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  1. Being able to take legendary crafting and harvesting belts off the free TEST vendor instead of just green belts would save a lot of time testing each crafting. Otherwise you waste time combining belts together.
  2. As of this latest patch, sometimes when I ALT + TAB out of the client's window, when I tab back in, I can only move a short distance before the client tabs me back out of the window and stops me moving. If I change direction whilst moving in that period, it will immediately tab me back out.
  3. 75k gold for a respec tome is really way too much. I think most of us had been expecting somewhere under 10k when it was announced. I'm not sure, maybe an hour's grind is reasonable, so 5k-12k, depending on the zone. I and most of us I guess will be VIP on launch, but you'll get a lot of complaints from new players joining if it's at that cost then.
  4. In Cooking for the Bon Tipper recipe, the Pinot Noir dropped from NPCs cannot take the Red Wine slot.
  5. In GvG fights, when you reach endgame Icecaller, it's a bit disappointing that most of your healing numbers come off the Focus Gem procs from either Cool or Refreshing Ice spawning. Shatterstorm is the quickest way to generate the procs. The Healing Rains spell is good, around the equivalent to Focus procs. So for Heals per second, as a healer you're better off doing damage to the enemy than actually using your arsenal of healing spells. There are other healing classes already whose healing benefits from doing damage to the enemy like Inquisitor or Paladin, so looking at Icecaller's
  6. A TEST dregs campaign would be nice to help test some things, preferably with some eu keeps too.
  7. In Underhill villages, if the Underhill fire a Pepperbox Shot at your allies on the other side of the wartribe's house, the Pepperbox will hit you on the other side. It's most noticeable when you're stealthed on a roof while your allies fight Underhill.
  8. I'm thinking this for launch and it's presuming that the game will be popular enough then to have SEA servers. At the moment, we don't have any guilds on EU that are based in those countries.
  9. The addition of a fourth Siege Hour from 2230-2330 BST (2330-0030 CEST) is really quite bad for guilds on a weekday. The one from 2130-2230 was already quite late for a work week, but with the keep slot taking that hour instead, you'll see very minimal participation in the fourth hour, the last fort window. I don't think there's a country bar Iceland that would benefit from that late siege hour.
  10. I was disappointed this patch to see that you removed the three rock spires that usually end up on the west side of the castle (its own lefthand side). They made for some interesting and unusual gameplay and siege inside the Castle that wasn't reliant just on Guineceans. We had plenty of assassins drop into our castle before we'd built guards and it's been an exciting experience. For those who didn't know, an easy way onto the walls and the top ward of the castle, without needing a hole in the wall, was climbing onto these rock spires and getting onto the plateau to which any
  11. In the medium keep, if you fall from the roof into this spot between the stairs in and God sacrifice plinth, you will become stuck in a fall animation and not be able to get out without relogging.
  12. In the Sun Temple zone, you can walk into the graphic of the siege engine asset.
  13. The medium Keep does not have a Factory worktable.
  14. Macdeath might be right, but I’m wondering if mini keeps didn’t count for the card
  15. It looks like Chiefs, Kings and Heralds are not spawning in the wartribe villages for the Sinestra EU dregs. The ranked animals like elders and ancients do spawn, however.
  16. I’m not certain that Fort capping was balanced in the right direction that people wanted. In the previous patch, it would take 5 players 8 minutes to fully uncap and cap an enemy fort; it’d take 40 seconds when you had 10 players. And the jump between 9 and 10 players was exponetial too. So naturally this was wrong: the capping speed was heavily weighted towards the higher end+maximum of players. However in this current patch, just one player uncapping and capping a fort is much too great compared to 6 players uncapping and capping. So the emphasis on capping power has reverse
  17. The new 'Animal Demon' bosses, 'Stratus' (the giant hunger gryphon) and 'Regulara' (the giant hunger hellcat) often float in the air so that do not aggro onto the player; since they're floating, once they reach 0hp, they will not be killed if you keep hitting them, but remain stuck in a falling animation. The only workaround atm the moment is using a pull ability to movethem to a slightly higher elevated spot which then triggers the death animation and lets them be looted.
  18. NPE, the npc 'Toolsmith Obsidian' in dialogue will always refer to the weapon that you make as a hammer, no matter what class you are. I was on a myrmidon.
  19. When you try right click multiple building materials from a fort's chest into your inventory, eventually this message pops up and you cannot take anymore.
  20. The leash to the baby gryphon isn't attached to the gryphon model but floating
  21. NPE, some of the keys the NPCs were telling me to press were blank. I think that's right for the second image, since I leave my inventory unassigned and just press the Esc key if I need to open my inventory.
  22. Dregs EU guards are dropping Novice cloth gear and Outpost chests are dropping Novice cloth gear.
  23. Chaos orb's animation as it travels is quite difficult to spot among all the skills that go off in large scale fights. This is in part from its small size and translucency. I'd recommended changing its colour scheme a bit and increase its size approaching more its effective radius.
  24. You can use the Loot All button on player cairns. Last patch you could not.
  25. Hit registration for Righteous Smash (as part of the templar Reproach power) is quite bad. Often times you'll make the sound of the Power connecting with a target, but the buff in Details nor in the buff on the right of the screen can be seen.
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