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  1. Druid Talent Capacitor, there's the same 'Stacks' description of what a stack is, repeat 3 times for three grammar variations of Stack.
  2. You can use the level to 25 pedastal as many times as you want, not once every 24h. This is the same for LIVE.
  3. You can use the Respec and Level Up tomes anywhere outside Temple and whilst in combat.
  4. "Outpost guards and aggressive mobs will now ignore each other rather than start fights" I'm sad this was removed, since it was a good indication of where players might be moving in the world: the mobs only fight each other if there's a player passing close enough for them to spawn.
  5. Thanks, I might of been thinking of a time when bleed damage was closer to true damage
  6. As of this latest patch, when I press F to interact over other players, I'm presented with blank spots where 1, 2, 3, etc were for Invite, Whisper, Trade, etc were. If I press any of those former numbers, nothing happens. I can still use / commands to do those functions. I had a similar problem last year where all of those options were greyed out, text and all, so I imagine it's a similar fix of reinstalling the whole client.
  7. When you die and go into Crow form, you can no longer go through gate portals to reach the other zones in God's Reach. Although this character was level 30, it wouldn't let me through since it must have thought in Crow form I was lower than level 25.
  8. Templar Talent, Righteous reflections currently isn't hitting the target back for 50% of the damage they dealt to you. This is the same from other abilities reflected and also at higher damage scales.
  9. Druid Talent power 'Shroud of Darkness', the second part of the combo, Wicked Winds, usually knocks back targets. A templar holding parry in Righteous Stance is correctly not knocked back by the Wicked Winds, but it breaks templar's stance holding parry momentarily. This isn't said on the Wicked Winds description.
  10. Nightshade and mandrake still aren't in the TEST temple chests, making testing Toxins difficult.
  11. No wartribe food additives, like Satyr Salt Cubes and Urgu spice mix, in the TEST temple chests means there's probably not the intended way to test higher level Cooking recipes.
  12. Major Discipline Thorny Warrior, the Power 'Dagger Spin' says in the extended tooltip that each combo applies a Bleed with a greater damage value over time than the combo before. This is wrong, since Bleeds apply at a consistent value relative to your stats.
  13. Templar power Congregation, in the new animation a thin blue circle appears before the power fires, that doesn't seem to be in relation to anything of the Power's distance.
  14. Sometimes players' models do not render but for the parts inside the model like the eyes and mouth.
  15. When you stand on top of some objects, the skillbar starts jittering. It seems to be where an objects starts and ends. This happens on top of other places likes the edges on the walkway of a wooden rampart.
  16. When you quit the client either in game or from the Lobby via clicking Quit game, sometimes you'll still get a prompt asking if you want to send a bug report or not.
  17. The Templar Reproach talent power has a lower hit range than a Templar's LMB, despite both of them stated to have a range of 6m. This might be part of some hit registration issues with Reproach's and its combos.
  18. When you are in combat mode and walk backwards (backpedalling), your character model starts jittering back and forth.
  19. In Eternal Kingdoms, sometimes after you've respawned, to your enemies you'll appear to be lying dead on the ground but still able to move around. When you attack, you briefly return to normal looking animations, then are 'lying face down' again.
  20. ECS hungerdome sigil, on the human plate armour, the grey of the armour pokes through the graphic of the sigil. I haven't seen this on other sigils.
  21. It's pretty difficult to tell in the Lobby which EKs have populated fight arenas since population counters have been removed from preview.
  22. When you hover over secondary Combat stats in the Details tab, I'd recommend that a pop up appears like when you hover over your main attributes in the UI. So eg, if you hovered over 'Block Bonus', it'd pop up telling you it's affected by your CON attribute.
  23. Assassin Power Backstab, from the wording, it's not clear that 'Power Damage is increased by 800%' applies just to the Backstab power.
  24. For the Powers that gain barriers after a Promotion talent, it'd be useful in the Tooltip to know how much barrier they give.
  25. Cutthroat, the movement speed buff off In the Zone power states in the UI banner a buff of 0% movement speed.
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