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  1. Aiona most of the work is being done in ZBrush. Here is one of his weapons which will probably be sheathed but hey I felt like making this. He will also have a bow and there will be a lot more detail in that. Right now progress is slow but stay tuned. I am still working on him.
  2. Now that I can see it I want to request a flip book animation!
  3. Started a rough block out of armor. Things should start getting interesting moving forward.
  4. Here is an extremely rough concept of the armor he will be wearing.
  5. Loud and clear. Hear is a rough up of the anatomy. Plan on blocking in some armor this weekend. Because there is only so much I can see from the concept I might go into Photoshop and do a rough concept for him to figure out areas that I can't see.
  6. Thanks daedahl! I that is just the base that I am starting from. I am trying to flesh out the anatomy of him then I will build up base armor then go into details. Right now though I am deathly ill and the only real time I had to work on him would have been Saturday when a storm decided to wipe out the power to our area for a long time. So long story short updates will be slow but I will get some stuff for everyone soon enough
  7. And so it begins! Stay tuned for all the works in progress!
  8. And the winner is! I will start working on him sometime this week and start a new thread with progress updates. Thanks everyone for voting
  9. Pfft. I need to work on drawing which is great for brushing up on anatomy. I personally love some of my sketches that I just left as sketches. Sometimes black and white with simple shading is just awesome.
  10. Can't wait to see the progress on this one!
  11. Can't wait to see your take on the male druid!
  12. Thanks every one I really enjoy making these and look forward to working on him more. For now I am going to move on to the next project (or at least very soon). If you haven't voted for the next one that I will be working on I say go for it. Here is the link to vote. Looks like the Stalker is winning so far. I really appreciate all the positive feedback and can hardly wait to show off the next one.
  13. I am pretty sure they are keeping the company small at the time. Any extra work they have they will probably outsource to freelancers.
  14. My typical process is going into Zbrush sculpting from a sphere with dynamesh and extracting pieces to create armor and such and refining. After that I do low poly in Topogun and unwrap in Max. I usually generate my maps from Xnormals and then go onto texturing in Photoshop testing the textures in Marmoset Tool Bag. I have not yet had a chance to try Substance yet but it has been on my radar for a while. Anything that helps improve work flow and quality is well worth it in my books! I do actually love learning new software. Thought about DDO from Quixel but I am liking the looks of Substance more. Here is what I am looking at getting https://www.allegorithmic.com/products/substance-live Or should I just go with individual licenses? I don't think I could make this a version that could be sold for copy right purchases but I might be able to make a printable version of it available for free. If you did get it printed though I would want a picture
  15. I might do some touch ups here and there but he is looking pretty close on the sculpt. I am planning on taking him down to low poly for textures and might do an update here or there for everyone so they can get an idea of the process. I plan on trying out a program called substance painter to see what results I can get for textures. It will be some time before I can show him off 100% complete as a game ready model. Until then here he is!
  16. Thanks guys. I can't wait to start the next one which is an issue with me. Too many projects left in the too be completed pile. The scale-mail wasn't as challenging as you would think. On the next model I do I will try recording it (at a faster speed). You can see the process I go through and what all I do to make a character model like this one. I hope to get an update for you all later on in the day.
  17. I'd say it is about time for an update wouldn't you. Of course with a 4 month old a full time job and several other things that demand most of my attention I haven't had tons of time. Still have a bit more work to do on him before I show him off completely. I am trying to decide if I want to make him game rez or leave him as a high poly sculpt and pose him out.
  18. I am still working on the All Father and will have some updates later this week. Until then I would like to put out a vote for which bit of Crowfall art you would like me to make 3d. Here are some options feel free to add more. I will probably give it a couple of weeks for input. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
  19. I most definitely look forward to seeing your Zbrush work. And to answer your question in my thread. Yes I do indeed use Zbrush.
  20. Your quality of work is incredible! Can't wait to see more!
  21. Thanks steppenwolf. I have been following your ranger concept arts. Absolutely beautiful illustrations and I can't wait to see more!
  22. Good morning everyone. Got a rough sculpt going of a WIP of the All Father. Might like to do the other gods however decided I would start here. It would be fun to do a few more and when this guy is done I might select a few concepts of there's to model out and let ya'll decide. For now here's the picture . Here is the list of everything that needs to be done to complete the sculpt. Refinements: Refine Hair Refine Armor Details Add Patterns Refine Gloves (finish sculpting) Add Pants Add Boots (If left just as a sculpt Pose) There might be a bit more and I don't have have a ton of time. I will update as I can.
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