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  1. For private Eternal kingdoms, there probably should be a role assignable which like default, can use the public chests, but is also able to launch the Eternal Kingdom by themselves.
  2. Campfire Cooking recipes probably shouldn’t have items only purchasable from a vendor, so you can craft recipes out at campfires you find throughout the world without visiting the temple/neutral fort/empty keep.
  3. The castle costs the same amount of building materials for its walls and same xp to rank its level up as a regular keep. I think the costs of the castle should increase to more than the large keep.
  4. The balance of building materials between pig caravans and generated from forts seems off. Forts seem to generate too much relative to pigs. Our guild had consistently held the most forts at the end of each night, so we could mostly sit back and wait to collect all the building materials we needed for our castle, while a small guild during this campaign seems to need near constantly run caravans and wait on them respawning in order to build their minikeep.
  5. Crafted gear probably gives too much sacrifice xp, so in dregs you can spam craft some junk gear and quickly level your keep up.
  6. Probably an unintended mechanic, since crated gear is giving too much sacrifice xp, you can level your keep up extemely quickly. At your keep’s crafting table, craft, grinding for disciplines, at your keep’s crafting table and use that spam gear which you’d usually junk for gold: instead you sacrifice it to your keep’s wartable to very quickly level your keep up, at around 1k xp a piece of spammed gear.
  7. Great guide, thanks for making it for the community. Two things that might be of note: most importantly, that from green discipline onwards, it isn’t really worth slotting a blue Exploration discipline, since you unlock the Advanced Tools at a purple disc which is almost a prerequisite for harvesting in dregs; new players sometimes miss in the Exploration tab of Details that they can read which attributes (either Str, Dex or INT) effect their harvesting stats, and why they might be doing so little damage/resource drops on their pvp builds. maybe racial harvesting bonuses, too
  8. It probably depends what you want to do, most people agree that VIP gives you paid advantages. Most of us are happy to support ACE. It probably comes down to how much is tolerable. There was a thread about if tool decay, then even gear decay, was going to be P2W or seen as it for launch players: Backers and 'whales', will have the land parcels and buildings that act as a location for a guild bank, in a game where there is no decentralised, virtual guild bank. So if you don't pay, possibly for a while your guild will be in a position back before we had working chests days, where all the guild's resources are kept in the GM/crafters' Account Vaults.
  9. There is not, most of it is your guild informing you and your exploration in the crafting. The only resource crafters really use is https://winterblades.net/crafting-combinations/
  10. When I tried to enter a new Infected world on TEST with a character, the UI for Hungerdome was still up showing me as part of a group, although I had not been in that group or played hungerdome on TEST in weeks. So when I'm trying to enter an Infected world, I would first be asked if I wanted to leave the murder of crows. I could leave without issue and go into infected with this character after confirming.
  11. New players and guilds seem to readily overestimate the impact gear has on fight outcomes. I'd recommend that the NPE explain what the common stats in the Details tab mean and even explicitly state the percentage difference no gear to max geared, blue wartribe geared to blue crafted gear percentage difference is, so they can compare it to their past experience. When the new players die, they see the high stats measured in hundreds and now the new levels from 30 to 15 which seems hard to access. So they are disheartened rather than understanding what went wrong and miss that Crowfall's primary determining factor is situational knowledge: that most stats crafted, whether on vessels or gear, do not matter that much compared to past MMO experiences that they've had.
  12. We don’t really test it since we have the Backer testing copies, but buildings and parcel cost should probably be lower to account for the amount of white materials consumed when the crafters begin spam crafting for their initial disciplines. Since 6.3, at the beginning of a wipe, we hoard low level materials for our crafters to spend making trash items, with the chance of proccing crafting dsiciplines. I think the resources costs and clicks haven’t been changed since we had the passive trees for crafting. I know the Eternal Kingdom cash shop is meant to be a major way for the game to generate profit, but it might look odd to new players having no guild bank viable to them if they don’t have a guild whale.
  13. When you have a short campaign going on such as for 3 days, it's probably worth eliminating certain cards popping up for Divine Favour, such as 'destroy x many shrines in an enemy's keep': you might have only one siege window to do it in and guilds have only just built their keep's walls by then.
  14. The past two Dregs campaigns, gryphons have not spawned on EU or NA servers.
  15. There's a problem with the eyeball assets showing through the character models when there's movement involved. Streamers' chats particularly notice it when the character model is close against a wall or riding a mount. Here's an example making use a mount's rocking motion to give a clear instance. Recently, when the eyeballs of the female wood elf, they clip through the upper eyelids. https://clips.twitch.tv/StupidBravePizzaJebaited-wyha4B8CjITNpkyz
  16. On the Infected server Yerog moon world, the Kane statue is missing.
  17. In the Magnison EU dregs, when you would log out inside one of the castle walls' tower, when you'd log back in, you would be stuck underneath the wall of the tower and have not ability to move or get out. Only Alt + P to recall had the character unstuck. I'd presume it'd be the same for any other of the castle's towers but for this northeastern one.
  18. In Eternal Kingdoms, allies cannot see a frostcaster’s Ice formations on the ground.
  19. Hungerdome yesterday, after an internet connection issue in the middle of a match that sent me to the Main Lobby, when I loaded back in the ‘Group’ chat tab was missing and unable to be joined.
  20. I think EKs will be fine if they can improve load times, swapping and description functionality.
  21. In the Eternal Kingdom tutorial, there probably should be a lectern text letting them know that if you have parcels and buildings, you Redeem them in your Inbox from the main Lobby.
  22. New players seem to struggle to realise that they can access their quest log at any time from the icon on left hand side of the inventory window.
  23. New players seem to struggle to get that 'Sprint' in the keybindings menu is a button that modifies combat movement speed, not out of combat speed. They tend to pass over that 'Walk' changes your out of combat movement speed and that you are running by default out of combat.
  24. In dregs, the loss of deeper season effects, like winter’s deeper shade of blue and snow all over the ground, deeper orange in autumn has real contributed to loss of atmosphere in the world. We did also lose interactivity with the seasons, when Plentiful Harvest lost its determination by season. Our behaviour to the seasons did make the world more believable, but understandably the mechanic had to be removed. So the graphics of the seasons would be nice to bring back in a world that isn’t so believable by its sparsity (however great work on the water!); but of course, if it was affecting fps, things as they are are much preferable.
  25. A lot of the outpost game for Conquest victory seems to be focused on nightcapping instead a focus on small guild engagement. Part of this is, the larger a guild you grow, the greater breadth of characters there are who might be inclined to seek the latest hour of outposts. It might be a bit tiresome after a while, but I’m not exactly sure the right direction to address the issue common in pvp games.
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