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  1. Got back from a family trip and ...no one is on. Nobody..rode around for 30 minutes and not a single player to be found. Guildmates havent logged in to discord for days. Lost connection and now cant even get into the game. Is it shut down?
  2. The layering of player involvement is one if not THE hardest thing to "get right" in any PvP MMO. If the involvement is too easy players get bored and after the initial "oh-shiny" reaction is over they tend to drift off to other games. If the involvement is too hard ( too hard to level, gear levels, grouping etc. ) then the new player will tend to "bounce" unless going in with a guild/tribe will "bounce" out after a short while. How is Crowfall going to make player involvement for any level/ style of player work? One only needs to look at Wildstar to see that betting the farm on one type of playstyle ( big guild content raiding ) as its main and only feature lead to a dead game. Can Crowfall off something better?
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