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  1. Wreckoning seems to be particular strong at the moment, in particular secutor where the knights gets a hefty barrier from there to blow up. I'm not sure how this interacts with barriers stacking inconsistently across classes. It's quite quick to take out an enemy comp if you have multiple Wreckoning users since the 4k max damage is AoE. It could maybe be resolved by taking the max damage all the way down, although I understand that Wreckoning has before had its issues finding its place in the game.
  2. After the latest, a frostweaver character I left logged into TEST Infected Skypoint cannot be loaded into, either there or any other worlds. It would be stuck on 'Feeding Crows' loading screen. When I first closed the client, I could get a glimpse of where I left it logged ou and afk timers do start. My other characters can log into worlds fine, so I'll not worry too much and easily remake it.
  3. Destroying disciplines on removing them is fine by me, it's a good hard choice about when to slot a new discipline in the upgrade process.
  4. Once dregs is live, I'd recommend going back to not above level 31 in Infected, so the new players coming to level and get in a touch of pvp in Skypoint might understand their fights better, why they lost etc. I don't mind keeping a level 31 character just for when I want to Infected fight.
  5. Just go to a less popular and competitive campaign and shill out the 75k gold for a keep there. If not, buy an alliance from a mercantile guild with a crafting keep.
  6. <QUESTION> The Valkyn upgraded Relic in Eternal Kingdoms as a reward for Kickstarter is huge disincentive to crafting in a campaign keep. What do you plan to do to balance this? Most of us are using its buff, but it's greatly unfair to new guilds and on day one of launch.
  7. The All-Father Valkyn Relic, from an upgrade Kickstarter Backer reward, is a huge disincentive to ever needing to compete for a keep for its crafting advantages. It's a better than a keep buff, since you don't need to build a specific building for it: +10 Assembly, 15 experimentation, 1 experimentation point, for the craft of the discs you have equipped. Most of us in largish guilds have a guildee who backed at that time and are using it in our upgrades. It's a severe enough hindrance against Crowfall that there could be room for a harsh solution like inflating the equivalent values
  8. Barriers are not stacking on top of one another like before and inconsistently: for example, a barrier from Backstab and Dagger Spin will still stack, but Bandit's Armor will not stack on them.
  9. The game sounds disappearing but ambient sounds continuing, seems to happen often a few minutes into harvesting stone.
  10. Wiping the Infected forts clean of an allegiance and the fort's chest inventory every 24 hours might give a few of the newer players a chance in the evenings to experience taking a neutral fort.
  11. Infinite sprint is a still a thing in combat.
  12. Player centaurs' Wild Charge will not knockback players no matter how close the player centaur is to them. Embarri centaurs' Wild Charge does have knockback.
  13. Embarri clerics can successfully root wood elves, so the Nature's Resistance racial seems bugged.
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