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  1. Master of Daggers, both parts of the Cripple Power combo are called 'Cripple'.
  2. Assassin Talent Efficient Poisons, it might not be clear what a 'Poison Application buff' or Poison Damage Bonus is to new players.
  3. For support promotion classes, it'd be nice that once you've take the certain promotion Talent, if yourthe crit healing Stats, subsidary to main Attributes, swapped around in the inventory UI instead of needing to open Details: so under Dex, Critical Strike would swap for Critical Healing Chance; under INT, Critical Damage for Critical Healing Amount
  4. NPE Energetic Harvesting quest does not direct you to resources that you can hit to build a pip to use the Energetic Harvesting power and so progress.
  5. In the Sun temple Npe, it'd make more sense to destroy the siege through attacking it with LMB or Powers, not to confuse new players later that holding to interact with siege engines does not destroy them.
  6. For the Exposed status, it might be useful to put all in spot which Powers interact with it, like maybe under the Recon Talent in the Assassin Tree or somewhere in the Crowpedia.
  7. When it comes to the final balance passes, I'd recommend that Choas Orb shouldn't hit more than once/second and the cooldown be looked at, maybe doubling or tripling it. Otherwise it's a good skill to have in Crowfall's arsenal.
  8. After i would spend my Attribute points on one stat, the UI would still show me able to put points into just CON. Clicking the plus for CON did not increase it.
  9. The Sentinel of Earth disappeared from view but was interactable the first time I portalled back in the NPE
  10. Despite only having 63 items in my Vault, it states 250/250 slots used.
  11. 6.3 fresh wipe, we were all harvesting in Infected to get the new Exploration disc procs: only Sun was able to go through to the r6 worlds like Tiggs Town, then nobody was able to through to the r6 worlds, leaving a lone few who could harvest better than r4 nodes until a couple patches later. We didn't get to benefit from it, but it was funny to look back on those few.
  12. Top 5 likes and why (be brief please ) about 6.540 Hunger Daemons Season aesthetics Disciplines can be removed to upgrade. Eases the massive rng of thralls a bit. Hotspots+Forts Hunger horse skin Top 5 Dislikes and why (be brief please) about (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? 75k respec tome. I'll have VIP, but I know launch players will complain about the high price since they're expected to screw up first time. A non tradeable respec tome after completing NPE would be good for them. Unequipped disciplines that you can trade to other players. At the moment there's no soul binding, so it'll hurt thrall farming market, also the only meaningful 'permanent' choice selecting vessel stats The cooldown of Chaos orb not being balance passed Weapon weight changes+narrower range of Tool damage Longer load times around Preparing Terrain and Feeding Crows Did you complete the NPE if not why? The new first 3 parts, going to do the new part NPE - Let's hear your top 5 likes about NPE and why It explains everything in a lot more detail for the new players and includes definitions now. Pvp, victory and sieges NPE - Let's hear your top 5 dislikes about NPE and why Going back to the same NPC and retreading ground feels pointless. I've seen new players already frustrated by that length and they're expected to do it again instead of respec. There probably should be an area established players can level to 30 in a group with XP share I don't quite understand the reason for level capson items. At the moment, it's main effect seems just to slow established players moving easily through the area via better weapons The lore doesn't quite set the right tone as before since it seems more hopeful. New players still skip through all the textboxes since there's too much story quest monologue
  13. Inside Eternal Kingoms, when you watch a templar use the Battle Chant power, then Parry, the battle chant animation of spinning hammers disappears whilst it's still active.
  14. Being able to take legendary crafting and harvesting belts off the free TEST vendor instead of just green belts would save a lot of time testing each crafting. Otherwise you waste time combining belts together.
  15. As of this latest patch, sometimes when I ALT + TAB out of the client's window, when I tab back in, I can only move a short distance before the client tabs me back out of the window and stops me moving. If I change direction whilst moving in that period, it will immediately tab me back out.
  16. 75k gold for a respec tome is really way too much. I think most of us had been expecting somewhere under 10k when it was announced. I'm not sure, maybe an hour's grind is reasonable, so 5k-12k, depending on the zone. I and most of us I guess will be VIP on launch, but you'll get a lot of complaints from new players joining if it's at that cost then.
  17. In Cooking for the Bon Tipper recipe, the Pinot Noir dropped from NPCs cannot take the Red Wine slot.
  18. In GvG fights, when you reach endgame Icecaller, it's a bit disappointing that most of your healing numbers come off the Focus Gem procs from either Cool or Refreshing Ice spawning. Shatterstorm is the quickest way to generate the procs. The Healing Rains spell is good, around the equivalent to Focus procs. So for Heals per second, as a healer you're better off doing damage to the enemy than actually using your arsenal of healing spells. There are other healing classes already whose healing benefits from doing damage to the enemy like Inquisitor or Paladin, so looking at Icecaller's kit, it doesn't look intended that the class is meant to be doing damage AoEs for the sake of really well crafted Focus gems. I hear it can be similar thing for some of the Frostweaver damaging builds using Volatile/Frigid focuses.
  19. A TEST dregs campaign would be nice to help test some things, preferably with some eu keeps too.
  20. In Underhill villages, if the Underhill fire a Pepperbox Shot at your allies on the other side of the wartribe's house, the Pepperbox will hit you on the other side. It's most noticeable when you're stealthed on a roof while your allies fight Underhill.
  21. I'm thinking this for launch and it's presuming that the game will be popular enough then to have SEA servers. At the moment, we don't have any guilds on EU that are based in those countries.
  22. The addition of a fourth Siege Hour from 2230-2330 BST (2330-0030 CEST) is really quite bad for guilds on a weekday. The one from 2130-2230 was already quite late for a work week, but with the keep slot taking that hour instead, you'll see very minimal participation in the fourth hour, the last fort window. I don't think there's a country bar Iceland that would benefit from that late siege hour.
  23. I was disappointed this patch to see that you removed the three rock spires that usually end up on the west side of the castle (its own lefthand side). They made for some interesting and unusual gameplay and siege inside the Castle that wasn't reliant just on Guineceans. We had plenty of assassins drop into our castle before we'd built guards and it's been an exciting experience. For those who didn't know, an easy way onto the walls and the top ward of the castle, without needing a hole in the wall, was climbing onto these rock spires and getting onto the plateau to which any class with 20m movement could get onto. That plateau which goes around the back of the castle was not accessible on the other side since it's a sheer cliff. There is one specific jump on the castle roof that only guineceans and fae's double jump can surmount. So the implications in that tough top ward in siege hour makes for an interesting alternative, before the walls come down. Assassins should not be able to get inside, now.
  24. In the medium keep, if you fall from the roof into this spot between the stairs in and God sacrifice plinth, you will become stuck in a fall animation and not be able to get out without relogging.
  25. In the Sun Temple zone, you can walk into the graphic of the siege engine asset.
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