  5. Guild pruning is a pretty standard practice IMO. Nothing says you have to boot them from your discord etc. if they decide to come back. Would be weird if the mere act of a guild member logging on, or clicking "enter world" suddenly cast your alliance into turmoil by booting you from it. Imagine that happening during a siege.
  6. What are you going to tell them instead? "No, you're not allowed in this campaign, you'll ruin it for the rest of us, go twiddle your thumbs for a month in God's Reach."
  7. Yeah, I was pretty disappointed at @Tyrant's response to that question (regarding faction/campaign hopping). Shadows loses all meaning when guilds change factions every night (or just bandwagon to the winning side), or tourists from other campaigns or dregs come in to dogpile a siege on one night, only to return on another faction the next. There's no real sense of fighting for your faction and taking territory that counts, it just feels like Sky Point with (easy-to-circumvent) import tokens. At the very least, when you enter a Shadows campaign you should be bound to that faction for the duration of the campaign.
  8. This is all I want as well, and on Shadows too please.
  9. Could the handshake portion (without the zone population cap part) be included in Shadows? No-show siege defenses are a problem there as well, and they contribute to burnout over time. It would be nice to know that a siege is actually going to happen and that the attackers have some commitment to it.
  10. Wouldn't this also obviate the need for #1 then? Either you can tell if you need to be there to defend, or you can't.
  11. Would be nice. Same with locking you to a faction. Tired of the dregs tourists and bandwagon team swappers.
  12. Outposts flip all the time and constantly. Trying to interpret that as an imminent attack is like reading tea leaves.
  13. #2 seems to defeat the point of #1 since you'd need defenders there to protect those assets every time.
  14. Combat check alone won't cut it. It's pretty easy to be in combat while not actually being in combat according to the game, especially if you're trying to flee.
  15. If you change teams while out of a temple you should die and have to respawn somewhere, just like most team games. See:
  16. Out in the field and change factions? You die. Plain and simple. Yes, you're lootable. Yes, you lose durability. What if it just teleported you back to a temple? - Could be used to escape fights. Run around a big rock and change your guild's god on the website. Free escape. What happens if your guild changes gods to a different faction? - If you're online in God's Reach or Shadows and not in a temple, you die. Don't like it? Get mad at your guild leader for not warning you. What about the lore reason? - The gods are real mad at you for doing that, traitor. Make it clear (with a toast or popup) that you died because you change factions, or your guild did. You can fly off to a faction-appropriate respawn outpost or keep and attempt to reclaim your dignity there.
  17. You could buy or craft a mount in the campaign and transmog it for the same appearance using the crafting window.
  18. Assuming you're talking about Amersyn, looks like the numbers evened out a bit tonight, so that's good. Had some pretty close fights all throughout the various fort/keep windows.
  19. Telling someone that, heh, (snort), maybe you should use a real alchemist like me instead of carrying around a spare poison is pretty smug and elitist, actually! None of these examples are self-sabotaging behavior. Carrying spare ammo? Swapping out your gear for something you found off a wartribe chest? That's not self-sabotaging in any way. Suboptimal in your eyes maybe, but not self-sabotaging. I'm not sure saying "hey, you can't trade this thing, and if you die, others can loot it and maybe return it to you but they can't use it for anything but sacrifice XP" is terribly overcomplicated. Maybe that makes me an elitist, too. I know I'd prefer having a chance of getting the item back over it just being inexplicably destroyed from my inventory (even if my friend is right there to pick up my corpse for me).
  20. It's actually impressive how blinded you are by your need to demonstrate how good the way you play the game is. Like, yes, some of these situations aren't the ideal way to play, but you have to be able to at least fathom that they occur sometimes, and that some gameplay happens as a result. You've been given a number of different examples and batted them all away with "well, that's not the best (read: my) way to do it, so it doesn't/shouldn't happen!"
  21. Just working with the tone I've been given here. You seem to really value making sure people play the right (read: your) way. etc. But anyway... I swear, with Todd as my witness, that nobody has ever once, in the history of Crowfall, ever looted an item from an outpost or wartribe chest on a campaign that was better than something they had imported, swapped the two, and carried the imported item in their inventory for a time where it could potentially be looted.
  22. I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with imported items. If you do, then that would make a good post on its own, but it isn't directly related to the abuse of tokens. That said, "imported items are destroyed if dropped" is also a system, and has the same unintuitive burden of having to be explained to a player. I believe it's a worse system, because it eliminates gameplay opportunities (the ones I enumerated in my last post). I think looting imported items is important and valuable, I just don't want that to be abusable to circumvent the inability to trade them. It's arguably a bad way to play, not an impossible, unintended, or problematic one. Being looted is also a bad way to play. Just don't die, right? Problem solved. Carrying (and losing) imported items in your inventory may not be the smartest thing to do, but it happens* and it should be supported, just as dropping and looting anything else would be. The problematic part is how that mechanic could be used to circumvent trade restrictions. Hence making them lootable, but effectively unusable to anyone but the importer. As I said, having moments where an ally is able to recover your corpse and your items, no matter how foolish you were in letting them be looted in the first place, is a good gameplay moment worth preserving. * Not to you, you're very good at the game and have superb alchemists at your disposal with infinite durability poisons so you would never do such a thing. I beg of you only for a moment to consider mere mortals.
  23. If you weren't intended to carry around extra gear/ammo then I think that intention would be made clearer by the game. Currently, if that's the intent, it's rather confused by the facts that (a) you can, (b) there are multiple reasons to do so, and (c) people do, even if only by accident or for transport. You may consider the downsides to outweigh the benefits, but that's different from the intent of the game. This, again, has nearly nothing to do with import tokens, but I'm sure whatever you do is a very strong and powerful way to play and you're very good. What I'm posting about is an attempt to achieve the following goals: 1) Import tokens shouldn't be trivialized by alts that exist solely to smuggle, rather than use, them 2) Imported things should still work mostly the same as non-imported things (as is the case right now) 3) You should still risk losing your imported things if they're in your inventory when you die (as is the case right now) 4) You should still be able to get your imported things back if you get back to your corpse before anyone else does (as is the case right now) 5) Enemies should still get something beneficial out of looting your imported things (as is the case right now, though this would diminish that a bit) 6) Allies should still be able to return your imported things to you if they can recover your corpse before anyone else does (as is the case right now) I think all of these are important and useful for gameplay. I think the severed tag accomplishes all of these without changing anything from current PvP looting gameplay except for 5, and by making the items sacrifice-able you still at least get something useful from looting an imported item.
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