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  1. The unequip discipline statue in EK is pretty cool, since it's a first step towards having unequip discipline areas within campaign keeps.
  2. Amongst our community, we don't quite understand the meaning of this bit.
  3. We're open to recruiting two or three more spots in the guild 🙂 Most of our membership is on break from the game, but if you'd like to join a small handful from casually competitive pvp guild with some prelaunch roots and knowledge, join our public section of Discord where our recruitment officer Ethersin can answer your questions https://discord.gg/CKSwn7p or DM Wolfsrain#6482 We have a near-endgame crafting pipeline and at the moment contribute to small guild goals outside our personal goals. Most days we have an optional event going on. Currently, we're playing under the ACK Acolytes alliance in Gantinyja Dregs.
  4. In the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, I think it was a mistake to include AUS zones this mega dregs. This is for both the scoring and the number of worlds. Although we probably could of predicted it by the limited Aus competition of last dregs and after the one Aus guild game quit. At the moment, the greatest gain in points you can make is on the open spaces of Aus outposts and the odd hours of their forts. It has the incentive of spreading outpost cappers over a larger area and zones, rather than the desired effect we want of a heated outpost exchange in players’ home zones. Aus forts have the effect of juiced up nightcapping - just you have to have enough online at that time to take a fort since aus guilds have never hold them. The small chinese playerbase have moved always into shadows after the first dregs, so there doesn’t seem a demand to be met there. Some folk at the start of the campaign say it’s been the best small scale they’ve had. It’s nice. Another NA zone instead to consolidate activity could have been good. But I’d of preferred two less world by taking away Aus.
  5. Thanks, to be fair the previous time before, a lot us had been asking for a bit of small break in between campaigns, so this was nice.
  6. The new keep damage over time debuff 'cannot stealth in enemy territory' does damage to everyone on neutral keeps with no owners.
  7. TEST Dregs, Zelariell (AUS) adventure zone, I could not find any Animal bosses like Alphas, Elders, etc spawning. This includes the usual locations you'd expect them to spawn at. In the past, it's been a server wide bug. I've seen some but not as many as I'd expect in Aurefio.
  8. At the moment, I'd appreciate logging out of Eternal Kingdoms to take 1 second by default. Better yet if it's ready, a / command to toggle the length on or off for the EK.
  9. Right, I expect but I'm not sure. Personally, my preference would be that specifically soulbound Disciplines cost 0 Import Tokens. Though I'm wondering too if it's a very small disincentive to avoid equipping a Stonemasonry discipline before going into a campaign. This so you can craft your x many vendors at the start of campaign to take Temple vendor slots.
  10. When the changes on TEST are patched onto LIVE, please would you explain why you want equipped Disciplines equipped to cost Import Tokens for a campaign 🙂 I'm not sure I understand the reason yet.
  11. TEST Dregs, if you enter a 'non-equipables Embargo' campaign with a Common+ quality Stonemasonry Exploration Discipline equipped and a crafted Common+ quality Human vessel, you can easily farm 75 Ethereal Dust inside the campaign to quickly craft a vendor and fill the vendor NPC slots in the Temple markets. I'm not sure yet if it's your intention with importing Vessels, instead of first farming the 15k gold to buy a vessel from the Temple NPC vendor, or gathering the materials to craft a vessel inside a campaign. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1146455918?t=00h00m51s
  12. At the moment, the Disciplines that you have equipped on your character cost Import Tokens to import into the TEST Dregs. This is instead of the patch notes' intention that soul bound Disciplines should cost 0 Import Tokens to bring into a campaign. EDIT: I've seen on campaign announcement it's the design intention now.
  13. " Keep Interiors will now apply a damage over time effect when infiltrated by enemies outside of a siege window." I think this is a change for the worse: from someone who's never done keep infiltration, just been on the other end. One big advantage crowfall has for its open world over other mmos is its dynamic interaction with the terrain, it's all traversable. It does make the game feel unique. When you removed the way (for all classes with 20m movement) over the walls into the Castle, that too was a disappointment. I enjoyed the feeling dregs still isn't quite safe outside Temple and something unexpected could still interfere, if you're not standing next to a perception keep guard. If new players are quitting over it, something less punishing would be preferable.
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