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  1. The amount of xp a Boss gives is the same for Captain, Chief and King: 500xp. The group that kills a Herald receives 0xp.
  2. The keep buff Lyessa Blessing giving 100% bandage bonus increase instead of 5% increase, despite it stated in the UI banner it grants 5%.
  3. For Hunger Daemons: if you have harvested a node when the buff for killing a Hunger Daemon runs out so that the spot is empty, the node will not respawn. By the time another Hunger Daemon spawns, there will be missing nodes inside the box of the Hunger Daemon. Only a server restart regenerates the nodes. This is notable at the moment in the Eu dregs, the zone Remington at P23 has missing nodes.
  4. Chaos orbs when shot from inside a keep, can pass through the keep’s walls in order to damage enemy players on the other side.
  5. Loot All key for player cairns and mob Bosses promotes a Loot All macro and slight ping differences, whenever an enemy stealther swoops in to loot swipe. Before loot all, there’d be a more reasonable strategy of the loot ganker having to think what they wanted to pick out of the inventory window and get away with. I’d recommend taking loot all off player cairns again and Boss type mobs. This isn’t against loot swipers, they’re good and healthy for the game.
  6. The Sebirath zone in Eu dregs is experiencing unusually long loading times into the zone, compared to other zones on the server. For some members it can reach a few minutes, stuck on ‘Loading Zone’ or 95% Terrain Loaded. This is not at the zone’s zone cap.
  7. Cocoa beans are not dropping anywhwre in Dregs.
  8. The male Fae in stealth, you can see the internal assets of the eyes and mouth, not the normal face of the Fae.
  9. In the inventory UI, the fourth Minor discipline slot when slotted with a Minor dicipline is graphically distended.
  10. I haven't seen the NPE teach that the debuff you experience when fighting higher level PvE is not something that applies when you are fighting Players of a different level. Rather, that it is just the vessel stats that come from upgrading to a new level.
  11. Ancient spiders are dropping green uncommon and blue rare additives, whereas in past patches we'd expected rare, epic and legendary, with drops focused on purple and legendary quality. P.S. EU dregs.
  12. A good part of our guild logging in from the God's Reach server to the EU campaign would import and enter with our character in some random spot of the world. When we'd Alt + P to presumably go to the Temple, instead we were teleported in one transition to the God's Reach server temple. This was around the time that a lot of us were getting Database error messages.
  13. Thralls spawning in Sky Point hot zones always have Major thralls that drop Major discipline knowledges. I hadn't seen a patch note saying that Major thralls are no longer Dregs-exclusive so I thought I'd mention it.
  14. On Legendary quality crafting Exploration discs, the 'Polishing Expert' Power doesn't have it written in its description as a Passive like other passive Powers would, so this might confuse newbies.
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