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  1. @Anhrez from the sounds of the post intermediate items will have the bases of base stats with no experimentation allotted to them. That's a huge difference between that and even a green with decent rolls. I wouldn't be too worried yet. As far as the new UI goes. GOD BLESS YOU! Hunting for components was one of the most painful things about the game. I'm delighted at the change and it's better than I thought the improvement would be. I have one minor QOL suggestion that would be to show the stats of each material/component when you add it to the tree to give a visual breakdown of what's going into the end product. Something displayed on the tree to take away from hovering over each metal bar(etc) to see what its stats are. Not necessary but would be a great nice to have.
  2. It's in relation to the pool of points you have. But after rethinking they could approach zero instead of the max.
  3. This guild is best guild.
  4. I log onto the forums to see a post by Doomchinchilla and I chuckle thinking someone's copying the infamous Eve player. Low and behold it's the real deal. I am a bit insulted that someone beat me to the Rorq changes meme. But anyways o7 from a Hordeling who's enjoyed your Eve antics when you're not tackling blue rorqs Speaking of which has anyone told Doomchinchilla about the rorq changes?
  5. Sorry to break it to you bud but when things are this feature incomplete balance is usually the last thing on the list. Game breaking stuff, sure. But if you're looking for well balanced PVP you should think about coming back much later in the process.
  6. Guys this thread was made 5 months ago. He's long gone. For anyone new coming across this however there's usually around 15-30 odd people on during the week dueling in eternal kingdoms (player owned land) and a decent amount more during Campaign World testing that happens on the weekends. While it's not a massive amount, it's definitely grown since OP made this post.
  7. @thomasblair it would be nice to see the lower rank loot tables for comparison.
  8. I heard it mention that peripheral vision gives you a wider FOV while harvesting
  9. Yeah was my first thought too but he mentioned having that feature in the OP. @Texas everything seems like you're on the right track. I'm a professional web dev so if you have a github or bitbucket repo I can lend a hand from time to time.
  10. Bemoan all you want but as I said an hour ago, alts aren't a problem. I've given you data from one of Eve's developer. And that game encourages alts even more than this will, they don't see many people making alts. The world isn't going to end. You're not going to lose out on fun. The game isn't going to be ruined.
  11. I don't disagree that right now the gathering line feels oppressive. But assuming the bolded words aren't typos, you trained into copper and mined iron ore with little to no benefit. Yeah that's how the system is designed and it's oppressive because this isn't implemented yet: Instead of having to go 100% into each of the copper lines to be a master you'd be going you'd spend that same time going through in all ores to get a pretty respectable bonus from their lines. Also as far as I've heard the mining,stonecutting, etc stats only affect how quickly and efficiently you harvest nodes of varying ranks. Better skill better node. You did your tests on rank 5 nodes. A true test would see how well you fair against higher ranked nodes with 0 skill and higher skill. The passives have no affect on what nodes you can harvest. You higher level skills will let you knock down those rank 7,8,9,10's that'll give you better quality resources. Newbros with passives just won't be able to do that. source: https://crowfall.com/en/news/harvesting-redux/ I do not discount that there's going to be need to balance out the numbers but we sadly don't have the bigger picture in game right now to make nail on the head suggestions.
  12. But extra accounts are always going to be useful. Power gaming min-maxers are going to do it. And the more you allow a single account to do the more benefit they get from it. Allow us to train more general skills on one account? Great now I don't have to buy and maintain as many accounts. Fact of the matter is, more dedicated players are going to find ways to have an edge over others no matter what type of game it is. Whether it be grinding out crafting recipes to skill up faster or having multiple accounts to skill more. The best that can be done is to alleviate it, which I think this method does. Managing multiple characters/accounts is a big hassle and to many it just isn't worth it. Using Eve as an example, being designed similarly, a ton of people have multiple alt accounts. It's in no way necessary but if you want to be a one man production army without years of training that's what ye' do. Thing is the majority of people aren't dedicated enough to manage the hassle when they could much more easily just make friends and share the burden. Source:
  13. This will definitely be useful with a cleaner UI. Also including the alloy combinations and allowing for prototyping what a finished product may look like. I know a lot of the statistics for this are sitting in a google spreadsheet don't know how consumable the data is programmatically though. I'd definitely suggest whipping up your own sheet based off the one out there and using that as an input. That'd allow you to crowdsource the ever changing values.
  14. So far all we know is that the dust you mine is going to be used in factories and for paying taxes. So that'll probably be the defacto form of currency. How it's going to be seeded and how the economy will be jumpstarted...well that's what we'll have to find out.
  15. With your logic what's to stop me from making another account and mastering more crafting skills than I would be able to in its current form? Let's face it. There's going to be people with multiple accounts to power game. Given a single account more skills to train is only going to empower us....erhm them more.
  16. One thing to note is that we haven't seen any of the gathering or crafting disciplines yet. The passives granted by these could far outweigh the passives and someone who didn't have to slot the "ore plentiful harvest" jump starter passive in order to slot 3 other better ore gathering passives would have a leg up. This example rings true with combat players and the weapon finesse passive. There's so many other juicy things that you'd rather take if you just didn't have to worry about finesse. Not to mention the resources you get with just the passives is 90% crap. I'd imagine a trained gatherer would be seeing a ton more greens, blues, and purps. I do agree that the gathering skill tree feels oppressive right now and it would be great to see some more general ore,stone,etc gathering skills before you get into the specific node types. Though we should all keep in mind that last we heard the skill system is changing from the 0-100% to a more milestone, ala Eve, skill training. So getting beneficial harvest 3 in all ores would something be like training one to get level 5.
  17. Well then maybe a 0 import campaign won't be for you. Probably better off with one where you can import crafted gear that you buy in EKs. Nothing's ever going to be like launch when everyone starts at 0. Actually we're not going to start at 0. A lot of us testers are amassing a ton of game knowledge that'll give us an edge. Such is life.
  18. You'll get quite a bit of customization from the gear you wear (different ores that go into it give tons of stat combinations) and disciplines.
  19. As an avid player of Eve for years now I'd can attest to the fact that inflation eventually catches up and what was once considered bling generally becomes saturated. However there are still fits that are pretty expensive that you never see fielded in big fleet fight. And the mega expensive ships/fits are generally covered by your alliance(Super Carriers, Titans). I didn't have time to skim the whole thread, but in the last few pages I haven't seen anyone mention the factor in Eve that wins battles. It's all about the N+1. Whoever fields the most ships generally wins the fight. This is why most null-sec alliances forgo expensive & high skill stuff to just get as many duders as they can on the field.
  20. Agreed. I see all campaigns having a bunch of people fighting in low quality vessels/gear until the economy gets kickstarted. But inflation will eventually kick in and more blingy vessel/gear setups will start showing up more. No-import campaigns will always have this though.
  21. To be fair, I do believe the content inside MMOs has vastly improved over the years. We may look at WoW's questing in disgust but let's go back before we were given rewards for collecting 10 rat ears. We sat in camps for ~hours~ grinding EXP or hoping for an item to drop only to lose it in a roll. (I'm looking at you EQ & DAOC) I also can't think of a single sandbox MMO that's very fun during the downtime between PVP. What we lose from the flashy gratification of themeparks, we gain in serious levels of grinding in skills, money, and resources.
  22. Other MMOs have grinds after levels. In WoW-likes, once you hit max you're grinding gear. In Sandboxes (take Eve with its passive skillgain) you're grinding wealth and resources. Don't worry even without levels people will still find things to vampire away their time. EDIT: Also no one seems to have factored in the vessel system's stat-capping and the economic considerations of a vet. "Do I take out this blingy vessel that allows me to use the stats that give me a 5% bonus, or do I stay cheap and take a body that's comparable stats to a month old player? In Eve I just started my 2 year capital ship train on an alt. That's right 2 years before that char's going to be considered "good" in a Capital ship. And while Caps are powerful in the right circumstances there's always a killmail being linked of some goofball who lost his ~$20 ship to a swarm of small guys who got the jump on him.
  23. Don't feel too bad. I emailed Gordon a few weeks ago asking for the Z in my name to be capitalized. He was happy to help and got it done in a matter of minutes.
  24. I'd prefer non character mechanics to handle rezzing. Instead of creating a vessel or disciple thats must have in groups make it an expensive deployable like a siege camp or barracks.
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